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Chapter 653 The List (2)

“Pigs could become Fate Challengers? Even if you call us pigs, we would be the best pigs!” Tang Ruyan argued.

Su Ping sneered.

He only said that they were grounded and left to find Joanna.

“What’s the deal between your brother and Joanna?” Tang Ruyan wondered why he cared that much about Joanna.

Su Lingyue stood akimbo and snorted. “Not a legitimate one.”

“You don’t know?”

“Of… of course I know. I know everyone who’s acquainted with my brother.”

“Is that so?”


In the pet room.

“That’s the thing. Have you heard about such a formation?”

Su Ping told Joanna about what he had seen in the Deep Caves, including the formation used to contain the area, the five fields and the sealing formation that some beast kings were guarding.

Joanna was sitting in a nursing pen with anima surrounding her; she had a dainty and exquisite look, like a fairy.

“The five fields…”

Joanna raised her eyebrows. “You must be speaking about the Five Elements Formation! Judging by the situation you described, I think it’s just a small Five Elements Formation, but that would be more than enough to contain those beast kings.”

“A small Five Elements Formation?”

That was a pleasant surprise for Su Ping. “You know about this? Do you know how to repair it?”

“It’s easy to repair such a formation. Find where the break is, then use energy and formation grains to repair it.”

Joanna made it sound like a walk in the park. “I understand that four of the five elements were depleted and the Five Elements Formation exists in name only… I suggest you build a new one. Sometimes it’s easier to build from scratch than to repair, just like this case.”

Su Ping twitched his mouth.

Small thing?

That small thing had contained all the beast kings in the Deep Caves for over a thousand years; the beast kings had to exhaust their means to break free. For Joanna to say that the formation was a small thing…

“I understand you can build one, am I right?” Su Ping asked.

Joanna answered with pride. “I can build you a big Five Elements Formation, let alone a small one. A big Five Elements Formation can even contain Star Rank beings with ease. But well… I cannot leave your store. My hands are tied here, sorry.”

Su Ping was speechless. The scheming glow in her eyes told him what she was thinking.

“Don’t even think about leaving my store. Not a chance.”

Su Ping thought about it and suggested something else, “If it’s not complicated, teach me and I will build it.”

Joanna snorted. “It’s not complicated, but learning is that easy. You would have to spend a month or two if you’re a quick learner; if you’re not, it’ll take you dozens of years or even over a hundred years. I can teach you, sure. But when do you plan on taking me to the Archean Divinity? Are you sure that you can take me there? That place was broken ages


“Of course. We’ve talked about this. I’ll take you there but you’ll have to behave and become an outstanding employee,” Su Ping promised.

“Hmm, I will trust you, but only for now,” Joanna said, “I have the materials to build this formation at my place, but I cannot control whether you can learn it or not.

“Speaking of which, I think your so-called teacher could deal with those puny beast kings easily. Why do you have to go through so much trouble?”

“Well, you got me there. I think my teacher is kind of stupid.” Su Ping curled his lips.

“Verbal abuse, first offense!”

“Sometimes you ask some people to come out and they pay no attention, but they sure notice in a flash when you call them stupid,” Su Ping said with sarcasm.

“Second offense!”

“What?” Joanna was perplexed but she did understand Su Ping’s first comment. She was surprised; she believed that a mysterious teacher had helped Su Ping become crazy powerful. For him to be actually taunting his teacher…

She realized she might have underestimated Su Ping all this time.

Who on earth is this guy?

“Nothing. Since you’re willing to teach me, let us begin right away. Once I learn, maybe I’ll be able to drive the beasts back to the Deep Caves and imprison them again,” Su Ping said.

She neither agreed nor disagreed. “You’d better be prepared. According to what you said, I think the wild beats from the Deep Caves are prepared and they are planning against something. I cannot tell what the other sealing formation at the deepest level is. After all, your description is not in detail and I’ve never seen one like it. I’m not sure.

“There shouldn’t be a second core inside a small Five Elements Formation. So, I don’t think the sealing formation is part of the small Five Elements Formation. It should be an independent array. As for what is sealed inside, I have no idea.”

