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Chapter 3 - The Visitor

“So –– did you come alone from Riezeltania?”

“Yes! My name is Flora. Everyone, nice to meet ya!”

Though she somewhat had an inadequate linguistic ability, the girl, who named herself Flora, deeply bowed to the extent of forming a right angle.

Flora came over from the orphanage in Riezeltania which Julis was trying to save.

“When I ask her, because she had trouble at the reception, she said that she was Riessfeld-senpai’s acquaintance...”

“…She was really standing out.”

Kirin and Saya, who brought Flora, briefly explained the details.

Certainly if such a small child wandered around in a maid outfit, it was natural that she would attract the public with that alone.

“Yes, you saved me. Thank you, Sasamiya-sama, Toudou-sama.”

Whether or not she understood, Flora vigorously nodded with a quite indifferent smile.

After they had all entered into the waiting room it was presently noticeable, as expected, that for a girl to be dressed in a maid outfit on a daily basis, that the sense of incongruity was great.

“Honestly, if you were to come, you should have at least let me know beforehand…”

Julis gave a troubled laugh while gently stroking Flora's head.

Her expression was very soft and gentle; With that alone, one could understand, how very important Flora was to Julis.

“It’s because in exchange of giving me a ticket for the Phoenix, His Majesty told me to keep it an absolute secret from you Princess.”

“Hah… I see that Big brother is still way too playful as usual. That outfit of yours was my brother’s idea, wasn’t it?”

“Yes. He said that, if I go like this, Princess will immediately understand.”

“Geez, that person…” Julis let out a big sigh while holding her temple.

It seemed like Julis’ big brother was quite a playful person.

“But but, since this has now become something like Flora’s every day wear, I am comfortable with it since I have gotten used to it.”

“Even if you said so, it’s not the royal palace here, so that outfit is…”

“Everyday wear?” Ayato asked since it was bothering him.

Julis answered instead. “Flora came to work as a maid in the royal palace. Well, she is still, an apprentice though.”

I see. He had thought there was a feeling that she was dressed strangely stylishly considering that it was just merely dressing up, so that was the reason.

“Oh, yeah! There was a message from His Majesty. It says ‘you should come back once in a while by the end of this year’.”

“Humph. That brother! He even pesters me from anywhere. Huh. Well… It’s fine. Even without him saying it… was thinking going back once anyway.”

Julis said so and lightly tapped Flora’s shoulder.

“Besides, I also have to pay a visit to everyone in the orphanage.”

“Yes! We will look forward to it!” Flora nodded with shining eyes.

It was most likely true that Julis was also loved by the other children in the same way as Flora.

“…However, I was surprised. I didn’t know that the reason why Riessfeld-senpai fights was for an orphanage.”

Kirin, who was watching, with a smile, the exchange between Flora and Julis, said as she was impressed.

“I-It’s not really something to brag about…!” Said Julis as Kirin directed an honest look of respect at her.

Julis abruptly turned her face away.

On course, with the flow of the talk, Julis also had no choice but to reveal her own circ.u.mstances to Saya and Kirin. She somehow seemed embarra.s.sed.

However, Ayato was thinking that it would be good that Julis shorten the distance with others in this way.

“Oh yeah. Hey, Flora-chan.” As he suddenly thought and called out to her.

“Yes?” Flora tilted her head and looked at Ayato.

“How is Julis in her hometown?” Ayato asked.

“…What is it, out of the blue?” Julis glared with a questioning look to Ayato’s question,

“No, I am just simply curious. You know, Julis, you don’t speak that much about such things.”

“…Is that so?” In fact, Julis rarely talked about her hometown.

“Mmm, even if you ask me how she is… It’s not really different from her current self.”

After a little thought… Flora plainly answered. “When she is with me and the others… She is gentle and warm; When she is in the castle… She is brave and cool –– That’s why I think she is the same as now.”

“He~e. I see.” Ayato was a little relieved after hearing it.

If so, then it would be mean that right here was the place where Julis can be herself.

“Oh, that’s right! Do you want to see the photos?”


“Yes! There are many photos that I took in the orphanage in my portable terminal.”

Flora cheerfully took out a portable terminal from her pochette[1].

“No, it is already fine with what you say.” Julis countered.

“…Hohou~u. It’s interesting.”

“I-I am also a little curious.”

Julis did not seem that much enthusiastic but the others seemed to be different.

