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1397 Grief and Indignation 6

Gu Lingsha screamed at the top of her lungs. Her swollen blue eyes were full of pain and grief. “Qi Feng, tell me the truth! They made her do it, didn’t they?! Qi Lei is lying, isn’t he? Isn’t he?! Say it! Just tell me!”

Qi Feng’s dark eyes deepened and he looked down. He stayed quiet for a while before he met her swollen eyes and said solemnly, “Did Qi Lei tell you that?”

“Did he lie to me? It’s impossible that my mother would’ve done such a thing. She and Lingtian have no grievances at all. She treated Lingtian well from the beginning. Have you forgotten about that? How could she have attacked him? What’s more, I’m her daughter! The chances of her attacking me are close to none! This is absolutely impossible!” Gu Lingsha reacted very badly and she shook Qi Feng violently.

Qi Feng was in a daze because of her reaction. In actual fact, even he was unwilling to face the truth, let alone Gu Lingsha.

After finding out the truth about what happened six years ago, along with all the things Doris had done before her death, he did not know what he should think of Doris, his mother-in-law…

“What Qi Lei said is true. He didn’t lie to you. What happened six years ago was indeed mother’s orders,” Qi Feng stated calmly.

“That’s impossible! You’re lying! You’re lying to me too! Mother would never have done anything to me! That’s crazy! That’s just crazy! I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!” Gu Lingsha screamed hysterically immediately while holding on to Qi Feng’s arms tightly and stared at him wide-eyed.

“Let’s get out first. We’ll take it slow and I’ll tell you everything. Things are going to take some time here, so the funeral can only be held in three days.” Qi Feng patted her on the shoulder and comforted her, “I don’t want to believe it either, but whatever has happened has already happened. When you were away from City Z, so many things happened and you may not know about them all. Listen, take a good rest. What you need the most now is rest. Leave everything else up to me. Right now, I just hope you can trust me as you did before. Long before this, I promised Mother that I’d take good care of you for life, so don’t worry.”

“Let’s head back first and we’ll take care of things here, Missus! Miss Weiwei is still waiting outside.” Morrison also stepped forward and held Gu Lingsha who still had tears on her face.

Gu Lingsha cried out loud and finally glanced at Doris. Tears were streaming down her face and her exhausted body could no longer bear the grief and anger at this very moment. Her legs went weak and the lights suddenly went out.

“Shasha!” Qi Feng called out anxiously and hurriedly reached out to hold her. Morrison held her tightly, and Gu Lingsha was finally safe in their arms.

“Take her home immediately and get Dr. w.a.n.g to come over and have a look.” Qi Feng looked at Gu Lingsha, appearing conflicted. He did not know how to describe what he was feeling because he could sense the uneasiness in his heart growing …

“Yes, Master!” Morrison quickly held Gu Lingsha, who was still unconscious, by her waist, and the bodyguard outside who was dressed in black also quickly followed Qi Feng.

The wind was very cold in the middle of the night. On the wide empty road leading to Grand Lake Villa, a black car was parked on the side. The engine had been running for several hours.


Another cigarette b.u.t.t was thrown out from the car window of the driver’s seat, and the faint smoke wafted in the air. Even the oddly bright street lights could not seem to penetrate that haze.

“Cough cough!” Qi Feng felt his head aching as he coughed.

After sending Gu Lingsha off, he did not go to Imperial Sky Entertainment City to meet Mu Yuchen and the others. Instead, he drove aimlessly for a long time and then started driving home without realizing it. As he got closer to the Grand Lake Villa , he pulled over and parked there.

He had lost count of the cigarettes he had smoked. He had never smoked so many cigarettes like he had tonight. After all, he hardly smoked these days.

He thought of Qi Qiming who came over today, as well as Gu Lingsha, Morrison, and Qi Feng…


It was a word he feared.

n.o.body knew if death could erase all grievances.

He had felt so calm when he met Qi Qiming today, and it made him think that maybe he did not hate Qi Qiming as much as he thought. Was it because he had found peace with himself?

He took a deep breath and could not help but cough a few more times. When he reached out to the side to get some water, he felt a flat and hard item beneath his fingertips instead. He turned around and looked to see something reddish- brown…

[The Bible]

Dongfang Liuyun had given it to him.

Dumbfounded, he stared at the book for a while before reaching out and grabbing it.

He opened the thick book, and the first thing that caught his eye was Dongfang Liuyun’s signature. It was strong and precise just like her.

When he turned to the second page, there were a few lines of words that she had written: “I hope that my future is like the sea where the depths of endless uncertainties will be the unknown that is filled with surprises. There is no need to be afraid of stormy seas for as long as there is a lighthouse that never goes out in my heart, I will never lose my way.”

Was this how this woman motivated herself?

As Qi Lei read this, the corner of his mouth turned up slightly in a smile and he could not help thinking about Dongfang Liuyun’s beautiful face.

“Well, it should be. Looking at her and talking to her, I immediately feel calmer and relaxed,” Qi Lei thought.

He also thought that if she were to be a teacher in psychology, she would definitely be able to produce great students. However, since she already had high achievements, he felt that she must be someone with rich experiences. Even though she did not admit it, the depths of her eyes could not fool anyone.

He suddenly became interested in her. This was the first time he felt intrigued to get to know a woman.

No, it should be the second time!

The first was Xi Xiaye!

Xi Xiaye was the kind of woman with poise and elegance, unlike Dongfang Liuyun’s mysterious and intelligent personality that would sometimes keep him on his toes!

After thinking about it, Qi Lei suddenly started the car!

He had to go home while there was still time and turn on the computer to go online. She could probably still be fighting hard now!

He had not been online for a long time!

As Qi Lei thought about it, he floored the accelerator and the car zoomed away like the wind.

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