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Chapter 226: Sending An Army To Denounce You!
Those domineering words, together with the commanding aura coming from Bai Song caused the young man's face to change. "Senior, please come inside."

Everyone in the mansion had also heard the commotion. In that moment, an old man came out to lead the large group of people in.

"Brother Bai, it's been many years since we've last met. Why have you come to my humble home this time?" Wu Sheng Jun smiled and asked.

"Esteemed Lord, this is the current head of the Wu Clan."

Bai Song did not reply. Instead, he stood to the side and lowered his head, respectfully opening a path.

"Esteemed Lord?"

Wu Sheng Jun's heart skipped a beat. Someone whom a top tier Evolved Jing Expert addressed as an Esteemed Lord and demanded so much respect could only be a Xiantian Lord!

"Greetings, Esteemed Lord!"

Wu Sheng Jun did not even pause to consider Bei Feng's youthful appearance as he bowed with respect.


Bei Feng nodded and headed towards the yard.

"Brother Bai, on what business is this esteemed lord here for?"

Seeing Bei Feng walking deeper into the mansion, Wu Sheng Jun did not move to stop him. Instead, he lagged behind and whispered to Bai Song.

"There's someone with guts higher than the heavens who offended the esteemed lord. Previously, when the Ghost King Mask appeared, those people pushed the matter onto the esteemed lord's head and painted a target on his subordinates, incurring his wrath. This time, the esteemed lord has come to investigate the matter properly. Brother Wu, this matter does not have anything to do with your Wu Clan, right?" Bai Song asked lightly.

"Whew, that's fine then. This matter has nothing to do with my Wu Clan at all."

Wu Sheng Jun heaved a sigh of relief.

In the yard, Bei Feng was sitting in an extremely relaxed manner under a pavilion. A cup of tea was quickly served to him, while Wu Sheng Jun and the other Evolved Jing masters waited patiently by the side.

Bai Song and the rest were beginning to feel slightly bamboozled. Weren't they here to investigate the matter about the Ghost King Mask? Why did they call everyone over but not ask them anything?

Indigestion had an extremely ugly expression on its face at this moment. Did this human really take it for a pet dog? 'This Lord Dog is an esteemed canine sovereign!'

No matter how unhappy it felt, Indigestion still sniffed at the air and returned to Bei Feng, shaking its head.

"Wu Clan head, are you sure that everyone from the Wu Clan is here?"

Bei Feng put down his tea cup lightly and inclined his head to look at Wu Sheng Jun.

"Esteemed Lord, everyone from the direct descent of my Wu Clan is already gathered here," Wu Sheng Jun confirmed.

"Alright, I've imposed on the Wu Clan. Let's go; we're going to the next clan!"

Bei Feng nodded his head. He did not say much, and left for the door directly.

Such a move caused many of the people present to scratch their heads with confusion. "Esteemed Lord, aren't you here to investigate the matter about the Ghost King Mask? Are we done just like that?"

"Ah, there's no need. My dog has already checked and told me."

Bei Feng did not even turn his head to look back as he continued walking.

Those who heard his explanation all looked downwards together in shock. Everyone was staring at the strange dog behind Bei Feng with weird expressions.

"Could it be that this dog has some special abilities?"

They only saw Bei Feng gathering everyone together. After that, the dog simply went over and took a sniff. Perhaps this dog had the ability to find the culprit?

Bei Feng had already

returned to the car, seeming not to mind the commotion in everyone's hearts as he moved towards the next clan.

There was no way an important task like transporting the Ghost King Mask would be given to someone else to perform. And the moment one got a hold of something like that, it would definitely be given to the clan for safekeeping.

As long as those people were still in their clans, they would definitely not escape the Cerberus's nose!

The second clan was located a little further away, and it took a two-hour drive before they reached another town.

The town was named after the Lin Clan, which was a rather rare surname. [1] Over seventy percent of the residents in the town were surnamed Lin, and carried the same bloodline.

The town was not large, but every family lived in luxurious bungalows. Even the pathways were clean and tidy.

