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Chapter 4 – The LamilexiaViolent Vampire Princess

––Phoenix second day, Central District Commercial Area Outer Edge.

“Um, Procyon Dome…… Oh. That’s it.” as Ayato shifted his attention in that direction and confirmed it's s.p.a.ce flag lightly floating above it, a dome-shaped roof peeked out from the other side of several buildings, standing in a row, amongst waves of people.

It was one of the three large-scale stadiums existing in Asterisk, commonly known as the Procyon Dome. In addition to this, there were seven middle-scale halls; the largest main stadium, where Ayato and Julis had their match, was Sirius Dome.

The qualifiers for the Phoenix were held in eleven total stages, leading up to the final, each in various halls and domes. Furthermore, it seemed that between the four large-scale qualifying stages, at multiple locations, and the final stage (main battle); only the main Dome would be used after the semifinals.

In order to cheer for Saya and Kirin's qualifying match, Ayato and Julis were headed towards the Procyon Dome.

“Still, there really are an amazing number of people……”

With the crowd filling the street, so much one could hardly walk straight, he once again realized how great Asterisk was as a tourist city.

Concerning the Festa; All the cafes and restaurants facing the street were full of people who had opened s.p.a.ce windows. Most likely everyone was watching the match broadcast. Since day tickets depended on availability and hall seating capacity it was possible that many had failed to get in.

“During the Festa period, the population density around here usually increased dozens of times. It can’t be helped.” said Julis as even she revealed a fed-up expression.

In addition to the fact that their advance through the crowd was slow, as they were walking,they were often suddenly accosted by fans who cheered or asked for handshakes and autographs, and occasionally by rival fans who jeered, they were delayed even more by unexpected circ.u.mstances.

“Although the puppets of Allekant nabbed the top headlines, there is no doubt that you also achieved a fully striking debut. After all, unlike students inside the academy, the fans outside haven’t many opportunities to directly meet contestants.” was mentioned by an anonymous fan.

Though on the other hand there were also fans who occasionally called out to Julis in an overly familiar att.i.tude. She turned down all of them (like she usually did).

It would be easier if Ayato could also do so but since just refusing would be painful, as expected, he couldn't do it.

“*sigh*……I wonder how long this will take.”

Even though there was only just a short distance from the subway station to the Procyon Dome, this was certainly at a snail’s pace.

As if all that wasn't enough the sunlight, under the blazing sun of midsummer which slowly burned the skin, was of a merciless intensity. Ayato's sweat was pouring out as he wiped it off with his sleeve.

“Their match was the second match, right? If so, then, we can afford a little more time…… Hmm?” said Julis, who was fanning herself, as she turned a suspicious look ahead.

Similarly, when Ayato looked toward the same direction he noticed, for some reason, the movement of people was delayed around there.

Also, faintly heard over the hustle and bustle, there were people’s angry voices.

“What, when I was wondering why it was not progressing, it's due to some kind of trouble. Huh…..”

There were also people running away towards this place, and they did not seem to be that much calm.

As Ayato and Julis looked at each other and nodded, they pushed their way through the crowd of people, trying to advance.

When they arrived to the front row, several men were surrounding a girl standing in the middle of the street. Instinctively, because he had been attacked from a similar situation before, Ayato almost raised his guard since they were all wearing the uniform of Le Wolfe. More alarmingly, when looking closer, several male students were already lying on the ground. It already seemed like real trouble.

Just for saying it, in all honesty, the difference in ability between the girl and the men was evident. Here was a barehanded girl, knocking down one after another, men wielding a Lux. The woman, even in this heat, wore a m.u.f.fler that was wrapped around her neck and fluttering about in the wind as if dancing along with the girl’s movements.

“…… That woman is the LamilexiaViolent Vampire Princess.”


That nickname also rang a bell to Ayato.

She was the rank #3 of Le Wolfe –– and among the partic.i.p.ants in this Phoenix, the player named by Julis to be the most troublesome opponent.

If he remembered correctly, her name was……

“––Irene Urzaiz, I wonder what she is doing here at such a time......I don’t think she is sane.”

Julis muttered with a genuinely amazed face.

However, during the period of the Festa, duels in urban areas were naturally altogether prohibited. Of course, it was in concern for the safety of people coming from outside.

In places with a defense barrier, they (duels) would be allowed, but even then it would be restricted to medium to large facilities. However, since those places were all used during the Festa, it was pretty much the same as to say that, for the duration of the qualifying time period, duels could only be done within an academy campus.

And then, since duels were prohibited, such scuffles were of course absurd. If a Festa partic.i.p.ant was involved in it, there was no doubt that he or she would be imposed a suitable penalty. If he/she were to be reckless, he/she might even be deprived of the entry qualifications.

“Geez, you’re persistent, dude. Nowadays trying to settle a score isn’t prevalent.”

In the meantime, Irene tidied up most of the men. From the nearly ten men, who were there, only one was remaining.

“S-Shut up! Otherwise my honor will never stand!” The man barked, while backing away, as if to bite.

“With just one or two casinos crushed, you’re narrow-minded people, dude. In the first place, your cheating was the cause. Besides, if you’re that much selfish, you’ll be scolded by that small fatty, you know?”

“As if I care about that d.a.m.n president! We’ve our own way to––” But before the man finished speaking.

“Geez, you’re annoying.” Irene’s roundhouse kick hit him to the temporal region.

While looking down, with cold eyes at the man who soundlessly collapsed, Irene heaved a deep breath. It was not a movement of someone, who learned some martial arts. It was a flexible and animalistic taijutsu.[1]

“Ora! It ain’t a show!”. Irene cried towards the gallery surrounding them.

Her gaze, which turned round, exactly stopped at Ayato.


Her sharp eyes fixed upon Ayato's face with a stare.

“E~eh…… As expected; It’s the . Huh. This is good and it saves me trouble.”

Irene let her sharp fangs peep out from her mouth and grinned.

