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Fang Zhengzhi said confidently and with a slight challenge in his voice.

Chi Guyan was solemn when she saw Fang Zhengzhi's expression.

Cang Ling Mountain was one of the ancient mountains of the Great Xia Dynasty. It had almost 10,000 years of history, and was more ancient than the Great Xia Dynasty.

Just because they had conquered the land did not mean that they had finished exploring every part of it.

Cang Ling Mountain was something like this. It was a mystery, an unexplored mystery. No one knew what kind of beasts were in there, or how many there were.

Humans had trained some ferocious beasts to boost the army. However, the truly ferocious ones were all intelligent, why would they be subservient to humans?

These beasts stayed in deep inside the mountains, eating the treasures of the land as they strengthened themselves and understood the Dao of their surroundings. Frequent battle built their cruelty and savagery. They were incredibly powerful and even the Emperor, the Four Sages, and the 13 Constabularies would not go up against them willfully.


These most ferocious beasts would stay at the pinnacle of the mountain. Much like their human counterparts, they liked the high ground.

As such, the danger levels there were obvious.

Cang Ling Mountain had existed for many years. As such, the beasts who ruled the land were powerful beyond imagination. Some of them may even be heritage worthy.

Chi Guyan did not believe that a sane human would dare to venture into the center of Cang Ling Mountain. Furthermore, why would he dare to do something so audacious as taking a bath...

But, this was Fang Zhengzhi.

This made her think, Could it be possible that this shameless boy had a way to sneak into the center of the Mountain? How does he do it?

"Can you really get to the middle of Cang Ling Mountain?" Chi Guyan spoke again after a moment of silence.

"I just asked you if you believe me!" Fang Zhengzhi replied flatly.

"I believe you!" Chi Guyan's heart fluttered.

"Aish... I never thought that you could be so naive. I guess I must have overestimated you. Get to the center of Cang Ling Mountain? You believe a statement that we use to bluff three year olds?" Fang Zhengzhi smirked, then bolted into this room.

He left Chi Guyan rooted to the spot, staring at his silhouette...


Inside an ancient residence in Huai An County.

A lady in green was pacing about frantically. She pa.s.sed through a door and arrived at a loft.


"What's up?" A crisp voice came from inside the loft.

"We have finished setting up at Cang Ling Mountain. "The Vast World" can be activated at any time!" The lady in green was visibly excited when she said "The Vast World".

"Is there any news about Fang Zhengzhi?"

"To reply master, Fang Zhengzhi arrived in the city today. He left after a quick meal. He should be at the Northern Mountain Village by now." The lady in green replied promptly.

"Mm, if he is going back to find his relatives, he should be going to pray to his ancestors tomorrow morning. Send the order, activate "The Vast World" tonight!"


The lady in green disappeared in a flash.

A lady stood by the window of the loft. Her gaze was locked on the mountains in the distance.

"Everything will be a done deal after tonight. The Stabilisation Constabulary is in shackles. The only variable is Fang Zhengzhi and Chi Guyan... if you all can't even get into the Vast World, how are you going to save the Stabilisation Constabulary?"

There was a path from the Northern Mountain Village that led straight to Cang Ling Mountain.

This was a path chosen by hunters for many years. Just a couple of hours ago, this path was guarded by four soldiers.

But now, they were gone.

In order to enter Cang Ling Mountain, Fang Zhengzhi had to change his dress up. He could no longer wear that tiger hat. He chose a black leather one instead.

He also wore a tight fitting beast hide suit.

All these years, Fang Zhengzhi had roamed the mountains. He had never stopped training, and he was relatively fit.

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