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Chapter 806: Yu Er's Appearance

Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations


There was no lightning or thunder since it was noon and the weather was scorching hot.

However, Ling Yun Tower's disciples felt their ears ringing as if they were struck by lightning when they heard that ordinary greeting which sounded just like someone saying ‘Hi!'.

All the disciples diverted their attention behind Qian Ye's back almost instantly.

That wasn't Ling Yun Tower's gate. It was a path that led out of the sect.

However, there was someone standing there at the moment.

She was wearing a silvery white dress that elaborated her curves. Her long straight hair reached her waist and was decorated by a white-jade flower headdress.

It was a woman, who seemed to have just gotten out of a shower, because she was exuding a cold and moist air. She didn't look like she was above 30 years old, and her facial features were as exquisite as a painting. This woman was elegant and gentle.

Of course, most importantly, she looked extremely similar to Qian Ye. One could even say that they looked identical.

“Qian… Qian Yu!?”

“She, she really got out… Qian Yu's seal is removed!”

“How is that possible?”

Several disciples in red and blue dresses were shocked to the core when they saw the woman's face.

Not all the disciples of Ling Yun Tower had seen this woman before. However, they easily identified who she was from her appearance and what she said.

Qian Yu!

A woman that shared the same surname as Qian Ye!

She was once the proudest symbol of Ling Yun Tower, but her name became a taboo in the past dozen years.

Yet, this woman had appeared in front of their eyes now.

Everything seemed so real yet so unbelievable.

Everyone looked at Qian Yu and then at Qian Ye, who was frozen at the spot. There was nothing but silence, because no one knew what to say.

Qian Ye's expression went through an obvious change at this instance. It turned from red to white, before it turned back to red again. It seemed to have gone through a complicated circle.

No one knew what she was thinking or what she was going to do, because they couldn't believe what they were seeing, and they were also unwilling to believe it. However, the unimaginable had happened right in front of their eyes.

Cang Yue died!

Then, Qian Yu appeared?!

Was this a coincidence? Or was it… All part of the plan!

After G.o.d-knows-how-long, Qian Ye took a deep breath before turning around slowly. The golden radiance was still flowing in her eyes as she lifted the giant water ball with one hand and casually placed her other hand behind her back.

Then, their eyes met.

Qian Ye's lip twitched subconsciously, before a calm and sincere smile appeared on her face.

“Sister, you must have suffered a lot over these years!” Qian Ye sounded like she was greeting Qian Yu, but she didn't even move or physically welcomed her back.

“A person must toughen his mind and body before he could be successful. It was just a dozen years of rigorous training, I wouldn't call it suffering.” Qian Yu shook her head and looked past Qian Ye.

Her body trembled when she saw Cang Yue's lifeless body on the ground.

A silvery light drew a beautiful curve in the air almost instantaneously as Qian Yu appeared in front of Cang Yue.

“Yue Er!' Qian Yu squatted down and carried Cang Yue's body up to her chest. She was visibly heartbroken.

Years of being locked away was merely a rigorous training to Qian Yu, but she teared up as soon as she saw Cang Yue.

“Yu Er?! Is… Is that you? Is… Is that really you?” Lin Mubai was frozen at the spot and only just reacted.

It wasn't because his cultivation was lacking. In fact, his cultivation even exceeded the average Ling Yun Tower's disciples.

However, when he heard her voice, his mind went blank completely. He only regained his consciousness when Qian Yu went to Cang Yue.

That was because he couldn't believe that the person that he spent a dozen years waiting for had suddenly appeared in front of him. The shock was almost too much for him to handle.

“Your Highness… You shouldn't be here.” Qian Yu's hands trembled when she heard Lin Mubai's voice. However, she quickly collected herself.

“I know that we aren't fated to be together, but… I… I couldn't let you go…”

“Your Highness, since you're already here, please help me take care of Yue Er. Please forgive me as I have some matters to attend to.” Qian Yu interrupted Lin Mubai and walked towards him. She carefully placed Cang Yue's body in front of him and looked back at Qian Ye.

Lin Mubai's body trembled and he wanted to say something, but he chose to keep quiet in the end. He nodded heavily and carefully covered Cang Yue's face with his outerwear.

No one said a thing.

The entire world seemed to be devoid of sound at this moment. There was only golden radiance falling from the sky and shining onto Qian Yu and Qian Ye.

Ling Yun Tower's disciples stared at the two people standing silently. They felt complicated because they knew a storm was approaching.

Although they didn't believe that Cang Yue's death brought Yu Er here, but it didn't change the fact the taboo of Ling Yun Tower for the past dozen years was standing right in front of them.

The wind was hot and the smell of blood in the air wasn't too intense. However, everyone could smell it clearly.

Qian Ye was holding the gigantic water ball in one hand while keeping her other hand behind her back. The golden radiance in her eyes was flowing around and she seemed to be waiting.

She didn't say a word, because she was aware of the ancient principle ‘Winner takes it all'. In that case, there was no need for any explanation.

Did Qian Ye lose?

