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"Audacious! Our Empress asked you a question and you dared to not reply!"

The palace maid saw the stunned Qing Yan and her facial expression changed while she advanced forth to rebuked Qing Yan loudly. 

Qing Yan got back to her senses as a trace of ridicule smile appeared on her lovable and pretty face. "Since the imperial family could be here, why can't I?"

"Impudent!" The palace maid slightly raised her chin and shot a disdainful glance at Qing Yan. "You're just a little servant girl, how dare you compare yourself with our Empress? Our Empress is the mother of the land under heaven and there's no place she can't go! Who do you think you are and on what basis can you compare with our Empress? Even more, is it possible that your master did not teach you that you have to kneel before the Empress in order to speak?"

What do you call the imitation of a dog based on its master's power? 

It was vividly and thoroughly displayed by these palace maids' behavior.

Although they were all maids, they thoroughly felt that they were a level above others. Clearly, from the tone of her voice, she did not put Qing Yan in her eyes. 

"Although I'm a servant, there's only one person that I attend to. In this world, the only one that can make me kneel is only my miss. Who do you think you are? I, Qing Yan, am a maid with an unyielding character, and I'll definitely never submit to power." 

A determination could be seen on Qing Yan's flushed face as she raised her chin, not in the slightest bit afraid. Her bright eyes were as pure as clear spring, invertedly reflecting other's fiendish appearance. 

"You…" Empress Rong had never thought that this little maid would dare to speak to her in this manner, causing her complexion to turn red from rage. She extended her hands and furiously pointed towards Qing Yan's nose. "Since you are someone who wants to become the third prince's concubine, you cannot be lacking in manners like this! Men, seize this ya'tou and send her to the palace. I will teach her how to respect the elders and how to become the daughter-in-law of an imperial family!" 

When she spoke the last sentence, Empress Rong's gnashed her teeth as her fierce expression appeared as though she was itching to eat Qing Yan up. 

At this moment, even a little maid did not treat her with deference. If she does not set an example now, would there still be someone in Jin Liu who would obey her command in the future? 

"Yes, niangniang!" 

A few palace maids rolled up their sleeves and walked towards Qing Yan. Their facial expression was malevolent, a sinister radiance emanating from their eyes. 

"You're thinking of teaching me the rules? You don't have the rights!" Qing Yan coldly snorted. 

There was a so-called saying that a master would result in a similar kind of servant. Within these six months, Qing Yan didn't manage to learn other things except for Yun Luofeng's arrogance. 

It was because she understood that she was the miss' servant that she must not disgrace her nor show weakness towards her enemy no matter what. 


Just when these few palace maids had grabbed onto Qing Yan's arm, a trace of energy leaked out from her body and caused the bodies of the palace maids to instantly fly out, while landing on the floor in a sorry figure. 

Empress Rong's expression slightly stiffened. She had never expected for Qing Yan to possess cultivation as a maid! No wonder Ye Ling did not treat her as a common ya'tou. 

Unfortunately, a maid was still a maid. In any case, it was impossible to change her fate of serving others. 

"Stinky ya'tou, if you want to become the third prince's concubine, it's necessary to have my permission, but since you are so unruly, I shall immediately enter the palace and speak to the emperor about this incident. You shall never be able to live together with Ye Ling in this lifetime!" 

Qing Yan gave the ashen-faced Empress Rong a disdainful glance as she said contemptuously, "I've never mentioned that I would want to be a whatsoever third prince concubine." 

The person she likes was Ye Ling, not Third Prince! If Ye Ling was willing to become a prince, she shall be his concubine. If he was unwilling, then she would just be his future wife.

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