“Err, this one is the time of Christmas the year before last, this other one is the time when we did general cleaning with everyone and then this here is during Hannah’s birthday…”

Flora was unfolding s.p.a.ce windows in sequence while saying so.

It varied from group photos at the time of big events to these, which were anything like everyday scenes. However. The only common point was that everyone was smiling. Be it the children photographed together with Julis or the Sister, every single one of them were really happily laughing.

“Wow… there are so many.”

“Sister says that she wants to keep as many as possible for memories. Under her influence, the children have also come to take photos whenever it was possible. That’s why there are many everyday photos.”

Julis, who floated a wry smile, explained to Kirin.


Then, Saya noticed some photos and occasionally beckoned Flora.

“Flora, this?”

“Ah. It was where I was asked to wash my hair.” Flora said casually,

Ayato, who saw that photo, hurriedly diverted his look.

This was because Both Julis and Flora, who were washing their hair in a bathroom, were photographed there.

…Moreover. With only a bath towel.


Julis, who raised a soundless scream, s.n.a.t.c.hed the portable terminal from Flora’s hand and instantly closed all the s.p.a.ce windows.

“D-D-D-D-D-Did you see it? You saw it? You have seen it, right?” Julis, who was glaring at him with a bright red face, demanded.

“N-No, I didn’t see, I didn’t see!” Ayato buzzingly shook his head and denied.

In fact, he did see something, but since he did not see properly, it was not that much a lie… It should be not.

“Flora, I have told you many times to erase that photo, right…!”

“Ugh, but, but, it’s a precious memory with you, Princess…”

Scolded by Julis, Flora dejectedly hanged her head.


As Julis did not strongly scold her, she kept to a somewhat troubled quiet..

“…Still, to send such a small child alone is somehow a problem.” Saya said so and patted Flora’s head. As she tried to change the topic.

Honestly. It felt strange since there were almost no difference between Saya and Flora regarding their height though her words sounded quite right. After all, for Flora, who was still just a child, it would be safer to require for her to be accompanied by someone.

Furthermore. This was Asterisk, although it was somewhat better than usual since duels were forbidden in the town during the Festa, it was an extremely abnormal city where injured tourists were not uncommon.

“Well, that…” Flora narrowed her voice slightly bashfully and then looked downward.

Julis, who saw it, followed in a slightly slapdash tone.

“My brother, as well as me in olden days, didn’t have enough money that we could spend it freely. Even so, submissiveness to the Integrated Enterprise Foundation is accommodating in itself. If it’s only up to the Festa ticket, he can somehow manage with his connections. But, it’s probably impossible until the travel expenses and hotel expenses. Sister might have worked it out.”

“…Yes. It seems that she took out money from the savings that she steadily collected. But one person’s portion was the limit after all (it was just enough for one person)… Then, she said that if she had to choose someone to go, I would be the most suitable.”

As she was visibly downhearted and depressed, Flora raised her face and said enthusiastically.

“But. I am all right even if I am alone! I may look like this, but like Princess I am a Starpulse Generation, and I also intend to come to this Asterisk as a student someday. And then like Princess, I will help everyone in the orphanage!”

“He~e. That’s admirable.”

Although they knew at first glance that Flora was a Starpulse Generation, it was impressive that she already ascertained her objective from this age. It was surely from such a reason that she was judged the most suitable to be sent.

Ayato was honestly impressed, but Julis shook her head with a difficult face.

“You are still saying that… I have already told you that don't need to do such a thing.”

“But, but, even Flora wants to be helpful to everyone!”

“You are still a child. Don’t worry about such a thing and more––”

“I heard that the student council president of World Dragon is even younger than me! If it's the case, then even I…!”

It seemed that contrary to appearance, Flora had a really stubborn personality.

“…You went so far as to mention a particular rank #1 as a reference, eh.” As Julis put a hand on her waist with an amazed expression.

Julis just sighed as if it could not be helped.

“I understand. Then, let’s a.s.sume that you come to this Asterisk with the wish to want to help everybody in the orphanage. Which academy do you want to attend?”

“Err… it will be either Seidoukan like Princess or if possible, um, Queen Veil Girl’s Academy…”

Joining both hands together as if praying, Flora answered with the eyes of a dreaming girl.

Girls’ popularity was indeed immense in Queen Veil.

“I see. As expected, you don't need to come to Asterisk.”