Julis then thought that it seemed like Irene somehow knew about Ayato.

As Irene came, walking briskly, she looked at Ayato so as to appraise him. Ayato didn't really understand but since he did not feel any hostility he remained just as he was for the time being; Before long Irene started to scornfully laugh as if to scoff at him.

“Hmm. That's him. Eh……”

“Do you want something from my tag partner, LamilexiaViolent Vampire Princess?”

Julis broke in there with a displeased voice.

“––The Gruene Rose. Huh. I’ve no business with you. Get away.”

“I can’t do that. Since people like you like to pull off scuffles during the Festa period, and what’s more, doing so in this crowd is extremely dangerous.”

To these words, Irene’s eyes abruptly tapered.

“That was a fight the other side has provoked. It’s not as if I started it.”

“Even if it’s the case it isn’t reasonable to fight back in a public place.”

A threatening atmosphere gradually spread.

Isn’t this somewhat a bad situation?

“W-Wait, Julis......!”

“Interesting. Then, show me what you should have done in such a situation!”

As Irene said that she took a Lux from the holder on her waist and activated it.


Ayato and Julis instantly took distance, and put themselves on guard.

The next moment, a huge scythe so long that it exceeded her height manifested in Irene’s hands.

Its purple blade was somewhat sinister, and it was clad in an ominous atmosphere.

“E~eh, it’s a better reaction than I expected. I see, people can’t only be judged by appearance.”

“That’s…… the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction.”

Ayato swallowed his saliva.

––An Ogre Lux, of Le Wolfe scholarship, that manipulated gravity.

Due to the fact that the compatibility rating appeared rather high for anyone, which was unusual for an Ogre Lux, it was said to have wreaked havoc in past Festa's on countless occasions.

In fact the number of people who were able to effectively use it was equal to none. It was still unknown how it was for Irene.

“We are pulling back, Ayato.”

“…… I know!”

It was obvious they couldn't duel here.

“I see, at such times, you would choose to run away. Huh. Smart thinking!”

Though, while Irene was cackeling, a ferocious light suddenly shone in her pupils and she set up the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction.

“––Well, that’s if you can run away.”

A shuddering bloodl.u.s.t was released and in that instant the atmosphere strained.

A tension that one would, if losing focus, be immediately lost to.

Even the gallery surrounding them uniformly kept silent and attentively watched the course of events.



Suddenly, an out-of-place voice echoed.

“Onee-chan[2], you are fighting again! Even though I told you many times to behave yourself, geez!”

The owner of the voice was a girl who appeared from the crowd with a staggering threatening att.i.tude.

Her hair, which hung down in a braided cord, was the same color as Irene’s, and their looks were also very similar. She was also wearing a Le Wolfe uniform.

“c.r.a.p! Pr-Priscilla……!”

“When I was wondering why you suddenly disappeared…… How did it become like this? Explain Onee-chan!” cried Priscilla worriedly.

“N-No. That’s…… You see……” Muttered the suprised Irene.

Though Ayato and Julis were blankly watching the two’s exchange the new girl soon noticed their gazes and hurriedly bowed her head.

“I am sorry! For all the trouble that my sister has caused you……!” Priscilla earnestly said.

“Ah, no, it’s nothing……” As Julis, who was completely taken aback, just returned a subtle answer.

Priscilla prompted her sister. “Hey. Apologize too! Onee-chan!”

“W-What do I have……!” said Irene who was interrupted by her sister.

“It’s good, just apologize!”

“……Yea, I-I understand.” Priscilla's almost subdued voice.

When Irene, who was scolded by the girl, stared at Ayato and Julis with a frustrated face, she reluctantly bowed her head slightly.

“M-My bad…… Hey Let’s go." But Irene's sister wouldn't have any of that.

Priscilla, Becoming slightly irritated, spoke again. “Hey! You should properly apologize!”

As the girl put her hand on Irene’s head, she deeply bowed her head along with Irene’s head.

“I am really sorry. Well... I have already advised her.”

As the girl apologetically said so she pulled Irene away and disappeared into the crowd.


It seemed that not only Ayato and Julis, but also the gallery was speechless.

“……Ah, if I’m not mistaken, that child now was…… Irene Urzaiz’s tag partner, right?”

“……Y-Yeah. Since she called Irene “Onee-chan” there's no mistake.”

Though both Ayato and Julis had not yet completely pulled themselves together, still when they took out a portable terminal and confirmed the data, there was the face of the girl from earlier there.

Priscilla Urzaiz. Irene Urzaiz’s little sister and tag partner.

In fact, not only was there almost no data on her, but only her name and face were known.

“By the way –– why did you behave like that earlier?”

“What are you talking about?”

As she pouted as she blamed Ayato, Julis feigning ignorance looked away.

“Don’t play dumb. Even without such a provocative way of speaking, shouldn’t it have been alright?”

Certainly, Irene was excessively belligerent, but if Julis did not break in, it might not have developed into such a dangerous situation.

Then, Julis sighed as if it could not be helped, and whispered to Ayato’s ear in a low voice.

“Didn't you notice?”


“Irene Urzaiz turned to me and said: “I’ve no business with you”. It means that she would not have complained even if I hadn't got in the way. That means she definitively had a reason to aim at you.”

“Even if you say so…… I’m not acquainted with her?”

It was no wonder she knew his name and face. It was evident that they would have data on them (Ayato and the others), and above all Ayato was currently the rank #1 of Seidoukan. It was probably inevitable if he was targeted.

But, now that she mentioned it, he certainly felt that there was something implied in Irene’s words.

“Le Wolfe would use any means for their purpose. It would be no wonder if they are scheming something bad.”

“Hmm. Well……”

Though he couldn't say that she was thinking too much about it…… He knew that this city was a terrifying place.

“I wanted to investigate a little more on it, but…… Well, it can’t be helped. I never expected that they would seriously do something like this. I’m sorry.”

Since Julis frankly bowed her head, Ayato hurriedly waved his hand.

