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Tang Zhengping furrowed his brows, "Mr. Jiang…" He had also heard about this Mr. Jiang before. He was the G.o.dfather of Jiang City's underworld. Tang Zhengping never cared about him though he heard many tales about him. "You're here to provide support to Mr. Jiang? Why did you come over here for that?"

"Does he want to deal with me through you?"

Tang Zhengping felt his son's death was wronged and that G.o.d was unfair. His personality became cranky due to the fluctuating moods he went through. He viewed anyone who blocked him as an enemy and felt an intense desire to destroy the other party.

It was the so-called anti-social mentality.

Since a guest had arrived uninvited, his first reaction was to think that this person had come to find trouble. Let alone, his relations with Qin Baichuan were never good.

The housekeeper informed again when he had just finished asking that question, "Secretary Tang, Yan Min, Director Yan has arrived."

A middle-aged man walked in after that.

Tang Zhengping personally went to welcome him, "Director Yan, what brings you here?"

Yan Min's hydraulic engineering project was of utmost importance to Ninghai City. He had soared to the top with his achievements and wasn't only well-off but also had relations to overseas technologies.

"I have come to provide support to Mr. Jiang."

Mr. Jiang again!

The housekeeper called out to him again, "Secretary Tang, Chen Conglomerate's Director Chen has arrived!"

A pudgy man entered the place.

"Why has Director Chen come?"

"I have come to provide support to Mr. Jiang."

Mr. Jiang, Mr. Jiang, again this Mr. Jiang!

Tang Zhengping's heart was full of fury and ridicule. Idiot, you're asking the businessmen to pressure a Secretary of the munic.i.p.al committee. This is too funny. Don't you know that the lifeline of these people is in my hands?

You're far from being able to fight with me.


Persistent efforts always bore fruit, just like how sand forms stone after condensing. The higher the amount, the more frightening it becomes.

"Del Conglomerate, Director Han!"

"Zhengkong Conglomerate, Director Zheng!"

As all kinds of big shots of Ninghai City started appearing, Tang Zhengping's expression changed as well. It changed from indifference to shock then to alarm and finally to a daze.

17 famous business magnates had come, those who didn't know the details might've even believed it was a CPPCC conference. These people grasped around 90% of the tax Ninghai City collected. Just one of them wasn't something to fear, but all of them together were enough to overturn the heavens of Ninghai City.

"Director Chen, Director Han, you are here…"

"We have come here to provide support to Mr. Jiang."

Tang Zhengping drew in a cold breath.

Just what kind of person is this Mr. Jiang?

He didn't think Mr. Jiang's reputation could move so many people. Even he didn't have so much hold here as the Secretary of Ninghai City. He could maybe achieve something like this if he used the influence of the Tang family.

Jiang Yi and Lin Yueling were very shocked too.

This Mr. Jiang was indeed a force to reckon with. He hadn't even shown his face yet, but so many people were ready to follow him. It proved how much of an outstanding persona he was in Jiangnan.

Cheng Hanlin and Sun Xiaohong thought the same as well. Sun Xiaohong commented, "I didn't expect Mr. Jiang who controlled Jiang City also had so much influence in Ninghai City. It's really amazing."

Cheng Lingsu revealed a strange expression on her face when looking at her mother. They might not know who Mr. Jiang was, but she knew who it was. She wished to tell her that Jiang Xiu is Mr. Jiang. She knew he was quite terrible but didn't think his influence had already spread so much. A majority of Ninghai City's upper cla.s.s were at his beck and call already.

"May I ask everyone about the reason Mr. Jiang has called you to provide support for?"

"It's quite simple. You just have to admit your son had drowned by himself." Qin Baichuan replied.

Tang Zhengping's eyes grew wide open, "What?"

"Did you not hear me clearly? Qin Baichuan asked.

"Mr. Jiang wants you to say your son drowned."

Tang Zhengping laughed hysterically as if he had heard the best joke in the world, "Qin Baichuan, do you know what you are saying?"

"You have quite the nerve to threaten me!" Fury filled his eyes. It was always him who threatened others, "What if I don't agree to do it? If you think you can make my son's death a dubious case, your actions are just in vain."

Qin Baichuan was about to reply when a voice came through from the doorway, "No one can set themselves against Mr. Jiang in Jiangnan."

w.a.n.g Xuetang walked in with ma.s.sive strides with an expert like w.a.n.g Xueli accompanying him. Everyone was astonished after seeing them.

