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Chapter 366: The Legal Wife Is Here!

Those who could get into Huaxia University were definitely the most outstanding students in each province. Such students would not follow the crowd.

Hence, when the thread first appeared, everyone was just observing and did not believe it.

This was also the reason why no one scolded Xue Xi when she was eating and until she went to the library.

Who knew what their relationship was? Did they have any evidence? Why should they judge others?

The reason why everyone started attacking now was because Li Zixia’s “You guys are clearly normal boyfriend and girlfriend” had created a misunderstanding.

Li Zixia’s tone was too natural, making everyone feel that this student was a little shameless.

Although they did not know this student’s name yet, her hair had already become the symbol of this “mistress.” Hence, the surrounding people could not help but attack.

An 18-year-old university student and a wealthy man who seemed to be 38 years old but was actually who knew how old were in a relationship. Who would believe that there was nothing between them?

Li Zixia’s heart was all on Xue Xi.

A top student who scored full marks in the college entrance examination was very capable. Since she liked that 38-year-old boyfriend, it meant that he was her true love.

Her personality made her stand up instantly. “Who said that she’s a mistress? They’re a couple. What’s wrong with that? Is it illegal to have a boyfriend who’s older than you?”

At this moment, Liu Zhao walked over after handing in her application form. When she saw Xue Xi and Li Zixia, her eyes flickered again.

If Xue Xi did not get the chance to be the study committee member, then as the highest scorer in the cla.s.s’s college entrance examination, she could be the study committee member, right?

At this thought, Liu Zhao tugged at Li Zixia’s arm and turned to look at the others. “No matter what, that is Xue Xi’s personal problem. What does it have to do with you?”

The meaning was obvious.

So what if Xue Xi’s private life was indecent? Did it have anything to do with you guys?

This sentence confirmed Xue Xi’s actions.

Li Zixia did not hear anything in her words and said, “That’s right. If you have nothing better to do, why don’t you take a look at yourself?”

Xie Yingying and Li Zixia were actually similar in personality. They were both straightforward people, but Li Zixia was more flamboyant. However, Xie Yingying did not hear the problem in Liu Zhao’s words and felt that there was something wrong with this group of people. “Her boyfriend is not that old, right? Do you guys have to…”

Although Mr. Xiang Huai was already 25 years old, he was very young. Even if he said he was a university student, someone would definitely believe him!

Only Xue Xi shot a glance at Liu Zhao.

The person beside her said, “Ha, you don’t consider someone that age to be old? Why, can it only be considered old when it’s a 60-year-old old man?”

Liu Zhao: “Even if she found a 60-year-old man, what does it have to do with you?”

That person retorted, “Of course it has nothing to do with me. I just can’t stand some people’s actions. Why? We were discussing in private, so what does it have to do with you guys? Did we mention your name or did we mention your surname? Why are you in such a hurry to expose yourself?”

The few of them: “?”

In a school full of curve-wreckers, they, who were sharp-tongued, could not even win a fight!

She suddenly felt a sense of defeat!

Just as Li Zixia was reflecting on herself, the library manager walked over. “What are you quarreling about? This is the library, not a place for you to quarrel. Whoever is speaking loudly, please leave! Don’t disturb the other students!”

When the group heard this, they could only sit down.

Xue Xi’s phone rang again.

She lowered her head and realized that Xiang Huai had sent her another message: “Tell me, which part of me is old?”

Xue Xi: “They said that you look like you’re 38 years old.”

Xiang Huai: “?”

Xue Xi had never replied to such a question. Just as she was about to put down her phone, she saw Ye Li’s message on WeChat: “Xixi, where are you? We’re coming to your school. Your form teacher is looking for us.”

Xue Xi replied: “Library.”

Ye Li: “Okay. Stay in the library then. Your father and I will call you when we reach the library.”

Xue Xi: “Okay.”

After putting down her phone, she felt a little baffled. Why was the form teacher looking for her parents? Could it be… about dyeing her hair red?

She shook her head and blocked these thoughts as she continued reading seriously.

Huaxia University’s library was comprehensive and involved various fields. Xue Xi felt that this place would become her favorite place in the next four years.

Li Zixia sat for a while but soon could no longer sit still. She poked Liu Zhao’s arm. “Let’s go out.”

The military training was tomorrow and they had to go out to buy sunblock.

Seeing that she was summoning her again, Liu Zhao’s eyes lit up and she nodded. “Okay.”

When the two of them left the library, Li Zixia could not help but grumble, “As expected of Xue Xi, she scored full marks in the college entrance examination yet is not slacking off at all.”

Liu Zhao pursed her lips and looked around. She said, “It’s not just her. Everyone is not slacking off.”

Li Zixia looked around.

The second day after the new students started school, they could already see their seniors. They came and went in a hurry, and their footsteps were very fast. However, the small pavilion surrounded by trees was filled with students who were studying.

She had originally thought that she could do whatever she wanted in university, but the hundred-year-old school had a deep heritage. This place had a scholarly atmosphere!

Li Zixia felt a little pressured. “After we’ve bought sunblock, let’s hurry back to read! Let’s get the level four examination done as soon as possible.”

Liu Zhao: “Okay.”

The two of them walked forward in silence. After taking two steps, Liu Zhao suddenly grabbed Li Zixia’s arm. “Look!”

Li Zixia was stunned. She looked up and saw a gentle lady in a cheongsam walking in with a middle-aged man in a suit.

The two of them had serious expressions and seemed a little unhappy. They hurried over to the library.

Li Zixia did not recognize them at first and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Liu Zhao hurriedly said, “That’s Xue Xi’s boyfriend!”

Her words reminded Li Zixia that the middle-aged man in the suit was the one who came to fetch Xue Xi yesterday.

She immediately turned around. “It’s over, it’s over! Those two look like a couple. They look too much like a married couple, but Xue Xi said that she’s not a mistress. Xue Xi must have been cheated! Now, the original wife is looking for her! Hurry, let’s go back and inform Xue Xi!”

Liu Zhao also nodded.

The two of them returned to the library and panted as they stood in front of Xue Xi.

Xue Xi looked up in confusion and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Just as Li Zixia was about to speak softly, Liu Zhao seemed to be frightened and shouted, “Hurry, hurry up and leave. Your boyfriend’s legal wife is here!”

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