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Chapter 227: Cripple Your Own Cultivation
"Whether or not your Lin Clan has the Ghost King Mask was originally none of my concern. But now that you've implicated me in the matter, I have to at least get some justice for my people who died because of it," Bei Feng's continued in a cold voice.

For the sake of protecting a fake mask, five people from his security company lost their lives, and three more were seriously injured. This debt naturally belonged to the Lin Clan!

Lin Miao gulped a mouthful of saliva as he looked at the imposing gang before him. 'This shouldn't be possible! The two people who handled this affair are from the direct line of the main family! It should be impossible for any news to leak out!'

A few days ago, when the Ghost King Mask was first obtained, there was some news of it that was leaked. In order to cover up the matter, Lin Miao arranged this little show to divert the attention of the ma.s.ses. That was how they managed to secure the mask successfully!

"What does Fellow Daoist mean? I've already said that my Lin Clan does not have the Ghost King Mask. If everyone really does not believe me, you are free to give my manor a search!" Lin Miao refuted without skipping a beat.

He didn't believe that they would be able to find the mask anyway. Although the other side had turned up in great force and their members were powerful, the Lin Clan was not weak either, having three Evolved Jing masters in their numbers. In a situation where the mask could not be found, these people would definitely leave by themselves in the end.

"All of you from the Lin Clan, just cripple your own cultivation first. Don't make me do it myself."

Bei Feng did not bother to listen to Lin Miao at all, directly giving his order.

"Young man, didn't the elders in your family tell you that you should retain some fear and respect towards Evolved Jing masters?!"

Lin Miao furrowed his brows coldly as he measured Bei Feng with his gaze. An ordinary human with not a shred of blood and Qi aura. His body did not even carry any signs of having cultivated for a single day in his life!

"Do you mean to engage in an all-out war with my Lin Clan?" Lin Miao continued as he stared at Bei Feng frostily. His demeanor was as if he would launch an all out attack if he was not satisfied with Bei Feng's answer.

'When one has power enough to sweep over his opponents, he will not even need any reasons to explain his actions!'

The experts behind Bei Feng could not help but think of such a sentence as their mouths twitched uncontrollably. From their perspective, Bei Feng obviously had it out for the Lin Clan from the start. Otherwise, why would he insist that the Ghost King Mask was in the Lin Clan the moment they arrived?

Everyone had looks of pity whenever they looked at the Lin Clan.

"All-out war? Your Lin Clan still does not qualify to do that. Hand over the two fellows who took the Ghost King Mask to my security company, cripple your own cultivations, and this matter shall be at an end." Bei Feng gave his ultimatum.

"How arrogant! Even your family's elders would not dare to speak to me like that!"

Lin Miao's tone was like the frigid winter's cold. This cold was filled with murder, and could pierce through bones. He was truly enraged this time. This hairless boy truly didn't know the immensity of the heavens and the vastness of the earth!

"Take care of them, but don't kill them," Bei Feng commanded nonchalantly.

The experts behind him immediately moved to take action. But just as they were about to step forward, a shadow had appeared in the s.p.a.ce between the two groups. All three of its heads were raised arrogantly, and a sinister smile hung on its faces. Although the Cerberus was much shorter than everyone, it gave off an aura as if

it were looking down on them.

"Esteemed Lord?"

The numerous experts felt their brows twitching as they stared at the ridiculous-looking dog. What the h.e.l.l are you, a stupid dog, running out here to join in the fun for?

"It's fine, let it be," Bei Feng replied in a relaxed manner. The Cerberus was already a Grade 2 Demonic Beast, and could be considered on the same level as an Evolved Jing master. However, the battle prowess of this fellow was definitely not on the same level as a normal Evolved Jing master!

Not mentioning the fact that the Cerberus's blood and Qi was not weaker than a top-tier Evolved Jing master, its control over its strength was something that even Bei Feng could not match up to!

"Can I eat them?"

Indigestion looked at he three old fogies with an eager smile on its face as it sent a voice transmission to Bei Feng.

"If you dare to eat them, I will chop off your head!" Bei Feng snapped with annoyance. Although he didn't say much, those few words sent a shiver down Indigestion's spine. This d*mnable human would definitely dare to chop off its head!

