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Chapter 2 – Unscrupulous Winding Thread

“Saya! Kirin-chan!”

When Ayato rushed to the waiting room, the two girls were sitting on the sofa completely exhausted. There were bandages wound all over their bodies and it was really painful to look at, but fortunately it seemed that they were not greatly injured.

“Geez, are you all right? You have put on quite the performance.”

Julis, who also entered from behind Ayato, looked worried contrary to her way of talking.

“…No problem. Rather, if our school badges did not break, we would have still been able to keep fighting.” Turning only her face towards them, Saya said with a sour look.

But, for Ayato who had watched the match, he knew that she was just pretending to be all right. After against Ardi who performed a fusion, one might say that it was almost a one-sided development. Of course, Saya and Kirin might have also won, but in a situation where Kirin got injured and Saya’s Waldenholt was no longer usable, the match might have been as good as decided. Although Saya and Kirin desperately put up a hard fight afterwards, they were held down before Ardi’s overwhelming power.

That said, Saya’s point was true in a sense, too.

No matter how they were beaten up, they stood up for themselves by never giving up, and if their school badges didn't break, they would have definitely kept fighting until their bodies fell apart.

“Haah… I would never have imagined that "Conjoined Cranes" would be stopped in that way…”

Kirin who floated a powerless smile said in a tone blurring frustration.

“I’m also sorry for showing such a cowardly appearance to you, Senpai. Like this, I won’t even be able to face Flora-chan who cheered on us…”

It looked like Flora, who should have been cheering them on from the general stands, hadn't shown up yet.

“I don’t think that you’re cowardly. At least, I don’t think that there is someone who could stop "Conjoined Cranes" in the same way as that.”

Ayato, as someone who had personally experienced Kirin’s "Conjoined Cranes" with his own body, could a.s.sert at least that. Added to the fact that Kirin’s slashes were heavy, when executing "Conjoined Cranes", even in posture, the person on the receiving end would be driven off into a situation where enduring it would be the utmost he could do. And if one was to repel Kirin’s body from that posture, Ayato could not even imagine just how much physical power he would need.

“I never realized my own immaturity as this time. In the end, I’m probably relying too much on "Conjoined Cranes". I have to review my basics more…”

As Kirin told so as to persuade herself, she strongly grasped her fist.

Ayato strongly swallowed words of comfort, which almost spilled out unintentionally. Carelessly comforting the loser might end up driving him into a corner later on.

“Anyway, you should properly take care of yourselves now. There was no problem with the medical check, right?”

In the Festa, a medical check was imposed upon the loser (it was optional for the winner). When it came to a serious injury, they might also be hospitalized to a medical house; but since the Starpulse Generation originally had a high recuperative power, most of the emergency measures would be managed on the site.

“Yes, there was no problem in particular. If I must say, my right foot is a little…”

“Oh… does it hurt very much?”

“Ah. No, the medicine is effective now after all… Thank you.” While saying that, Kirin waved her hands a little as to say that she was all right.

It was very admirable of her.

“What about you, Saya?”

“…It aches all over my body. But, more than that… it’s more painful to have made a waste of (to have ruined several of) my Luxes.”

It was indeed an answer typical of Saya.

“Well, since we will take revenge for you in the final, you can rest in peace. Right, Ayato?”

At Julis’ words, Ayato answered; “Oh well, I would really like, but… After being shown that semifinal, I can’t promise.”, with a serious face.

Actually, in terms of sword skills, Kirin was above Ayato. To defeat an opponent who overwhelmed Kirin would not be an easy task. That, even though Ayato possessed an ogre Lux.

“…It’s promising, Riessfeld.”

Then, Saya, who was lying down, raised her body and said slightly amazed. “To think that you can say such words after having watched our match. Either you’re really an idiot or you have some prospects of success…”

“There is no way that there would be such a thing with such a monster as an opponent.” Julis answered flatly.

“…Then, are you inevitably a real idiot?”

