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Xiao Mo was angered to the point his little face was flushed red as he angrily glared at Huohuo.

"Huohuo," Yun Luofeng looked both of them rivaling against each other before her gaze fell on Huohuo and asked, "You haven't told me your story."

Huohuo's expression seemed somewhat lonely. "I was originally a spirit beast living in this G.o.d Code World and one day, I was thrown out. He said he wanted to find his host and asked me to wait for him to bring the host…"

"At that time, because of my youth and not understanding the rules of survival among humans, I was chased by a group of experts who wanted me to be forcefully contracted to them! After I was wounded by them, I found a place to hide and recuperate."

"During the recuperation period, I met a human and took him in as my disciple. Later, in order to allow me to hide and recuperate more conveniently, he constructed a house where I lived in. Nowadays, that place is the well-known Ye Family!"

"Ye Family?" Yun Luofeng fingers gently stroked her chin, "That is to say, the Ye Family's ancestor is your disciple?"

Huohuo nodded. "There's a forbidden area within Ye Family, and those who enter will definitely die! But in reality, that area is a place the Ye Family's ancestor built for me to recuperate in and I've stayed there for over a thousand years. Afterward, Ye Jingchen accidentally intruded into the forbidden area and so, I left together with him."

In fact, the reason why the forbidden area was considered forbidden was that, other than her existence, there were also other dangers such as an innumerable number of traps. The purpose was to prevent others from entering and finding trouble for her.

When the Ye Family's ancestor designed those traps, he had revealed the methods to escape and avoid the traps, so when Ye Jingchen accidentally intruded into the forbidden area, Huohuo stepped out and saved him! The precondition was that he had to bring her along and leave this place to search for who she was looking for.

As for why Huohuo didn't leave by herself, it was because she was afraid of being chased and encircled by groups of powerful experts or those who were willing to go to the extreme to obtain her!

As such, she who didn't have much experience in the outside world didn't dare to leave the forbidden area alone...

"Oh right," Yun Luofeng seemed to have thought of something and asked, "You said that it was the G.o.d Code World that kicked you out here? Could it be that the Medical G.o.d's Code has its own consciousness?"

Huohuo nodded and said. "Master, I think that the G.o.d Code World of now is not what I'm familiar with. It seems like... its consciousness has disappeared."

Unfortunately, she had left the G.o.d Code World for too long of a period, to the extent that she wasn't aware of what happened.

Yun Luofeng was not as discouraged as Huohuo, because she felt that she was getting closer to knowing the secret of the G.o.d Code World.

"Huohuo, What's your real form?" Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes. She actually couldn't make out Huohuo's true form.

Hearing what she said, Huohuo's body trembled and a moment later, a blazing red-colored fox appeared on the ground.

This fox had eight tails and was fluffy like cotton. Her eyes also changed from black to a red that was similar to flames and was extremely dazzling.

"Flame Spiritual Fox?"

This little girl is actually the rumored nine-tailed flame spiritual fox?

However, why does she only have eight tails?

"Huohuo, where's your other tail?"

Huohuo's eyes sank momentarily, "That year when I was chased by those powerful experts, I died once and lost one of my tails."

She lightly caressed her fluffy tail, while her expression was unexpectedly calm.

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