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Chapter 269: Formidable family background

His words were put forwards so casually.

It was obvious that Fang Chixia’s presence here was of his own design, but he made no mention of it.

He pretended that everything was as it is. Fang Chixia also was not in the mind of raising the matters at the restaurant earlier. As if just socializing with him, she also walked over.

“I’m Rongxi’s Fang Chixia!” Treating everything beforehand as if the wind, she expressed her greetings first.

She introduced themselves for although they’ve interacted before, they knew nothing of each other’s ident.i.ties.

Fang Chixia decided that in order to avoid being teased in the future, she needed to understand her ident.i.ty.

The purpose of her introduction was just so he would do so himself.

Fei Si Nuo curved a lip elegantly and extended his hand, “R country’s Chris Family, Fei Si Nuo. Chris (Ke Lisi).

He has not introduced his status directly, but only mentioned his name.

However, at the mention of his surname, Fang Chixia was horror-struck and her pupils constricted.

The Chris Family, the oldest and most distinguished family in R, has a formidable family background and is legendary both in black and white.

Fang Chixia didn’t know much about R, but was still informed of the most basic knowledge about it.

Fei Si Nuo wasn’t raffled at all. He recovered his hand and sat back down, his face also returning to its nonchalance.

Flipping through the menu at random, he looked up at her, “Are you not going to sit?”

He didn’t seem unapproachable at all. Unlike Luo Yibei, whose eyes looked always lethal.

Despite that, Fang Chixia was certain. It’s definite that people of the Chris family would never be so kind.

Calming herself once more, she sat down opposite him and spread out the papers she brought before him, “Mr. Fei Si Nuo, you can go over this doc.u.ments first. If you think everything is in order, can we sign it immediately?”

“Is it so urgent?” Fei Si Nuo glanced back at her maintaining an affable tone. It’s as if the two weren’t talking about a major cooperation between a royal family and a powerful family, but were only having a casual chat.

“Not at all.” Since Fang Chixia couldn’t rush him, she had to collect the doc.u.ments again.

“Then dine first!” Fei Si Nuo opened the menu and flipped through it. He ordered a few dishes and then handed the menu to her.

Fang Chixia could only order two dishes randomly to accompany him to dine.

Fei Si Nuo was very quiet during the dinner. He didn’t talk at all. Fang Chixia was also embarra.s.sed to interrupt someone’s meal. She could only wait for someone to finish this meal then talk about business.

The two sat on the table amidst the rose petals, even a bottle of wine and a flower basket were specially arranged on both sides of the table, thus giving off a very romantic setting.

Coupled with numerous candles on the table and the surrounding area, it was a perfect candlelit dinner.

Fang Chixia was sitting uncomfortably. She only tasted a bit of her meal and just sat to wait for Fei Si Nuo.

She thought that with him being such a big man, he would be finished very soon.

Who knew whether it was his nature or intent, Fei Si Nuo solved his meal at an oddly lazy slow pace.

Fang Chixia was once again embarra.s.sed to hurry him up. She could only continue to wait.

At long last, the dinner ended. Fang Chixia grabbed the file again, “The contract, can we….”

Before Fang Chixia could insert a word in, Fei Si Nuo’s phone rang.

Startled, a bad premonition rose from Fang Chixia’s heart.

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