“Then, very well. From the beginning, my goal is the grand slam. Who else would speak of such dreamlike story if it’s not an idiot?”

At these words, Saya opened wide her eyes as she was surprised for an instant, and then floated a wry smile.

“… You’re absolutely right. Then, you can’t afford to stumble in the first Festa.”

“Well, then, it’s just like that.” Julis said, and held out her fist.

Saya also b.u.mped (hit) her fist on Julis's. “…I leave it to you.”

Saya also b.u.mped (hit) her fist on Julis's. “…I leave it to you.”

“Yeah, count on us.”

Ayato who was looking at the two girls with a side glance chuckled ー and then immediately tightened his face.

In the semifinal, Ardi’s strength after the fusion was certainly exceptional.

But, it was too strong.

He wondered whether he got that strong by only combining some parts.

(That feeling, I have sensed it somewhere…)

While Ayato brooded over his thoughts, he turned his look towards the entrance.

In the press conference room which was ahead, the winner interview of the two from Allekant should be in progress right now.

- ψ -

“Haah, Really, if those guys of ma.s.s media are persistent, there will be no end. Even though we must quickly go back and repair Ardi and Rimsi.”


While walking down the pa.s.sage returning to the waiting room as if dancing, Ernesta grumbled.

Though she complained, her face was smiling; but Camilla, who was walking beside her, contrasted it.

With a sullen face, she sank into silence and advanced at a quicked pace.

She was like that the whole time since from the Interview in the press conference room. If the winner had acted like this, the ma.s.s media would probably have looked puzzled as well.

“Hey, hey, Camilla. You should cheer up already. It can’t be helped. If we didn’t use that, we might have lost after all.”


Ernesta took one step forward and turned back to look at Camilla’s face.

Even so, Camilla did not loosen her pace and pa.s.sed Ernesta as she ignored her.

When Ernesta deeply breathed a big sigh, she erased the smile on her face. “ーEven you, Camilla. You knew since the beginning, right?”

Then, Camilla finally stopped walking.

It was a somewhat sly expression, but it could not be helped.

“What you and I are aiming is different. It’s the same until midway, but we will eventually have to part somewhere. You agreed to help me after understanding that, right?”

“That isー!”

Camilla who looked back opened her mouth as she wanted to say something… and then shut it.

Ernesta, who saw it, sighed once again.

She was thankful for the kindness of this friend of hers, but she thought that it was time she should make things clear.

“Camilla’s final goal is ‘ultimate versatility’. In other words… a weapon which can be managed by anybody, right?”

“…Yes, it is.”

At Ernesta’s words, Camilla nodded after a short pause.

“But, such a weapon doesn’t exist wherever you search in this world. It’s obvious, isn’t it? After all, if you thoroughly investigate, you will find that any weapon depends on the human who uses it.”

Then, what to do?

It was simple. One should just make another being, different from a human, use it.

It was the puppets.

If it was the puppets, they would be able to use any kind of complex weapons. The humans only had to merely order them.

“But in that case, ego isn’t needed in puppets. No, rather they shouldn’t have. I mean, if they have, they would become the same as humans.”

However, Ernesta’s goal was different.

Ernesta’s wish was to create an existence equal to humans with her own hands. Autonomous puppets which could cry, laugh, know joy and grow up[1].

That was why she felt deeply moved enough to shiver at the growth which Ardi showed in this semifinal. This was exactly what she had sought.

And one day, they would definitely obtain the same privileges as humans, but that was Ernesta’s final goal.

Then, Camilla floated a wry smile and turned slightly nostalgic eyes towards Ernesta. “…Do you remember about when you and I met for the first time?”

“Of course. After all, at that time, half of Camilla’s body was blown off. There’s no way that I would ever forget since the impact was that strong.” Ernesta said and cacklingly laughed.

Camilla was attacked by a group of the anti-government organization when she visited a conflict area in attendance at her parents work at the time. Although Camilla and her parents had also employed several guards, they were outnumbered. Camilla’s parents lost their lives, and Camilla herself suffered an injury so serious that it was life-threatening. On that occasion, she was accommodated by a laboratory of Frauenlob with which her parents had business.

