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Chapter 875: Worsen (2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xi Xiaye looked a little worriedly at Su Nan as she reached out to hold her.

Sniffling, Su Nan took a deep breath and looked up teary-eyed at Xi Xiaye. “Xiaye, don’t tell anyone what the doctor said today. I’m worried that Ruan Heng’s parents won’t be able to handle it if they hear it. I’ve been telling them that he’s been doing well and that he’s been recovering to prevent them from being worried. Recently, their Xiao Xi has gotten the flu and inflammation of the windpipe which is all worrying.”

Xi Xiaye’s eyes dimmed for a bit, then she nodded. “Alright, I understand. Let’s go. I’ll send you home first.”

“I’m fine. There’s no need to since I still have to get back to the studio.”

“You’re not in the best situation to be working right now. Listen to me. Go home and rest well. When the weekend is over, go back to being busy. Let’s go. I’ll send you home,” Xi Xiaye said without allowing room for excuses before she pulled Su Nan and walked ahead.

Xi Xiaye had driven herself over today because she was worried about Su Nan, so she offered to just send her home. After that, Su Nan could only quietly get into her car.

The car sped along the way. Su Nan did not say much, so Xi Xiaye remained silent too, letting her have some time alone.

“Xiaye, do you think Ruan Heng will always be like this? Will he ever regain consciousness again?” Su Nan suddenly asked Xi Xiaye.

“Nan Nan, we can’t say for now, so don’t panic first. I’ll go and ask the doctor about the situation and see if there’s a way.” Although Xi Xiaye herself felt extremely uneasy about this too, she did not know what she could do.

“If there was a way, the doctor would’ve mentioned it.”

Su Nan held a hand over the bottom half of her face. Fear, worry, unease, hopelessness, and all sorts of emotions interweaved on her expression. She could barely breathe, so she could only close her eyes as her fists clenched with worry. She did not even realize when Xi Xiaye arrived at her place.

Xi Xiaye sent Su Nan home and briefly helped her tidy up her messy place. Then, she cooked some porridge in the pot before leaving.

After a night of warmly curling up with each other, Su Chen was almost late for work the next day. Thankfully, his place was close to the headquarters, so he rushed in just in time for the meeting.

At home, Ji Zitong slept till noon. Only when her hungry stomach sent out signals did she wake up from her sound slumber. She propped her aching body up and last night’s scenes quickly flashed through her mind. The messy bedsheets were also a constant reminder about what happened last night.

Ji Zitong was dazed for a moment but soon relaxed. All that should have happened had happened!

She took a deep breath before weakly hugging the blanket and leaning against the bed head. She pulled back her messy, long hair while the phone that was set aside on the table suddenly vibrated. She slowly reached out to answer it. When she saw the screen showing Su Chen’s name, she subconsciously tensed, hesitated for a bit, and then slid the screen to answer the call.

“Are you awake?” Su Chen’s soft and raspy voice came through, containing a faint hint of warm concern. “I’ve prepared breakfast for you in the kitchen, so remember to eat it. I won’t be going back for lunch. Also, I’ve told them what to do at the store. I already told Father and Mother-in-law that you won’t be going to the hospital. You can go tomorrow. Just rest at home today.”

Upon hearing Su Chen say all that, she actually found it a little odd. Ever since she had been married to him, he had never come home for lunch. Why did he need to specially inform her today?

However, as she thought about this, she did not say anything. After that, she just silently nodded and responded, “Mmm, I know.”

Su Chen fell silent for a while, then added on, “Tonight, I’ll get home sooner…”

“Mm-hmm,” Ji Zitong answered calmly again.

“Is there anything you want to eat? I’ll bring it home to you tonight,” Su Chen asked.

“Nah, there’s nothing I’m particularly craving.”

Su Chen did not know what to say in response, so he just said a few more brief things before hanging up.

When Su Chen kept away his phone, he suddenly turned to ask Secretary He, “Secretary He, what do women usually like? What do you usually give your wife?”

Secretary He was startled by Su Chen’s question and could not snap back for a long while. He thought about it very quickly before clearing his throat and saying, “Chief Su, you really can’t be sure about this. Some women like jewelry, some women like flowers, and some like money. There’s also those romantics and whatnot. They just all have different preferences, so naturally, they like different things too!”

“I asked you what do you usually give your wife?”

“Flowers! Tacky roses! My woman at home’s a tacky one. She likes it the tackier it is. She said that’s called romance!” Secretary He immediately answered.


Su Chen muttered to himself, then looked at Secretary He again before he walked away in contemplation.

“Chief Su, are you thinking about getting Sis-in-law something? Flowers?” Secretary He watched Su Chen’s back and pattered after him as he asked.

Flowers probably would not work. She had a flower shop herself, so that was not rare and would not be considered a surprise.



Master Su could not quite decide.

When Secretary He saw that Su Chen did not answer, he just said, “Chief Su, what hobbies does Sis-in-law have? If you know, then it’ll be easy to choose a gift for her.”

What hobbies did Ji Zitong have?

Su Chen fell silent for a moment. The answer he had was that he did not know…

He did not seem to know her very well, yet now he had not only married her but had even slept with her.

In fact, they had done it quite a few times too. Last night, she begged for him to stop. After that, he did not let go of her, so he was not sure whether she was still angry about it earlier. If she was, then she might not be terribly happy when he got home that night. Even though he did not quite understand Ji Zitong, but he was quite clear of her temperament.

When he thought about it, Su Chen suddenly felt a little uneasy. He pondered and then said to Secretary He, “Help me find out… Forget it! I’d better do it myself!”

Su Chen sighed a little frustratedly and then walked away again.

Secretary He had no idea what was going on. He just felt like Chief Su was not quite himself today, and seemed a little twitchy.

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