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"Keep it up! Grasp the opportunity to break through today!"

Bei Feng looked extremely wretched after the first round of training, but his eyes were blazing with a spirit that was tangible even in his surroundings, causing others to be unable to look him in the eye!

This was the effect of having one's mental power reach the peak of the mind's capacity! The eyes were the windows to one's soul, after all!

'D*mn it, I got to eat a plate of cooked Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King meat soon!'

Bei Feng thought as he shoved a few pieces of thinly sliced sashimi into his mouth.

Although the sashimi was delicious, he couldn't really eat raw meat for every meal, right?


His chopsticks suddenly halted and he slapped himself on the forehead as a realization dawned on him. 'Am I stupid?'

Bei Feng realized that he had fallen into the wrong way of thinking. Although the Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King's meat was not cooked the last time he tried with the cauldron, that did not mean that it would could not be cooked! What if he sliced it into thin slices and deep-fried it in a wok?

As his thoughts traveled here, Bei Feng was seized by a sudden impulse to try out his theory. But he still calmed himself and forcefully endured this tempting thought. Achieving a breakthrough first was still more important for now.

He continued shoving more sashimi into his mouth, one piece after another. When a chunk of 1-2 jin of meat had disappeared into his stomach, Bei Feng began his training again.

Unfortunately, the thin barrier was surprisingly st.u.r.dy. It looked like it was about to break each time, but it still held strong in the end. It was like something was still missing.

"What am I missing?" Bei Feng asked himself and fell into a deep silence.

He had the appropriate training and resources. But did he really possess an indomitable heart?

As he examined himself, Bei Feng realized that he had been stuck in a hazy, cozy world of his own creation. He thought that he was already very strong since he could even exchange blows with the top experts of the world.

But that was just a surface appearance! He realized that his own will and his heart were not strong enough!

Previously, he had been filled with insecurities, and that was his reason for cultivating with all his might! But because of his current strength, his will to improve had become weak.

Bei Feng opened his eyes and smiled lightly. He felt like he had just gained a profound understanding of himself.

But comprehension was one matter, while actually applying it to reality was another. That stroke of understanding was enough to let him understand himself, but was not able to let him break through immediately.

He did not force it anymore. Bei Feng knew that his heart was not strong enough yet. If he continued trying to break through forcefully, other than messing up his own body, there would be no other result.

Seeing the layer of dark-red b.l.o.o.d.y dirt on his body, Bei Feng scrunched his nose with disgust and ran to the bathroom.

The layer of dirt was washed away with much effort, finally revealing his jade-like supple skin.

"Meep! Meep!"

Bei Feng had just finished bathing and put on a clean set of clothes when the little fox ran in with a fl.u.s.tered look. Seeing Bei Feng, it meeped anxiously.

"What's wrong, little fellow?" Bei Feng asked with puzzlement.


The little fox did not say much else. It cried out once at Bei Feng to follow and quickly ran out again.

Bei Feng hurried after it. The little fox seemed to be running in the direction of the White Jade Rice plant. 'Could it be that some problems had appeared with the White Jade Rice?' Bei Feng also began to grow anxious.

"Sss, sss!"

Bei Feng had not even reached the plant when a bunch of sinister hissing noises could be heard. Looking over, he saw an entire carpet of snakes!

The entire White Jade Rice plant was completely surrounded by snakes. There were both venomous and non-venomous snakes of all sizes. They were grouped together, crawling over each other, hissing and spitting out their tongues coldly. If one looked from afar, they would think that there was a raging black river around the plant!

"Sss!" Bei Feng sucked in a cold breath with shock. Such a scene was really too impactful visually. Countless snakes were all entwined together, crawling over each other without any order. Like a scene right out of a horror movie, the sight would cause one to feel a shiver run down their spines no matter if they were scared of snakes or not!

Bei Feng swallowed nervously. He had grown up on this mountain, and never knew that there were actually so many snakes here!

A light fragrance suddenly floated over to Bei Feng's nose with the wind, causing the blood and Qi within his body to be stirred slightly. 'Could it be that the snakes had all been attracted here because the White Jade Rice is about to ripen?'

The White Jade Rice had grown with shocking speed, even managing to look different with every pa.s.sing day. Its trunk was now as thick as a bowl, and the greenish fruits on its branches had become slightly yellow. They were even as big as grapefruits now!

Bei Feng summoned Extreme Arctic Frost and a wave of icy Frost Qi spread out from him.

The carpet of snakes immediately slithered away from him, creating a huge clear circle around him. Snakes were originally cold-blooded creatures. They relied on the sun to warm themselves. With the sudden appearance of a heat-absorbing fellow, they felt rather uncomfortable.

At this time, a change came over the White Jade Rice. The corners of its leaves began to yellow, as if it was losing its vitality!

In contrast, the fruits on its branches seemed to be growing quickly. A dense fragrance spread out from the fruits, provoking the excitement of the snakes!


A blood-red snake as thin as a pair of chopsticks immediately shot forward with a cold hiss!

With the red snake in the lead, the horde of snakes hurriedly slithered forward as well. Seeing this, Bei Feng actually felt a sense of fear from the bunch of snakes which had not even formed any intelligence!


An extraordinary condor who was circling above the mountain suddenly swooped down from the sky and perched on the top of a large tree. Its sharp eyes were looking steadily at the little White Jade Rice tree. Only when the red snake appeared did it cast a sidelong gaze at it.


A cacophony of howling also appeared in the distance as tens of wolves galloped towards the White Jade Rice under the lead of a large green wolf.

This green wolf had a fur of deep green, and was as strong as a small cow. Its white teeth were extremely sharp and had a sinister gleam.

The three extraordinary animals exchanged a brief glance with each other before turning their cold eyes towards Bei Feng together.

'These animals are all about to transcend their animal instincts and gain intelligence!' Bei Feng also stared back at the three animals with some shock.

Although these animals were all extraordinary creatures, Bei Feng only had the condor in his eyes. That was because the condor was capable of flight!

The three animals tensed up as they kept their eyes on Bei Feng. It was like they were about to face off with their greatest enemy! Their animal instincts were exceptionally strong, and they could feel that this human was stronger than them by way too much! Because of that, they could sense the bountiful blood and Qi in Bei Feng's body!

Even so, the fragrance from the White Jade Rice fruits was getting stronger and stronger. At the same time, the three animals were also getting increasingly restless.

Finally, the little snake was unable to bear the temptation. It turned into a red streak as it shot towards the little tree like a bolt of lightning!

The other two animals were also unwilling to be outdone as they made their moves!

The great condor spread its majestic wings and swooped downwards!

The green wolf gave a long howl and kicked off the ground with its powerful limbs as it bounded forward!

The three animals' movements were as quick as lightning. Normal humans would not even be able to see their movements properly! But in Bei Feng's eyes, they were only slightly faster than a Dark Jing expert, and were still slower than Evolved Jing masters.


Bei Feng did not move his feet at all. However, his hand with Extreme Arctic Frost in it swept out with incredible speed! Extreme Arctic Frost seemed to have turned into a mighty flood dragon, carrying a violent wind with it as it appeared directly before the three animals!

The three animals only felt a blur before their eyes before the long spear materialized in front of them, stretching out like a mountain ridge and smashing onto them with unparalleled might!

"Bam! Bam! Bam!"

The three animals were all smashed away by Extreme Arctic Frost, falling far away to the side.

The poor creatures were slightly muddled by the strike and the world seemed to still be spinning before their eyes. As they realized that they were not greatly injured, they struggled to crawl up. At this point, their gazes seemed to be filled with fear as they looked at Bei Feng.

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