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Because the media couldn't reach Lu Jinnan and Fu Huai'an for the time being, their a.s.sistants' phones were about to explode from calls made by reporters…

The two a.s.sistants said the same thing—that they were on leave and didn't know what decision their bosses had reached. They were also waiting for their bosses to inform them, but they very loyally expressed that they would go wherever their bosses went!

Such a reply made the media sniff something unusual.

In Jincheng, on Tang Xi's end, he watched the violently moving share price of the Kaide Corporation on his computer screen while sniffing a cigar under his nose, his expression as jubilant as it could get!

Lu Jinnan had made up his mind to fall out with the Kaide Corporation!

Tang Xi wasn't truly planning on opening the doors of the Jiahe Corporation to welcome Fu Huai'an and Lu Jinnan. In fact, his original intention was to mock them…

Tang Xi didn't feel that Lu Jinnan was dumb enough not to have realized that he was mocking them; for Lu Jinnan to be doing this, perhaps Fu Huai'an had other plans, and Tang Xi's two handwritten letters happened to be of help to them.

Tang Xi sniffed the aroma of the cigar and felt that it wasn't hard to guess. Originally, Fu Huai'an had washed his hands of the company to show his displeasure with Fu Qingquan. According to Tang Xi's sources, that indeed gave Fu Qingquan a headache, but shortly after, Fu Cheng returned.

Then later, perhaps Fu Huai'an feared Fu Cheng would occupy his position and couldn't sit still, so he returned to the country. Then, Lu Jinnan deliberately posted his invitations to make a big impact! To let Fu Qingquan know that he and Fu Huai'an were hot stuff!

He thought that perhaps Fu Huai'an and Lu Jinnan were planning to wait until the Kaide Corporation's share price had plunged before going back. They could then rescue the company when it could no longer hold out, reconsolidating their positions at the Kaide Corporation!

Tsk tsk tsk… Fu Huai'an was in a difficult position indeed, and he didn't have a charmed life like his third older brother!

His third older brother was a confirmed successor, and no one had ever tried to pull tricks behind his back…

But Fu Huai'an had an adopted son of the Fus before him, and an illegitimate son, Fu Tianci, behind him, so every step he took was a difficult one!

Tang Xi smiled lightly. Regardless of what Fu Huai'an and Lu Jinnan's aim was, the result was satisfactory to Tang Xi. Therefore, it was mutually beneficial!

Once this news was out, the most anxious one wasn't Fu Qingquan, it was the Chus.

The Chus originally held the hot potato that was the Kaide Corporation's shares, and they were hesitating as to what to do. Now that they saw Tang Xi's invitation date, they were stunned…

It turned out that Fu Huai'an truly had no intention of returning to the Kaide Corporation. No wonder even Lu Jinnan sold his shares!

Previously, Chu Xun's father had thought that Lu Jinnan had told Chu Xun that he already sold his shares as part of Fu Huai'an's ploy. He hadn't expected that Fu Huai'an was planning to go to the Jiahe Corporation!

Chu Xun's father panicked. He immediately contacted Chu Xun and asked her to look for Fu Huai'an again, wanting her to see if he still wanted the shares. If he didn't, she was to hurry up and sell them and not hold on to them anymore. After all, the longer the situation dragged on, the larger their losses!

Selling them now caused Chu Xun's father's heart to ache…

However, Chu Xun's father's acute businessman's sixth sense told him that he would likely be stuck with these shares, that there would only be people selling them now, with no one buying them!

Especially after Lu Jinnan posted the sincere invitation from Tang Xi, those on the fence like Chu Xun's father perhaps couldn't keep their cool now.

Only Lu Qingmei read the Weibo post with a look of glee in her eyes, thinking that her ploy to have Lu Qili threaten Fu Huai'an had worked!

So, Fu Huai'an had his weakness too, which was the fact that he used to work undercover!

Lu Qingmei felt that she had to get her men to step up their checks into Fu Huai'an's undercover past; only when she solidly held this matter in her hands would she be able to control Fu Huai'an, who had blood relations with Fu Qingquan.

When Old Madam Fu heard about this, she nearly lost her grip on the teacup in her hands and fainted. The servants in the house were so freaked out that they called for the family doctor.

Old Madam Fu had released news of Fu Huai'an's return to the country after hearing it from Chu Xun, doing so in order to stabilize the Kaide Corporation's share price.

Unexpectedly, after she did so, Lu Jinnan posted a handwritten invitation from the Jiahe Corporation's Tang Xi!

Now, the Kaide Corporation's share price had plunged even harder…

Even if Fu Huai'an hadn't expressed his stand, everyone knew Lu Jinnan's relationship with Fu Huai'an. In the Kaide Corporation, they were superior and subordinate, but in their personal lives, they were sworn friends for life and death.

Fu Huai'an was even the one who won Lu Jinnan's murder case and saved his life!

Lu Jinnan had posted this handwritten invitation and spoken ambiguously, so did that represent Fu Huai'an's intentions as well?

Old Madam Fu felt uneasy. She got her a.s.sistant to call Fu Huai'an, but they couldn't get in touch with him. Old Madam Fu had no choice but to grit her teeth and call Lin Nuan.

When Lin Nuan received Old Madam Fu's call, she was on the way to the Cloud Top Condominium with Fu Huai'an.

Seeing the incoming caller's name on her phone, Lin Nuan turned her head to Fu Huai'an. "Seems like… it's Old Madam Fu!"

Fu Huai'an's dark gaze swept over the number on the screen. He knew that Old Madam Fu got anxious because she couldn't reach him, leaving her with no choice but to call Lin Nuan.

"Never mind, you can just ignore it!" Fu Huai'an said.

Fu Huai'an wasn't deliberately trying to make Old Madam Fu anxious, but she was too close to Chu Xun. If he told Old Madam Fu, never mind whether she would tell Chu Xun herself, even if Old Madam Fu simply appeared calmer, the clever Chu Xun would quickly be able to tell that something was amiss!

Even if Chu Xun couldn't tell, her father, the old fox, would be able to…

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Fu Huai'an decided to hide it from Old Madam Fu and wait to tell her when things were confirmed.

Old Madam Fu wasn't in good health, but thankfully, she had a strong will. So long as Fu Huai'an hadn't gained control of the Kaide Corporation, Old Madam Fu would be able to keep herself from falling.

After experiencing countless life-and-death situations, Fu Huai'an knew that very well, so he was rea.s.sured in regard to Old Madam Fu's condition.

Lin Nuan nodded and turned her phone to silent mode before placing it in her bag.

Fu Huai'an grabbed Lin Nuan's pet.i.te hand and placed one hand on the steering wheel. "I heard from Fang Yan that publicity for the movie would start shortly. If your body can't take it, don't force yourself!"

"En!" Lin Nuan nodded. "Don't worry, I know!"

Old Madam Fu was relentless and kept calling. She only gave up when she realized that Lin Nuan wasn't going to answer.

Old Madam Fu didn't manage to get through to Lin Nuan on the phone, so her heart ached terribly. She had only just consumed some heart medication when Old Master Fu called.

The housekeeper looked at Old Madam Fu and, in a low voice, asked her if she wanted to answer his call!

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