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Chapter 225: Paying A Visit
The other Evolved Jing masters began to grow slightly excited. Which Xiantian Lords were not elusive characters, rarely appearing in public? Most Evolved Jing masters had not even seen a single Xiantian Lord before in their lives!

Those who were following behind Mystic Four and the rest already had worshipful expressions on their faces.

They were about to meet a Xiantian Lord. Not only that, it was one capable enough to kill other Xiantian Lords! Without a doubt, this person's cultivation couldn't be weak even among other Xiantian Lords!

But at this time, they only saw a young man stepping out of the car, and the respectful bows offered to him by the Mystics. There was n.o.body else in the car. Every single person was taken aback, not knowing how to react.

"So young? How can this be?" a middle-aged Evolved Jing master muttered.

"Is this a case of a person returning to their youthful looks upon breaking through to Xiantian?"

Another Evolved Jing master wondered, trying to find a logical explanation to convince himself.

Looking at Bei Feng's youthful appearance, it was impossible to a.s.sociate him with being a powerful Xiantian Lord!

Furthermore, from the perception of all the experts present, this person looked completely ordinary, as though he had never come into contact with cultivation before!

"Are you the people eyeing the Ghost King Mask?"

Bei Feng looked at the numerous experts present with a cold gleam in his eyes. At the same time, an indomitable and domineering aura descended on the entire venue!

The aura was locked onto every single person present. It was as if lightning from the nine heavens, capable of striking down at any time!


The numerous experts only felt their bodies sink heavily as the powerful pressure swept over!

This feeling was exactly like how they felt when they first encountered cultivation, and came into contact with a domineering expert. There was no thought of resistance at all in the face of such might.

"Esteemed Lord! That was just a misunderstanding! We've already helped the Lord to uncover some leads on the people who started all this!" an elderly Evolved Jing master hurriedly said. There was no longer any thought of looking down on the youth in his heart.

The moment those words rolled off his tongue, the pressure on everyone's body suddenly receded like the tide, disappearing into nothingness.

A few low level Evolved Jing masters felt their legs go soft, causing them to fall to the ground, not expecting the sudden change in pressure.

Bei Feng did not say anything as he clasped his hands behind his back and walked into the building. Trotting arrogantly behind him was a strange dog with three heads. At this time, Indigestion held its head high, and was gazing at all the so-called experts with disdain.

'These trash can be called Evolved Jing masters as well?' They were completely incomparable with the humans in its home region!

Indigestion snorted coldly in its heart. It could easily take on an entire group of Evolved Jing masters like these and step all over them as it wished.

Just as Indigestion was judging these humans, the numerous experts were also staring at this strange dog with shocked gazes.

'This old man had lived for a full sixty-year cycle, but this is still the first time I've ever seen a dog with three heads!' An old Evolved Jing master exclaimed in his heart as he looked at the overwhelmingly c.o.c.ky dog.

'As expected of an Esteemed Xiantian Lord! Even his pets are so unique!'

Everyone was sighing in their hearts.

Along the way, Mystic Three recounted the events that transpired while Bei Feng was not here to him.

Bei Feng also had a clearer picture of the cause and result of the situation. As for the death of the Evolved Jing master from the Hu Clan, he didn't bother to think much of it. If the fellow was dead, so be it.

Back in the office, Bei Feng sat at the head of the table and swept his gaze over the crowd. "What leads have you found? Tell me."

"Esteemed Lord, we've narrowed down the culprits to three large clans. But as for which clan was the real perpetrator, we are unable to confirm at this point." Bai Song stood up and reported respectfully.

"Which three clans?"

Bei Feng did not even raise his head to look at the old man as he scratched Insatiable's ears.

"The Lin Clan, Wu Clan, and Qi Clan. These three clans are the most suspicious," Bai Song said with a slight hesitation.

"En, bring me over tomorrow. If there's nothing else, you all can leave now." Bei Feng finally raised his head and nodded.

He did not bother to ask for more information, nor did he care how strong those three clans were.

Since they felt the need to use underhanded methods like this to hold on to the Ghost King Mask, it was obvious that the other party could not be all that strong.