“It’s alright, it’s alright –– Oh yeah! More importantly, if we don’t hurry, we will miss Saya’s match!”

As he suddenly came to his senses and checked the time there was, already almost, no time left before the match start.

“Oh, that’s right. For now we'd better hurry to the hall.”

After saying that they realized that they were in the station and heading toward the Procyon Dome. At the same time they, again, noticed that it was getting a little noisy on the way ahead.

“Geez... What is it this time–– Huh! That’s bad! The guards! ”

Ahead, where Julis stared with a wry face, two groups of men, wearing a uniform never seen before, pushed their way through the crowd heading here.

“If it’s the guards, then that means……E~eh, so that’s the StjarnagarmrStar Hunter Guards.”

It was an organization for the maintenance of public order which acted as the policing power in Asterisk.

Although she had heard about them it was actually the first time she saw them.

“As if it’s the time to say carefree things! Let’s quickly run away!”

Taking Ayato’s hand Julis ran in the opposite direction.

But Ayato was defensive. “No, but it’s not as if we really did something……”

“I don’t want to say it, but anyway, those guys of the garrison are inflexible. Even if we convince them, by explaining this disastrous scene, I don’t know how long it will take.” said Julis who seemed a little bit panicked.

Ayato, who had just listend, looked around at the men lying on the ground.

––I see; It would indeed be troublesome.

“Well……It can’t be helped.”

Since the guards came from the direction Ayato and Julis were taking, towards Procyon Dome, they now ended up heading away from their destination. It was a worry but there was no helping it.

“Hey! Wait a minute, you two there!” The guards seemed to have noticed them.

Without looking back to the menacing voice, which came from behind, Ayato and Julis escaped into an alley. Then they disappeared into the crowd.


“––Time's up.”


The waiting room of Procyon Dome, when Saya and Kirin heaved a small sigh, they stood from the sofa. Since they heard that Ayato and Julis were coming to cheer for them, they were waiting for them like this.

“I wonder if something happened……” Muttered Kirin who was worried.

But just then Saya received a call from her portable terminal.

『"Sorry, Saya! We will be late due to some circ.u.mstances, but……"』

It was apparently from Ayato. For some reason, he was speaking in an unusually low voice.

Kirin, who was behind Saya, also looked at the s.p.a.ce window.

“……The match will start.” informed Saya.

『"Indeed……I’m sorry"』

In the s.p.a.ce window, Ayato hanged his head in disappointment.

“Well, it’s fine. Anyway, when it’s over, we'll meet in the waiting room.”

『"Okay –– then, good luck. Kirin-chan too."』 Ayato lastly said to Kirin while lightly winking.


Then the s.p.a.ce window disappeared.

Good luck.

With such a simple sentence, Kirin’s expression, which was gloomy a little while ago, transformed into an expression completely full of motivation.

“Kirin, you look surprisingly energetic.”

“Huh? W-What?”

Replied Kirin, to the unexpected inquiry of Saya, who's face was thrown into confusion and turned bright red.

Saya lightly tapped Kirin's back and then quickly left the waiting room.

“Ah, p-please wait a minute, Saya-san!”

Kirin hurriedly ran after her, but Saya only advanced down the pa.s.sage with a laid-back pace.

“Huh…… Saya-san is really lax.”

“I’m often told that.”

As she revealed a wry smile and lined up with Saya, Saya was expressionless as usual; her fighting spirit could not be felt at all. While it was something enviable for the timid Kirin, she was so nervous that one wondered if she would be all right.

However…… For some reason, somehow, it felt a little comfortable.

『"And now! Here comes the ex-rank #1 of Seidoukan Academy, player Toudou Kirin and her partner, player Sasamiya Saya!"』

When pa.s.sing through the gate and entering the stage, under a dazzling light, the announcer’s voice, at an awfully high level of tension, welcomed the two girls.

『"Speaking of player Toudou, despite being 13 years old, she is a super rookie, who took the position of rank #1 after only one month of enrolment! Although she fell from the position of rank #1 a few days ago, her ability is the real thing! No, even looking like this, her calm is indeed different, or perhaps should I say though small, that imperturbable att.i.tude is……"』

『"Nana-yan, Nana-yan. You’re mistaken something. That smaller one is player Sasamiya Saya. Then, it’s rather, the timid one next to her who is the former rank #1."』

『"Eeeh? Then, is she really in high school? Seriously? Ah…… *cough*. That’s very rude of me!"』

『"That’s why I told you that you should properly look at the doc.u.ments. Geez."』

It seemed like the live reporter and the commentator of this hall were quite unique people.

Kirin's pride suffered. “……It’s extremely unpleasant.”

“Hahaha……” Saya also muttered with a sulky expression.

Saya then turned a more serious gaze to the front.

Standing side-by-side, on the opposite side of the arena, was a pair of male students.

The first was a young man, thin with a chord tying up long hair behind his neck, who carried no obvious weapon, and the other was a larger young man who sported a st.u.r.dy bald head and a Lux. The school badge on their chests was the “Yellow Dragon”––, in other words, they were students of the World Dragon Seventh Inst.i.tute.

World Dragon, which was the most heterogeneous of the six academies in Asterisk, had two peculiarities.

One was known as Star Senjutsu[3], their unique mana-induction capability generalization technique.

The other was the promotion of thorough martial arts.

World Dragon was comprised of many different arts schools jumbled together. Although the various arts schools, which dealt with weapons and were not few, it was expected that it's barehanded advanced combat skills technology should be known as a synonym of World Dragon. Of course, an attack with bare hands was more disadvantageous than when using a weapon, but at the same time it was the only way that could directly transform prana to an offensive ability, and by combining it with a well-trained taijutsu[4], it showed an unparalleled strength in close combat.

Actually, as for the two men in front of Saya and Kirin, though the bald young man activated a huge Blue Dragon katana[5] type Lux, the long-haired young man had no weapon.

“Both of them are non-ranked (outside of the list) [6], but they seem to be quite strong.”

