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Chapter 250 - Crazy Digestion


One student raised his hand and asked, "What's an infiltration squad of silver-blood demons doing in the Heaven's Origin Sector?"

Mao Feng glanced at him and explained the reason.

The principle of the demon clan was utterly different from that of human society. There was no warmth at all. The one creed that they cherished most was 'survival of the fittest'. They were extremely harsh both to others and to themselves.

The compet.i.tion among the silver-blood demons was fierce, too. If a young demon wanted to rise up in the demon world, not only did they need to go through hard training to increase their strength, they would also need to recruit their own subordinates.

For the demons, the fastest way to improve their abilities was to fight against humans by sneaking into the Heaven's Origin Sector.

What's more, most of the relatively stronger bronze-blood and black-blood demons in the Blood Demon Sector already had their masters and wouldn't change to a different one easily.

In comparison, there were many wild demon beasts in the Dark Desolate Domain.

Most of the beasts were never enlightened by any civilization. Although their brains had as much potential wisdom as any human being or silver-blood demon, their way of life was simple and muddled.

In the meantime, under the nourishment of the furious spiritual energies, there were many mutant demon beasts in the wilderness which were far stronger than the common ones and almost equal to high-level demon generals and even general kings.

Such strong-bodied and simple-minded demon beasts were naturally the best subordinates for a young and inexperienced demon.

Therefore, many silver-blood demons would risk going to the Heaven's Origin Sector, partly because they would receive good training here, and partly because they wanted to tame some strong demon beasts and turn the beasts into servants which would help them in their rise to power in the Blood Demon Sector.

So, the Dark Desolate Domain was the human beings and demon clan's mutual training field and arena.

Although neither of the two parties were able to commit a large number of troops to the place, it was possible for them to establish a small teleportation array which could send around twenty soldiers to the other's world.

Not only silver-blood demons would sneak into the Dark Desolate Domain in pairs, strong men of the Star Glory Federation sometimes would crawl into the Blood Demon Sector that was on the opposite side of the Dark Desolate Domain, too.

Infiltration and anti-infiltration, a.s.sa.s.sination, ambush, guerrilla warfare… were constant in this brutal battlefield.

"However, don't freak out. We're going to do our training on the outskirts of the Dark Desolate Domain. Normally, silver-blood demons would never come here."

Mao Feng smiled confidently, "Besides, with the enhancement of the crystal suits, of the 25 people here, twenty students are beyond the peak of the Refinement Stage and on the verge of the Building Foundation Stage, and the five instructors are close to the Core Formation Stage.

"With our combat ability, even if we meet an infiltration squad of the silver-blood demons, there is no need to fear them. Just fight and see who gets the last laugh!

"Alright, let's start out training now!"

After a final check of the crystal suit, each student carried enough crystals, flying swords, and ammo. They dispersed and started searching in groups of five with one instructor in each.

Although there was no Spiritual Nexus in the Dark Desolate Domain, short-distance communication was still available when the weather was tranquil.

In every group, the four students would always stay in the communication range of their instructor, so that the instructor could come to their rescue the moment they called for help.

Four distinguished students, including Li Yao and Long Qianyue, went to an azure lake led by Mao Feng.

The lake seemed to be peaceful, but the piles of bones around suggested otherwise.

Water was the source of life. Even the strongest demon beast needed water, too. Therefore, countless demon beasts lurked around the lake, making it a concealed slaughterhouse.

The arrival of five strangers was immediately detected. After a clattering sound, many logs appeared in the middle of the lake and submerged after floating for a while quietly.

Rustling noises came from the two-meter tall demonic plants that resembled bulrushes which bent down instantly. Within a moment, heavy panting could be heard.

In the sky, many strange grey birds were hovering overhead maliciously; they looked like a combination of eagles and bats. Their wings spanned more than ten meters with sharp edges like blades that were shining coldly in the air.

They were not strong enough to hunt. So, they could only hope that the strong hunters hiding around the lake would leave some leftovers after they enjoyed the humans in the iron tanks.

Soon, on the left side of the team, three rhino-like, giant demon beasts, with big bone hammers at the end of their extremely thick tails, known as 'Blood Mallet Rhino', appeared from the demonic bulrushes.

On the team's right, two giant crocodiles that were more than ten meters long with bronze bone armors all over their bodies opened their hideous, smelly mouths.

"Hee! Hee!"

The strange birds in the sky cried like children chillingly.

"Li Yao, Long Qianyue, the strength of the five demon beasts are between that of high-level demon soldiers and low-level demon generals, which is perfect for your practice. Who wants to go first?"

Li Yao and Long Qianyue looked at each other and rushed out simultaneously.

Crazy killing ensued!

As the days went by, the lake turned from azure to crimson, and there were more and more demon beast bones around the lake. Li Yao was improving at an amazing speed!