“The enrollment in either Seidoukan or Queen Veil is from a middle school age. Or rather, World Dragon is the only academy which accepts students in the age range of elementary school…”

World Dragon Seventh Inst.i.tute did not establish a minimum age for enrollment. Of course babies/infants were not possible but basically if one was at the age, when he could receive (a.s.similate) elementary education, enrollment was possible.

From the perspective of basic long term training from childhood, it seemed that this was effective for the upbringing in Taijutsu or Star Senjutsu, which were World Dragon’s specialties. On the other hand, the other five academies were against it from the palpable moral principle that kids should not be put into a peculiar environment, like Asterisk, during the elementary course period. It was a vulnerable time which had great influence on an individual's personality and character development.

“In any case, it will take at least two years or so for you to reach the entrance age. At that time. I will have already achieved all your wishes.” Julis a.s.serted.


Flora looked up startled.

“I remember having told you so the last time we met. I will help you guys without fail, and change that country. For that purpose, I will reign in all the Festa… Or don’t you trust me that much?”

“Th-That's not true!”

“Yea, then, it’s fine.”

Julis contentedly nodded while she gently stroked Flora’s head.

“As expected of Riessfeld. Even her goal is very great.”

Saya said as she was heartily impressed.

“––But. That’s expecting too much. At least… We will win this Phoenix. Right. Kirin?”

“Huh!? Ah, err… um, y-yes…!”

Kirin, who was suddenly brought up this topic, hurriedly looked at Saya and then Julis, nodded as soon as she made up her mind.

“I-I won’t lose! Either! After all, on that wish, I can’t give up!”

Flora, who was looking at such an exchange, brightened her eyes.

“Oh! So! Sasamiya-sama and Toudou-sama are the princess’ rivals.”


Julis, Saya and Kirin looked at each other for a moment with a complicated expression. However. They soon all looked at Ayato as if having made an arrangement beforehand.

“Eh? W-What…?”

The three fixed their stares at Ayato just like that and then reflexively backed off with none of them muttering anything.

“––Well, certainly.”


Ayato had no idea of what that was, but it appeared to be the same even for Flora who, with a blank expression, seemed to be judging the other three girls and Ayato.

“…Ahhem." As Julis cleared her throat. "No. Let’s set that aside.”

She immediately changed the topic.

“Anyway, if we were to clash, it will be only possible in the final regardless… If we respectively win, until then, that is.”

Since in the original placement drawing the Ayato/Julis and Saya/Kirin team's were in different blocks there was no way for them to fight other than the final match.

“Fufufu… No problem. We are invincible.”

Saya tapped Kirin’s shoulder and confidently stuck out her chest.

In contrast, Kirin wore an anxious expression; However that confidence, from Saya, was what actually supported Kirin so much in her achievements so far.

Until the fifth battle –– What’s more, even since they surprisingly reached the main battle (final stage), the Saya/Kirin pair had overwhelmed almost all their opponents without letting them have even a little hope. Of course the opponents were considerably gifted; Nonetheless it is alright to say that it was much perferable in comparison to the extreme fuel-consuming methods of Ayato and Julis.

Even in the quarterfinal Saya and Kirin were firmly regarded as advantageous in the gossip. Indeed, Even though they did not reach so far with easy victory, it was also the same for Ayato and Julis.

However. The next opponents who they would face in the semifinals––

“Hou~u. Sounds promising. So does that mean youve found a way to conquer the dolls of Allekant and it's also ready?”

To these words, Saya’s expression slightly became tense.

Allekant’s autonomous puppets, Ardi and Rimsi, had won through by displaying a greater overwhelming power than Saya and Kirin and were now the big favorite of the Phoenix. After all, while giving “one minute freedom of attack” to their opponents every time like in the first round, it was probably understandable, since they were not even slightly wounded so far.

––And in the case that Saya and the puppets smoothly won and advanced to the next round, both pairs would clash with each other in the semi-final.

“Look forward to the performance… More importantly. I’m personally more worried about your match.”

“If I remember correctly. A Top Twelve of World Dragon is your next opponent. Right?”

Kirin also looked at Julis with a serious expression.

Since all of them also naturally checked the matches, of World Dragon’s twins, they should know that they were formidable enemies.

“Well. We will somehow manage on our side. The day after tomorrow… Ayato will also be able to go all out; Then, unlike today, the cards to play will increase very much. Anything can happen.”