World Dragon, proud to be of the largest among the six academies, was known for the fact that it possessed many strong students not recorded in the Named Charts. So Saya and Kirin could not take their opponents lightly.

“……Well, we will somehow manage.”

However, no fighting spirit could be felt from Saya, even at this phase, and she unfolded her Lux in her usual way.

A ma.s.sive rustic gun appeared in her hands, as she activated her Lux, and the audience made a stir. Though probably because the gun itself was way too large compared to Saya’s height and, actually, this was the comparatively smaller one among the Lux that Saya used. Still, it was slightly smaller than Saya’s height though.

“Um, if I’m not mistaken, that is……”

“Type 34 wave Motion heavy artillery Ark Van Ders modified.”

The various Lux normally used by Saya amounted to, about, ten types and Kirin had briefly witnessed all of them. Since they made a tag, one could say it was only natural for her to know them, but among them, honestly, there were also some, which also struck her dumb.

“……Which one would do?” Saya wondered.

“Huh? Ah, let’s see……I’m fine with either.”

For an instant, Kirin did not know what Saya was talking about, but she understood afterwards that she was speaking about which opponent she wanted to deal with.

“Then, I’ll deal with the big one.” said Saya decisively.


Which meant Kirin’s opponent would be the long-haired young man.

As Kirin adjusted the distance, she slowly unsheathed her katana.

『“Phoenix, block L first round two sets, match start!”』 A mechanical voice intoned.

In one bound, at the same time with the declaration of the match start, Kirin moved inside her opponent’s range.

As if expecting it the long-haired young man attacked by releasing a fist.

However –– It was late.

As Kirin slipped through it, she aimed at his chest with a chop from a low position.

The young man struck the blade of the katana with his fist and brushed the attack away.

Kirin was unintentionally impressed at that heavy response. Certainly, the fist loaded with prana was indeed amazing. Plus, though unarmed, his movement was consequently fast and provided almost no opening in his attack and defense.


Even so, compared to Ayato’s movement, it was still tepid.

Kirin then altered the trajectory of her katana, which had been repelled, by turning over her wrist, and connected with an attacking chop from an overhead position.

“Argh!” Let out from the long haired young man.

Although the young man did dodge it, by twisting his body, it was only just barely and he clearly broke his stance.

Nonetheless, he released a sharp kick out of desperation, but –– Kirin easily dodged it and mowed down Senbakiri[7] directly horizontal (Parallel to the arena floor).

Along with a clear feeling of having broken a hard object, the school badge announced the young man’s defeat.

“Whew……” Released from Kirin

As she swung her katana and turned her back on the young man, who fell to his knees, the voice of the live reporter, which got excited, flew into her ears.

『"F-Fast! I should say its expected from the former rank #1 of Seidokan, player Toudou, who controlled the battle in an instant! It’s an instantaneous conclusion!"』

『Nana-yan! That one is good, but the smaller one is also interesting!』

Kirin, whose concentration was broken by the commentator, also turned her gaze toward Saya.

『Oops, you’re right! Here is also a heated evenly balanced battle! And moreover! I thought that player Sasamiya would surely be in charge of the rearguard from that armament, but what’s this, she’s competing in hand-to-hand combat with all her might!』

––Right. The large bald young man, swinging the Blue Dragon Sword downward, blocking the blow of Saya's Ark Van Ders Modified gun, resorted to using it like a blunt weapon. The pet.i.te image of Saya and her huge firearm was a large gap indeed. However. The visual aspect of her wielding it in hand was a degree of shock that was beyond comparison.

Besides she was not just nonchalantly showing off either. One could see at first glance that she had learned systematic close combat techniques. Such as; how to parry the attack or to find a timing to strike back with a counterattack.

Even Kirin, who was witnessing it for the first time, was surprised.

First, to the height and proficiency of the, gun being used as a sword, technique.

And then, to the fact that, the swordsmanship was similar to Ayato’s. –– In other words... The Amagiri Bright Dragon Style.

“Guh!” Gutted out from the bald young man.

While scattering intense sparks, the Blue Dragon katana and the Ark Van Ders Modified collided. It was clearly Saya, who was pushing.

However, Saya seemed to patiently and slowly wait for the time to come. Remaining expressionless as usual, she was indifferently drawing out attacks.

In the meantime her mana dite, of the Ark Van Ders Modified, was gradually increasing its shine.

As he probably understood what was going on impatience appeared on the bald young man’s expression.

The young man’s attacks became much more severe and the slashing collided with the gun barrel often.

Even so. Neither Saya, nor the Ark Van Ders Modified, were shaken.

And at the moment the shine of her mana dite reached its max––

Saya then, at a speed vastly greater than shown so far, promptly repelled the Blue Dragon katana and applied the muzzle directly to the young man’s abdomen.



Vibration and shockwave, similar to what happened in major earthquakes, rolled and gushed out. The young man’s body was instantly blown off to the edge of the stage. His scream was drowned out by a roaring sound of the gun and the sound of the young man slamming, with a tremendous force, into the defense barrier. He then slipped down to the ground while smoldering and scorched-like smoke began rising from his body.

The destructive power of all the Lux that Saya handled was not average. If one were to receive it from a point-blank range situation, he would probably fall easy victim.

『“End of the match! Winner, Sasamiya Saya & Toudou Kirin!"』

While the mechanical voice that declared victory sounded, Saya, who turned her face towards Kirin, stuck out her right hand, in a cla.s.sic victory sign, without smiling.


The waiting room was fully equipped with a shower room. The dome was used not only for the current Phoenix event, but also for the Gryps of team battles; The shower room was wide enough to accommodate several people if they were to use it altogether.

Saya and Kirin, who finished their match, were in two of the stalls washing off their sweat.

“Then... Doesn’t it mean that the gun is simply that hard?” While feeling the comfort of hot water pouring down, Kirin asked Saya.

She had been thinking about the question for a while.

