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Chapter 537 Upgrading the Store

“The combat strength of 25 points should be that of the Void State. The Inferno Dragon also has the Teleportation skill which is a Void State skill.”

Su Ping was very glad about the Inferno Dragon’s progress. Few people would believe him that his pet had Void State combat strength while still being at the ninth-rank.

I myself must make some progress. I’m still at the seventh rank and everyone believes that I am already at the t.i.tled rank. I must prove them right. Su Ping said to himself.

But he didn’t rush to cultivate. He had to find out more about the Inferno Dragon first.

Su Ping didn’t have to worry about the Inferno Dragon breaking the test room, so he ordered it to try out all the skills. Some of the legendary skills had amazed him.

One of the Inferno Dragon’s bloodline skills, the Purple Dragon’s Breath, was quite horrifying; it had enough strength to burn and melt the air.

One such breath could kill a creature below the Void State.

After gaining a general idea of his pet’s current status, he took the Inferno Dragon out from the test room and told it to have a rest in the nursing pen. In the meantime, Su Ping told Tang Ruyan to go across the street to the five major families and tell the family heads to stop by. Su Ping had used up almost all of the remaining two million energy points on revivals on that one visit to the Realm of the Purple-blood Dragons. He was in dire need to make more.

The best way for him to cultivate was to go to a cultivation site when he went to train the customers’ pets. That way, he could make money and progress faster. On top of that, he didn’t have to worry about his cultivation going awry. On the off chance that something did happen, he could just start over by committing suicide. What an impeccable way to cultivate.

Soon after, Tang Ruyan came back. The family heads weren’t following her; the family elders went there instead.

The government and the five major family heads were all as busy as bees to speed up the reconstruction process. The elders stayed across the street to keep an eye out on Su Ping’s store, in case he would decide to sell beast kings again. They had to be there in time to buy such pets.

“Mr. Su, what do you require from us?”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Su.”

The elders addressed Su Ping with respect.

Su Ping had made a name for himself after the battle against the Otherworld Heavenly King.

The family elders no longer feared Su Ping like before; they began to hold him in awe and veneration.

The family elders had also heard about Su Ping’s deeds in the Tower, as well as Qin Duhuang’s decision. The Qin Family understood that while their family head Qin Duhuang had reached the legendary rank, he didn’t join the Tower. From then on, the Qin Family would always side with Su Ping.

If the Tower decided to go after the Qin Family, they would have to turn to Su Ping for help.

Su Ping went straight to the point. “I believe you’re all quite aware of the pet training quality of my store. The war has just ended and many battle pet warriors are still dealing with grave matters. As such, they’re not in the state to come and train their pets, which has affected my business. Go and tell whoever in your family needs to have pets trained to come to my store. I can train any pet below the beast king rank.”

The family elders could not, for the life of them, antic.i.p.ate that Su Ping was asking them for business opportunities. There were still wild beast corpses lying around outside the base city which was still mourning. Every line of business had been affected and the pet stores weren’t immune to the influence.

“I see. Mr. Su, you must want to help our young train their pets so that our families can recover faster. Mr. Su, how kind of you. We are beyond words.”

The family elders thought they had understood Su Ping’s intention and they thanked him with strong emotions. How respectful of Su Ping.

But Su Ping was speechless.

“It’s not only for the young people. You can come as well if you have such needs,” Su Ping added.

The family elders nodded. The elder from the Qin Family was more excited than the others. “I’ve heard from Shuhai that the quality of the pet training is marvelous and one session of training can increase the pet’s strength drastically. You can even train a pet so well that an ordinary one at the ninth rank can fight another at the peak of the ninth rank!” “Now that you have such needs, I don’t think I have to ask my family head for permission. I have four ninth-rank pets. Mr. Su, can you train them? One of the pets is of the demon family.”

“Any pet will do,” Su Ping answered.

The elder immediately summoned his battle pets.

The other family elders quickly stood in line and told Su Ping that they wanted their pets trained as well.

Su Ping didn’t let them down. He registered their information and at the same time, felt it was like a dream. Those family elders were all at the t.i.tled rank. Even though they weren’t the most outstanding t.i.tled battle pet warriors, their pets were all at high ranks and they all chose professional training. A single pet’s professional training could get Su Ping one hundred million astral coins, i.e. one million energy points!

The five family elders left 24 battle pets for Su Ping to train. After he accepted all of their orders, to his delight, he saw that the balance of his energy points had drastically increased to more than twenty-four million!

Indeed, more than twenty million energy points!

Su Ping asked Tang Ruyan to see the family elders out. Su Ping still found it hard to believe it as he stared at the balance of energy points.

Making energy points used to be very hard for him. Even when his store was packed, he would merely make about one million per day, unless someone was generous enough to spend a hundred million astral coins on professional training

But such customers would not come every day. After all, one hundred million was not a small number.

The family elders were wealthy enough to afford hundreds of millions easily. Also, they wouldn’t want to go with general training considering Su Ping’s reputation. All the family elders had chosen the expensive professional training and the cost for each pet would be one hundred million. Su Ping was making energy points much faster than before.

Twenty-four million energy points…

Upgrading the store to the third level merely requires ten million energy points!

I can upgrade the store right now!

For the first time, Su Ping was able to make some quick money.

But it wasn’t easy money. He had to train 24 battle pets and it was professional training all the way, which was a difficult task. If there were merely one or two battle pets, he could have asked Joanna to handle them. However, twenty-four was a large number. Su Ping believed he would have to get busy for quite some time.

I think I must make the training of advanced pets more well-known to attract more t.i.tled battle pet warriors. That way, I can make money faster. I cannot make money quick enough just with the training of some low-rank pets, Su Ping said to himself.

“System, what are the benefits of the store’s third level?” Su Ping asked. The system answered, “A third-level store will have a brand-new platform on which pets for rent will be displayed. The system’s shop will be upgraded to the third level as well, and there’s a chance for more and rarer treasures and skills, even elementary divine skills.” Su Ping was disappointed. “Nothing else?” “The host will have access to advanced nursing pens. The host can spend some energy points and upgrade the nursing pens.

“With advanced nursing pens, there is a chance that a pet can pick up some talent skill and the probability of the pet gaining an elementary talent skill is 10% and 0.01% for a middle-level talent skill,” the system elaborated.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows. “Do you mean something like what my pets learned from the Enlightening Guide?” “Yes.”

“Let’s upgrade the store, then.” Su Ping decided. He had to upgrade the store at some point, because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to upgrade the Incubation Pool, either. If he could get some divine skills from the system’s upgraded shop, he believed his strength would witness another increase. If lucky, the system’s shop would be of much a.s.sistance in his search for strength.

“Requirements for upgrading the store: first, the real estate area connected to the store under the host’s command reaches 100,000 square meters; second, there are pets trained reaching above-average in apt.i.tude; third, the host shall be at the ninth rank.

“The third requirement has not been fulfilled. Good luck to the host,” the system added.

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