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When Sylvia stopped the shower, she deeply exhaled while smoothing up her wet hair.

Like this, she came back to her room, washed off her sweat and finally felt relieved.

Even so, it was not like she has already sorted out what happened today.

But, at least the fact that Ursula was here in Asterisk was certain.

Even if she has become an existence that Sylvia did not know.

“……It’s fine, I no longer have to be in a hurry; so I’ll carefully ascertain what happened to you.”

Sylvia slightly laughed as she talked so to herself.

Right. Sylvia Lyyneheym was bad at giving up.

Then, as she took her bath towel and was about to go out of the bathroom, her portable terminal informed her of a call.

The other party was──


After thinking a little, Sylvia opened a s.p.a.ce window.

『Sylvie? Sorry to call you this late at── w-wait, what are you wearing?!』

“Ah, I was taking a shower, that’s why.”

『In that case, you didn’t have to come out immediately! Or rather, shouldn’t you have changed it to a voice communication?!』

While averting his eyes on the other side of the s.p.a.ce window, Ayato turned away.

“Hahaha, I don’t really lose anything, so it’s fine. Besides, I properly wind a bath towel.”

『That’s not the problem!』

Ayato whose face turned red was somehow lovely, so Sylvia’s shoulders shook as she chuckled.

He looked like a different person entirely when he came to help her.

“So, what’s the matter?”

As she asked so after laughing for a while, Ayato opened his mouth while still averting his eyes bashfully.

『……Hmm, no, I just wondered whether you were all right after what happened today.』

“So, you were worried about me. Yes, thank you.”

In the end, after Ursula left, Ayato’s teammates came and then Ayato and Sylvia parted there. If they were together as is then, she would have had to explain in various ways.

As it seemed to roll up Sylvia’s circ.u.mstances, she did not feel that inclined to explain.

“Which reminds me, I saw in the news; but I heard that after I retired, you defeated one of those guardians, Ayato-kun. You’re really amazing!”

Therefore, she avoided that topic as much as possible.

『Ah, yes. But, it isn’t such a big deal. Rather if you watched the video, Fairclough-san was more amazing after I retired.』

“Ah, that’s for sure. Even I was kind of surprised a little.”

By himself, Ernest settled the fight with HeiFu which was finally left; but his sword skill was amazing to a degree that even Sylvia had never saw.

“Well, that event was fun in its own way and I also fully enjoyed our date, so it was a meaningful school festival, I guess. This was also thanks to you, Ayato-kun. Thank you.”

『That’s good, but……』

“That’s right. When I get another days off next time, then……”


But as Ayato interrupted such words of Sylvia and turned straight around her way, he said in a serious tone.

『──That person is the master that Sylvie was looking for, right?』

It was a straight ball that ignored all efforts of Sylvia who somehow tried to avoid that topic.

(Well, I should just say as expected of Ayato-kun……)

Sylvia smiled wryly and gave a small nod as she gave up.

“Haa…… That’s right. Ursula Svento, the person who taught me how to sing.”

『Then, why on earth……』

Though Ayato spoke ambiguously, it was transmitted well enough with that alone.

“I don’t know, but she looked like a different person entirely. She didn’t seem to remember me, either……”

『Not remembering you?』

“Yes. Besides, Ursula did not that strange power… I think. Or it might be that I didn’t just know.”

The biggest concern was the words 『related to this body』 that Ursula said.

If she were to take the meaning literally, it would meant that the body was Ursula’s, but the content was a different person. That was clearly beyond a level of ability that and possessed.

If there was a power capable of such a thing, then it would be──


Then probably because Sylvia has sunk into silence, Ayato called out to her anxiously.

“Ah, sorry. Anyway, I intend to investigate about that area next time, too.”


But when Sylvia said so, this time Ayato fell silent with a serious expression.

And after a while, he spoke quite carefully.

『……Sylvia’s master became like this, but at least, currently that person is dangerous. I’m not talking about that strange power…… I can’t explain it well, but it’s about a more fundamental part.』

“Yes, I know.”

『Haa ── well, of course you do.』

When Sylvia replied immediately, Ayato took a heavy breath as if she knew her answer.

『Then, I’ll help you at least. When you’ll make a move, call out to me and together……』

“I’m thankful for the proposal, but no.”

Sylvia said so without hearing Ayato’s words until the end.


“Ayato-kun, you guys will partic.i.p.ate in the , right? In that case, you must focus on it.”

Ayato had things that he should do.

Sylvia could not let him spend his precious time for her sake.

However Ayato, still facing sideways, laughed with a smirk.

『It’s natural to help a person in trouble; didn’t you say it?』

These are the words that Sylvia said to Ayato before.

“B-But…… I should have said that 『only if it was within the range where my hands can reach』 at the end, right?”

『It’s all right. If it’s until where Sylvie is, my hands can reach there.』


At his words, Sylvia was at a loss for words for an instant.

“Haa…… And you just say such a thing plainly, eh.”


“No, it’s nothing.”

When Sylvia lightly shook her head, after taking a small deep breath she fixedly stared at Ayato’s eyes.

“I understand. Then if Ayato-kun’s hands are free at the time when I move, can you lend them to me?”

『Of course』

“──Hmm, thank you.”

And then after having had idle chat for a little longer, Sylvia closed the s.p.a.ce window.

“Sigh, good grief……!”

And after having let a loud voice resound in the bathroom only a little, Sylvia pushed her forehead as she leaned it on the wall──

“How troublesome, now I’ve seriously fallen for you……”

She muttered so in a low voice that she herself did not hear, either.

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