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Chapter 5 – The Sisters of Le Wolfe

––Phoenix seventh day, Sirius Dome.

『"End of the battle! Winner, Amagiri Ayato & Julis-Alexia Van Riessfeld!"』 Rang out the, by now familiar, announcer.

As Ayato and Julis simultaneously deactivated and stored their weapons, a huge wave of cheers engulfed the stage.

『"Well! As expected, those two are strong! The Amagiri/Riessfeld pair, which had advanced to the first and the second round with an overwhelming strength, splendidly succeeds in qualifying to the main battle round from block C!"』

『"Well! It was also a landslide victory this time. I look forward to see what kind of fight they will show us in the main battle."』

The opponents of the third round were the tag of World Dragon, but Ayato and Julis respectively took on each opponent and brought them both down at the same time.

Although it indeed took more time than the first and the second round, it was still a complete victory.

“Phew…, I guess for now, with this win; It's the qualification.”

“Yeah. It’s going well so far. But; The real thing begins from here.”

Since, by design, the individual prominent player tags were distributed between the four blocks, so they did not meet until the qualifier, it was actually not too difficult for such players to reach the main battle.

However, since it's natural these prominent players would compete ferociously starting from the fourth round on up to the main battle, it would immediately become a brutal and likely savage contest.

“There seems to be no surprise this time, the members of each academy will probably advance, as expected, to the main battle. Afterward follows the Combination[1].” Julis said with a serious face.

As they were now heading to the press conference room from the stage.

“Tomorrow will be the announcement. I hope that there won’t be something like suddenly confronting Saya and Kirin.”

From the fourth round a new tournament table would be set, but unlike the qualifier, it would filled by the drawing of lots.

Tomorrow would be a complete rest day with no match. Even the drawing of Combination would be performed by the representatives of each academy.

“It would be good if we, as well as Sasamiya and Toudou, don’t confront Allekant's puppets early. I first want to know the scope of their power even if just a little.”

The tags Saya/Kirin and Ardi/Rimsi had already succeeded in advancing to the main battle.

“And if possible, I also don’t want to confront the twins of World Dragon, and the true Knights duo of Garrardsworth. And moreover –– the LamilexiaViolent Vampire Princess, too.”

Said Julis' with something earnest mixed in her voice.

Irene, who had defeated Lester and Landy, had not yet finished the third round, but it was almost certain that she would reach the main battle.

“I never expected that her ability was so effective. Honestly in one-on-one, I don’t feel like being able to win… How about you?”

“Mmm…if it’s purely in close combat, I guess.”

Originally, it was hard to call the scythe an excellent (superior) weapon. Since, its attack pattern was extremely limited, the demands on its user high, it was easy to handle an opponent wielding it. Irene, however, seemed to compensate it with her Taijutsu, rather with her innate body spec, but in normal fighting of crossing swords, even under technical examination, there was no doubt that Ayato would be advantageous.

Be that as it may, since the opponent also had an ogre lux, it was impossible to know if the Ser-VerstaDemon Sword of The Black Furnace’s ability would be effective. If so, he should judge that it would be difficult to one-sidedly chop (cut down the opponent).

“As far as I can see from the data, the effect of the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction’s ability seemed to also extend to the user itself. In close combat, she can’t be too drastic, but…”

In other words, it meant that in case that he also entered the high gravity area, they would be crushed together. Ayato thought.

In fact, the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction itself seemed unaffected; so it seemed that he would not have any problem as long as he attacked without stepping in.

“––However, it’s above all the existence of her little sister that is a threat. To think that she is a Regenerative.”

While advancing along the pa.s.sage Julis grumbled so with a sigh.

A Regenerative was a kind of Strega or Dante, who, as the name suggested, was able to restore their wounds. It was not to the extent of a psychic healer, who could heal others’ wounds, but it was still considered an extremely rare cla.s.s ability.

“Though the abilities of Regeneratives range in all scopes, hers is quite something. Let alone wound restoration, if she is able to even regenerate blood lost, then she is the highest cla.s.s. She is probably even able to regenerate loss parts of a body. It’s an unexpected hidden card.”

