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Chapter 260: Qin Wufa's Decision
Indigestion turned its head around nonchalantly as though the entire thing had nothing to do with it.

Bei Feng could feel his face cramping up everytime he looked at the enormous b.u.mp on Mystic Three's head. Turning around, he saw a young lady about 25 or 26 years old sitting quietly. She too had a weird expression on her face as she looked at Mystic Three.

"Boss, this is the new teacher I've found. Although her reputation is not as high as the one yesterday, her patience is known to be extremely good," Mystic Three explained as he rubbed the b.u.mp on his head. He had spent a lot of time worrying about this matter the day before. In the end, he still received a good beating by the Cerberus this morning. As a result, he was feeling extremely miserable.

Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do about that. Mystic Three had personally witnessed the Cerberus's power. The only thing he could do now was to swallow those broken teeth quietly.

If he were to somehow aggravate this crazy dog, he might really be swatted to death with one paw!

"Hi boss, I will definitely do the job well, I hope you'll give me a chance." Lin Mei greeted nervously. Mystic Three had told her beforehand that it was not up to him whether she got to stay or not. Only the boss's opinion mattered. Lin Mei desperately needed this high salary job, so despite her shy nature, she still mustered up her courage and spoke up.

"En, I have already decided to give you the chance. Whether or not you have the ability to stay depends entirely on you. All the teaching materials are right here, so you can begin immediately."

Bei Feng nodded absentmindedly as he petted Insatiable and Black Hole.

Indigestion was the only one who avoided Bei Feng's hand like the plague. 'Do you think that this Lord Dog's head is something that anybody can touch as they please?'

"Mystic Moon, come and meet your teacher. You need to learn the language here too," Bei Feng called

out as he waved to Mystic Moon who was fluttering about the garden. Every sentence he spoke with Mystic Moon required experience points! Although it was not much every time, the acc.u.mulated amount was still a huge expenditure!

Mystic Moon swiveled her eyes over and observed the coa.r.s.e smile on Bei Feng's face without saying a word. After a while, she put down her garden tools and walked over.

Lin Mei could feel her vision going dark as she looked at this pair of strange students. Her confidence was collapsing as worry surged through her heart. One of them was a top notch beauty who most likely is a foreigner. The other one was... a three headed dog?!

But in the end, she did not say anything. The salary for this job was really too tempting. She had to at least give it a try!

Without hesitating any further, she followed Mystic Three into the makeshift cla.s.sroom. All sorts of teaching materials were already prepared and placed there.

Bei Feng nodded and turned around. He did not have the leisure to observe the cla.s.s. In contrast, Mystic Three was extremely serious. He stood right by the door, afraid that another irresponsible 'Teacher w.a.n.g' might appear.

Bei Feng went to the yard to practice his Eagle Form Style. The Bear Form Style was more or less complete, and would not see any improvements in the short term. Thus, he naturally had to concentrate all his efforts on the Eagle Form Style. That way, he could also comprehend one of the killer combination techniques of the Form and Will Fist!

The more mysteries he uncovered from the Form and Will Fist, the more he felt that the martial technique was not simple. The Form and Will Fist consisted of twelve types of styles, and each style was created based on a supreme Demonic Beast!

Take the Bear Form Style for example. The same technique when executed based on the comprehensions derived from a normal bear and those derived from a giant bear would result in a difference in power like the distance between the

the heaven and the earth!

At the same cultivation level, the person who comprehended the Bear Form Style from a giant bear would definitely be able to crush another martial pract.i.tioner who based his Bear Form Style on a normal bear's movements!

'Forget it, I can only take it one step at a time. If there's really no other way, I'll just start by learning this technique based on a normal eagle's movements. I can always amend it in the future if there's a chance,' Bei Feng thought silently. Luck had more to do with how he'd mastered the giant bear based Bear Form Style. He had already comprehended the Ursa Smash technique earlier, making it easy for him to pick up the Bear Form Style. Then, he had obtained a painting of a giant bear, allowing him to gain greater insights. Finally, he even managed to stumble across the ancestral land of the giant bears. His luck could be considered as quite amazing.

But with how spa.r.s.e Ling Qi was on Earth, it would be extremely hard to find an eagle Demonic Beast on the same level as the giant bear.

