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The man stared at her beautiful face in a daze. His daughter had a premonition that something might happen, but didn't dare to say anything.

She patted her belly in fear. The story behind this child was just unimaginable.

The man stepped forward and was about to say something when he suddenly snapped out the daze. "Wixen. People like you should die."

She ignored his words as she saw two angry pairs of eyes staring at the man and almost started laughing. "He is just a commoner. There must be a bigger story behind this.'' Her clear eyes turned towards I'm and suddenly her smile disappeared from one second to another, making it even scarier.

This time the man could feel literally getting cold feeling creeping up his spine. 

Her voice resounded in a full room. ''I was not around for just short time and people forget as it seems who I am. Tell me, child, do you even know anything about me.''

The man looked at his daughter but she shook her head. ''Father, I think he asked you, not me.''

The man rose his eyebrows in wonder. ''Child? I am already over fifty and you call me a child?''

Kendra sighed and pointed at Lord Ca.s.sian. ''Young men, tell me, do you know how old is my father.'' 

''He should be younger than me, but how can he be your father, you seem about his age.'' The old man was literally confused.

''Just as I thought so. Since I transported that world here, not everyone taught their children about me. This is interesting. When I am done cleaning the worlds I have a huge wish to travel through this world for a while. It's about time I learn more about it.'' She was really curious as to how this world changed. 

Her eyes went to Marcus that leaned on the nearby wall and looked at the man with a sigh. ''It seems you know this child. What is going on?''

Marcus slowly walked forward and the old man paled. ''G.o.d, he is our G.o.d! He quickly kneeled down to show his servitude making Marcus sigh.''

''Have I ever accepted your wish? I am not your G.o.d, you idiot.'' He despisingly snorted and bowed in front of Kendra. ''G.o.ddes Kaia, I am sorry about this. His misconception is because of hsi parents. They lived deep in forests and later no one talked about your true name. Not many in this world who you really are.''

Kendra came down and softly pinched his face. ''Stop complaining. I can hear your complaints all over to the other realm. This world became so big that you can't handle all matters alone. I understand. I didn't ask you to be the ultimate ruler. Just to protect children from nasty people. Anything else is to be handled by the laws and traditions of their countries. This child just had no idea who he messed with. But, I fear the person behind this all, knew very well.''

Marcus sighed and took her by hand. ''Shoudl I eradicated the whole clan?'' He was not bloodthirsty, it was worse. He just didn't care. He took care of this world only because of Kendra.

She shook her head and her eyes became beautifully rainbow-coloured. With warmth, she looked at the child and then at the young woman. ''The way this child was conceived was wrong, from start on. I won't take it away from you but you can't marry my nephew. Give the child lots of love. Our family will not deny its existence, I can promise you that much. But, if any of you try to use my goodness for granted you must remember one thing, this is my world. If I get angry, I won't kill you. ill just send you to the old continent. Understood?''

The stories about the world they came from actually became scary stories for children. But hearing er words both the old man and the pregnant woman paled. He slowly approached with an ashen face. ''So, the old world really exists?''

Kendra nodded. ''If your wish is to live there, I can help you go, but you can never come back. Ever.''

Curiosity and anxiousness mixed into weird feeling and his head started hurting. But she just touched his head with one finger and all the pain was gone in nu. Not only that, but the other pains were also gone as well. ''You... you healed me? But why?''

''Those that filled your head with such weird thoughts wanted to harm both of us. I have no idea why would they use you. You have absolutely no powers. Anyway, go back home. Or stay in the city, as you wish. The child is a girl and has no powers. But as the princess, she will have all the needed things to learn for future life. Don't worry.'' Kendra walked up and clapped her hand. ''Everyone, dismissed!''

As the bunch of people left, Alec looked at Kendra with aggrieved expression. ''Auntie, I have no idea how did this happen...''

Kendra sighed and patted his head. ''They used your sense of security to make you sleep a bit harder and then used your...stufff... to make her get pregnant.''

Lord Ca.s.sian, Markus and Cethin froze while Alec didn't have any idea what she was talking about. ''Stuff? What stuff? And how did they do that?''

''I read that woman's mind. She had no idea about it as well. They just told her you impregnated her and she must carry on the pregnancy. But her father... He got memory swiping. They put strange memories into his head to make him believe that you did it, no matter if it is directly or indirectly.'' Kendra tried to explain but saw his confused face and looked at Lord Ca.s.sian. ''Father, I think its time you have a man to man talk. As it seems no one explained to him how flowers and bees work.'' 

lord Ca.s.sian sighed as she said those words. ''You are quite straightforward, as always.''

She came closer and smiled at him. ''Yes. I plan never to change. What is the point of changing for others? I am I no matter where I am, what body I am and what I do. I do not wish to change ever. I like myself just the way I am.''

Cethin approached and hugged her from behind. ''And we all love you just the way you are. So be yourself, for eternity.''

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