Though the national registration was obligated to disclose those with such abilities, and the information was publish thoughout the world, this did not apply to countries where government functions were not perfectly working for of various circ.u.mstances. Irene’s and Priscilla’s hometown region was exactly that kind of country.

“To think that they cover for the badness of mana consumption of the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction in this way… Really, I don’t know if I should be amazed, disgusted or in admiration.”

Anyway, one could say that the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction’s greatest weakness could be covered that way.

“Oh well. Anyway. That’s after the Combination will be announced tomorrow –– Oh, speaking of tomorrow, do you have any plans?”

“Since it’s a rare occasion, I intend to go see the drawing, but…”

“Hou, it’s a curious case.”

Since tomorrow was a rest day, there was also no training schedule.

He was invited there by Claudia, who partic.i.p.ated in the drawing.

“What about you, Julis?”

“Yeah, recently my hometown is annoying in various ways. I intend to settle all kinds of formalities and communications.”

Though Julis said so with a tedious face, she suddenly stopped.

And turning to Ayato, who slowed and stopped, she asked as to confirm.

“I will tell just in case, but…please, don’t get involved in any trouble, okay?”


The Combination drawing was held in Sirius Dome with which Ayato became completely familiar with.

“How do you do, Ayato? Welcome.”

Near the stage, but a booth seat, which was separated from the general audience seating.

When he entered there by following the pa.s.sage, which was told to him, Claudia welcomed him with a smile.

“There was such a seat, huh. I didn’t know.”

Though by no means wide for a s.p.a.ce, it was quite comfortable since there were few seats.

Above all, since there was only Claudia, it was almost a chartered status.

“Because this is a booth dedicated for the student council president of Seidoukan. Please, this way.”

When sitting on a seat as recommended, Claudia, who was sitting nearby, bowed her head.

“First of all, congratulations for the qualification to the main battle.”

“Ah, yes. Thank you.”

Ayato hurriedly returned a bow also.

“I also expect your success in the main battle. Good luck.”

“I will do my best as much as possible…well, it will be difficult since there are only amazing people.”

“Fufufu. That's normal since all the people, who reached the main battle, are players with reliable ability. But as far as I can see I think there are not many tags which can fight evenly with you. That’s why this drawing is so important and a heavy responsibility.”

“Oh, which reminds me, is it all right for me to stay here?”

In the drawing, Claudia was supposed to draw lots. He wondered if himself, the one concerned should be leisurely chatting here.

“We will draw last. Until then, there are just boring things like greetings from big shots and the summary of the first half of the compet.i.tion”

Certainly on the stage someone, who seemed to be a member of the Steering Committee, was making some kind of fervent speech in front of a huge s.p.a.ce screen. Apparently, he seemed to explain the comparison between this tournament’s trend and the previous tournament’s; But, honestly, the contents were not that much interesting to hear.

Nevertheless, the audience stands seemed to be full like during a match.

In fact, most of the spectators probably came to see the drawing, so it seemed that n.o.body was listening so intently.

“Still…it’s been a long time since I have been alone like this with Ayato.”


To Claudia, who suddenly drew her body nearer, he unintentionally stiffened.

“Lately I was just continuously buried in work and Ayato was monopolized by Julis and the others… I was lonely you know?”

As Claudia took Ayato’s arm, she further glued her body to his.

“No, that’s…um…”

Since he was strongly pressed against her rich and soft bosom, Ayato was hanging on tenterhooks.

At the same time, an indescribable sweet fragrance tickled his nose.

Then, in a good timing, a call came to his portable terminal.

“––Oh, sorry Claudia!”

As he separated his body from hers, taking advantage of the call, and opened a s.p.a.ce window there was projected the face of Kirin who knitted her brows as if troubled.

『"U-Um, Ayato-senpai, sorry for suddenly calling you…!"』Kirin was clearly panicking.

“What’s the matter?”

It seemed that some unexpected situation occurred.

As he was wondering what it was and leaned forward Kirin, in a fl.u.s.tered state, continued speaking.

『"Errr, actually today, I have come to the commercial area with Saya-san, but…b-before I knew it, I lost sight of her…"』

“Oh… I see.”

With only that, she had already fully transmitted the message, but she pressed on just in case.

