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Outside the cave, waves of commotion surged out as if the earth was breaking apart.

The Demonic Beasts in an area of several hundred li were lying still on the ground, shivering and not daring to move.

The mountain gorge had already been destroyed beyond recognition, and was a scene of chaotic mess.

The black tiger and Su Yun Zhong's battle had reached a fever pitch, and both sides were using their strongest abilities.

At this time, Su Yun Zhong's demeanor was no longer calm and graceful; his robes were tattered and torn, and blood continuously flowed out of a large gash on his chest.

His left sleeve was empty, the arm having been bitten off by the black tiger.

"Sky Devil Magic!"

Su Yun Zhong had already stopped thinking about why his disciples hadn't arrived yet. At this time, he could not afford to be distracted. His robes billowed powerfully, and a power of destruction formed behind him.

"Ang! Jackal to the Tiger!"

The black tiger similarly was not willing to appear weak. A terrifying wound could be seen on its waist, nearly splitting it in two. At this time, it roared to the sky, and the three black shadows beside it fused together into one. The aura of the manifestation rose, seemingly not weaker than a peak Seventh level Thousand Year King!


The entire mountain shook heavily, and huge pieces of the land collapsed as though apocalypse had arrived.

Jackal to the Tiger was the spirit power ability of this tiger Demonic Beast King. Jackal referred to the tiger's ghosts. These ghosts were spirit manifestations created by beings that the tiger Demonic Beast King had killed.

At this time, the black tiger opened its mouth and swallowed the fused ghost, causing its strength to soar greatly!

Soon, it reached a level that was not weaker than Su Yun Zhong's; lightning arched across the heads of the two, terrifying to the extreme!

An indistinct humanoid figure floated behind Su Yun Zhong's back; although it was only a shadow, it felt as if it was a deity descended from the heavens!

"Teacher has already begun the grand battle on his side. Should we go over to a.s.sist him?" A disciple who was attacking the formation around a house suddenly spoke with some worry.

"No need, teacher's skills are high and fearsome; the tiger demon is just a simple kill for him."

Because of the distance, it was difficult to see Su Yun Zhong's battle clearly.

The other female disciple smiled sweetly as she said, "That's the high-level technique of our Ten Extremes Sect, Sky Devil Magic! That battle is practically over."

Sensing the two bursts of energy a distance away, she sensed that her teacher was obviously in the advantage, so she stopped worrying.

"Speaking of which, Eldest Senior Brother and Third Senior Brother have already been gone for so long; why aren't they back yet?" someone asked doubtfully.

"There's probably a formation around the Demonic Beast King's nests as well. I truly wonder where those Demonic Beasts got these formations."

The three chatted casually, but their hands hadn't stopped. With every attack, the formation shook dangerously.


A crisp sound rang out, causing the three to pause for a moment. After that, they all burst out in joy. After attacking for almost an hour, they'd finally broken the formation!

But in the next instant, a long vine filled with thorns suddenly shot out from the house, coiling towards the three!

"What the f*ck is that!"


"Spirit power ability, Inferno Sea!"

The three's expressions changed. Not daring to be slow, they all attacked!

This vine was only as thick as a grown man's wrist, and countless reverse hooks lined its sides. It was completely black, and gleamed coldly under the sun. It seemed more like a metallic construct than a plant.


A sharp keen rang out, causing the three's minds to ring for an instant, interrupting their movements.

In just that instant, the black vine stabbed through the female disciple's hand, wrestling away her sword and piercing her through the head!

In the blink of an eye, the female disciple's body was sucked dry, turning into a pile of dust.

Quite clearly, the vine had sucked away all the energy in her body, not even sparing her bones!

"Junior Sister!"

"AHH! Die for me!"

The two remaining disciples were enraged, and they attacked recklessly. A flaming ball the size of a horse carriage surged into the sky around one of the disciples' body, wrapping his entire body and making him look like a fire G.o.d.

The other person's body shook, and his thin body expanded like a balloon, morphing into a 10 zhang tall giant holding a giant battle axe!

But it was useless! The black vine was like a magical creature; the fire raging around it did almost no damage to it.

At the same time, it swept forward like a long whip, directly smashing against the giant axe, causing huge sparks to fly into the sky.

In just a few moves, the incomparably sharp axe had countless holes punched through its head. Taken by surprise, the 10 zhang tall disciple was directly pierced through like a meat skewer.

But to the gigantic figure, that was an inconsequential injury.

Waves of blood Qi surged out, turning the entire area into a forbidden zone. Countless panicking Hundred Year realm Demonic Beasts died as they ran amok through the area.

All of a sudden, the 10 zhang tall giant dropped the axe in his hand as he grabbed his head and screamed, "AH!"

"Second Senior Brother!" the other disciple shouted with shock as he looked over.