However, contrary to these optimistic words of hers, Julis once more wore a brooding face.

As expected… She was probably worried about what Song and Luo said.

Though a subtle silence fell for no particular reason…

Flora broke it by saying. “Ah, it’s already such a late time! Well then everyone, Flora will leave with this. Since I will cheer for you with all my energy in the next match… Please do your best!”

She said that as she quickly stood up and bowed.

“Wait, wait, Flora. In which hotel are you staying? I will accompany you.”

Julis also stood up hailing Flora who was about to leave the waiting room.

“You need not, Flora will be all right alone. Besides, Princess is also tired from her match.”

“I don’t need your concern. Idiot. Ah, then Ayato, about tomorrow’s matter…”

Tomorrow's matter was probably the strategy meeting in preparation for the quarterfinal.

“Is it okay in the afternoon? It’s been a while since the last time the two of you met, so you must have plenty of things to speak about, right?”

“Good grief, to think that this time it would be you who would concern yourself with it. But, if it’s like that, then I shall gratefully accept your kindness. Either way, it’s clear that, you should rest your body. It also saved me from asking that we will meet in the afternoon.”

Thus, after deciding the next meeting’s details, each of them went their way on the day.


“I’m back... Wait, he hadn't come back yet, that Yabuki?”

As he turned on the light, a pitch-dark quiet unoccupied room, welcomed Ayato.

Eishiro’s desk, where doc.u.ments and memos were piled up, was completely untouched and the newly changed bed sheet was the same way it's always been. As expected, there were no traces that he had returned yet.

Though it was too late to care about it now, because it was always like this since the beginning of the summer vacation, Ayato was a little concerned about what he was doing wherever he was. He once tried to ask him, but he only answered “it’s news coverage you know? News coverage.” and did not tell him any more.

“He might unexpectedly loaf around at the entertainment district... Or something like that.”

He just happened to hear about that place, which was located in the redevelopment area, a few days ago, but it seemed it was known to the students who, somewhat, felt like 'playing around'.

“…But well, it saved me a little if he’s not here. It looked like it would be troublesome to ask Yabuki.”

As Ayato muttered, he took out his portable terminal and sat down on bed. He was thinking that he had to look for some place, which did not attract the public attention depending on the situation, but since Eishiro was absent, his room was probably the safest.

"For example –– how about something regarding your big sister?"

He recalled Julis’s words today.

He did not intend to forcibly look for his big sister.

However, it was certain that he was worried about his big sister.

“Errr… Ah, it is this.”

As he called the number that he just accessed, what immediately projected in the s.p.a.ce window was, 'that' person, –– Priscilla Urzaiz’s face appeared.

『"Ah. Amagiri-san!"』

“Good evening. Priscilla-san. I'm sorry for suddenly calling you.”

As Priscilla was in the middle of cooking, she was in ap.r.o.n outfit, like the other day. Judging from the furniture, which was reflected behind her, it was normal that she would be in that room where Ayato and Julis were invited the other day.

『"No, do not worry about it! I was thinking that I have to express my grat.i.tude to Amagiri-san, but you were in the middle of the Festa and I did not want to hamper you… Thank you very much at that time!"』

“No, I really did nothing that you need to be thankful about.”

In the first place, thanking someone against whom you lost was almost const.i.tutionally strange.

However. Priscilla slowly shook her head.

『"Amagiri-san brought back Onee-chan. No matter how many words I say, it won’t be enough to thank you… Ah. that’s right! May I invite Amagiri-san to dinner again? This time more than before, it will be––"』

『"Geez! It’s already fine, so just pa.s.s it over!"』came a familiar voice from the background.

『"Eh? Ah, w-wait Onee-cha…!"』

Then, from outside the screen, Irene nudged Priscilla aside and entered.

『"Yo. Amagiri. I saw your match today. It was an extremely close game."』

“Thanks to you.”

『"Hahaha! Serves you right!"』

Irene, who laughed on the other side of the screen as she teased him, returned a wry smile.

She had the same sharp expression as before, but he felt like her steepness somewhat loosened. This was surely Irene in her natural state.

『"So. You have something to ask and not to Priscilla but me, right? No, thats wrong too. It’s not really me that you want to ask something from –– but that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Dirk."』

“… You found out. Eh.”

As he honestly answered, since it was a bull’s eye, Irene raised the corners of her mouth grinning.

