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Asterisk Central District Administration Area ー at its center, there was the management headquarters of the Festa.

Even in Asterisk, amongst the skysc.r.a.pers opposing one another, the Steering Committee Chairman Madiath Mesa’s office was located on the highest floor.

The structure of the room was slightly similar to that of the Seidoukan student council room. One side was gla.s.sed-sided and one could overlook the whole view of Asterisk. The things which were put, whether it be sofa or office desk were probably all topnotch items, but it gave a calm impression on the whole.

In that office, Ayato and Julis were opposite to Madiath in order to receive the report regarding the incident.

“Hi, I am glad you came. Many things had happened in this Phoenix, so it took much time to settle the affairs ー Ah, please sit down.”

Urged by Madiath, they sat on the sofa across the table.

It was one month after the Phoenix ended. The long summer vacation was also already over and the season had moved to autumn.

“I will get to the main point without delay. Regarding the kidnapping of Miss Flora Klemm ー I think that you have already heard about it, but among the Mafia groups regarded as culprit of that incident, the executive party (top bra.s.s guys) which had fled, were arrested the other day.”

Madiath took a small breath there.

Ayato and Julis, with grim faces as it is, waited for the continuation of the story.

“It is the Mafia which was managing the casino where Miss Klemm was confined. Besides that, they performed illegal acts on an extensive scale, and it seems that there was also a book keeper of Phoenix-related gambling. However, with a little magnification it was revealed to be overly biased and it seemed that it would be a considerably bad situation if you guys were to actually win. That said, when one abstained from winning it will be paid back. So, what they came up with was the handicap to prevent you from using Ser-Versta. At present, most of those guys are denying it, but some decisive evidence has been seized from the hideout.”

As he spoke up to there, Madiath smiled wryly and shrugged his shoulders.

“You look like you don’t agree with it at all.”

“Of course. That was obviouslyー”

“Well, wait. Of course, even the Hunter Guards attached great importance to your testimony and they also continue the investigation along that line. However ー the Dante whom Sasamiya-kun and Toudou-kun fought against has not been found at present… From my position, I want you to forgive me since I was hesitant about raising my name, but any evidence which showed the involvement of a specific academy ー or of its espionage organization hasn’t been found, either.”

At Madiath’s words, one could see that Julis chewed her molar.

“Of course, since there are also many active students of Le Wolfe among the const.i.tuents of the Mafia, judging from such a viewpoint, the responsibility of the affiliated academy can’t be acquitted. Naturally punishment will be considered, and depending on the situation, a severe disposal such as point deprivation of the Festa may fall, too.”

The point deprivation of the Festa would certainly be a severe punishment, but when examining it, Le Wolfe had received it many times in the past. Even if it were to happen, it would not by that much a surprise.

“Besides, I also heard that the Hunter Guards Captain is strongly interested in this matter. It seems that investigation will also be carried out sequentially, so view it as long term investigation.”


Julis reluctantly nodded.

Regarding this matter, Julis was already tired of getting angry.

As for Ayato, he understood Julis’ feelings, above all ーas it was Ayato who was aimed this timeー it might rather be said that Julis and Flora were the ones dragged into it. If what Dirk did was overlooked as is, Ayato, as a person concerned, could not also forgive it.

“Even we, the Steering Committee, think that this matter is very regrettable. Currently, it is under examination, with the aim of strengthening the support for the partic.i.p.ating players and their relatives”

Madiath said so and stood up.

“You can contact me again anytime if there is anything. If I can be of help, I will not spare any efforts to cooperate.”

As Ayato took the hand which Madiath held out, Madiath’s expression suddenly softened.

“By the way Amagiri, it seemed that you ask the search of your big sister as the wish for having won the Phoenix.”

“Eh…? Ah, yes.”

Although confused since the topic suddenly changed, Ayato nodded.

ーThe winner of the Festa will have any wish granted.

Though it was the Festa’s sale phrase, of course in reality, there was a limit.

For example, a dead person could not be revived, and as expected there were many cases where wishes such as remarkably violating others’ rights were not approved in many cases even in this era (That said, it seemed that there are any number of bypaths (loopholes) here).

Julis had demanded money, as she was saying since the beginning, but it seemed that the amount of money presented by the Integrated Enterprise Foundation was enormous.

Julis used it and repaid all the debts of the multiple orphanages in Rizeltania, and moreover, she became their right holder and the amount left over was allotted to future investment funds.

On the other hand, Ayato requested his big sister’s search. Unlike Julis’ wish, there was no guarantee that she would definitely be found out, but if the Integrated Enterprise Foundation searched and did not find her, then there was no longer any other means.

“If she disappeared in this Asterisk, there is surely some clue left somewhere. I pray that she is found safe.”

“Thank you.”

There was somewhat kindness in Madiath’s words.

Though he wondered about it, Ayato bowed and left the room.


Madiath who saw off Ayato and Julis sat once again on the chair.

At the same time, one of the multiple portable terminals which were there informed of a call and Madiath opened the s.p.a.ce window.

“…Geez, thanks to you, I’m very busy here.”

“Hmph! I did it in consideration for you.”

The redhead young man reflected in the s.p.a.ce window snorted as if it was boring.

“Oh dear, why do you mean by that?”

“You should know more than anyone else how frightening Ser-Versta is. What’s more, that guy is that woman’s younger brother. There is no doubt he will become a hindrance to the plan sooner or later.”

“Even so, your move this time was too violent. I want you to have a little restraint. You might aim at killing two birds with one stone by cleaning out the dissidents of the Rot Lichtentertainment district…”

As he softly dealt the warning, the young man deepened the wrinkles of his brows.

“There are lots I left out on purpose for times like this. There is no meaning if they aren’t eventually useful. Still, on the other hand the parts add up evenly to one lost ‘cat’.”

“Hmm… well, it’s fine. I will overlook this. By the way, what happened with her?”

“She felt inclined to hear the story, but… Did you seriously intended to draw her in? She is better than the crazy woman of the TenorioUbermensch Faction, however, with her you wouldn’t know how many screws will fly.”

“You saw her puppets’ performance, didn’t you? Above all, we don’t have enough manpower. Besides, she doesn’t plan to divulge about the plan.”

“…It’s wise, eh.”

“Anyway, do your best and continue the negotiations. I can’t move directly after all. Well then, againー”

As Madiath said so and was about to finish the communication, the young man said as if preceding it.

“By the way, don’t you still feel inclined to tell me about the relation between that woman and you?”

“Geez, that again?”

Madiath unnaturally sighed and laughed as he was troubled.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t intend to tell it. It’s private.”

Saying so, Madiath finished the communication this time for sure.

“Geez, he is unexpectedly persistent, too…”

While muttering as he complained, Madiath operated another portable terminal.

The s.p.a.ce window which got blackout projected once again an image. However, it was not a communication with someone. It was the image of the camera set up for monitoring.

Reflected there was the figure of one girl sleeping on a large bed.

“Well at any rate, I wonder what’s to be doneー”

While looking at the image of the girl who was sleeping ー Amagiri Haruka, Madiath sighed once more.

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