“……. Right. In the Lobos transition system, the high output obtained is unstable, and if left as is, the gun barrel wouldn't last (hold). So I converted a portion of the output as an energy field in order to pin it down.”

Saya, who was in the nearby booth was washing her head while speaking.

“That’s why the Lux endured all right even though you fought using it that way. Huh..”

Be that as it may, the reckless usage of exchanging blows with large firearms was probably unexpected.

“……If I didn’t use it like that, there was no way I could have kept up with Ayato.” Saya said.

As if she read Kirin’s mind.

As Saya told her story. When they were children it seemed, in order to keep up with Ayato's training, she had devised and brought forth that technique

“So it’s not as if Saya-san is a disciple of the Amagiri Bright Dragon Style. Right?”

“I just learned by watching others…… But, well. I was also taught a little by Ayato.”

Kirin tried to imagine the figures of Saya and Ayato in childhood. Since both of them probably hadn't change that much she was surprisingly able to easily imagine them. Though that sight (image) was her selfish imagination she was somehow a little envious.

“……Still, they’re late.”

“That's right……”

Ayato and Julis had not yet come by.

“But thanks to it…… We had time to wash off our sweat.”

It was not really as if they had planned something after this. So they could wait leisurely.

“It’s time to get out.” As Saya said so, she sprayed the water away by shaking her head like a small animal.

“Oh hey. Saya-san. You should wipe yourself properly.” griped Kirin.


However, when she tried to pa.s.s the bath towel, Saya stopped and fixedly stared at Kirin.

No. Rather than...... Kirin. It would be right to say at Kirin’s chest. “W-What is it……?”

Going ahead of Kirin, who unintentionally retreated, Saya suddenly stretched out her hand.

“Kyaa!” Screamed, the now totally surprised, Kirin.

However, Kirin hid her chest, at the last moment, with one hand and began defending against Saya’s hands with her other.


“W-W-What are you……!” Kirin was falling back little by little, while being cautious.

But Saya was gradually shortening that distance, too. No matter how huge it was, after all, it was still a shower room. Soon cornered to the wall Kirin ran out ways to escape.

While making her finger wriggle from side to side. Saya's eyes shone mysteriously.

“……. Since ancient times it is said that the chest will grow bigger by rubbing it.”

“That. It’s clearly the wrong way to use it!” cried Kirin, now in a seemingly dire situation.

Kirin desperately repelled Saya’s hand, which was flying about at high speeds, with only one hand and that useless dialogue. At first glance, it looked like a sparring, but in close exchanges, Kirin was better.

In the end, unable to touch Kirin even once, Saya sulked. “……It’s unfair.”

“E-Even if you said so……” While still perplexed Kirin firmly wound the bath towel around her body.

“M-More importantly, if you stay wet like this for a long time, you will catch a cold.”

And when she opened the door to get out of the shower room, a s.p.a.ce window suddenly opened.

It was the intercom provided in the waiting room. Since the image was one-way traffic, only the voice reached the other side.

『"Sorry, we’re late! Are both of you there?"』

What was projected on the s.p.a.ce window was Ayato who seemed to be out of breath. Next to him was of course Julis who was also breathing heavily.

『"Yeesh. Those guards. I never expected them to be so persistent……"』

It appeared to be certain that something happened.

Although an entry permit was given to both of them, it was temporarily disabled since they were taking a shower.

“I-I am sorry, both of you. Excuse me, but please wait just a little more––” said Kirin.

After all, she only had a bath towel on her. As expected, she could not meet them with that appearance.

“……You finally came, huh.” as Saya interrupted Kirin’s words.

However. She opened a s.p.a.ce console and quickly cancelled the lock.

“Eh……?” From the utterly suprised Kirin.

Naturally, the door opened, and Ayato and Julis came inside.

“I’m really sorry, but because we were watching the match by broadcast……”

“Geez, you sure took your time……” said Saya in an annoyed tone.

When the two people stepped into the waiting room they immediately stiffened together.

Kirin. also similarly. stiffened at the entrance of the shower room.

Only one person, Saya, walked towards the two of them with a calm face and said with a slightly proud expression.

“……We won.”

Afterwards, it went without saying, Saya seriously received a sermon from Julis.


––Fifth day of Phoenix, Sirius Dome.

“Well then––” As Julis stretched her body on the stage.

Ayato turned his head and lightly laughed.

“Since I left everything up to you in the first round; this time, it’s my turn.” prompted Julis.

“All right. Then, I will take it easy this time.”

As Ayato replied to it with a wry smile and lightly tapped Julis’ back.

『"Well then, finally the Phoenix has also entered the second round from today! In the second match, which would be held here in the Sirius Dome, we will first introduce the pair, which broke through the first round by displaying an overwhelming ability, the Seidoukan pair Amagiri Ayato & Julis-Alexia Van Riessfeld!"』

『"Though the first round was clearly player Amagiri’s monopoly, I wonder how the second round will turn out. I look forward to see it."』

While hearing the voices of the reporter and the commentator, which became something familiar in these several past days, Julis turned her gaze to the opponents.

It was a twin tail girl and the ponytail girl in the tag of rank #37 and rank #54 of Queen Veil Girl’s Academy. As expected both of them, preeminently, had a well-featured appearance.

If asked the question “which is the strongest academy in Asterisk?”, the answer would vary from one person to another; but if asked the question “which is the weakest academy in Asterisk?” Most people would answer Queen Veil. In fact it was only once, even in the long history of Asterisk, that Queen Veil had won a championship.

However. The word ‘weak’ was not necessarily directly connected with the word ‘unpopular’. When comparing simple sports-fan stats Queen Veil had maintained a continuously high rank since it's foundation. Disregarding the general results of Festa; Queen Veil only considered the Festa as a stage for purely displaying their students’ charm. It was just that which led to their popularity.

As the only girl’s school among the six academies it was also the smallest academy. Establishing its own standards on the conditions of admission it was said to be the the most difficult academy to enroll in. It was an academy of G.o.ddesses trying to find an ideal through beauty and strength.

