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"Let's talk inside!" Fu Huai'an said.

Gu Qingcheng then gazed towards Yun Liuli. Seeing Gu Qingcheng notice her, Yun Liuli smiled, her pet.i.te body that had received dance training standing straight… She was wearing a white and tight-fitting high-collared sweater, appearing clean like an angel.

She appeared more vibrant because of Gu Qingcheng's gaze, but the expression in Gu Qingcheng's eyes remained calm. He said to her, "We can settle our scores after the wedding!"

"Okay!" Yun Liuli replied quickly, not at all like she was about to receive punishment, but more like she was about to receive some reward.

Gu Qingcheng took a deep look at Yun Liuli before following Fu Huai'an, Lu Jinnan, and Bai Jinyu upstairs.

Tuan Tuan and Little Candy went to Tuan Tuan's room to play with building blocks under the accompaniment of Auntie Li.

It was bustling with life in the main bedroom where the girls were gathered together.

Bai Xiaonian, You Nainai, and Xu Wanwan were looking at Lin Nuan's gowns in the bedroom, unable to conceal the envy in their eyes.

"Wow! It'll be great if I get to wear such pretty gowns when I get married!" Xu Wanwan touched the exquisite embroideries on the wedding gown very carefully, as if she was afraid she might destroy them.

"Isn't it easy? Just tell your Dr. Bai that he needs to propose with such a pretty wedding gown, and he will then prepare it for you!" Bai Xiaonian teased Xu Wanwan.

Xu Wanwan blushed. "I'm only speaking casually. I have even yet to graduate, so it's still too early to talk about marriage…"

"Since it's still early, why are you blushing?" Bai Xiaonian didn't show any restraint after becoming more familiar with Xu Wanwan.

"How am I blushing? I'm clearly just feeling warm!" Xu Wanwan covered her face with her hands and came up with some excuse. However, her large watery eyes and shy look had long betrayed her.

The makeup artist's a.s.sistant, who was packing up, couldn't resist turning back to look at those pretty ladies, feeling that this house was filled with beauties!

Liang Mulan and Aunt Blessing hurriedly laid out the red bed sheets. Originally, the servants could handle a menial task like this, but Liang Mulan insisted on doing it herself. Lin Nuan, who had yet to remove her makeup after the second makeup trial, stood at the foot of the bed as she bent over to help with the bedsheets…

Liang Mulan said with a smile to Lin Nuan, "Before I came, your grandmother even asked me to talk to you about how inappropriate this is. How could a girl stay in and directly get married to the guy at his house instead of being picked up from the girl's place? The old lady is worried that you won't be able to stand upright before your husband's family in the future!"

Lin Nuan had been Liang Mulan's daughter for so many years, so how could she not understand what Liang Mulan meant?

She gazed at Liang Mulan, merely smiling and not daring to reply, afraid she would be reprimanded.

Liang Mulan glared at Lin Nuan. Although it was a glare, one could tell that it was more like her heart ached for Lin Nuan from her eyes.

Lin Nuan didn't elaborate on Fu Huai'an's relationship with his family. Even though Liang Mulan didn't ask, she did worry in her heart. After all… none of the elders from the Fu family could be seen. Those who didn't know better would think that the Fu elders didn't agree to the marriage between Lin Nuan and Fu Huai'an!

Liang Mulan only had two daughters in this lifetime, Lin Nuan and Lin Ran!

Her son Lin Chen was still alright, for he would always be before her eyes in the future!

But when the time came for her two daughters to marry, she wouldn't be able to see if they lived well when they lived elsewhere, so she inevitably worried about them. After all, Liang Mulan couldn't very well live in her daughters' houses, nor could she make her daughters and sons-in-law stay at the Lin house.

"The elders are like that! Young people have their own thinking, and as elders, we need to be able to keep up with the times!" Aunt Blessing looked up and smiled at Liang Mulan, who was opposite her, deliberately trying to help Lin Nuan get out of this.