『"A-And then, when I contact her on her portable terminal, she said that she got lost…! I-I don’t know what to do…"』

“All right. Then, I will also help looking for her, so let’s meet first. Where are you right now?”

『"T-Thank you! Now I am––"』

And then, deciding the location of the meeting with Kirin, he cut the communication.

Since at least Kirin was in a place not to far from where he was he would, probably, immediately meet up with her.

However, the problem was more likely Saya. After all, Saya’s no-sense-of-direction was anything less than astounding; In elementary school days when he tried to contact her because she never came back after saying she went to buy juice. There was a time when she had even been lost in the neighboring town across the mountain. Though she would not have indeed gone out from Asterisk, it would be no wonder if she lost her way wherever she went in this huge city.

“Sorry, Claudia. It’s just as you heard, so…”

As Ayato looked back while saying so, he was startled.


Claudia, pouting with a sulky look, was glaring at him.

“E~errr, Claudia…?”

Since it was his first time seeing Claudia like this Ayato could not help being perplexed.

Claudia, usually with smile, calm and compose––

“… Even though it was a rare chance to be together after such a long time.”

Her blaming tone was somewhere childish, too.

No, rather, one should say that it was suitable for her age.

“I was really looking forward to it, you know?”

“Ah, uh, that’s......”

As the voice of Ayato, who did not know what to say, became hoa.r.s.e, Claudia suddenly turned her face away.

“I-I’m really sorry! I will be sure to make up for this, so!”

Ayato hurriedly apologized but even so Claudia, while still facing the other way, said nothing.

When Ayato, who was earnestly troubled, was almost at wits’ end wondering what he could do. He suddenly noticed that the shoulders of Claudia, who still was facing the other way, were slightly shaking.


“––Fufufu, I am sorry. I overdid it a little.”

With that timing, Claudia, who turned around, stuck out her tongue.

“…Really, give me a break, Claudia.”

To Ayato, who unintentionally sank down, Claudia revealed her usual smile.

“It’s true that I was looking forward to it, but I will forgive you this much.”


“That said, we can’t leave Sasamiya-san, who is lost.” She said while getting up.

Claudia then gently opened the door.

“I will wait for you to make up for it.”

“…All right.”

As Ayato replied to it with a wry smile, he left the booth and hurried to the subway station.


“Well then. I think it’s probably around here.”

Ayato said that while looking around the street.

Position-like, they were in the western part of Asterisk, the commercial area outskirts. He contacted Saya’s portable terminal, and from the information they received from her, they narrowed it down from there to this neighborhood––

“We no longer have a choice, but to search on foot.”


Even Kirin, who joined, was restlessly turning her eyes around.

Since they told Saya not to move from where she was as much as possible, the situation should at least not grow worse than this.

“For the time being… Let’s split up and search. We have to find her before it gets dark.”

“Ah. Then I'll look this way.”

“Yeah, I leave it to you, Kirin-chan.”


As Kirin politely bowed and then disappeared down the other side of the street in a trot.

Although even during the Festa period, since this area was also close to the redevelopment area, there were not that many people that looked like tourists. For the same reason figures of ill-bred lots were slightly more prominent. Another reason was likely because Le Wolfe Academy was close.

When thinking so he did not think that it was rash to have Kirin take a different course of action. He also considered that there were not many people with Kirin’s level of skill as an ex-rank #1. Kirin’s face and ability were well-known so there probably wasn't anybody who'd dare pick a fight with her.

Rather, the problem was more on Saya’s side; when thinking that even some kind of fate was attached he could not help worrying.

About her opponent. ––Of course...

Since Saya was basically someone, who did not know how to hold back, when thinking it over, it might have originally been the correct choice to split up in order to find her as soon as possible.

“Judging from the scenery reflected in the s.p.a.ce window, it didn't seem to be a main street. So it means that I have no choice but to search the alleys one by one. Huh…”

After sighing once, Ayato entered the nearby alley for the time being.

The alley, which had a somewhat slightly depressed feeling was gloomy and there were not that many people

Ayato returned on his heel because even though he had advanced to a certain extent, it was off without change.

“ ––”

Ahead of the alley, he felt like he heard something like people’s voices from the parts that were in shadow.

He stopped and strained his ears.