Queen Veil Girl’s Academy was just such an academy.

“Really, what amazing cheers…...”

While grumbling so, Julis activated Aspera Spina.

Today’s hall was wrapped in deafening thunderous cheers, but the voices cheering the players of Queen Veil were clearly louder.

“Everyone, thank you!”

“We will do our best!”

The two girls of Queen Veil waved their hands with an amiable smile in response.

Though the twintail girl unfolded a twin swords type Lux and the ponytail girl a spear type Lux, contrary to their cute looks, they left no opening in their way of handling them by their stance.

Queen Veil might certainly be the weakest if seen from the Academy’s perspective. However. That lay only because their carefully selected principles, of partic.i.p.ation, framed by the Festa, were rarely fulfilled. Not because the students were themselves weak.

As a proof; The rank #1 of Queen Veil had left with the good results of being the runner-up in the last Lindvolus.

“Ayato, you stay out of it.”


Still, Julis calmly puffed her chest with confidence.

At the same time, the school badge on her chest announced the match start.

“Let’s go!”

It was the twintail girl who first attacked. Though she cut towards Julis she easily blocked it with the thin sword in her hand.

“––It’s nothing compared to Ayato’s or Kirin’s sword”


Furthermore, though the ponytail girl joined in, Julis’ taijutsu completely repelled her attack.

In her recent past special training Julis grew, more than anything, in the area of her close combat fighting skills. Of course she was not yet on the level of being able to cross swords with Ayato or Kirin but still, if against an average opponent, or even taking two people like this, she could handle it enough.

In the first place, although long-ranged attack was Julis’ forte, her thin sword skill was quite high. Perhaps it was because she had learned the basics from childhood.


“Bloom proudly –– AnthuriumGreat Crimson Heart Blazing Shield!”

The sharp thrust, which the ponytail girl released, was repelled by a shield of flame which manifested.


“Waah, are you alright?”

The twintail girl supported the ponytail girl, who was blown away; at that chance, Julis greatly jumped back.

“Well, now it’s my turn to attack.”

Mana rustled around Julis.

“O flames of Trochia, over the ramparts, burn down the nine calamities––”

The flame, which blew up, wound into a swirl, and nine fireb.a.l.l.s, in the form of a lovely primrose, appeared around Julis.

“Bloom proudly –– PrimroseDancing nine-spirering-flower!”

It, which was dancing like a firefly, attacked the tag of Queen Veil along with Julis’ shouting.


Cried the ponytail girl who could not fully dodge the three-dimensional attack from multiple directions…… Her school badge shattered.

While the mechanical voice announced her partner’s defeat the twintail girl was cutting away at the fireb.a.l.l.s, one by one while dodging them, and somehow managed to reduce their number.

“Humph! This much, even I……!”

The moment when the girl cut off the last one and proudly stuck out her chest.

“Come out –– SemiserrataFalling Crimson Flower of Molten Sky”

In response to Julis’ words, a magic circle emerged at the girl’s feet.


Installation (setting) type ability –– in other words, a trap.

Julis had cleverly led the girl, up to there, by using the fireb.a.l.l.s.

Over the head of the girl, who looked up in blank amazement, a huge flame Camellia[8] opened its bud.


The girl hurriedly ran off to escape but it was already too late.

The flame flower exploded, at the same time it fell, and the girl’s figure was easily swallowed by it.

“End of the match! Winner, Amagiri Ayato & Julis-Alexia Van Riessfeld!”

The mechanical voice announced the end.

When the blast and swirl of flame soon settled, the girl, who lost consciousness, was lying on her back right there.

『"Th-This was once again a one-sided development! Moreover, a solo performance of player Riessfeld this time! Oh dear, this tag, we still can’t see its bottom! After all, in this Phoenix, which is a tag battle, both of them haven’t yet fought together…… I wonder about this."』

『"No, in order to conceal their ability as a tag, it was an effective strategy in itself. There are also some cases in the past. More importantly, player Riessfeld is a tricky player. Anyway, since her ability is variegated, I think that being able to expediently cope with it is also her forte. Especially the last……"』

The commentator, seeming to have indeed seen well, minutely explained the process, in which Julis induced the girl up to the time and place of the trap.

“Phew…… Well. Something like that.” Julis, commenting on her own performance.

“Good work, Julis.”

As Ayato met Julis with a smile, he raised his right hand.

Julis also seeing it revealed a smile, made a delightful sound and exchanged a high-five.


“Geez, don’t they know how to give up……? They just repet.i.tively ask foolish questions.”

When finishing the winner interview, which dragged on as usual, and returning to the waiting room, Julis sighed and sank her body into the sofa.

“Hahaha…… Well. They can't help it since it’s their job.”

Ayato gave a troubled laugh While prepared the tea.

“Oh, come to think of it, today’s match, there was one thing that bothered me……”

“Hmmm?” Poised Julis.

“Julis, did you happen to recite something, like an incantation, before?”

It was the time when she used the Dancing nine-spirering-flower in today’s match.

“Ah, that, huh. That was, well, let’s say it was fan service from me. Such things seem rather to be popular with the gallery.”


He was a little surprised at this. It was because he was thinking that Julis was rather extremely distant from the mind-set of that kind of services.

“You don’t need to be so surprised. Even I have considered my position. If I enter the stage I will, at least, do that much service. Of course, when I can afford it that is.”

Saying so, she shrugged her shoulders.

“The process necessary for the activation of the ability varies from person to person. Speaking in theory there is no need for vocalization before an action but there are also some people that won’t be able to activate it if they don’t have a fixed procedure. Even I, who said thus, the incantation aside, it’s rather easy for me to hold an image because of the vocalization.”

“I see……”

While drinking tea Julis turned an implying gaze to Ayato.

“In the first place, even you shout the name of your techniques, right?”