On the third day of the field trip…


Li Yao crouched on the ground. He dashed below a Blood Mallet Rhino like a cunning viper with a twist of his body and subtle manipulation of the power rune arrays. After he flashed to the back of the demon beast, the crystal camera on the back of his head immediately locked onto the target. He slashed the crescent saber backwards deep into the abdomen of the demon beast without turning around.

The Blood Mallet Rhino weighed more than 20 tons and had solid armor all over its body. When it was running, it was like a crystal tank. Its only weakness was a soft spot on its abdomen.

Li Yao pulled heavily. The brightness formed by his spiritual energy was more than three meters long, which cut all the inner organs of the Blood Mallet Rhino into pieces.

Then he squatted and dodged the demon beast's dying counterattack. At last, he dashed forward dozens of meters away.

The whole attack was so fluid that it only took less than two seconds.

The Blood Mallet Rhino roared. It tried to turn around and rush to Li Yao, only to collapse after several steps.

In the sky, many hovering scavengers called 'Chuckling Baby Bird' dived down, hoping to steal the fresh food.


The Shattered Star Bombarder on the back of the b.l.o.o.d.y Blade Battlesuit flipped up to the left shoulder and fired. Four ma.s.ses of red air swelled out and hit the four Chuckling Baby Birds in the lead precisely.

The four ma.s.ses of air were like four lumps of magma which could not be rid of once it was touched.

Soon, with ear-piercing screeches, the four Chuckling Baby Birds were burnt to ashes and fell to the ground.

The other birds all dispersed and didn't regather for a long time. When they came back, their chuckles turned into low curses.

Not knowing what to do, they could only float hundreds of meters above Li Yao's head and p.o.o.ped on him to vent their anger. But, of course, could such beasts. .h.i.t the nimble Li Yao?

On the seventh day of the field trip…

Li Yao stood still, his saber hidden on his back like a serpent in a crevice. He was confronting a Blood Mallet Rhino.


The Blood Mallet Rhino lowered its head and started charging at full speed.

It was not until the horn of the demon beast nearly pierced into his chest that Li Yao dodged to the side in his b.l.o.o.d.y Blade Battlesuit.

Simultaneously, his saber moved like lightning and slashed at the neck of the rhino with the frightful speed of lightning and thunder.

The neck of the Blood Mallet Rhino was covered in dense armor, too. One slash, even if boosted by spiritual energy, was not enough to cut it open.

However, it was not Li Yao's first slash.

During the time of the seemingly single slash, Li Yao had already attacked eight times at the same spot, which left a clear trace on the armor of the Blood Mallet Rhino.

The ninth attack finally surpa.s.sed the limit of the armor. The bone armor was ripped open and the saber pierced through. A surge of spiritual energy then cut off all the arteries and organs inside the demon beast.


When the saber left the demon beast's body, a cl.u.s.ter of blood was squeezed out.

The Blood Mallet Rhino collapsed, not even able to give a dying scream.

As for the Chuckling Baby Birds, none of them dared to steal food from this formidable human being anymore.

On the twentieth day of the field trip, Li Yao sat alone with his legs crossed on one side of the lake.

Below him was a strange gold snake that was more than thirty meters long with two small spikes on its head.

Critical part of the snake had almost been slashed into two pieces. The only reason that it remained intact was its skin. Blood of the snake flowed along the ground, emitting a weird fragrance.

Li Yao put the big gallbladder of the snake over a leaf, then he took out a piece of square-shaped magical equipment named 'Fiery Wave Box' and aimed at the gallbladder.


The Fiery Wave Box shot out a green light which enveloped the gallbladder. A one-minute countdown was displayed on the box.

One minute later, the green light disappeared automatically, and the snake gallbladder was already cooked and ready to eat.

Li Yao was desperately hungry. He grabbed the gallbladder and finished it in several bites.

Not satisfied, he chopped off a slice of the snake flesh and cooked it together with the snake heart.

The mutant demon beasts in the Dark Desolate Domain, nourished by the spiritual energies of both worlds, contained far more spiritual energy than those on the outside, which made them the best food ingredients.

However, most Cultivators only had a limited stomach. For a Building Foundation Stage expert such as Mao Feng, his meal was no more than that of the lower-level Cultivators.

The wagons that they brought would need to load the Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures as well as precious materials from demon beasts. There was no way that they would carry a lot of beast meat back.

Except for the part they ate while they were here, most of the meat would be taken advantage of by the scavenger demon beasts such as the Chuckling Baby Birds.

But Li Yao was different.

The most important art that he learnt from the Hundred Smelting Clan 40,000 years ago was the Art of the Swallowing Whale, a food-eating technique.

Back when he was an ordinary man, he had already been able to devour dozens of cans of the Giant Creatures of Starry Skies meat.

Now that he was already at the 7th level of the Refinement Stage, his stomach was much bigger than before, which could almost be called a bottomless hole.

Endless invaluable demon beast meat was sent into his belly and absorbed by him.

During the past half a month, he'd eaten so much good stuff that it was enough to feed a common Cultivator for years.

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