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Qiu Yinru was mentioned again. Jiang Xiu felt that perhaps this person was an influential figure in the campus. "Professor, I have hardly entered the uni and still don't know anyone. Just who is this Qiu Yinru?"

Professor Xu laughed, "Then you better get on good terms with her. Little Qiu is out department's beauty. Right, she was the one led the group to invite the new students so she might be at the dormitory now or at the fee payment office. Look for her there. Only, Jiang Xiu, let me warn you that Little Xiu isn't that easy to handle."

"It'll be difficult for you to look while carrying the luggage so settle down in the dormitory first then look for Little Qiu. Our exploration group is still waiting for a few important people, so there's still time before we leave."

Jiang Xiu nodded then carried his luggage and found his way to the dorm by asking directions from people. As it was the first day of university, the dorm was full of hubbub. Parents and students were roaming all over.

After finding out his dorm room, Jiang Xiu pushed the door open then went in. Someone had already moved inside. It was a four-head dorm room, and three of the beds were already occupied, so the remaining one was the only one left for him to choose.

Only, the archaeology department was different from the other departments. They won't be spending much time in the dorm rooms as they will have to go out frequently. Naturally, the expenses for living outside were higher than the expenses required for staying in the dorm. Jiang Xiu was also planning to get a room nearby to the university as the effects of his cultivation would cause trouble in the dorms.

"Oi, you are also living here?"

Jiang Xiu had hardly put down his things when two boys entered the room. One of them was thin, and around 1.7 m tall which was little on the short end. He also wore spectacles and look quite refined. The other one had a st.u.r.dy figure and dark skin yet his gaze was full of spirit and seemed like an energetic person.

"Yeah, I'm called Jiang Xiu…"

The two of them walked towards him cordially. The short guy introduced himself, "I'm called Zhou Jin, and he is Zhang Yiwen. Shall we help you set the bedding?"

"Thank you!"

The two of them helped Jiang Xiu set the bedding properly.

"Jiang Xiu, where are you from?"

"Jiangnan Province, Jiang City."

"I haven't heard of Jiang City. Old Zhang, have you heard of it?" Zhou Jin commented. The latter also shook his head sideways, indicating that he too hadn't heard of it. He continued, "It doesn't matter. Jiangnan is a pretty nice place, it's quite an exciting location."

Jiang City was after all small city in Jiangnan and wasn't something like the provincial capital, so it was regular that they didn't know of it as the country was quite huge. Jiang Xiu naturally didn't care about this tiny matter. He questioned them, "Right. Did our seniors welcome you? Do you know where Senior Sister Qin Yinru is?"


The two of them giggled. Zhang Yiwen replied to him, "Dear brother! You've just come and already eyeing our G.o.ddess. Only, the G.o.ddess is too popular, let's lower our target."

Jiang Xiu smiled helplessly, "I need her for something."

"All the boys who look for her say the same thing…"

The two of them spoke in unison. Adolescent boys all paid attention to girls. These two were completely excited when Qin Yinru was brought up.

Zhou Jin said, "G.o.ddess Qiu isn't our senior sister. She is also a fresher like us. She was already accompanying Professor Xu for expeditions when she was in high school and has quite the background, so she was specially given admission to the uni. Although she's a first-year, she has more influence on the affairs in the uni than the second and third-year seniors."

"She's also a committee member of our Archaeology Department."

"I really need her for something, but I'm not in that much of a hurry…" Since the professor had said that they were waiting for a few experts, he surmised that he had a few days to contact her.

"Enough messing around then. G.o.ddess Qiu should be at the fee payment office…"

Jiang Xiu was also planning to go pay the fee, so it worked out well. However, when he reached there, the scene was quite noisy. Many people were crowding there, including the first-years as well as the upper years, to pay the fees.


Zhou Jin was quite short, so he easily made his way through the crowd and found Qiu Yinru. Jiang Xiu was also looking to meet this G.o.ddess. He looked at that elegant silhouette and could feel her alluring beauty even from a distance.

Only, G.o.ddess Qiu wore a cold expression on her face right now as she gazed at the boy kneeling in front of her with flowers in his hand. The boy flirted with her, "My home's quite well-off and has a.s.sets worth a few tens of millions. I also have a house in the Imperial Capital as well as a Benz car."

"I'm 1.9 m tall and a part of the basketball team. Everyone calls me Basketball G.o.d."

"Also, I-I have never had a girlfriend before. I'm still a virgin."