The Lin Clan household, which was the main family, was also situated in the same town. The other families with the Lin surname were all just branch families!

"The heavens are blessing my Lin Clan. This time, with the Ghost King Mask in our hands, the power of our Lin Clan will definitely rise again!"

Within the Lin Clan household, an old man was caressing an ancient bronze mask while grinning stupidly at it.

The Lin Clan was a newly emerged power which only grew strong in the past few decades. Their foundations were not comparable to those old powers with hundreds or even thousands of years of legacy. However, they had Lin Miao and two other Evolved Jing masters to watch over it, and could be considered an influential power. Among the younger generation, there were none who could uphold their pride, and the strongest person among them was only at the peak of Dark Jing.

The three Evolved Jing masters were also not young, with all of them being around seventy years of age. As such, Lin Miao was constantly worried about whether the latter generations could continue their legacy.

At this time, Bei Feng had also arrived at Lin Town with his large group of experts. "Clan Head, there's a large group of people coming over here!"


An ominous premonition arose in Lin Miao's heart. Without any hesitation, he moved a particular tea cup behind him to the side, causing a hidden frame to appear on the ground.

After that, he placed the bronze mask into the hidden frame and exited the room.

"Stop there! Who are you people?"

Seven, eight people appeared before the main entrance of the Lin Clan household, barring the path of Bei Feng's group. Every one of them had a cultivation at the Light Jing realm and looked impressive and muscular, as if each of them could take on ten men at the same time!

But what kind of people were there on Bei Feng's side? Even the weakest among them had a cultivation at the Dark Jing realm!

"I found the scent! Of the eighteen smells on the mask, not counting the sixteen people who had come into contact with it on our side, one of the smells originated from here!" Indigestion lifted its head as it spoke with certainty. A regular dog's sense of smell usually far exceeded that of a human's, while some species of dogs had a nose that was over a million times more sensitive than a human's!

Even a regular dog had a sensory memory of about two weeks with regards to smells. Naturally, a Cerberus far exceeded that number. A Cerberus which had turned into a Grade 2 Demonic Beast had a nose so much more powerful than a human's that it was impossible to measure!

Since the guilty party had been determined, there was no need to waste further words with them. A formidable might surged out of Bei Feng's body, rising into the air like a divine dragon, disdaining all other creatures on the ground!




The few people barring the path only felt an incredible pressure slamming down on them. It was like a huge boulder had appeared on their shoulders, pushing them forcefully to the ground and compelling them to compare the hardness of their knees with the ground.

But obviously, how could any of their knees be harder than the concrete floor? The sound of bones splintering was exceptionally chilling to the ears.

"Who dares to come to my Lin Clan and behave in such an unbridled manner!"

A loud shout emanated from the mansion as three old men walked out. Behind them was an entire group of elderly and young.

An impressive aura rose out of the three old men's bodies, shooting towards the group!

Lin Miao's face had turned completely black and ugly to behold. How long has it been since someone had dared to come to the Lin Clan and behave so disrespectfully?!

But contrary to his expectations, the group only looked coldly back at them, not showing the slightest bit of reaction to their domineering aura. At this moment, the three old men's face flickered as their hearts dropped.

They had rushed out in too much of a hurry, and had not managed to take a proper look at their opponents. Now that they did, none of them could maintain a calm expression.

Those people all had incomparably powerful blood and Qi auras, comparable to Evolved Jing masters! Furthermore, there were tens of them all gathered together!

"May I know the purpose of the visit of all the Fellow Daoists?"

Amiable smiles immediately replaced the furious expressions on the three old men's faces. With a small gesture, the men on the ground were quickly taken away.

"Where's the Ghost King Mask? Hand it over yourself immediately."

Bei Feng did not reveal any emotions in his tone as he looked at the three old geezers calmly.

"Fellow Daoist must be joking. My Lin Clan does not have any Ghost King Mask..."

Lin Miao felt his heart sink heavily as soon as Bei Feng's words came out. How did these people know about the Ghost King Mask in his possession?!

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