At this time, the giant's body was filled with inky black patterns. At a glance, it looked like the giant's veins. But at a closer look, those veins were actually squirming as if they'd come alive!

"AH! Kill me, Junior Brother, kill me!"

The giant hammered his own head, while crystalline saliva continuously flowed out of his mouth. His expression was crazed and agonized.

Before he could continue speaking, ends of vine suddenly burst out of the giant's eyes!

"Shu! Shu! Shu!"

In the next instant, a sound of skin tearing rang out, and countless vines shot out of the giant's body!

There was no blood splashing out, all of it having been sucked away by the vine!


The flame-clad disciple was completely stunned by the sight. In the next instant, he turned and fled, not even turning his head to look behind him!

His soul had nearly fled from fear. Death was not a scary thing. What was scary was a life worse than death! The second senior brother's death had caused him to completely lose his courage.

But the black vine was like an arrow released from a bow as it shot after him, instantly piercing through the air and stabbing through his body.

The black vine swayed in the wind before slithering lazily back to the house. It seemed like just a regular plant on the side of the house's walls!

Inside the cave, Huang Lin was just about to scramble his way out after swapping positions with the armadillo. But in the next instant, the gangster rabbit Gu Qi's sword came screeching after him.

If he crawled out now, he would definitely receive a grave injury, even possibly losing his life. But if he didn't crawl out from the ground, he would be suppressed by the gangster rabbit.

"Break for me!"

Huang Lin's body was dyed with blood, and his hair was splayed messily everywhere. The flesh and muscles on both his arms was missing, leaving only white bones. He looked incredibly horrifying.

With extreme danger looming over his head, Huang Lin revealed his viciousness. Disregarding everything, he directly met the gangster rabbit's sword!

Exiting might not necessarily lead to death, and there was at least a sliver of chance. But staying underground would mean certain death!

Huang Lin did not forget that there was still a Demonic Beast here with a spirit power ability to control gravity. The moment he was trapped underground, he would most certainly lose his life!


Even though he'd used all his strength, the blood-red sword still managed to pierce right through Huang Lin's attack, stabbing into his chest!

Huang Lin's powerful blood Qi energy surged up, suppressing the sharp edge in his body!


The blood-red sword vibrated intensely, causing waves of sharp Sword Qi to surge out in all directions!


A fist landed on the gangster rabbit, pushing it away. In the next instant, he quickly pulled the sword out of his chest. Allowing it to remain in his chest was simply too dangerous!

"Ji-ji!" The gangster rabbit's eyes glowed and it squeaked excitedly as it pointed at Huang Lin!



In the next instant, endless blood-red swordlight burst out of Huang Lin's body. Even though Huang Lin's mental fort.i.tude was high, he still could not help but to shriek loudly in pain.

This feeling of not being able to control his own blood, and having it drawn out in an instant was simply too cruelly painful.


Huang Lin clenched his teeth and howled desperately, quicky calming his blood. However, the insides of his body were already riddled with holes, and were exceedingly difficult to look at.

On the side, the sword that had just been pulled out by Huang Lin shook lightly, and morphed into a streak of light again as it slashed relentlessly towards him!

This sword was exceedingly quick, catching everyone by surprise!


Huang Lin's face changed greatly; the danger this sword posed to him was simply too great. In an instant, a jade pendant in the shape of a snake appeared in his hand!

The jade was inky green, and emanated a soft glow. A lifelike snake biting onto its own tail was engraved onto the front of the jade in the style of an ouroboros.

Not having the luxury to feel any heartache over it, Huang Lin directly shattered the jade!

The jade burst apart, turning into countless motes of light which linked up together into a large snake which reared its head!


The large snake released its own tail, which swung outwards like a giant hammer, smashing outwards heavily!


The area where the tail landed cracked like a mirror, finally shattering apart and revealing the endless darkness below.

"AH!" An indistinct cry rang out, seemingly far away and seemingly right beside everyone's ears. The snake coiled itself around Huang Lin, barged into the darkness, and disappeared.


A crisp sound rang out as a jade green herb ring fell off a boney finger. This ring belonged to Huang Lin. It looked beautiful and elaborate; from the looks of it, it was even of a higher level than the gangster rabbit's ring.


The gangster rabbit squeaked somewhat unhappily. After expending so much effort, to actually fail to kill this human… Although the speed of that last blade was fast, it still ended up being blocked by that snake, only managing to slash off an arm.


Han Kui's speed was extremely quick, picking up the herb ring on the ground. Holding it as if it was presenting a treasure, it presented the prize to the gangster rabbit.


After receiving the herb ring and removing the mental imprint inside, the gangster rabbit opened its mouth wide with surprise. Large amounts of drool rolled out of its mouth, dripping onto the ground.

After looking through the items inside the ring, the gangster rabbit only had a single thought in its head: I'm rich!

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