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The realm of snow and ice was all that one could see. Yet, the white scenery had an indescribable atmosphere.

The blue flower petals were made of ice filled with beautiful patterns, as the b.u.t.ter flies with icy wings landed on them and sucked in the juice.

It was neither a day nor a night, it was twilight.

The sky was painted with the romantic pink colour as it hosted a icy blue sun, white moon and twinkling stars.

There was no source of heat nor any warmth, yet there was not the slightest hint of rejection when Sheng Tian stepped onto the Magical Ice Land.

The shimmering light fell on the Ice G.o.ddess, as her celestial countenance enthralled him. Despite the wonders of nature ahead, to him she was way more beautiful and mysterious. He was captivated as she seamlessly seemed integrated into the magical world.

Unknowingly, he tucked her hair behind her ears and raised her veil.

At the unexpected touch, Leng Yue Yan swiftly turned around and glared at him as she raised her head.

The timing was awful or maybe wonderful, as her head raised only to meet his.

Sheng Tian only wanted to look at her closely. Never would ha have thought that his impulsive action would bring an even more impulsive reaction.

At that moment, his sky blue eyes were staring into her icy blue pupils. Those cold yet beautiful eyes had a deathly glare in them when they first met his, but soon, those beautiful eyes widened in shock, which soon looked deeply into his eyes with a confused gaze.

Sheng Tian felt a cold, yet soft sensation on his lips. It was very very brief yet it was incomparably vivid.

When his hand was about to hug her, a sharp beam of profound energy shot into his stomach and blasted him.

Sheng Tian fell down heavily on the ground, as his stomach started bleeding. 'Oh my G.o.d. This girl is so savage!' he thought.

"How dare you?!" the cold voice of the Ice G.o.ddess sounded in the silent realm, as the Ice Profound Energy in the air swirled, as if they were heeding the Empress's command.

Sheng Tian's eyebrows twitched when he heard her words, but he licked his lips relishing her taste.

He stirred the Primal Seed in his dantian and the profound energy got sucked into his dantian before healing his wound at an insane rate.

Though his actions were impudent, for some reason, other than a minor injury, the Ice G.o.ddess didn't injure him heavily.

'You look so cold, but why didn't you just kill me when my guard was down? It's obvious.' he looked at the beauty in the twilight and thought.

Slowly, he stood up and stared into her eyes. His wound was already healed!

Leng Yue Yan's eyes squinted when she saw the monstrous abilities of Sheng Tian. Earlier when their lips touched, her mind went blank for a moment, and she felt a strange sensation in her heart.

She couldn't pinpoint what it was. It was warm, fuzzy yet tantalising. It was exactly because of this reason that she never wanted to do it.

If it was someone else, she would have killed them long ago without a doubt. She didn't know what was wrong with her, but she didn't want to kill him.

She told herself that it must be because she was Meng Xin's friend but deep down her heart, she was not so sure.

"I am doing this for you and you still attack me?" Sheng Tian spoke with a honest face, so much that even he doubted his own motive.

"Myself?" Leng Yue Yan's veil was still intact covering her mysterious face, yet Sheng Tian could already imagine her gnashing teeth with a cold smile when she said those words.

"Yes. I told you that the owner's of Heavenly Ice Physique lose their emotions. But there is one way to keep your emotions." he deeply stared into her eyes.

Leng Yue Yan's beautiful eyebrow raised in question as if she was asking him to explain himself.

Sheng Tian's eyes looked at her cold yet insecure appearance and felt that she was very pitiful. Looking at his gaze filled with care and gentleness, Leng Yue Yan felt a strange feeling surge up inside her. "The only way is to fall in love with someone, so deep that emotions, thoughts, nothing matters more than him, then you can have your emotions."

"You!" his words made her so shocked that she pointed at him with a look of disbelief. She wanted to ask him why he kissed her, but realised the obvious meaning behind his words.

"How can you fall in love so much that you are willing to sacrifice your everything for him? I don't know. I can only try." Sheng Tian sighed deeply, but his words carried a promise she never expected.

"Who are you to decide my life? Is this your motive all along? I thought you were a better person! Get lost! We are not having any co-operation!" her words were incomparably cold and devoid of any emotion.

Her eyes emitted killing intent as she put down her crystal blue sword and said "If you were not her friend, you would have been long dead. But even she can't save you twice.Scram!" a bone chilling aura exploded from her, colder than the Frozen h.e.l.l itself as it shot at Sheng Tian.

'You were so hasty.' Xiao Lian chided in his mind, 'Can't you wait till you grow closer to her? You d.a.m.n pervert can really make a woman fall for you so hard!'

'There is no time.' he said, 'I don't know when she will lose her emotions. I can only be as fast as I can. And I don't know what to do. Women are really complex.' he sighed.

'Enough. Do something about your situation.' she facepalmed.

Sheng Tian felt the invisible yet the tremendous aura approach him. With a snort, the primal seed in his dantian stirred, and the aura disappeared without a trace.

"I won't deny that I am not interested in you. But I'm not after you because of your body. I want to know who you are, I like staying with you. Even if you one day turn into an emotionless killer, I would still care about you.

At least give me a chance. I am might be the person for you. That ki.ss,..it was on impulse. I won't do anything overboard from on. We can still work together."he said seriously.

Leng Yue Yan closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Turning around, her back faced him. No one knew what she was thinking.

"Humph! Sweet talker! You can't trick me. However, since I gave you my promise, We will work together. Even if you have the slightest dirty thought, you will become an eunuch!" her silhouette blurred as she used Illusory Snow Dance to travel.

Sheng Tian lips twitched hearing her warning, but he smirked lightly and muttered under his breath "Did you really spare me only because of Meng Xin?"

He too used the Illusory Snow Dance as his figure blurred and shot forward.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: So, ...the readers must be wanting to whip the author for the irregular updates.

Well, My Uni started. And some days are hectic, some are not.

However, I still write.

Believe me, I would be the happiest person to see the PART 1 of this book getting finished.

And please don't go for any false a.s.sumptions. I am not dropping the book. I won't.

The updates will be a bit irregular till I figure things out here. But for now, it could be 1 chapter/ 2 days on weekdays.

There can be more on weekends.

I promise that I will try to release 1 chapter/ day soon. I just need to learn to manage my time.And that's gonna take some time.

See you in the next chapter!

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