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“Then… are you telling us that your father was Gustave’s client?”

In front of Ayato and company’s concerned amazement, Claudia deeply bowed her head.

“Yes. I am sorry to have caused you trouble. I never thought that my father would take such a reckless action.”

Three days later after Ayato’s return. When Julis and company came back to Asterisk, Claudia called the four people to the Student Council room and told them about the mastermind of this incident.

“But, why did President’s father do such a thing…?”

“It’s simple. It’s because he will be troubled if I win the . Rather than my father, it’s Galaxy though.”

Claudia plainly answered Kirin’s question.

“…But then, weren’t there many other ways to do it?”

“Now is still the stage where Galaxy is planning its course of action to handle me and is considering the kinds of effect it will have by following it. I think that my father wanted to settle it somehow in the meantime. This is because if Galaxy was to seriously make a move, it’s my father who understands the most of what will become of me.”

At her words, Julis glared at Claudia with sharp eyes.

“Claudia, do you understand what you’re saying? Making an enemy out of Galaxy is in other words, equivalent to making an enemy out of the academy which you belong to ── this Seidoukan Academy, you know? On top of that, are you saying that you’ll win through the ?”

“You’re right to think of it as reckless. But even so, I do not intend to yield my wish in the least.”

Claudia also glared head on at Julis.

But, Julis’ expression softly loosened before long.

“I thought that you were a cleverer person though.”

“I have only done so because it was necessary.”

Claudia also relaxed and smiled.

“But, I’m going to guess that you won’t challenge them empty-handed, right?”

“Of course. Since I became Student Council President, I have arranged preparations all along for that purpose. Well, there will be nothing I can do if Galaxy becomes serious; but I should be able to gain time before they become serious. The matter of this time will definitely be of help.”

There, Claudia apologetically frowned for the first time.

“But, if you people want to publicly convict my father no matter what, I will not say that that’s unreasonable. Especially if it is Julis whose country was damaged to that extent, I think that it is only natural.”


Julis was lost in thought silently for a while, but she slightly shook her head before long.

“No; to be frank, I really want to do so, but such bargaining will be necessary, too, right? And especially from now on.”

Her eyes seemed to gaze not only at the next , but also about things further beyond that.

“…I don’t really mind, too.”

“I’m also fine with it, but…”

Saya nodded in agreement with Julis and Kirin also agreed, but she nervously raised her hand as there was something she wanted to ask.

“In the end, what on earth kind of thing is President’s wish?”

“I will tell you after hearing your reply about the other day’s talk.”

Claudia said that and looked around at the faces of all the people present.

“I also said it a little while ago, but joining my team means that you might make enemy out of Galaxy. Normally thinking, it could not be said to be the best plan. Supposing that I was in your position, I guess that I will probably have declined immediately.”

“…And you still intend to invite us?”

Julis smiled wryly as she was amazed.

“Well, whatever. No matter what the circ.u.mstances are, when looking at the war potential, these members are attractive. ──I’ll join you.”

She flatly declared.

“M-Me, too… I’ll also join!”

Following Julis, Kirin greatly nodded, too.

“Since I’d watched the previous , I have by all means wanted to fight together with President in the same team…!”

“You two, thank you very much.”

After saying so, Claudia turned her gaze to Saya.

“Sasamiya-san, what will you do?”

“Hmm… Honestly, I’m not very interested in the . I’d achieved my duty to my father and it looks like Allekant’s puppets won’t partic.i.p.ate, either.”

Because the subst.i.tute partic.i.p.ation of the autonomous puppets was only a special case measure of the previous , many viewpoints showed that it would not be permitted this time.

“…Therefore, my answer depends on Ayato.”

When Saya answered so, everyone’s gazes gathered to Ayato.

Ayato had remained silent as is, not uttering even a single word.

Even now, he kept silent while looking downward, his mouth tightly closed.

“Ayato… you’re a little strange recently. Did something happen?”

Julis asked as she found it indeed suspicious.

“Your big sister was safe, right?”

Everyone knew the reason why Ayato returned earlier and except for the part about the hospital’s special room, he told them everything.

What he hasn’t told was the talk he had afterwards with Hilda.

“──Julis, I have to talk with you a little later. Is it all right?”

“Y-Yeah. I do not mind, but…”

Julis tilted her head to the side as she looked puzzled.

At her figure, Ayato once again strengthened his resolve and turned around to Claudia.

“I understand. I will also partic.i.p.ate in Claudia’s team. And ── let’s absolutely win the championship.”

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