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He helped Biyu to alight the car and then took her hand into his. "You will like it more than my proposal" he chuckled. 

"No! That isn't true" Biyu instantly protested making Jasper laugh. 

"You will see" he challenged. 

And when she saw what is waiting for her inside, Biyu is totally surprised. 

Her maternal grandparents (Madam and Elder Zhou), her cousin brother Zhou Feng along with Ye Mei are the first persons she saw. 

Next to them is her paternal uncle, Zake Walker and Lu Mingyu. He is here with his boyfriend Stephen. 

Su couple, Liam and Alexandra are also there. Even Blake is present. 

On the other side of her maternal family, Jasper's father Julian Braxton and his sister Jean, brother in law Scott are sitting. Jasper's brother Jeff and his wife Iris are also there. His elder cousin brother Edward and his wife Danielle are also present along with his other cousin Enrick and his wife Hope. 

Biyu knows all of them more than enough because she use to mingle with these people during the council meetings. Jasper really has a huge family but these people are the one who are very close to him. 

Moreover, Jasper is the youngest in all of them. All of the couple here has two to three children with some of them in their teenage. But everyone sitting in this hall are very, very prominent figures in the six countries in the west. 

Their influence is spread wide in business, politics, underworld, military, medical,  educational…what not. They are there in almost everything… 

Jasper's father is a president of the country B while Jasper's elder cousin is king of underworld. His brother in law is also the same but for another country. 

(A/N: Jasper is the real king of underworld but he is more into the legal affairs so, his elder cousin takes care of most of the things) 

"This…." Biyu looked at Jasper who is grinning ear to ear. 

She is totally shocked to see these many people here. However, she is close to each and every one of them but couldn't get close to them as Linda. 

"Hmmm...a welcome party for you." Jasper chuckled. 

"Our engagement party?" Biyu asked. 

"You can think in that way too, baby girl. Yes, everyone knows about me proposing to you" he winked and led her into the hall where everyone are talking so happily. 

"Jas, does your family knows about my reincarnation?" Biyu asked little nervous. 

"Hmm…..not everyone." Jasper answered truthfully. 

"As Blake knows this…..ultimately, my sister Jean and brother Jeff have also got to know about it. They were helping Blake in doing research about it and contributed their own share in his efforts to find the evidences. And, don't worry about it, they are way more happy than me" Jasper explained. 

"And their spouses knows about it too. My siblings never keep any secrets from their spouses so they talked about it and all they want is for us to be happy." Jasper comforted Biyu after seeing her nervous face. 

She has after all betrayed their trust on them and sold information to her so called, good for nothing ex-boyfriend. 

"Love, they have forgiven you. Everyone does mistakes and even they have did many with or without knowing it. So, they understand you more than anyone." Jasper said as if he can read her mind. 

"Only four of them knows?" Biyu asked. 

"My father and Elder cousin" Jasper answered nonchalantly. 

Biyu couldn't help but raise her eyebrow. When did he get the chance and time to speak to them and make them understand??

"Seriously, Jas" Biyu couldn't help but ask. 

"Well, I don't keep any secrets from them. My father, my siblings and my elder cousin….."Jasper answered. 

"Many years back, when I was a teen, I have learnt my lesson after keeping secrets from them and making them almost get killed" Jasper purses his lips. "From then, I got a habit of sharing everything with them no matter how small or big it is." 

Almost getting them killed!!

Looks like Jasper's life isn't as simple as she has thought. Now she understood why he forgave her very easily. 

It is because he knows how it will be like to betray someone and then realize it. The only difference is….he realized it little earlier and saved his family from great danger but unlike him, she realized it little late and to save Jasper, she sacrificed herself. 

They are really way similar in most of the aspects. It has increased her belief that they are really destined. 

"And, how did your father and cousin respond?" Biyu asked carefully. She is very glad that Jasper don't hesitate to tell everything to her. He might have learned from his mistake that he should never keep secrets from his beloved one's. 

"They are surprised first…..like everyone will be. They thought that I am going mad because I am so into you and missing you very badly." Jasper laughed. 

"Awww" Biyu pinched his cheek. 

"They got worried and called a psychiatrist too" Jasper laughed as he took the same hand which pinched his cheek and kissed her fingers making her blush. 

He is acting very shameless not even thinking that their whole family is seeing them. But she didn't think of the fact that she is the one who initiated it by pinching his cheek. 

"And that psychiatrist it none of than Blake" Jasper continued as he laughed seeing red face of his baby girl. 

The way she pout when she feel shy…..he totally love it. 

"After what Blake and my siblings told, they at last believed" Jasper said. But he remembered something and started to laugh. 

"Since then my dad started wondering how good it would have been if my mom reincarnated and came back to him. He told that I would have got another brother or sister" Jasper laughed as he placed his hand on his stomach. 

Even Biyu couldn't help but smile. Jasper's family is so open minded and they express their thoughts without any hesitation. 

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