The answer was obviously ‘No'. She was still the leader of Ling Yun Tower, and there were still over 100 disciples standing behind her.

Most importantly, she was still in control of the Mountain River World, which contained Fang Zhengzhi and Ping Yang.

That was the true sign of composure.

Even though Qian Ye was in a chaotic situation, she could clearly identify her advantages.

Qian Yu didn't say anything as well. She didn't question Qian Ye like what the rest had expected, and neither did she get angry. She was standing at same spot like a statue as if she was also waiting. However, no one knew what she was waiting for.

This seemed to be a stalemate, and it was an eerie one. After all, Qian Yu was supposed to do something, rather than staying indifferent.

After a long while, a smile appeared on Qian Ye's face, and that marked the end of the stalemate.

“So, Ping Yang is dead!” said Qian Ye.

Just as she said that, Ping Yang's figure disappeared from the giant water ball.

Of course, Fang Zhengzhi also disappeared. The clear water ball regained its tranquillity. There were no mountains collapsing or water flowing. The only thing that remained was a poetic Mountain River Ill.u.s.tration.

Qian Ye's simple comment made the disciples of Ling Yun Tower realize why there was a stalemate.

It was obviously because of Ping Yang!

Since Ping Yang was in Qian Ye's control, how could Qian Yu act rashly?

No one knew what Qian Yu was waiting for. She might have been waiting for Qian Ye to make a deal, or she might be waiting for Qian Ye's mood to get so good that she would release Ping Yang on a whim.

That was why there was a stalemate.

However… The stalemate had obviously ended, because Qian Ye had already made a decision. This decision meant that the stalemate wouldn't go on.

What would happen next?

While Ling Yun Tower's disciples were guessing the development of the situation, an obvious answer appeared. That was because Qian Yu, who was calm and collected, started moving.

She was walking towards Qian Ye, and the golden radiance had already dried off the moisture on her body. Her expression seemed cold.

Meanwhile, Qian Ye was smiling brightly, so much so that her body was shaking. The Mountain River World in her hand also started shrinking and eventually disappeared.

“You've finally fallen for it!” As soon as the gigantic water ball disappeared, they suddenly heard a voice that came out of nowhere. Before long, a red and a blue figure appeared in front of Qian Ye.

The blue long robe was swaying gently with the wind while the crimson dress looked dazzling. The flame on Blazing Qilin Spear was burning brightly.

Qian Ye's bright smile was frozen solid by this scene.

“Ha…” She suddenly stopped laughing as if someone stuck an entire egg in her mouth.

She was helplessly lost!

Of course, that was the more civilized way of putting it. In other words, she was almost choked to death!

In fact, she wasn't the only person with an egg stuck in her mouth. Everyone's mouth formed a big circle, including Lin Mubai and Ling Yun Tower's disciples.

No one knew what was going on.

They died… And appeared again?

Ling Yun Tower's disciples were more stunned to see Fang Zhengzhi and Ping Yang than seeing a ghost.

“Eh, leader, you don't look too good? Did you think that Ping Yang and I have died? It turns out that we are still alive. Are you happy? Are you surprised?” said Fang Zhengzhi excitedly while blinking at Qian Ye.

“You, you…” Qian Ye didn't answer Fang Zhengzhi's question as she was speechless, her eyes agape as if to say she would rather die than believe what was happening.

That was because no one knew what happened in the Mountain River World better than she did. She could feel that Ping Yang and Fang Zhengzhi have both died.

To put it bluntly, she killed them in the Mountain River World, otherwise, she wouldn't have deactivated the Mountain River World.

She killed them!

How could they be alive!

Qian Ye couldn't wrap her head around this. She was staring at Fang Zhengzhi intently, and a thought that she would never believe crossed her mind at this moment.

“Is he invincible?”

“But if he's invincible, what about Ping Yang? Ping Yang can't be invincible just like this guy, right?”

Qian Ye couldn't believe it, but that wouldn't change the fact that Fang Zhengzhi and Ping Yang were standing right in front of her, alive and well.

“Are you too surprised to talk?” Fang Zhengzhi smiled proudly when he saw Qian Ye's face turning bright red, and he continued, “Actually, your attack is quite powerful. The only pity is… It's ineffective against me!”



The disciples of Ling Yun Tower were once again left speechless by Fang Zhengzhi's words, because it wasn't the first time they heard him saying that. In fact, he had already said it multiple times while he was fighting the five disciples just now.

The only thing was, he was now saying the same thing to the leader of Ling Yun Tower.

This guy… His shamelessness and boldness knew no limits!

While Fang Zhengzhi was about to say something nice to Qian Ye again, he suddenly heard someone's voice.

“Ping Yang, Ping Yang… My child!!!”

The voice was loud, and more importantly, it sounded unfamiliar. However, Fang Zhengzhi trembled when he heard the voice and he subconsciously looked behind him.

Then, he saw a woman with long, black hair, who was wearing a silvery white dress. He could tell that she was gentle and elegant.

She was beautiful, as beautiful as a painting.

Most importantly, she looked almost the same as Qian Ye. However, she exuded a completely different air than Qian Ye.

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