“Oh……That’s, yeah, something like a habit. It’s because in childhood, when I was training a lot with Saya, She said that it’s cool like that.”

“E~eh, it was for such a reason, huh.”

Since he was prohibited, from being in attendance with other pupils during childhood, it was only Saya and his older sister who were partic.i.p.ating with Ayato’s training. In addition, since he was not allowed in the dojo, he was mostly only training by using a Lux for self-defense, with a minimum of power, on the neighboring mountain.

When thinking about it now it was a kind of an extension of play; That was probably why his father was also turning a blind eye to it.

“Oh, by the way, what will we do for the rest of the day?” Julis asked with the teacup in one hand.

Ayato folded his arms and began to think.

“Mmm, in reality I would like to go cheer for Saya and Kirin-chan but, as expected, we won’t make it in time if we go now.” pondered Ayato.

“Well, the match would be over by the time we arrive at the hall.” concluded Julis.

Today they weren't with Saya and Kirin because both of them also had a match close to the same time but at different Domes.

The first round was held over four days, but the second round would be held over two days. Since the third round would end in one day, unless they had a match in the same hall or the time of their matches were very much separated, it was difficult to go cheer.

“B-Besides. We haven’t even had lunch yet. Right?”

“Oh, now that you mention, it’s true.”

Certainly, they did not have lunch because of today’s match time.

Although he did not particularly even mind until he said it, as soon as he noticed so, he suddenly felt hunger; well human is a mysterious thing.

“Then, let’s first get it over with somewhere––” As Ayato started saying but was interrupted.


Julis strangely coughed unnaturally.


“Uh……actually, um……well. I have prepared this for today......” Julis hesitantly spoke.

She then took out a large basket from the waiting room's locker.

“Eh, don’t tell me this is…… A bento?” Came from the suprised Ayato.

“Y-Yeah. Well, something like that.” she said while averting her gaze in embarra.s.sment.

Julis readily held out the basket.

Though he also spent time in training with Julis, until the day off, this was a first. Even in the academy Julis was basically one of those who mainly ate in the school cafeteria. –– Though students who were preparing their own lunch were quite a minority–– He had never heard that she cooked.

And. Incidentally, he had never thought, up until now.

“Ah……perhaps this is because Saya and Kirin had made a bento the other day?”

Since the unyielding spirit of Julis was staunch, there might have be some other things to consider.

“It-It’s not really because of that! This is…… Right. It’s just a whim!”

However, Julis’s face turned bright red as she denied it.

“Hahaha. Is that so? Anyway. Thank you. Then, let’s eat, without delay.”

“It-It’s something simple. Don’t expect too much.”

As he opened the basket while returning a wry smile to Julis, who reminded so, sandwiches of lovely size lined up there.

“E~eh, it’s sandwiches, huh.”

The ingredients were a standard line-up such as ham and lettuce, eggs and bacon. He picked up an egg sandwich from the box and put it into his mouth.

“……H-How’s it?”

On the face of Julis, who nervously asked so, anxiety was clearly visible.

“––Yeah. It’s delicious.”

It was his frank impression.

Since he did not usually eat that many sandwiches there was nothing to compare it to but the way that the pepper moderately worked was of Ayato’s taste.

“I-Is that so!” A joyful expression suddenly spread over Julis’ face.

Though, when she noticed Ayato’s look, she soon turned her back.

“But, Julis can also cook, huh. I didn’t know.”

“W-Well, this much is nothing.”

Even with her back turned, one could understand that she was proudly puffed up.

Such a part of her was really cute.

“And, won’t you eat, Julis?”

The quant.i.ty of sandwiches settled in the basket was clearly too much for him to eat up all alone.

It was probably made for two persons, but Julis did not quite touch it.

“No, of course I will eat, but……”

As Julis said so, she turned to Ayato for an instant with a look, which seemed to want to say something.


Though he was pondering “what?” she was saying “this”. He didn't really know what she was trying to say.

As she became irritated in the meantime, Julis stared at Ayato with a slightly sullen face.

“……It’s not good to be unfair, you know?”


“Like I say. Ah…… Don’t you think that it’s unfair that you did it for Sasamiya and Kirin, but you don’t do it for me……? No. It’s not like I really want you to do it to me. But……”

Though Julis was mumblingly saying so in a low voice, he finally noticed then.

Was it perhaps about that?

“Err. Perhaps…… Um. Julis too?”


Though Julis quickly turned away while blushing, she did not deny.

“T-Then. Excuse me……”

As Ayato softly put his hand on Julis’ head, he gently stroked it. The flagrance of flowers softly tickled his nose. Maybe because there were just the two of them, he was somehow embarra.s.sed.

It was probably the same for Julis. Julis’ face, which was already red, had dyed further red.

One wondered how long they would be able to stay like this.

Since both of them were silent, without grasping the sense of time, they did not know when to stop.

“O-Oh, yeah! How about we look at what happened to the matches of others while finishing lunch……” Julis said after a while to change the topic.

She then turned and opened a s.p.a.ce window.

“Ah. Yes. There seems to be a lot of noteworthy matches today.”

Although Ayato guessed it and withdrew his hand, he was somehow troubled.

He reluctantly picked up another sandwich. It was delicious after all.


Suddenly, Julis’ finger, which was turning the channels, stopped.

“––I see, those guys also have a match today, huh.”

As he turned his look toward Julis’ voice, which was somewhere tinged with earnestness, a male student with a stature like a rock dressed in the uniform of Seidoukan was reflected on the s.p.a.ce screen.

And standing off against him –– was a schoolgirl from Le Wolfe with a huge scythe.


“……Listen, Landy. Don’t get impatient.”

While setting up Bardiche Leo, Lester McPhail called out so to Landy Hooke behind him.

“I know Lester. First gain time as much as possible. Right?”

“Yeah. As long as you properly divert it’s all right.”

Time-buying was a strategy, which was not like him, but it could not be helped in this case.

After all, the opponent was the rank #3 of Le Wolfe. He did not want to admit it but she was far above him.