Ernesta, who was called an extraordinary genius since that time, was by chance performing puppet research in that lab. Although regeneration technology was widespread, it inevitably took time for nurture (culture) and thus not applicable in case of an emergency. There, Ernesta applied her own techniques and saved Camilla’s life.

Though she did not tell her directly, Ernesta thought that, from that time on, Camilla was fixated on the idea of creating a weapon which could be handled by anyone. When Camilla’s parents were attacked by the anti-government organization, they tried to defend themselves with the weapons the guards were in possession of, but they were not able to use them competently.

That said, Camilla’s parents were fairly ordinary civilians, and even if they could use the the weapons effectively they would have probably been no match people from the anti-government organization who had recieved combat training. In the end, a weapon was something which changed depending on the human using it. No matter how much one inquired into a weapon's versatility, that would not change.

That was why Camilla believed the existence called puppets to be one answer.

Camilla did not trust the creature called human more than anyone else in this world.

“Right. Half of my body is a puppet you have created. Therefore, I swore that I would give you half of my life.”

“Yeah, I received it, I received it.”

Ernesta nodded quite indifferently.

“Therefore… I do not mean to complain about your dream. It is certainly different from my goal, but it is another issue again.”

“Then, why are you so angry?”

Camilla raised her eyes at these words.

“It is purely anger as an engineer! I should have said it many times! That it is too dangerous to use it in actual combat! And that fear was well founded! Look, at how abnormally these values are increasing!”

As Camilla said so and tapped her portable terminal, a s.p.a.ce window opened and many graphs were displayed.

“Can such output be controlled? Wasn’t it one step short of rampaging?”

“Boo, even if you say that, it can’t be helped. If we had lost here, we would’ve lost everything.”

Ernesta sulked like a child who was scolded.

“If it is just showing results, it is already enough…”

“No, no, I have said it from the beginning. My goal is the championship. And after that, the first thing I will do is arrange for Ardi and Rimsi to officially become students at our Academy.”

Ernesta, not being able to contain her excitement, began to dance round and round.

Right. And it will just be the beginning to make the public recognize the autonomous type puppets.

For that purpose, I can’t yield the championship of this Phoenix.

“But even so…!” Camilla said up to there, she then received a call on the portable terminal in her hand.

“…It’s me. Yes, so… What?”

The tone of her voice changed in the middle of her reply.

As Ernesta thought “what’s up?”, Camilla looked at her quizzically,

“It seems that you have received a communication. ーFrom Dirk Eberwein.”

“He~e… What a surprise. Yes, it’s fine. Let me have it.”


Camilla operated her terminal and a new s.p.a.ce window unfolded; a plump young man was projected there.

『…Yo, are you my friend Ernesta Kühne?』

“Hahaha. To think you would call and say that to someone you meet for the first time 'you'[2], as expected. Yes, that’s right. I’m the PygmalionSculptor Faction representative, Ernesta Kühne. Nice to meet you,

Ernesta light bowed with her tone which was not different than usual.

『Hmm, a playful woman, as the rumors say.』

“Likewise, you’re a more detestable man than the rumors say. So, what business do you have with me? Weren’t you guys doing well with the Magnus OpusGreat Professor?”

At these words, Dirk’s pupils eerily shone for an instant.

『You seem to be more informed than I thought. But, let me correct you. We just came to an agreement of mutual non-interference with that crazy woman. It isn’t as if we’re friends or something.』

“Hmm… I didn’t know that. But well, it’s obvious if you carefully think about it, huh. There’s no way that the Magnus OpusGreat Professor would ever forgive you, who s.n.a.t.c.hed the EreshkigalVenomous Witch from her side~.”

『…Such a thing doesn’t matter. Listen, this is the main issue. ーJoin hands with us.』

“Hmm, I was wondering what you would say; and you spit such nonsense…!”