"That's true, but seriously speaking, I still feel a little upset about this!" Liang Mulan fixed the bedsheets properly and straightened her body. "I've imagined what it would be like when Nuan Nuan got married since she was little. I never imagined it would end up like this, with her not even marrying from our home!"

Regarding this matter, Old Madam Lin wasn't the only one who minded, Liang Mulan did too. So, in the end, she still voiced out her displeasure.

Just then, a servant came in with fruits and snacks, even refilling the teapot. She told Liang Mulan that several pastry chefs and cake makers had arrived and were getting busy downstairs, then asked Liang Mulan if she wanted to go down and take a look!

Previously, Liang Mulan had said that she wanted to make some adjustments to the snacks. The servants remembered this and hence came to ask.

Liang Mulan didn't want to overlook even a minor detail when it came to Lin Nuan's wedding. Therefore, she nodded and, after telling Aunt Blessing about it, went downstairs to instruct the dim sum chefs on the details to be amended.

Aunt Blessing knew that Liang Mulan wasn't Lin Nuan's biological mother. However, for her to be so attentive towards Lin Nuan, she clearly regarded Lin Nuan as her real daughter.

Aunt Blessing said to Lin Nuan, "Your mother really loves you! That kid Lin Ran isn't bad either. She's been keeping your mother company. Just now, at dinner, she didn't even let the caretakers help feed your mother, attentively doing it herself!"

Lin Nuan nodded, a smile in her eyes. The soft orange shade of lipstick that she had yet to wipe away from her makeup trial made her appear all the more warm and gentle. "Mm! I know…"

The two makeup artists were also staying at the new residence for the night. They finished packing and were about to return to their rooms when Lin Nuan invited them and their a.s.sistants to share in the snacks and fruits. But anyone could tell that next up would be her private time with her best friends, and even Aunt Blessing was about to leave, so the makeup artists knew better than to stay and get in their way!

Lin Nuan reminded the servants that were sending the makeup artists to their rooms to send them some fruits and snacks later. She was considerate and polite.

After sending away the makeup artists, Lin Nuan received Fang Yan and Miss Xia's call, who called to say that they wanted to come over and take a look at the bride. Miss Xia even said that she wanted to see what her mansion looked like!

In the past, even if Lin Nuan had never attended weddings before, she knew that the night before the wedding, close friends of the bride would gather with the bride to sit and chat. The same went for the groom.

Lin Nuan was undoubtedly busy, but it was only the prelude of the wedding…

Su Manman arrived in her flashy red sports car after shaking off the paparazzi. The minute she got out of the car, she flicked her seaweed-like long hair, her aggressive and stunning beauty mesmerizing all of the wedding planning staff busy at work.

The young lad who got out of the car with Su Manman looked like he stepped right out of a comic book with his pretty and clean facial features. Someone recognized him as the wildly popular Lu Tianyu from that previous talent contest.

Liang Mulan, Uncle Blessing, and Aunt Blessing were all busy with the wedding preparations for tomorrow…

As for Lin Ran, she accompanied Ji Yun in her room.

The friends that Fu Huai'an was willing to invite to the Fu residence… other than Ji Zibai, who was held up by some matters and had yet to arrive, were all gathered in the study.

Lin Nuan's friends occupied the living room on the second level and were chattering merrily. Bai Xiaonian and Xu Wanwan both had bubbly personalities, while Fang Yan and Miss Xia were good at chatting too. They sighed with emotion as they talked about Lin Nuan and Fu Huai'an's castle-like mansion of a new residence.

Yun Liuli was curled up on a single-seater sofa. She was looking out of the living room, listening for any movements while guessing when Gu Qingcheng would come out.

Upon hearing Xu Wanwan say, in an exaggerated tone, that she thought she had been transported to mid-century Europe when she first came in, Fang Yan nudged Lin Nuan with her elbow…

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