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Han Tuo squinted his eyes in hesitation as he knew he would not have dared to do something so out of place in the past.

I shall only intervene when the Zeng Family pushes the Lu Family to the brink. It will make Lu Buhui become my cauldron willingly, Han Tuo thought to himself. Lu Buhui was an important factor in determining his entry into the University of Tianmu, so there was no way he would let her escape.

Once he obtained Lu Buhui's Yin energy, it would double his chances of entering the University of Tianmu. That meant increasing his chances to eighty percent after absorbing the Yin energy!


Suddenly, Lu Bu raised his head, and looked in a faraway direction.

"Who is that!? How can there be such a strong cultivator in the Lu Family!?"

The sight made Han Tuo and the gang shudder as tens of meters of s.p.a.ce around them started to ripple. If it were not for their formation, they would have been exposed by their opponents.

"Impossible! I have done a thorough background check on the Lu Family which showed no existence of a Thousand Year King, so where did this person come from?"

A black-robed old man was shocked with how their formation almost got exposed by the stare of a man who was standing so far away. That kind of skill level definitely belonged to a Thousand Year King!

"If you ask me, whom do I ask? Aren't you responsible for stuff like this? Now, explain to me who this person is!" Han Tuo chided the old man as if blaming him.

"Young Master, we have been diligently researching their family background. The Lu Family could not be any more ordinary. This powerful man must have been hired by them, so there should not be a reason why he would go against us," the panic-stricken old man hurriedly explained.

"It'd better be so."

Han Tuo snorted, and let the matter pa.s.s. After all, the old man was from his own clan, and it would not be appropriate to punish him like a servant.

"Buhui, good that you're back. Leave this matter to me." Lu Liang pulled Buhui behind him as he could sense her nervousness and confusion.

Zeng Zhi waved his hand, and instructed lazily, "Insolent bunch. Kill everyone except the girl."


Suddenly, a slash wound appeared on Zeng Zhi's neck, sending blood spurting in all directions as he collapsed onto the ground. It happened before anyone could make a move! Zeng Zhi's eyes were flashing with fear as he made a weak groan in his last moments.

All that could be heard was the sound of a sword swinging past before a woman standing on the opposite side calmly kept her sword into the scabbard like she had never left the place earlier on.


"How could this be?!"

"Zeng Zhi!"

Silence ensued as the previously grinning Zeng Family's cultivators froze in shock. Not a single one of them could believe what had just occurred.

Incredible swordsmanship! Is this really the Lu Family?

Tang Li's eyes widened as she covered her mouth with her hand in disbelief. Although it could be considered a sneak attack, it was still a powerful move considering the fact that the victim was taken down instantly with just that move!

"Darn it. Kill these people to avenge our leader!"

"Annihilate them!"

The group of cultivators was enraged as murdering their leader in front of their own eyes was like a slap in their face!

As a result, their fear was masked by hatred. Swearing to seek revenge, they charged at Bei Feng and the gang with their weapons drawn.

Bei Feng waved his hand as he emotionlessly commanded, "Waste no more time, kill them!"

While he had yet to break through to the Thousand Year King realm, he had no fear of even a Thousand Year King. So, these people naturally were not a threat to him.

After his command was given, Lu Bu and Lu Bing were the first two to strike. The remaining fellow guards then followed to join in the fight!

Then, something astonishing happened before everyone's eyes!

The seemingly fearsome elite guards of the Zeng Family were easily tackled by the Lu Family!

Lu Bu and Lu Bing were like the head of an arrow, attacking the Zeng Family's cultivators who could not defend themselves against any of the moves.

The team of Lu Family guards, on the other hand, formed groups of two to tackle their enemies, killing one with just a few moves!


"How could these people be so strong!?"

"We are the Zeng Family! You dare to kill me?!"


"Yes, I'm going to kill you. You'd better follow the right family in your next life!"

The killings continued as pleas and threats could be heard in the background. Zeng Li was dumbfounded by the strength of the Lu Family, which he had initially thought was weak. What he had thought was a sheep had become a ferocious bear!

Other than Lu Bu and Lu Bing, the other family guards had also benefited from Bei Feng's resources. Bei Feng did not scrimp on his resources at all when it came to improving the skills of his family members. Although their cultivation technique was the same as before, their blood Qi was noticeably purer and much more powerful!

Hence, the Lu Family members were way out of the Zeng Family's league!

"Capture this person first!" Zeng Li shouted as he pointed at Bei Feng. Holding Bei Feng captive would make Lu Bu hesitate in his actions. Zeng Li's heart bled as he watched half of his highly trained elite guards die one by one.