Though Camilla also glared at Dirk with disgust, the redhead young man said with a serious face.

“Mmm, isn’t it a little impolite for a demand of friendship? In the first place, I almost know nothing about you guys, so don’t you agree that such thing should be started after first knowing each other properly?”

『There is no need to go that far. I said to join hands, but it would be good if you could just cooperate with us, using our methods, when required. I will return you a favor accordingly afterward.』

“A favor?”

To Ernesta who asked back, Dirk snorted with displeasure.

『Just in case, so that negotiations can proceed logically, I prepare a present easy to understand. You can decide after seeing that.』

- ψ -

“Excuse me!”

A graceful voice along with the sound of a knock resounded on the other side of the door, and Claudia entered the waiting room.

“Sasamiya-san, Toudou-san, it was regrettable this last match. But, being in the top four is a result you should be proud of. For Seidokan Academy, the prospect of the season has become quite brighter now. For that reason, I will prepare a reward appropriate for the two of you.”

“N-No, you need not…!”

“…you don’t need to that; we only did that for ourselves.”

To Claudia who politely bowed her head, Saya and Kirin answered somewhat embarra.s.sed.

Players who won a high rank in the Festa, though not as much as the victor, were considerably rewarded. It seemed to be either purely a monetary award or something near to the treatment given to the Top Twelve; but when thinking they had nothing to lose even if they lost in a duel, it might be something amazing.

“By the way, Claudia. Didn’t you see Flora on the way?”

“No… Unfortunately, I did not see her.”

At Julis’ question, Claudia slowly shook her head.

“We have promised to meet in the waiting room of Sasamiya and Kirin after the match…”

Quite a long time had already pa.s.sed since the match was over. Even though there was still enough time because Ayato’s and Julis’ match was in the evening, as expected it was slightly worrying that she was late like this.

“Can’t you get to contact her through her portable terminal?”

“I’m already been trying, since a little while now, but…”

Ayato stood up and called out to Julis who seemed to be anxious. “Instead, we should go look to our waiting room once again. Flora-chan might have misunderstood and gone to the wrong place.”

“You’re right… I will also ask to the reception whether they have given shelter a lost child.”

At the time Julis said so and was about to leave the room, her portable terminal received a call as if waiting for it.

“It’s from Flora. Geez, what on earth is she doing…?”

Though Julis who confirmed the call, while the others in the room floated a smile, her expression immediately became serious.

“A voice communication…?”

As she opened the s.p.a.ce window while suspiciously frowning, what was heard from the pitch black window was a low, dark (gloomy) voice.

『…You are Julis-Alexia Van Riessfeld, right?』

“Who are you, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d? Why do you have that portable terminal?”

Though anger and impatience floated on Julis’ face, and she asked in a loud voice, the other party indifferently continued without answering the question.

『I held on to the owner of this portable terminal. Is Amagiri Ayato there?』

“Yeah, I am, but… Is Flora-chan safe?”

Although surprised at the sudden nomination, Ayato first checked the important thing above all.

Then, after a short silenceー

『…Princess! Amagiri-sama! F-Flora is all right!』

A child’s voice which trembled a little called the two people.

No doubt about it. It was Flora’s voice.

『If you accept our demand, I will also guarantee her safety afterwards.』

“…What do you demand?”

『To apply for an urgent freeze processing to Ser-Versta. As soon as the acceptance is confirmed, she will be released.』

“Urgent freeze processing …?”

『When it is judged that the demand was not executed, and when communication to the Hunter Guards or Seidokan Academy’s secret service is confirmed, I will not be able to guarantee her safety. In addition, it will be also so even in the case you are to withdraw from the Festa. This is all.』

“Ah, w-waitー!”

When one-sidedly saying only that, the s.p.a.ce window immediately disappeared.

As Ayato hurriedly borrowed the portable terminal from Julis’ hand, he called back again.

But, of course there was no response. Either they turned the power off or they might have destroyed it so as not to be traced.

“Flora, was kidnapped… you said…?”