"Family Head w.a.n.g!"

"Jiangnan's w.a.n.g family has arrived."

Tang Zhengping's expression changed after seeing w.a.n.g Xuetang arrive. His Tang family was one of the four prominent families, and so was the w.a.n.g family. He was merely one of the children of the Tang family, but the counterpart was the family head. The other side obviously had an overwhelming advantage in terms of superiority.

"w.a.n.g Xuetang, have you also come to support for that Mr. Jiang?"

"Naturally. Even if the w.a.n.g family loses its wealth and influence, if only Mr. Jiang commands, we shall obey it without a stint."

Everyone was shocked. The others weren't expecting the w.a.n.g family head to say such words.

Tang Zhengping's face changed colours. If the w.a.n.g family bet their all against him, it would be difficult for the entire Tang family to bear the consequences, let alone him.

"You… Do you think my Tang family is afraid of you?"

"Although your w.a.n.g family is also one of the four prominent families of Jiangnan, you are after all a martial arts family. Don't forget that the current era is peaceful and those who had power in officialdom can hold a firm foundation. What will your w.a.n.g family use to fight against my Tang family?"

Another voice came through from the doorway at this moment, "What about me then?"

Before the people could see who said it, the doorway was in a mess. The people got out of the way with a reverent gaze, acting as if a regent had arrived.

Everyone's gaze was fixed on the doorway.

Who has come?

Tang Zhengping also felt this was odd. He couldn't comprehend who had such influence, but when that man entered through the door, he was left thunderstruck. Not only him, the servants beside him, as well as the Jiang couple and the Cheng couple were stunned too.

"S-Secretary Gu!"

The person who had arrived was Gu Dezhi.

If the topic of discussion was the authority, it naturally belonged to the border region of Jiangnan.

Say Tang Zhengping had a pistol in his hand, then Gu Dezhi had an aircraft missile launcher in his. There was no way to fight as it would only lead to doom. The other party's authority was higher.

"Secretary Gu, how come you are here?!"

"I'm here to provide support to Mr. Jiang…"

Tang Zhengping was utterly stupefied.

Not only him, but even the others who had come to support Jiang Xiu were also shocked as well. Mr. Jiang was so influential that even the border region was here to support him.

"Secretary Gu, this…"

"Mr. Jiang wants you to say that your son drowned by himself."

Tang Zhengping's face lost colour, "W-Why? I have never seen this Mr. Jiang and never offended him. Why is he getting involved in my matter?"

Since even Gu Dezhi had appeared, if he dared to resist, he would get suppressed in the future. His fortune which had brought him this high in his official career would end. It was even possible he would get sent to prison like how he had done to Jiang Yi. His mood became frantic, "Who is this Mr. Jiang? Why is he tormenting me so much?"

"You don't even know who Mr. Jiang is?" Gu Dezhi asked.

He shook his head.

"Greetings to Mr. Jiang…"

"Greetings to Mr. Jiang…"

At this moment, everyone's heart was excited. Everyone's gaze moved towards that direction. The Jiang couple, the Cheng couple as well as Cheng Lingsu, all of them looked towards that direction.

"Greetings to Mr. Jiang…"

Even Gu Dezhi greeted respectfully by bowing slightly. This was no matter to joke about. After returning back, his elder brother was filled with regret. He told him that Jiang Xiu killed Li Bodhi just by making him look thrice at a talisman. There was no doubt that Jiang Xiu was a DemiG.o.d.

They watched along as Jiang Xiu walked out slowly. Lin Dongcheng was already pressed down to the table by someone.

"Mr. Jiang…"

"Mr. Jiang…"

At this instant, the Jiang couple and the Cheng couple were both shocked.

"J-J-Jiang Xiu…"

Jiang Xiu arrived there just like a monarch, taking each step with an imposing aura, all the other power holders bowing their heads down with obedience as he pa.s.sed by them and reached in front of Tang Zhengping, "Why you? The reason is simple. It's because… I am Mr. Jiang!"


It was as if a flood had surged into the entire courtyard.

Tang Zhengping was utterly shocked.

The Cheng couple felt as if lightning had struck them. They looked at this scene with disbelief, "Jiang Xiu is Mr. Jiang?"

"Jiang Yi, our son is that Mr. Jiang?"

Lin Yueling felt the hair on her skin stand in thrill as warm tears filled her eyes.

"Our son is that Mr. Jiang who made the leader of Jiangnan's border region and a majority of Jiangnan's power holders bow down to him?"

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