Going on like that would mean a total wipe out. One could only capture the king first to control the army, and that was to capture Bei Feng to make Lu Bu stop!


Upon hearing the orders, the Zeng Family guards regained focus, and charged at Bei Feng!

"Ha, seeking death!" Lu Bu mocked. He would never let that happen. Summoning all his blood Qi, his body became enshrouded in energy, rocking the ground!



"This person is a Thousand Year King!"

"The Lu Family is really good at hiding secrets. If it were not for the current situation, we would never know there's a Thousand Year King in this small household!"

Lu Bu released his Qi, no longer suppressing it. The Qi spread outwards like a lightning shock blast, sending nearby cultivators flying backwards!

Many onlookers were shocked to see the outcome, especially those who had followed the Zeng Family to step on the Lu Family when they were down—they suddenly became afraid that the Lu Family would come after them next to pursue the matter.

"Impossible! Even if this person is truly a Thousand Year King, he can't possibly be a match for our city lord!" a person said in a somewhat anxious voice as if he was half praying and half trying to comfort himself.

"d.a.m.n it!"

Zhu Mei looked at this entire event from afar with disbelief. She'd initially thought that only doom would await the Lu Family after offending the Zeng Family, and she had left them after deciding that there was no more value in staying with them and sacrificing her life as well. But, how would she have guessed that there was actually a Thousand Year King in the Lu Family!

At this time, Zhu Mei's face was twitching ugly, and her eyes were filled with hatred and anger. From her point of view, it was the Lu Family that'd conspired to drive her away!

She completely didn't remember that it was she who'd left of her own volition after deciding that she didn't want to die with the Lu Family.

"Encompa.s.sing Directions Blood Slaughter!" Lu Bu's voice rang out as a dazzling silvery white light flashed and disappeared.

The entire area fell silent for a brief second. After that, a sound like a mirror breaking rang out. When everyone's eyes adjusted back to the scene, their feet grew cold, and their backs began to be covered with sweat…

"Drip, drip!"

The whole area was completely quiet save for a soft sound of something dripping.


The sound of something hitting the ground rang out. At that instant, the 10-odd people charging at Bei Feng suddenly froze, skidding stiffly for a moment. After that, one person collapsed onto the ground, followed by the next. A 10-cm-large hole could be seen between the brows of each of them.


It wasn't clear who swallowed first, but the sounds of people gulping down their saliva in shock rang out one after the other.

The power of a single halberd strike… was actually so terrifying!

"Run! There's a mistake in the report!"

"Protect the young master!"

"Quick, disperse!"

"Get the city lord to act personally!"

The remaining Zeng Family experts all turned pale in an instant. What kind of joke was this? Against a Thousand Year King, they were just cannon fodder, throwing themselves forward to be killed. In an instant, these experts brought the dumbfounded Zeng Li with them, and hurriedly turned to run!

Lu Bing appeared behind one of the fleeing experts, and said eerily, "You want to leave after coming all the way here? This is not the way our Lu Family treats our guests! Stay here for me!"

The person who was preparing to run suddenly felt his body freeze. Lu Bing was so close to him that he could practically feel her breath against his ear!

But this unfortunate fellow did not even have the leisure to think about anything else. After he heard this voice, his heart nearly leaped out of his chest in fright, and his eyes darkened as he fainted.

Numerous Zeng Family experts were fleeing in all directions, but Lu Bing's body shook at that moment, and a figure of hers appeared right beside each of those experts as if she was utilizing a body cloning technique!

Each figure was performing a different action, some wielding a sword, some pointing out with their fingers, and some performing a seal.


In just an instant, Lu Bing's figure reappeared at her original spot. Her face was somewhat pale, and as she sheathed her sword, the bodies of over 10 experts suddenly split into two or were frozen in ice. There were some who looked fine on the outside, but their brains had already been turned to mush by Lu Bing's finger technique.

"The Zeng Family won't… let you off!"

A layer of frigid ice quickly spread from Zeng Li's feet upwards. His eyes were filled with hatred, and he gritted his teeth with anger as he growled in an unresigned manner. Following that, his entire body turned into a block of ice, and he fell from the sky. The moment he landed, his body shattered into countless thumb-sized shards, and not a single drop of blood flowed out of his body.

Lu Bu snorted coldly as he turned to look in a certain direction. He compressed his voice into a line, and transmitted it a distance away. "Have you watched enough yet? Do I have to personally send you out?"

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