“Please…Stop…! Let me go…!”

He certainly heard this time. And moreover, it seemed that it was not a very calm voice.

As he erased his presence and quietly observed the situation, one girl was surrounded by several men in the shade of a building.

(That is…)

Moreover, to his surprise, Ayato recognized both parties.

The girl was Priscilla Urzaiz. The men were the guys who had fought against Irene on the street the other day.

If so, then it was probably such a situation.

“Hey, don’t shout like that. I hate when it’s annoying” One of the men said.

“That’s right. Well, if you want to blame someone, blame your sister.”

“Mm! Mmmm!” Was Priscilla’s m.u.f.fled voice as another man held a hand over her mouth.

There were five men in total.

As far as he watched the previous scuffle (with Irene) these were opponents that even he could handle on a one-to-one basis. Settling it with power like before was out of the question. Moreover. After having been warned repeatedly not to poke his nose into others’ affairs and if he was to be involved, as far as a scuffle, he would not be able to face Julis. If he were to even be disqualified from the Phoenix as a result it would be irreparable.

On the other hand; He also couldn't pretend to have not seen this.

(Oh well…It can’t be helped.)

Ayato raised his voice on purpose and showed up from the shade.

“W-What is it, b.a.s.t.a.r.d?”

One of the men noticed Ayato and activated a dagger type lux. His reaction was unexpectedly good.

“No, well, I just happened to pa.s.s by, but, could you let that child go?”


To Ayato’s words, the men fell into a blank stare.

It suddenly became an atmosphere in which there was no more use in arguing.

“To suddenly come interrupting and say something funny, bro…”

While the men were glaring at Ayato, they activated their lux one after another.

But, one person among them suddenly pointed at Ayato and shouted.

“Aaah! T-This guy is the !”

…do you mean the rank #1 of Seidoukan!?”

“This stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.d? Seriously?”

For a moment, confusion spread among the men.

Ayato did not miss that chance.

As he slipped through the men taking them by surprise, he took the hand of Priscilla who was pressed against the wall, and started running at full power inside the alley.

“Ah! T-This guy…!”

The men who were holding Priscilla reached with their hands but they were just slightly out of reach.

“U-Um…!” Priscilla unintelligibly uttered to her surprising savior.

“Anyway, run for now!” Ayato said as they ran off.

From behind the men were chasing after them while raising angry voices. They would talk after succeeding in escape.

It appeared optimal to escape in the zigzagged alley, but it was actually the opposite.

In contrast to Ayato, who was not familiar with the terrain, the men seemed to know the alleys around here.

“Turn right! The other way drives into a dead end!”

“Contact the leader! Some of you come this way!”

The angry voices of the men echoed from here and there.

It seemed like Ayato was gradually led towards the redevelopment area.

“This is a little bad, I guess…”

If he were to undo his seal, the effect might appear until after the next day. Since Ayato’s match was the day after tomorrow, there was still time, but he wanted to avoid such a situation as much as possible.

––But, when necessary, it would be unavoidable.

As he was thinking about such a thing while running, Priscilla suddenly pulled Ayato’s clothes.

Remaining silent, she pointed her fingertip upwards.

“Above…? Ah, I see!”

Ayato, who understood Priscilla’s intention, released his power, just for a moment, in a spot right around the corner of the alley. Though a sharp pain ran through his body, without minding it, holding Priscilla in his arms, he kicked the wall and ran up until reaching rooftop of the building at a stretch.

The buildings were not very high in this area. This one was only a four-story building.

“Hey! Where did they go!?”

“Look for them! They should still be in the neighborhood!”

They could hear such voices of the men from the alley below

As they remained quiet as is, the men noisily returned on the way where they came over before long.


Though it was not necessarily true that those guys would not eventually notice here, it was probably better not to move for a while. Fortunately, this rooftop also had many shades such as those of water supply tanks, it was ideal to hide oneself.



To Priscilla, who opened her mouth in a situation, in which it was somewhat difficult to speak, Ayato realized that he was still holding her in his arms. He hurriedly put her down while apologizing.

“No, please do not! Thank you very much for having saved me in that dangerous situation!”

When Priscilla deeply bowed, she took out her portable terminal.

“Errr, so…may I contact my big sister?”