After a quick dinner, Bei Feng laid down leisurely to rest. Night fell, and all was peaceful. In the middle of the night, the Cerberus suddenly got up and crawled off its bed.

'Disregarding everything else, this bed is really comfortable! Only something like this is befitting of the status of this Lord Dog!'

The Cerberus turned to look longingly at the comfortable large bed and the warm silk blanket before walking outwards.

As though it was extremely familiar with the place, it began to climb up the stairs leading to the rooftop. The door to the rooftop was currently bolted shut.


With a light swipe of its paws, the lock was broken into two pieces and fell to the ground with a loud clink.

The Cerberus then proceeded leisurely to the rooftop. The night was exceptionally quiet today, and the skies were unusually clear. The stars in the cloudless sky twinkled and blinked, while a huge, round full moon hung at its corner, sending its silvery light onto the earth.

Of course, this phenomenon was only possible because they were in the outskirts of the city! There was no way to see something like this in the bright city itself.

The Cerberus's body suddenly twisted and shook, as though it had contracted rabies. Insatiable and Black Hole did not resist, allowing Indigestion to control the body.

As far as the two fellows were concerned, this was a pretty good life.

They just needed to care about eating and sleeping. If they were bored, they could bully Indigestion a little. Such a life was truly not bad.

Finally, the Cerberus's body was splayed out in a unique and profound position. At a glance, the position looked somewhat extraordinary, as though this was the most natural position for this Cerberus.

At the instant that the Cerberus completed the stance, a thick beam of silver light cascaded down from the moon, flowing directly into its body!

The gentle moonlight wrapped itself around the Cerberus's body as the huge amounts of energy directly moved to strengthen its flesh, blood, and bones with inconceivable speed.


Insatiable and Black Hole moaned continuously with satisfaction, causing Indigestion to frown with annoyance. These two idiots were truly a disgraceful pair!

In just a brief moment, the Cerberus had already stabilized its cultivation at the Grade 2 level!

The phenomenon continued for a few more minutes. Indigestion did not rush to make a breakthrough. Instead, it made use of the moon's energy to purify and cleanse its blood and Qi.

When it was over, the Cerberus returned to its room with a satisfied grin and jumped back into the bed, wrapping its body with the soft blanket.

The next day, Bei Feng got up, ate some breakfast and freshened himself up. The numerous Evolved Jing masters were already waiting for him for a long time. Soon, a long entourage of cars left the security company, heading in the direction of the Wu Clan.

The Wu Clan was a long-standing clan in Fuzhou. They had numerous Evolved Jing masters, and could be considered a strong power. The ancestral home of the Wu Clan was located in an ancient town at the borders of the city which had a thousand years of history.

An hour later, the entourage of cars arrived at the ancient town. A bunch of elderly experts stepped out of the cars and waited respectfully by the side.

The number of tourists coming to visit the ancient town everyday were actually quite plentiful. At this time, they were all looking at the scene before them with interest and incredulity.

"What's this situation? Why are there so many luxury cars?"

"Those old men... aren't they all the presidents of those large corporations or head figures in some large clans in the city? Are they here for some business trip? Perhaps there will be discussions for business deals worth hundreds of millions..."

Some of the more knowledgeable tourists were pointing at the entourage.

For Evolved Jing masters like them, money was really a very easily obtained resource. Which one of them did not have properties or businesses worth hundreds of millions?

All the cars they rode in costs millions at least. Funnily, it was Bei Feng's Mercedes which was the cheapest among them that was situated right in the middle of the entourage.

Bei Feng got off the car and walked to the front with the Cerberus trotting behind him. The large group of Evolved Jing masters immediately hurried over and surrounded him protectively. As for leading the way, it was naturally left to the lower-leveled henchmen to handle.

"Who are you looking for?"

A young man hurried out of the Wu Clan ancestral home. Seeing the impressive lineup of experts walking up to the gate, he quickly shouted out.

"We're looking for Wu Sheng Jun!"

Bai Song stood out and declared. Although his voice was light, it resounded through the entire mansion!

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