The others at the fee payment office roared with laughter.

Qiu Yinru blushed due to this. She was a very serious and earnest person. It didn't matter whether the people confessing to her were doing so due to losing a bet or with sincerity, she felt they were all unsightly.

"Alright. You've had enough fun now. Everyone's waiting to pay the fee."

He got anxious after hearing this, "I'm serious."

He made a solemn face.

It sounded as if he wasn't doing this due to losing a bet but rather truly confessing to Qin Yinru.

"Enough of this. Stop creating trouble here, many people are looking…"

Qin Yinru lowered her eyes and said with a dignified expression, hoping this person could act sensibly.

"Give me an opportunity. I really like you."

"I'm sorry, I won't date a person of the same uni. Try confessing to another girl."

"Would you date me if I transferred to another university then?"

Qin Yinru was dazed. She felt it quite difficult to comprehend the thought process of these freshers. They had come to report on the first day and saw that she was pretty, after which they began confessing without even knowing who she is. It was as if they were afraid someone else would s.n.a.t.c.h her in case they are late. She didn't know whether these people had come to study or pick up girls. "No!"

"This brat is done for, he dared to confess to G.o.ddess Qiu. I wonder what Young Master Liu and Young Master Zhuang will do to them once they know this."

"These freshers are really clueless. Don't they know that the seniors are still single?"

"There's a thing called order of arrival."

That boy became dejected and got submerged into the crowd.

"Excuse me, are you Qiu Yinru?"

Qiu Yinru gazed towards the voice and saw an unfamiliar face, "What do you need now? Is your home quite well-off? Are you good at basketball? Or are you here to sell your purity?"

It was clear from her tone that she was quite angry. She glared at Jiang Xiu harshly wither her pretty eyes.

Jiang Xiu was dazed, feeling that this girl was too vicious. "I want to join the Sahagan Ancient City exploration team. Professor Xu told me to talk to you about it."

"That's not possible. The group is already full."

"Hear me out first. I'll bear all the costs for myself, you only need to take me along. I can also help you settle some things so think it over once…"

"I already said it's not possible. Our exploration team is a team collaboration and isn't a place to play around. If you buy tickets yourself and something happens mid-way, do you want us to abandon you in the middle of the desert?"

"Also, let me offer you a piece of advice. Archaeology isn't something to have fun. It involves danger to life most of the times so don't waste your money on these schemes and focus on the course you're majoring in."

"I'm majoring in Archaeology. Qin Yinru, tell me how I can accompany you."

Qin Yinru took out a wooden block from her purse, "This is Lu Ban's Lock of the children-level difficulty. There's a total of 12 locks in it. If you can unlock all of these before we leave, I'll think over it."

She gave the lock to Jiang Xiu then turned around and left.

"Alright, Brother! You've successfully made G.o.ddess Qiu take not of you."

Zhou Jin gave a thumbs-up.


Jiang Xiu felt helpless as he held the Lu Ban's Lock in his hand and shook his head. The girl really seemed quite arrogant. He felt a bit disappointed and hoped she wouldn't let him down.

Somewhere in the Imperial Capital, an old man wearing Tai Chi uniform held a purple clay teapot in hand, "Recently, someone mentioned a name in front of me."

"Jiang Yi!"

The people behind him kept silent. The entire mood became stifling.

"Tell me, who among you did it?"

No one spoke a word.


The middle-aged man raised his head and wasn't able to conceal it when facing the old man's gaze. He explained it in a rush, "Father, it wasn't me. I only found out about the circ.u.mstances."

The old man made a cold face, "It really wasn't you?"

The man made a gloomy face, "It wasn't me. It seems like he built a relation to the Gu family."

"Gu Dezhi? This is simply nonsense."

Jiang Yi hadn't even taken up the post at Annan for even two months, and he had already grabbed 3 major projects. This made the GDP of Annan swell up, and as a result, the members involved in it were all promoted. Annan had also elevated from a county to a city, and this resulted in another promotion.

Within a short span of 2 months, he had got promoted twice.

"I want to see how long he can ride this wave…"

The old man's face turned gloomier. He then suddenly recalled something, "Right. His son must be studying in university right now?"

"Yes, he's in the first-year of the university."

"Where?" the old man asked.

"Imperial University!"

The old man's face became evermore gloomier, "He even sent his son to study in the Imperial University. Who does he want to show off to? Does he think he's amazing just because he has become the Secretary of Annan City?"

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