『"It’s normal that I would easily see through that much… Is what I would like to say, but, unfortunately I already heard it from that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Dirk. 'It' says “Since there will probably be communication from you seeking to contact me in the near future, you will both inform and notify me at that time.""』

As expected of the . Ayato’s actions were also within his range of expectation.

In fact, even so, it did not change what he had to do.

“Then. Can I have you convey him this? That there is something I want to ask about Amagiri Haruka. So I want us to meet on one occasion.”

『"…All right. This is also a part my job after all."』Irene stated.

"I appreciate it. Thank you."

『"But. Be careful. I’m not the only one he holds on a leash. According to the rumors, it seems to be the same for the EreshkigalVenomous Witch."』

『"The EreshkigalVenomous Witch?"』 Ayato said.

If even the Strega, which indulged the name of the strongest in the current Asterisk, was under his control, then it was something, almost, not to be believed.

『"Besides –– he also has the Black Cat Inst.i.tute."』

"Black Cat Inst.i.tute…?"

『"I’m talking about the Espionage Organization of Le Wolfe. Those guys are seriously dangerous. They will do any dirty work without hesitation if ordered… Well. It looked like that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Dirk doesn’t trust them so much though."』

In other words, it was something like in Seidokan Academy.

"I understand. I will be extra careful."

『"You should. Of anything/everything in life."』

As Irene said so, she suddenly glared at Ayato with a half-opened eye.

『"…Aside from that. Amagiri. How did you come to know Priscilla’s number?"』

“Eh? It was the other day, when I got invited to dinner, but…?”

She told him so he could contact her in case something were to happen but “was that bad?” he wondered.


Irene was glaring at Ayato with a suspicious look, but she soon cleanly pointed her finger at him and said this.

『"I’ll warn you just in case. If by any chance, you are to lay your hands on Priscilla, I won't forgive you."』

『"H-Hey! Onee-chan!? What did you say so suddenly…!"』

Priscilla, in a state of panic, conversely to earlier, pushed Irene aside and entered the screen.

『"S-Sorry, Amagiri-san! Onee-chan said something strange…"』

“Ah, yes, I don’t really mind… Then, please give my regards to Irene-san.”

『"Oh, hey, Priscilla! I’m not done yet with…!"』

Outside the screen, for some reason, Irene seemed to make a racket but the relationship between the sisters seemed to be as usual.

As he somewhat felt relieved, and was about to cut the communication, Priscilla suddenly stepped in.

『“Ah, Amagiri-san, sorry. Can you wait for a moment?”』


Then, Pricilla also disappeared from the screen; what the sisters were talking about in a low voice was faintly audible.

It was Irene, who returned to the screen before long, looking slightly embarra.s.sed.

『"Ah… Amagiri."』

“Hmm? What’s the matter?”

『"No… Um, well, in a sense… I… I thought that I should thank you, too. But only in a sense."』

“Thank me…?”

Irene diverted her look and scratched her head while muttering in a small voice.

『"Like I say… It’s about that. The matter of Gravi-Sheath. I don’t really want to admit it, and, thanks to you for having broken it. My earnings also got terribly worse but… Well. It’s also a fact that it would have been really dangerous at that rate."』

“Ah. What, it’s just that, huh.”

Come to think of it. Irene also had a very loyal personality[2].

『"––You saved me. Thank you."』

At the same time Irene said so, with her face still turned away, the s.p.a.ce window blacked out.

After revealing a wry smile and staring at the dark screen for a while, Ayato put the portable terminal on the desk and lay on the bed.

“What is left is to see how the will move…”

Judging from Irene’s tone the other side (that of Dirk's) had expected that it would turn out this way. Ayato did not know what he was planning… However. He had no other measures to adopt.

Claudia also said that she would investigate. But… If the opponent was another academy, and what’s more the student council president of Le Wolfe, it would be difficult to immediately take action.


Ayato closed his eyes and remembered his sister’s image.

The Haruka in Ayato’s mind remained the same as in five years ago.

A time of five years was long. It would be enough time to change someone.

It was also the same for Ayato.

He was fairly stagnant but, even then, Ayato was finally able to take his first step here too.


The door of the room suddenly opened. “I’m home! Haah. Finally back after a long time!”

Eishiro, who carried a lot of baggage, entered.

“Wow. Yabuki?”

“Oh, my bad, my bad. Were you sleeping Amagiri?”