“Ah, yes. Of course.”

Priscilla slightly nodded, and began to operate her portable terminal. Probably so as not attract attention, she had changed the settings of the s.p.a.ce window and the sound.

In the meantime, Ayato was spying on a sign below. When he strained his ears, he was still hearing noisy voices from far away, but the neighborhood was quiet.

Or rather, only the whole neighborhood was unnaturally quiet.

(What is it......?)

Naturally, it was much better than being thronged in force, but this was suspicious in any way. It was better to be cautious.

“Um, Amagiri-san…?”

“Ah, sorry. Did you get to contact your sister?”

As he returned a smile to Priscilla, who timidly called out to him, she nodded as relieved.

“Yes. She said that she will come to pick me up soon.”

“I see. That’s a relief.”

In reality it would be right to report this to the garrison but naturally even Priscilla should know that. If she only contacted her big sister Ayato didn't intend to further b.u.t.t in any further.

“So… Why on earth did such a thing happen?” Ayato asked.

Although he somehow understood the circ.u.mstances, since he did not know all the details, he asked.

“I think that… Those people are men of the casinos in the entertainment district.” Priscilla forwarded.

“Entertainment district?”

“Oh…it’s the common name of the place that gathered illegal shops in a part of the redevelopment area.”

“E~eh…” Ayato pondered.

So. There was such a place in the redevelopment area. Huh.

Since if it was just the casinos, there were a great number of stores, which could be legally enjoyed in the central district, there was probably a good reason to call the stores of that place illegal.

“So, what did the guys of those casinos want from you?”

“A-Actually… It seems that my big sister went on a rampage there a little while ago… It was like a nearly catastrophic situation…”

Though Priscilla was explaining the cause with her eyes cast downward; he was hardly able to hear the latter half that was explained in a voice, which seemed to vanish.

But still since he understood the general situation, there was no problem.

In other words, they tried to get revenge on Irene, who destroyed the casinos, but since they were completely helpless, they changed their target to her little sister Priscilla. It was generally something like that.

“U-Um, but please do not misunderstand! Onee-chan –– M-My sister is certainly violent and quick-tempered, but, she is actually a very, very gentle person!”

Priscilla fervently spoke so while waving her arms buzzingly.

When seeing from her figure that she dearly loved her big sister, Ayato somewhat became heartwarming.

“Hahaha, I see. ––Oh, excuse me for the late introduction; I am Amagiri Ayato. You already know though.”

“I am Priscilla Urzaiz…. My sister was rude to you the other day.”

Grabbing the hand that Ayato held out, Priscilla smiled wryly.

To begin with, each of them was a major contender among the partic.i.p.ants of the Phoenix. There was no way that they did not know.

“The truth is that I must be able to do something about that much by myself. But… I am not strong like my big sister.”

Priscilla said with a somewhat sad face.

Although Priscilla was indeed a Starpulse Generation, it looked like she did not have that much battle experience.

Rather, as he was actually in contact with her like this, in the first place she did not seem to be of a character for such things.

“Then, why did you enter the Phoenix?”


Priscilla was confused, and when she was about to open her mouth––

“Hey, what are you doing there…?”

Along with a sharp voice, an intense blood l.u.s.t was struck to Ayato from behind.

He reflexively turned around and raised his guard.

Irene, who set up the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction, was standing there after having appeared in the air.


“…Don’t tell me you laid your hands on Priscilla?”

A clear hostility and strong wariness were blurred in her eyes.

“N-No! I told you earlier, right? That Amagiri-san helped me!”

“Shut up, Priscilla. In the first place, why did Amagiri Ayato help you? Thats’s what I don’t understand. This guy has no obligation to help you. Rather, since you’re an enemy, it would be normal to leave her, right?”

Priscilla, in a state of panic, explained to Irene, but Irene seemed to turn a deaf ear to it.

She was glaring with her pupils deep dark like the dusk.

“Enemy…? It might be so if on the stage but isn't it different now?”

“Tsk! What splendid words! But I won’t be fooled…!”

As Irene spat so out, she got down to the roof, and wielded the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction.

“I don’t know what you’re scheming, but I will make you regret for having laid your hands on Priscilla.”