Julis muttered with a pale face. There was no power in her voice, and it did not seem like Julis’ voice at all.


“Please, calm down, Julis. The other party’s aim isn’t you, but Ayato. It will do nothing if you lose your cool. That’s exactly what they want.”


“We shall first properly grasp the situation and then think about what we should do.”

As Julis took a deep breath at these words, she slapped both her cheeks.

“…Yeah, you’re right. Sorry.”

A strong anger still swelled in her eyes, but it looked like she was no longer upset.

As expected of Claudia, she was really reliable.

“Claudia, what did he mean about urgent freeze processing?”

The offender’s demanded was directed to Ayato.

He intended to do it even right now depending on the situation.

Whatever that was, it would not be more valuable than Flora’s life.

“An urgent freeze processing, is something applied in case that a scholarship ogre Lux user felt danger in his ogre Lux.”

When Claudia turned around towards Ayato, she slightly lowered eyes.

“As you already know, the ogre Lux is an existence which contains some kind of risk. And, the cases where only the user understood its danger are also not few. Hence, the ogre Lux user, by his own judgment, can make a request to forcibly seal that ogre Lux.”

“In other words… The offender’s demand is to prevent me from using Ser-Versta?”


“T-Then in that case, wouldn’t it be better to only rescind the process after Flora-chan is released? It won’t be like that forever, right?”

As Kirin nervously said so, Claudia shrugged her shoulders with an expression which neither agreed nor disagreed.

“Certainly, if it is just the processing, there will be no problem. In the first place, the urgent freeze processing is literally something done in emergency, and a detailed investigation is to be carried out after the seal. If it is judged there that there was no danger, then the freeze measures of Ser-Versta will probably be canceled as soon as possible. Howeverー”

“In that case, Ayato may never again use Ser-Versta.”

With a bitter face, Julis took over Claudia’s words.

“Eh? But…”

To Kirin who looked puzzled wonderingly, Ayato took out Ser-Versta’s activation body.

“It means that if I do something like that, this guy will never forgive me, huh.”


As if guessing it, Kirin also cast her eyes down in vexation.

Right. There was no way that this ogre Lux which was moody under normal circ.u.mstances would remain silent after something like that being done. They did not know to which extent the circ.u.mstances around Ser-Versta’s ego was grasped, but judging from the experiences so far, they could not expect leniency as they consider these circ.u.mstances. Let alone drawing out it’s own power, it would probably never again let Ayato touch him/it.

“Claudia, what should be concretely done about that application?”

There was no need to hesitate if Flora would be saved with only that much. Though he felt guilty towards Ser-Versta, since one person’s life was involved, it was natural to give priority to that.

“Is it really all right, Ayato?”

Claudia asked so with a somewhat painful face. Of course, losing Ser-Versta here could be considered fatal for the fight in this Phoenix. It was probably a no-brainer for the person himself, but Claudia also had her position of Seidokan Academy student council president.

“Yes, it’s all right.”

“I’m sorry, Ayato…”

With an expression on which vexation and regret were mixed, Julis looked downward.

“It’s fine, Julis. After all, family is the most important for anyone.”

When Ayato put his hand on the shoulder of such Julis, he kindly said so.

“However ー There is no confirmation that Flora will really be released.”

Then, Saya who kept silent until then muttered in a low voice.

Everybody was probably thinking about the same thing, but it was a thought which they could not voice out.

“But even so, if he doesn’t accept the demand, Flora will be…!”

“I’m not saying that. I’m just saying that there is still another option.”

“Another option…?”

“We can save Flora by ourselves. If so, then there will be no more problem.”


Julis was dumbfounded at Saya’s words.

However, Claudia brooded over these words with a serious face.

“I see… It is one idea.”

“In his demand, the offender mentioned not to tell to the Hunter Guards and the secret service, but he did not say anything other than that. Then, we can also take that as OK if we are to freely look for her and save her.”