At noon, Mystic Three left the cla.s.sroom and started to prepare lunch. He even prepared a separate one for Lin Mei.

Even if Bei Feng was willing to let a normal person eat the Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King meat, it would be too dangerous. It was like letting a feeble person drink a tonic which was too strong; the over-nourishment could be fatal.

The compelling aroma of cooked food slowly wafted out the kitchen, drifting right into the cla.s.sroom. Mystic Moon suddenly found it hard to sit still as she glanced towards the kitchen continuously. Still, she manged to push her hunger down and concentrate on the lesson.

Insatiable and Black Hole on the other hand were much more unrestrained. Their drool was nearly flowing out of their mouths. Teacher Lin Mei was not doing much better. She had rushed over early in the morning, and did not even have the time for breakfast.

After an entire morning of lessons, the

lessons, the smell of meat caused her stomach to growl in protest. But as a professional teacher, she still continued to smile and conduct her lesson seriously.

When lunch was finally ready, Mystic Three carried the dishes over and knocked on the door lightly. Mystic Moon immediately jumped up as a radiant smile lit up her face.

'I probably don't need to wash the dishes today, right?'

Mystic Moon had an exceptionally smug expression on her face as she watched Mystic Three's departing back.


In a luxurious villa in the distant You Prefecture, Qin Wufa was stroking his chin as he made his decision.

"Knock, knock! Father, Qin Yi said that you wanted to see me?" Qin Wutian's m.u.f.fled voice sounded from the other side of the door.

"En, come in."

Awoken from his deep thoughts, Qin Wufa looked up and cleared his throat.

Qin Wutian pushed the door open and walked in. A light smile hung on his face, causing him to look extremely amiable and respectful.

Of course, such an act might be able to fool anyone, but it would never be able to fool Qin Wufa. This son of his had always been very independent and held strong definite views of his own. His peers were also forcefully suppressed by him since young.

On his coming-of-age 16th birthday, he demonstrated an impressive show of force by defeating all his peers of the younger generation before proceeding to a.s.sume the position of the young clan leader. It was also on that day that he officially changed his name to Qin Wutian!

The reason he chose that name was him setting his sights on one day surpa.s.sing his father! Since his father was called Wufa (lawless), he would be called Wutian (defying the heavens)!

At that time, Qin Wutian was only 16 years old. Yet, his name spoke of such ideals. From that, one could easily see Qin Wutian's lofty ambition!

"I have some matters to tell you."

Qin Wufa sat down on the chair and drummed his fingers lightly against the wooden desk.

Qin desk.

Qin Wutian remained silent and waited patiently.

"You have an elder brother."

Qin Wufa narrowed his eyes and observed Qin Wutian's expression as he revealed this piece of news. As expected, the moment his words landed, he could feel a change come over Qin Wutian's aura. However, it was quickly suppressed.

"Father, why have I never heard you mention this matter before?"

A strange gleam flashed across Qin Wutian's eyes. It was unclear what he was thinking in that moment.

Qin Wutian was not so naive to think that his father would choose to create such a serious setting just to tell him of this matter.

"He's ultimately still too young..."

Qin Wufa sighed internally as he looked at his son's behavior. Still, this was all within expectations. If Qin Wutian had not revealed any strange reactions, he would instead be more worried.

"Go and bring him back to the clan, alright? He's someone of our family after all. It's not good to let your blood brother wander around outside by himself."

Qin Wufa did not say much. He gave Qin Wutian Bei Feng's address and sent him away.

As he closed the door behind him, Qin Wutian could not help but to furrow his brows lightly. What was his father's intent in telling him all that?

A moment later, a shadow stood up in the room and materialized into a figure. "Clan Leader, do you intend to choose a successor from the two young masters?"


Qin Wufa snorted coldly. As he did so, a palm appeared before him, slapping towards Qin Yi. Before he could react, the palm had already impacted onto Qin Yi!


Qin Yi vomited out a large mouthful of blood as he flew backwards. Without even stopping to wipe the blood off his mouth, he hurriedly knelt down and apologized profusely, "Your subordinate deserves death!"

"Don't ask about things that you shouldn't know. Sometimes, knowing more will result in one dying a quicker death!" Qin Wufa stated coldly as he cast his eyes on the groveling man.

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