Su Ping frowned. He still thought that the sealing formation was a hidden risk.

He wondered when the risk would present itself.

Su Ping shook his head to calm himself down. Overthinking would not do him any good. He would rather make the most of the time available and work on the things that mattered. “Let’s go back to your place so you can teach me,” Su Ping said.

Joanna nodded. She missed her hometown; Su Ping had been busy, so it had been some time since she had gone back. “I’ll go and tell them,” Su Ping said. Su Ping went back to the storefront; Tang Ruyan and the other two girls were still there. “Go back home and don’t go anywhere else. I have to close the store for a day.”

“Again?” Tang Ruyan was surprised.

Su Lingyue voiced her confusion. “You’ve just returned. I thought you loved making money. Why don’t you open the store? The beast strikes are coming. Our store can help many battle pet warriors; helping them would raise the chances of survival for all of us.”

Zhong Lingtong gazed at Su Ping but said nothing.

“I said go home so go home. I have my business,” Su Ping said grumpily. He could not explain the secrets of the store so he had to tell them to leave.

“Hmm, getting all mysterious again,” Tang Ruyan mumbled and went away.

Su Lingyue didn’t say anything else; the three girls left the store.

Su Ping closed the door, paying no heed to the looks of resentment thrown at him by the three girls.

He gathered Joanna and opened the portal to the DemiG.o.d Burial.

Desperate times. The wild beasts could arrive at any time; Su Ping had to return every day.

One day in real life was ten days in the cultivation sites.

That was the same for all the cultivation sites. He asked the system about the principle but the system turned a deaf ear to him.

Su Ping had become used to the system playing possum during critical moments.

The way to get the system’s attention was easy. Calling it stupid was enough. “Don’t think I don’t know what’s on your mind. Do you want a taste of thunder? The pain will be ten times stronger than before!” the system warned Su Ping with a gloomy tone.

They arrived at the DemiG.o.d Burial. Same as before, Joanna’s original self told some people to escort them to her residence.

It had been a long time since Joanna had visited that realm. The G.o.ds on the mountain were thrilled to see her return; they hurried over to greet her.

Joanna knew that Su Ping was in a rush and the Blue Planet was indeed in grave danger. Joanna resolutely told her subordinates to leave and then took Su Ping to a library located on the mountain.

There were some mysterious skills that Joanna’s original self had collected. They were kept in the library, including the Five Elements Formation.

“The theory of the Five Elements Formation is easy. You use the five basic elements and take advantage of their mutually dependent and mutually exclusive nature to generate energy. The Five Elements Formation has a particular trait; the containment power will grow with the pa.s.sing of time!”

“If a Five Elements Formation has a history of a million years, then the Five Elements Formation can even contain G.o.ds!

“However, there are hardly any Five Elements Formations that are a million years old. The small Five Elements Formation that you’re going to learn doesn’t have such a trait. Its power will always remain the same. You also cannot break the balance of the five elements. Once the balance is upset, the formation’s power will deteriorate and the things contained inside will eventually find a weak area they can breach.”

Joanna took out a magatama bead; the explanation of the small Five Elements Formation had been carved on it.

“Go through this first and memorize all the information; I will explain later. This will help you understand it.”

Su Ping nodded.

He sat down on the ground regardless of the dust. He probed the magatama with his mind.

Time flew.

Su Ping studied the small Five Elements Formation and Joanna kept him company. She was not an expert in formations, but she was more than capable enough to teach him.

Joanna’s explanation was thorough and Su Ping’s study was comprehensive. Su Ping attained a basic understanding of the small Five Elements Formation in merely ten days.

Su Ping’s progress was faster than Joanna had antic.i.p.ated. She realized that Su Ping had become quite talented when it came to learning of formations.

“You can finish the study in less than a month. Indeed… I am a good teacher,” Joanna exclaimed

Su Ping rolled his eyes. Ten days had gone by. He summoned the system and went back to the store.

He opened the door at once to check the situation outside after he returned.

The wild beasts were on the move. Many things could happen in one day in real life.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw many t.i.tled battle pet warriors of the Qin family across the street; the other families were also gathered there. Everyone looked sullen.

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