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Bei Feng's foundation was strong, so even the descendants of powerful families could not be of comparison to him.

In the sealed room, Bei Feng clenched his teeth as he growled, "Break for me!"


A loud sound came from within the sealed room as ripples of Qi spread outwards from Bei Feng's body.


First, Bei Feng relaxed his Qi. Then, he descended from the air in a violent manner, causing the t.i.tanium-made sealed room to shake. It was so strong that anyone who entered the sealed room would be crushed by the immense air pressure!

Even the t.i.tanium walls of the sealed room were starting to warp and ripple like water under such pressure.

"Embodiment!" Bei Feng shouted toward the sky as the blood Qi in his body rumbled and rushed into the ninth joint of his spine!


All his blood Qi rushed into a segment of his spine only ten centimeters long, causing cracks to form on it.

It was as though his spine was going to break from the immense pressure caused by his blood Qi

"Break for me!"

Bei Feng looked as calm as ever as he pushed even more blood Qi into that part of his spine!

That part of the spine broke apart and healed repeatedly for over a hundred times!

In a matter of minutes, that white joint changed into something completely different. Sparkling gold threads had formed over that part of the joint.

The raging Blood Qi had stretched Bei Feng's spine for more than ten meters long!

Silver white blood Qi transformed into a lake as waves appeared on the surface!

Pure Yang Blood Qi, Impervious to Ghosts And Spirits! Bei Feng thought to himself as he stared in awe.

The golden blood was emitting strong and pure yang Qi. One drop of it seemed to be heavier than a mountain!

Indeed, this is my limit. Even though the pure yang blood Qi only took over one-thousandth of my blood Qi, my ability has improved by a few times!

Bei Feng could feel his power as he clenched his fists.

The golden blood Qi improved Bei Feng's fighting skills by enhancing the explosive power of the silver blood Qi.

Furthermore, it also strengthened Bei Feng's muscles.

"I am only one step away from becoming a Thousand Year King. I wonder what spirit power ability I would gain," Bei Feng mumbled to himself as he prepared to break through by channeling his blood Qi!

The part earlier on could be considered an upgrade, but next it was time for the ultimate leap!

Once it succeeded, he would be like a bird in the air, and a fish in the water!

As Bei Feng was in the midst of breaking through, the star palace outside was also experiencing rebirth!

18 weapons fell at the same time, instantaneously smashing the star palace apart!

Then, the palace repaired itself over and over again, shrinking during the process.

Lu Bu could witness the star palace becoming more real as it shrank in size!

By then, the Star Palace had already shrunk a few times, down to just a hundred zhang!

However, if one looked closely, the Star Palace looked incredibly real, beaming with Stellar Energy!

The smaller the Star Palace became, the less the area exposed to the attacks. Only the corners sticking out got struck.

The attacks were so strong that even Lu Bu and the gangster rabbit Gu Qi quickly retreated far away!

Couldn't one see the spatial cracks caused by the 18 weapons? As time pa.s.sed, the weapons also started losing energy because they were only projections, after all.


With a violent shake, gray Qi appeared on the surface of the Star Palace as it rose in the air and clashed with the 18 weapons!

The 19 objects clashed and attacked each other, causing huge b.a.l.l.s of sparks to fall from the sky. In one attack, cracks appeared across a hundred square meters of s.p.a.ce.

Bei Feng, however, was not worried at all as he sat at his original spot with no intention of leaving.

A Thousand Year King gets immortality, so it's only natural that it's difficult to break through. Think about the upgrade one will get upon breaking through!

Though confident, Bei Feng did not dare to slow down.

All the blood Qi eventually rushed out of his spine and into his chest.

Is this the Dragon Gate Technique?

Bei Feng's consciousness fully entered his body as he stared blankly at his chest.

Embedded in his chest was a golden gate which gave off a strong force.

Having achieved Thousand Year King realm physically, Bei Feng's flesh and blood Qi were able to combine perfectly and complement each other!

Once combined together, the upgrade in capability was more than a simple math equation of one plus one!

"Break!" Bei Feng pushed his blood Qi towards the gate around his chest!

Even on Tianmu Planet, it was rare to find a cultivator who could incorporate blood Qi into his body perfectly, so most cultivators could only use unorthodox methods to combine their blood Qi.

However, it was impossible to achieve perfect combination with blood Qi. With perfect combination, every single level of achievement meant huge improvement!

One could even say that a Thousand Year King with perfectly combined blood Qi could easily defeat a Thousand Year King realm Fifth Layer cultivator!

Without special spirit power ability, one could not be a match for a Thousand Year King with perfectly combined blood Qi!


Bei Feng's blood Qi transformed into a dragon, charging towards the gate!

Upon contact, the gate shook lightly, and Bei Feng's blood Qi disintegrated.


Bei Feng spat out a mouthful of blood. Clearly, the disintegration of his blood Qi had impacted him badly.

No wonder there are so few perfectly combined Thousand Year King. Even someone like me who has st.u.r.dy foundations could not achieve it, then how would it be possible for those weaker than me?

Bei Feng could not help but feel a sense of failure in front of his own family.


Bei Feng's face changed suddenly. The gate could even decrease the cultivator's morale!

"I don't believe that a small gate would be able to stop me!"

Bei Feng put on his game face, and swallowed a coin-sized amount of life essence!


Explosive energy ran through Bei Feng's body the moment he swallowed the life essence!

However, Bei Feng soon started to feel the effects of having such powerful life energy in his body just after having broken through. It was beginning to take a toll on him!

His body started to bloat like a balloon, and within a short time, his eyes were barely visible under all the fat.

Despite being in acute pain, Bei Feng refused to admit defeat, and continued absorbing the life energy.

"Break for me!"

Looking like a hideous meat mountain, Bei Feng could not wait any longer.

Gathering all his blood Qi, Bei Feng transformed it into a bear, which charged at the gate and banged against it with its shoulder!


A loud bang came from within Bei Feng's body as a large chunk of flesh burst out from his chest, revealing a b.l.o.o.d.y hole!

"What sound is that?"

"No, my blood Qi is out of control!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Witnessing cultivators shuddered after hearing the loud bang, and lost control of their blood Qi too.

Cultivators who were up in the air started to fall one by one.

Although the terrifying event only lasted a while, many cultivators still fled in fear.

At the same time, it got everyone curious as to what the cause was. It could be deadly if it happened during a battle.

After a piece of flesh was blown off Bei Feng's chest, he spat out a mouthful of silver blood. There was no b.l.o.o.d.y smell; instead, it smelled nice.

"How could this be!?"

Even the knowledgeable Bei Feng could not help but be amazed.

Although the thick gate had shaken violently, there was no sign of it breaking open yet.

Impossible! There must be some trick that I don't know about. If not, this doesn't make sense. With my st.u.r.dy foundation and life essence, there's no way the gate can't be opened!

Failure to break open the gate made Bei Feng realize that he had to have missed something crucial!

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