“No, I was just lying down, so it’s all right, but… It’s been a really long time.”

As Ayato sat up from the bed he turned around to Eishiro who had already sat down on the floor.

“I was really busy with a pile of work. I somehow managed to finish part of it, but there is still a lot more left… *sigh*.”

“When you say work, is it about that newspaper club’s coverage or something?”

“Yes, it is. The time of Festa is a time of high earnings after all. Materials are scattered about all over the place, I have to lay in stock[3] here as much as possible –– wait, ah, oh yeah I saw today’s match. First of all, congratulations to have advanced in the quarterfinal.”

Eishiro said so with his thumb up.

“It felt like a victory on thin ice though.” Ayato remarked.

“Now, now. Even so, since you have won, it is all good.”

While loudly laughing Eishiro, reached into to the refrigerator, took out an ice tea and gulped it down in one go.

“Phew! So, your next opponents will be the twins of World Dragon, huh. Those kids are troublesome. You know? Well, anyway, their personalities are really bad.”

“Yabuki. Do you know about them?”

“Only within the meaning of known data. If looking at combat skills alone, Irene Urzaiz, who had Gravi-Sheath, would be above them. In fact, according to the “OdoleliluPoem’s Mead” and the “Hex PantheonSix Sided Temple” sites, neither of the twins individually have received that high of an evaluation.”

“…What is that?”

As Ayato asked again about the unfamiliar terms, Eishiro answered with a surprised look.

“There are famous fan sites about Asterisk… Or rather the Festa. You don’t know them?”

As Ayato shakes his head negatively Eishiro took out his portable terminal, with a face that said “it can’t be helped”, opened a couple of s.p.a.ce windows to the site(s) and showed him.

“In Asterisk; Ranks are naturally set by every academy so it's only something internal within each academy. Right? Our rank #1 is… Well it’s you; So whos the strongest between you, our academy’s rank #1, and Garrardsworth’s rank #1? It’s something we won’t know until you guys have actually fought. However, since the guys of the world want to compare anything and everyone anyway, there are many people who created their own general ranking system, which included all the academies, and published it in net.”

“In other words… It's something like an informal rank for all the students in Asterisk?” Ayato guessed.

“Simply put… It’s something like that. So, the “Odolelilu” and the “Hex Pantheon” are the largest (industry leader) companies.”

Now that he mentioned it… This was something plausible. Since a unified ranking did not exist, it meant that there was no standard at all in a situation, where the students of other academies would fight, like the Festa.

“The "Odolelilu" is managed by private persons; It’s an old-timer, which has all along continued to update from the dawn of Asterisk. It is said that it has a fairly accurate ranking, and it is also a handicapping reference used by many scores of gambling den. The "Hex Pantheon" on the other hand, is a relatively new site, adopts the peculiar evaluation system in which anyone can partic.i.p.ate; if you ask about what it is, it feels almost like a popularity contest.”

“He~e. Sounds interesting.”

“In fact, since it’s informal after all, there are many people who say that it’s not credible. The Princess should be one of those people. And, as I said it in an interview before, it looks like the president does not like it very much either.”

“Oh. That's just like Julis.”

Since she did not trust the academy's rank that much even it was only natural that it would be the same with an informal ranking.

As for Claudia… He wondered what kind of reason she had (not to trust it).

“Well, now that you understand that, there is no problem as much as I can see. Incidentally, the current rank #1 for either site is EreshkigalVenomous Witch.”

“As expected. Huh…”

So. Two consecutive Lindvolus weren't just for show.

“In the "Hex Pantheon", there is also a ranking which includes past players; It’s quite interesting. Over there, the rank #1 has always been the Captain of the Star Hunter Guard.”

“He is the first person to have won two consecutive times in the Lindvolus. Right? Which means that the results of Lindvolus are highly regarded after all… Aren’t they?”

“Whatever one says, among the Festa, the Lindvolus is the most exciting after all. For your information, currently, you are ranked #19 at Poem’s Mead (Odolelilu) and #30 at "Hex Pantheon". It was much higher before your fight against Irene Urzaiz.”

In other words, it would mean that it dropped since they found out about the seal.

“Well, for a rookie who came out this year, I think that you fared very well indeed.”

“I don’t really understand but… I wonder if I should be happy.”

As he looked at it all, since his interest was a little piqued, the highest rank in Seidokan Academy was Claudia. However, since Kirin came to the top on the other hand in the "Hex Pantheon", it was probably just for reference after all.