“…What a b.u.mmer!”

It seemed like Irene was serious.

Feeling a ferocious intimidating air, which gradually stung his skin, Ayato’s hand naturally extended to the holder on his waist.

Ayato was already within the range of the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction’s ability. On this rooftop, where the place he could move was limited, he didn't think that he could escape.


“Onee-chan… Don’t tell me you’re seriously saying that…?”

When Priscilla broke between Irene and Ayato she scowled at Irene with quiet eyes. Though small her voice let one feel her firm strong will and intense anger.

At that moment light returned in the eyes of the startled Irene. She then hurriedly put the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction on a stand-by state.

“I-I understand! I’m kidding! I’m kidding, so don’t get that angry!”

Irene pushed out both her hands forward while floating cold sweat and slowly shook her head.

“Really? Won’t you be violent towards Amagiri-san?”

“I-I won’t, I won’t!”

“Absolutely? Can you promise?”

“I-I can! I promise!”

“Yeah, then it’s all right.”

Priscilla sweetly smiled and contentedly nodded.

On the other hand, Irene helplessly dropped her shoulders, but she immediately raised her face and turned her gaze to Ayato.

“However –– there are two things I want to ask you.”


“It’s just to ask, just to ask! I won’t do anything! It’s all right like that, right?”


To Priscilla, who looked at Irene with suspicious eyes, Ayato smiled wryly and said.

“I don’t really mind. So, what do you want to ask?”

“First. Was it you, who took care of the guys below?”

“…? What are you talking about?”

Since he did not understand the meaning of the question, he frankly asked a question in return.

Irene straightforwardly stared at the eyes of such Ayato for a while, but she sighed before long and continued.

“It’s okay, I understand. Then it’s the second, but…according to Priscilla, you happened to pa.s.s by this neighborhood accidentally. What business did you have to expressly pa.s.s by such a back alley?”


While speaking, Ayato remembered his original purpose.

“Ah, that’s right!”

As Ayato hurriedly took out his portable terminal, he called Saya. A while after the call, a s.p.a.ce window opened and Saya’s face was projected.

“Saya, are you all right? Where are you right now?”

『"I’m all right. The problem was settled just some time ago."』

『"Ah, Ayato-senpai. Thanks G.o.d, I just joined with Saya-san now."』

Kirin, who suddenly came in frame next to Saya, smiled with a relieved face.

“I see, then it’s good.”

He heaved a hot breath of relief.

It seemed like Kirin found her before she caused any problem.

『"Where are you right now, too, Ayato?"』

“Oh, I think that it’s probably not that far from where you’re, but… then, Kirin-chan, let’s join at the corner of a little while ago. Okay, see you.”

As Ayato finished the communication and kept his portable terminal, Irene and Priscilla were watching with a face showing that they had nothing to say.

“It’s just as you heard, so…I was looking for a friend who was lost.”

“––So he says, Onee-chan.”

Priscilla slightly stuck out her chest proudly.

Though Irene was scratching her head with an embarra.s.sing face, she greatly sighed, dropped her shoulders and curtly said.

“Tsk, I understand. I owe you one.”

“It’s all right. You would have done the same if I were in trouble.”

Ayato’s words came from his true intentions, but Irene shook her head as if it was bothersome.

“I can’t leave it as is… If I don’t quickly settle the debt it’ll be difficult later.”

To the stupefied Ayato and Priscilla, Irene took out her portable terminal after heaving a sigh again, and displayed a s.p.a.ce window.

What was projected was the tournament table.

“Ah, you didn’t know, huh. The Combination of the main battle has already been announced.”

Ayato reflexively searched his name; and when he saw his opponent, he opened his mouth gapingly.

Phoenix fourth round.

In the opponent column of Ayato and Julis, there were the names of Irene and Priscilla Urzaiz along with the school badge of Le Wolfe Black Inst.i.tute.

References Jump up↑ here it means the drawing of lots for each match

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The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 101: Yama''s Invitation Author(s) : Cuttlefish That Loves Diving, 爱潜水的乌贼 View : 25,033

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Vol 3 Chapter 5 summary

You're reading Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. This manga has been translated by Updating. Author(s): MIYAZAKI Yuu. Already has 1239 views.

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