“T-There is no way the offender will understand such logic…”

“No, it is not something to take so lightly. Setting aside whether or not it is OK, it is good as long as the offender does not find out.”

As Claudia said so, she looked around at the faces of the people present.

“I came up with one compromise plan. Of course, it is up to you whether or not you will ride on this, Julis…”

The gaze of such Claudia turned and stopped at Julis.

“…Understood. Let’s hear it for now.”

“Then, first let’s pretend that I was not in here. I did not hear anything. Moreover, I will hide for a little while. I will think about an excuse later, but I will not accept a call from anyone.”


Claudia continued her explanation disregarding all of them which became dumbfounded.

“And Ayato, you will give an application for the urgent freeze processing. Since the acceptance permission of the student council president, that’s me, is needed on that application, I can gain time until I come back, right?”

“I see, since the application itself was applied, it would be a.s.sumed that he accepts the demand…”

Since the non-acceptance would become the problem of the student council, the offender would not be able to complain.

“Meanwhile, you will somehow manage to locate the offender’s whereabouts and rescue Flora. That said, since I can’t also afford to be absent to the award ceremony of the Festa, even if I can gain time, until tomorrow’s closing ceremony is the limit. Deliberations are not necessary for the urgent freeze processing, so as soon as the closing ceremony ends, please think that the application is accepted.”

Awards ceremony and closing ceremony were to be held after the final. Since the final was at noon, even if it dragged on too much, the remaining time would beー

“Roughly around 24 hours, huh.”

“As expected, it will be impossible…”

Asterisk was small, yet unexpectedly wide.

If they were to pinpoint the offender’s whereabouts in only 24 hours, unless they borrowed the Hunter Guards’ power, it would be definitely impossible.

“Of course not. I guess that it will be difficult if you search in the whole of Asterisk, but I can narrow down the search area this time. Julis, I think you also know what I am talking about, right?”

“! The redevelopment area, huh!”

With a startled face, Julis looked at Claudia.

“W-What do you mean?”

“There is only one person who can calmly come up with something that foolish. Besides, the aim is Ayato and Ser-Versta. Considering that, there is no doubt at all that the mastermind is Dirk Eberwein. I don’t know the reason, but he seemed to have marked Ayato and Ser-Versta at some point.”

“The Tyrant…”

Kirin also seemed to know that name.

“Of course, he cannot leave evidence that he is directly involved, so going after anything along those lines would be useless. However, if he is doing it, the ones moving (doing the dirty work) are most likely Le Wolfe’s Intelligence work organization ー the GrimalkinBlack Cat Inst.i.tute. In that case, the redevelopment area, which is their territory, should be the most likely. Above all, even if shenanigans occur, the only place where it is not conspicuous is over there.”

As Claudia said up to there, she concisely summarized the main point.

“In other words ー while feigning to accept the other party’s demand, we have to find out the offender and rescue Flora within 24 hours from now. This is my compromise plan. How is it?”


After keeping silent for a while, Julis turned reliant eyes to Ayato.

“Ayato, what do you think?”

“I… I think the plan isn’t bad. I don’t mind parting with Ser-Versta, but as Saya said, there is certainly no guarantee that Flora-chan will be released with that. In that case, it would be better to do all that we can do.”

“I see…”

Julis once again fell into silence, closed her eyes in order to settle her heart… and then opened them.

“ーUnderstood. Let's go with that plan.”

To these words, everyone nodded strongly.

“But… for the time being, Ayato and Riessfeld should prepare for the next semifinal.”

“You’re right. Since there was the condition not to withdraw from the Festa in their demand, we should first concentrate on that.”

“Even if you said that we should concentrate, do you think we will be able to do it in this situation?”

A color of dissatisfaction was vividly floating on Julis’ face.

“Actually, I want to abandon the Festa and go looking for Flora as soon as possible.”

“Ara? But, then it will be giving up on your wish, Julis.”

“I don’t mind. It’s meaningless if it sacrifices important things which I should protect.”

Though Julis flatly a.s.serted, she hurriedly turned towards Ayato and cast down her eyes as embarra.s.sed.