“Well then. Let’s return to the topic at hand. That’s why the twins’ individual combat skills are not that much highly evaluated. Of course, it doesn’t mean that they are weak for they are Top Twelve of World Dragon, it’s only about comparing them with the same cla.s.s of contestants from other academies.”

As Eishiro said so, after closing the various s.p.a.ce windows, he smiled wryly.

“But… It means that it’s not decided only with the matches. Isn’t it? If those twins were to clash not with me, but rather with Irene Urzaiz, it would be a game of cleverness. Where no one would be able to tell who would win.”

“I saw the game data and, I notice that, they are certainly skilled in exploiting their opponent’s weaknesses.”

As soon as they found that the opponent had a weakness… Thoroughly aiming at it was the twins’ basic strategy. Naturally, that in itself could also be called a strategy, but it meant that the measures for that purpose were strangely abundant that they were conspicuous.

“Those guys can really skillfully use the advantage of the Star Senjutsu after all. And it would be something really unbearable for the opponent.”

“The advantage of the Star Senjutsu?”

“That’s of course versatility. The support from defense to an attack and vice-versa, whatever it is[4] …Oh. I see. This will be the first time for you to confront a Taoshi. Huh.”

“Oh, I have faced up to World Dragon’s teams several times but most of them were fist Warriors, before all else, after all.”

He knew at least that the Taoshi referred to users of Star Senjutsu but he did not know well yet what kind of thing the Star Senjutsu was concretely.

“It can’t be helped, for our friendship’s sake, I guess I’ll lecture you a bit.”

Eishiro said so and once again opened up a s.p.a.ce window.

What was projected suddenly there was the World Dragon Seventh Inst.i.tute.

“Well, simply put, the Star Senjutsu is something widely used to systematize the ability of Strega or Dante. Normally, Strega’s or Dante’s abilities are something which appear in a form, that's specialized in something, but summarized as a technique ‘it would enable anyone to be able to use it’. That is the closest definition.”

“Anyone? … Wait. Is such a thing possible?”

“To be exact… It’s not really anyone. Even among the Starpulse Generation Strega or Dante amount only to a few percent. Right? But in reality, even though they possessed the caliber to link with mana, with the fact that either their power is too weak or the image can’t be built, there seems to have been many who just can’t manifest the ability. Or rather. The Starpulse Generations who don’t have that quality are few. They just cant use it that way”


“In theory, if one can link with mana, the change of the phenomenon is possible. So. By instilling as a technique a fixed form type which extended only that quality part and which combined tools such as talismans, motions and spells, enables the use of various abilities is what the Star Senjutsu is.”

“It’s certainly amazing, but… If it’s such an amazing technique, why is it only in World Dragon that it is taught?”

To that justified question, Eishiro happily answered.

“Yes, yes, good question. Actually, it is said that, there are many users of Star Senjutsu as such but only few instructors to teach it. They say that, in order to learn the Star Senjutsu, it’s particularly necessary to adjust the flow of prana. Although it seems that that adjustment can only be performed by the instructors.”

“…Meaning it’s almost a monopolistic situation. Huh.”

“It is said that with the twelve people, to whom the first generation , who conveyed this technique in World Dragon, directly taught, the seven people, to whom the second generation taught, and even including the themselves, there are only about 20 instructors. It seems that the drawing out was also great, but given that it has not been successful everywhere, the education would be very thorough.”

Eishiro looked at Ayato with a slightly serious face.

“The abilities standardized by Star Senjutsu also seem to be around several hundreds. Those of Strega and Dante use numerous prominent abilities but… They are missing that minute portion of stability (security) and as such countermeasures are easy in that case. But. Taoshi has no such a weakness. You’d better be careful.”

“I understand. Thank you. Yabuki.”

The matter with the and his big sister, the quarterfinals of the day after tomorrow, and his seal.

Problems seemed to be piling up.


As Ayato sighed… He looked up at the ceiling.

Even so. He had no choice but to settle them one-by-one after all.

References Jump up↑ French. Diminutive of poche pocket Jump up↑ it means to say that she possessed a strong sense of duty Jump up↑ here it means that he has to learn something that might be useful later Jump up↑ I think it’s saying that Taoshi is very versatile in switching from offensive to defensive and defensive to offensive, no matter which way it is

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