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"I can feel his l.u.s.ty glares" Biyu hissed. 

"And, I can feel murderous aura from your bodyguards" Blake answered. 

"Bodyguards??" Biyu laughed. 

Meanwhile, William whose all attention is on her, hissed and clenched his fists. Her laugh made him feel mesmerized by her. 

She never laughed like this when she was with him. But now, she is laughing in such a carefree manner. 

Was she never happy with him back then?? 

This Linda seems so different from the Linda he knew….

But her absence made him realize how obsessed he is with her. He wanted her no matter what and he want to possess her and tame her as his mistress. 

However, he is aware that it is difficult because she is no longer with him….

"Your overprotective boyfriend Jasper, your brothers Mingyu and Feng along with your friends Liam and Su Jun" Blake answered to her question. "They are like your bodyguards, ready to kill that man" he teased. 

"Hmm…..but why am I feeling the protective vibes from you too?" Biyu teased back. She didn't fail to notice how Blake is trying to hide her from William's l.u.s.tful eyes. 

He was giving her the same secured feeling Mingyu and Feng gives her. 

"Of course, you are my childhood friend and my best friend's sister. Not to mention that you are the girlfriend of one person I value the most" Blake said. "You are like my sister whom I have to…" Blake got interfered when Biyu cut him in middle. 

"Is that so? But I do remember that you liked me in our childhood" Biyu teased as she laughed. 

Blake pouted. "But it as in the past, my lady. You do know that I am in love with another woman, don't you?" He winked. 

"Is she the blonde from Jas' team? But you don't even know her name what a pity" Biyu laughed a little. 

"Your so-called boyfriend denied to tell me her name. he even challenged me to find it out myself." Blake answered again as he pouted. 

"I can help you with that little brother" Biyu teased again. 

"Hey, I am not little okay. I am older than you" Blake mocked. 

Little far from them, William and Emma didn't miss anything. Though they can't hear them, it is too evident that she is so happy and probably enjoying a lot. 

While, Emma is sulking at the attention Linda is getting, William is drop dead jealous. 

His obsession and jealous levels are reaching its high peak. 

"Don't even think about getting her back." His mother sneered from beside. She has been looking at her son who is indulged in staring at the woman he dumped. 

It is still wonder for them how she is alive. They still remember retrieving her body and conducting DNA test before informing the persons who paid them to take care of Linda's death.

Right now, they have not yet informed by those people that Linda is alive. Her husband is very worried and scared to death. They are now in the process of coming up with another plan to kill her and hide it from that deadly people. 

"Son, don't forget that she will die soon. So, please don't involve yourself with her anymore and bring trouble for us. The people who want her dead, they are not any ordinary" William's mother urged her son.

However, William's obsession for Linda is far beneath his capability to think sane. 

"You heard your mother, right? Do as she say. For now, concentrate on wooing Zhou Feng's adopted cousin to marry you. The main boards meeting is around the corner and according to internal information we got, the branch families are not at all satisfied with your performance over this past eight months. They might insist your grandfather to throw you out from CEO'S position" William's father said. 

"As the second biggest share holder is the Zhou family, if you succeed in marrying their granddaughter, no one will be able to oppose you anymore" His mother continued. 

As said before, he is very obsessed with Linda. However, his greed for the power and luxuries is much more grater than his desire for Linda. 

"Hmm… I will listen to you guys for once. After I become the permanent CEO, don't even think of restricting me" William sneered at his parents. 

Their daughter Ye Mei is always very rebellious and she always deny to attend this type of events. So, they can't place their hopes on her to increase their influence and power by marrying her to another rich family. 

William is their only hope because he is greedy for power unlike his sister who values her own skills rather than relying on others. 

"Son, as Zhou Feng said that he is here to meet his sister, she would have been somewhere around us. So, we must keep our eyes on who Zhou Feng will talk more. Like this we can find his adopted cousin, your future wife" his mother grinned. 

"All right. But excuse me for now, I have to use the restroom" William said and rushed. He just saw Linda going to restroom. 

He at least needs to touch her or else he will perish with the desperation filled in his mind. 

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