“Ah… um, sorry. I spoke just now on my own convenience, but… we are partners. Of course, I will respect your intention.”

“Don’t worry about it, Julis. After all, I feel the same.”

Ayato also had the wish to look for his big sister, but there was still a next Festa. it could not be comparable.

But, looking at Ayato and Julis in such a state, Claudia wryly smiled as if troubled.

“Geez, you now… If you want to realize your wish in this Asterisk, you should become a little greedier. Especially you, Julis; for some reason, you are too much afraid to lose something.”

“…There’s no helping it. I don’t want to feel something like that ever again.” Julis muttered so…

Claudia continued, like a mother who admonished her child. “We will save Flora, and also win the Phoenix. Please have spirit at least for that. It is an advice not as the student council president, but as a friend.”


At these words, Julis stared at Claudia with a slightly surprised face.

“Haah… Understood. Certainly, if there’s that option, there’s no reason not to choose it. After all, it will be irritating to do everything the offender wants.” Julis said, and nailed her fist into her palm.

It looked like she got back into her stride.

“However… why would the offender expressly say something like ‘don’t retire from the Festa’?”

Ayato voiced out the question he suddenly thought of.

If Dirk Eberwein’s purpose was so that he did not want him to use Ser-Versta, it should not be necessary to expressly make such a demand.

“It is just a guess, but it is probably in order to confirm whether or not Ayato has accepted the demand. If you don’t use Ser-Versta in the match, it will become the proof that you have complied with the demand. Since there will be a processing procedure in Seidokan whether or not the application for the urgent freeze processing was accepted, even if it is the GrimalkinBlack Cat Inst.i.tute, they will take too much time to investigate it.”

“I see…”

“However conversely speaking, there will be some falsified parts around there. Normally, the Equipment Department would collect the concerned ogre Lux when the application is accomplished, but… this time I will make the necessary preparations in secret, so you should just carry Ser-Versta’s activation body like that under cover. ーso that you will immediately be able to use when we successfully save Flora-san.”

As Claudia said so, she was operating a portable terminal.

“I sent the electronic doc.u.ments necessary for the urgent freeze processing application to Ayato’s terminal. And also some useful data.”

When Ayato checked his terminal, he had certainly received various things.

“I’m sorry, but this is as far I can help. Afterwards, please contact me only when you have saved Flora.”

“No, you were a big help. Um… thank you, Claudia.”

When Julis honestly expressed words of grat.i.tude, Claudia kindly returned a smile.

“ーWell then, we will go first. Time is precious.”

“That’s right.”

Saya and Kirin made eye contact and stood up.

At such two girls, Claudia recalled something and said.

“Ah, it would be better if you could put even something like disguise when going the redevelopment area. I have heard that the GrimalkinBlack Cat Inst.i.tute selects only the elites, so they will probably not deploy surveillance here and there; but you should be extremely cautious. Well, there will no be problem if you are not found out at first glance. I think it should be enough even if you put on a hat.”


To the two girls who answered so and were about to leave the waiting room, this time Julis ー called out to them after a moment of hesitation.

“Please wait. Honestly, it’s really a relief that your helping, But you are…”


Saya said, interrupting her. “It is a natural thing to lend power to a friend in trouble. So don’t worry about it.”

“Yes, I think the same thing.” Kirin seconded.

Julis opened her eyes wide to these words of the two girls… she immediately floated a wry smile and greatly nodded.

“I see… that’s right. Saya, Kirin[4] ー I leave it to you.”

After a match in which they made so many efforts, their bodies should be tattered.

Nonetheless, Saya responded to it with a refreshed face.

“…Yeah, leave it to us.”

References Jump up↑ here means grow up by learning Jump up↑ Dirk called out to you her saying ‘おまえ’, which is a term used between close friends Jump up↑ if you remark here, this is the first time Saya calls Julis by her first name Jump up↑ and here, it's also the first time Julis called Saya and Kirin by their first names

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