In that instant, Indigestion lost all interest in the matter. The strongest among the three old fogies was just an intermediate stage Evolved Jing master. It was really not worth a mention in its eyes.

The reason it had rushed out eagerly a moment ago was because it had not eaten human flesh in a long time!

Now that Bei Feng had given his orders, it would not be so silly as to test his words and see if Bei Feng would really chop its head off.

With a shake of its body, a boundless blood and Qi energy surged out of its body. At the same time, a phantom doggy claw which looked incredibly realistic appeared in the air, trapping the area where the Lin Clan three experts were, within!

"Good dog! How powerful!"

"Even a dog has a cultivation at the Evolved Jing realm?!"

The other experts standing behind Bei Feng were all gasping with shock as they felt the powerful blood and Qi energy from the Cerberus. Even in their wildest dreams, they had not thought that this strange-looking dog would actually be an Evolved Jing master! Furthermore, it was obviously not just a regular Evolved Jing master!

Lin Miao and the other two old men had naturally also heard Bei Feng's words. As for him allowing a dog to go up against them, they felt extremely humiliated. Among them, Lin Miao was prepared to dash out and directly capture Bei Feng. But before he could do anything, they were already tied down by the Cerberus!

The doggy claw descended from the sky, slapping towards them with incredible momentum!

Caught completely off-guard, the two primary stage Evolved Jing masters from the Lin Clan were hit squarely in the chest by the claw.

Only Lin Miao who had already gathered his blood and Qi energy to charge at Bei Feng was able to dodge the claw.


The two old men were directly slapped to the ground. At the same time, they both spat out a large mouthful of blood as they lay groaning, unable to get up.

Before they could even react, two Evolved Jing masters had already been defeated by the Cerberus!

A three-meter-long claw mark had appeared on the concrete ground, creating an extremely stark image.


The crowd all drew in a gasp of cold breath in shock. This strange dog was actually so formidable that it could take out two Evolved Jing masters with one move!

Of course, the ones who received the greatest hurt were those cultivators who had been struggling in the Dark Jing realm for tens of years. In the past, they could still puff their heads out and say that they were at least better than the ma.s.ses. But now, it turns out that they were not even comparable to a dog!

'Esteemed Lord, are you still taking in dogs at your place? Those with two legs?'

Such a thought flashed pa.s.sed many of the Dark Jing expert's heads.

"Evil beast!"

Seeing his two brothers heavily injured on the ground, Lin Miao turned around and grabbed a long sword from the waist of one of the Lin Clan disciples. At the same time, a thin layer of sharp sword Qi spread through the sword from his hands.


Lin Miao brandished the sword and sliced downwards at the Cerberus without pausing. In his rage, the silvery white sword Qi on the tip of the sword was forcibly extended by two cun (6.66cm)!

With how sharp the sword was right now, it would be able to slice through a metal plate as though chopping through rotten wood!

This sword carried all his killing intent, and his resolution to slay the dog no matter what! At this time, even his cultivation which had been stuck at the middle stage of Evolved Jing had begun to rise, as though it was going to break into a higher realm!

However, such a domineering sword ended up striking thin air. Forget about chopping off the Cerberus's head, not even a single hair from its back was sliced off!

To the Cerberus, even if the sword strike was more powerful, it would still be completely useless against it.

Lin Miao's face was alternating between green and white at this moment. The miss had caused his blood and Qi energy to fluctuate greatly. The feeling of giving one's all yet completely missing the mark caused him to feel so frustrated that he wanted to puke out a mouthful of blood!


The restless blood and Qi energy surged without rest, a.s.saulting Lin Miao's mental state. Finally, he could not bear it and spat out a mouthful of blood.

The Cerberus did not stop to give him any rest. A doggy paw smacked onto Lin Miao's back, smashing him into the ground.

Satisfied, Bei Feng proceeded into the Lin Clan manor as though it was his own home. Those Lin Clan members whom he pa.s.sed by all quickly dodged to the side, opening a path for him. Since the three Evolved Jing masters had already been defeated, they would not be able to stop the group. The few of them added together were not even enough to withstand a single strike by that dog!

"Keep an eye on them, don't let them escape."

Bei Feng stepped into the manor and informed the Dark Jing experts behind him.

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