“––Yo, did you say you’re Lester?”

Then, the opponent –– Irene Urzaiz called out to him in a strange and carefree way.

Even though the match start was already declared, with the huge scythe –– the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction still on her shoulder, she did not take a stance.

“……Do you have any business with me?”

While carefully measuring the distance, Lester briefly answered.

From the recent events here –– especially from his severe defeat –– Lester had at least learned one thing: avoiding being reckless.

“You’re ’s buddy. Right? Since, it’s a good opportunity, tell me a little about him.”


To the unexpected question, Lester unintentionally knitted his brows.

“Not that I’m particularly interested, but since it’s a rare chance.”

“……I don’t know why you asked something like that, but you misunderstood two points. First, he and I are just merely students of the same academy and we’re not friends or whatever.”

Lester, who said so with an amazed tone, reestablished Bardiche Leo and pointed it to Irene.

“And second. I came here to fight. Not to do worthless chattering!”

“Whew……Is that so? Sorry for that.”

As Irene shrugged her shoulders, after turning the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction round and round, she planted its b.u.t.t end in the ground.

“Then, let’s begin as you wish.”

A ferocious smile floated on Irene’s face, and the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction raised a groan like some beast.

“Landy! Run!”

Lester himself also started running while saying so. However, it was not as if he indiscriminately ran. Taking distance from the right hand while going around greatly, he looked for a chance.

The Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction used by Irene was a powerful Ogre Lux with the ability of gravity control.

But it did not mean that there were no openings which could be taken advantage of.

First and foremost was the fact that its ability was already widely known. Thanks to that, to some degree, counter-measures could be taken.

It seemed like the ability of the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction did not designate the target itself; it was the type which demonstrated ability for a target coordinates. In other words, without staying at a same place, and if constantly moving, one could position themselves outside its targeted area of effect.

And one could say that the greatest weakness of the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction was its huge fuel/mana consumption and the mischief that caused. In Ogre Lux there was something like a side effect called compensation, and the price seemed to be considerably brutal in respect to the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction. The reason being that while the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction pa.s.sed through many a students’ hand those who were able to effectively master it were very few.

(In other words, the advantage will be ours if we drag the match on!)

Though it was Lester’s usual strategy to get a swift head-start for a preemptive attack it could not be helped in this case since winning was, above all, most important.

If there was a cause for concern it was the presence of Irene’s partner –– Priscilla but she hung down to the wall of the stage without trying to move at all. She looked towards Irene with a worried expression but that was it.

Although there was almost no data on Priscilla, judging that she had also behaved like this in the first round, she did not seem to be an active battle member. There was the possibility that she was someone with some kind of ability……for example, a Strega with an ability of long-ranged attack or defense system; but for the time being, it would be alright just to leave it at 'constant attention' for her.

“*Sigh*…… every last one of them fetching the same strategy…… don’t you have something else?” Irene said as she became disappointed with the challengers.

As she wielded the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction with one hand.

The purple Ulm mana dite conspicuously shone strongly and, at the same time, that shine spread onto the ground of the stage.

“––To begin with, you don’t have the ability to do what you’re trying to do.”


Landy, who was running opposite of Lester around Irene, suddenly dropped to the ground.

The figure he presented was as if he was pressed by an invisible hand from above and his face was painfully distorting. The gravity of the whole area was probably strengthened considerably.

“Landy!” Lester called out.

“Serves you right, now that you’ve flittered about awhile, if you can’t answer to the immensity of this challenge then its come to the end.” touted Irene.

Irene once again wielded the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction. This time the purple shine coagulated and converged around Landy who now collapsed completely.

“Ughhh……!” Landy’s face was distorted in pain.

It seemed like the gravity was even further strengthened by narrowing down the range.

“As if I’ll let you!” Lester shortened the distance at the small chance for an opportunity.

When Irene had her attention focused on Landy he swung down Bardiche Leo from behind.


“……Like I said, it’s just the usual.”

Irene pivoted with the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction and danced in the air; she drove a sharp kick to Lester’s nape at the same time she dodged the blow.

“Gah……!” Gasped Lester.

She threw in, once more, a kick to Lester's abdomen, who dropped down on his knees, and blew away his large build.

“You’re a deferment. So wait a little.”

Irene, who said so and left, sedately went towards Landy.


Ignoring the words that Lester squeezed out, Irene called out to Landy, who was lying on the ground.

“Do you give up?”

“W-Who is……!” Landy stuttered.

Irene, who was looking down with cold eyes at Landy painfully squeezing out his voice, heaved a small sigh to that answer and casually swung the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction.


The arms of Landy which were, somehow, feebly, still trying to get up, finally gave in and his school badge declared his defeat.

“Landy Hooke. Loss of consciousness.” The mechanical voice declared.

“––One person down.” Irene said with finality.

Irene eventually turned her gaze towards Lester who stood back up.

“E~eh, you’re tough as expected, .”

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d…… Don’t underestimate me that much……!”

Lester concentrated his prana into the hand which held Bardiche Leo. The Prana flowing in reacted with the mana dite and its output increased explosively.

It was Lester's meteor arts .

“Eat this!”

Instantly the glow of his battleax of light swelled more than double its normal size and its terrifying blow rushed out to meet Irene.


Of course it was not something that she could receive directly so Irene defended against it with the Gravi-Sheathb.l.o.o.d.y Scythe of Supreme Destruction. It was just deflected away to the rear.

“How’s that!” He was proud that the offensive ability of was something unparalleled even in Seidokan.

Even if it was not a direct hit she should have been given damage as such.

“Hahaha…… As expected of the rank #9. I slightly underestimated you.”

However the abruptly recovered Irene only slightly frowned.

(Did she jump back and reduce the shock……!?)

Whether it be the kick earlier or the defensive now Irene’s taijutsu was not at an ordinary level.

“I see……you aren't an ordinary person, who just relies on her weapon, huh.”

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