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Bei Feng was completely speechless. The fishing line was only half-broken and the cut was barely one-millimeter deep. Yet, the System was demanding 30,000 experience points to fix it?!

'Wouldn't that mean that my fishing experience this time is completely gone? Furthermore, I still need to compensate for the difference myself!' Bei Feng made some mental calculations. Originally, he could have advanced to a level 3 Fisherman with the experience gained from this fishing attempt. But if he proceeded with the repairs, he would be even further from advancement than before, requiring 5,420 experience points more before he could advance!


Bei Feng cursed secretly as he issued the command. This System was simply too scheming. What was called market monopolization? This was! Not to mention 30,000 experience points, even if it demanded for 300,000 experience points, he could only swallow his curses and pay up!

Bei Feng's experience bar plummeted drastically. In an instant, it dropped to 94,580! A white light suddenly appeared around the White Jade Fishing Rod.

The entire White Jade Fishing Rod was wrapped in the white light, appearing extremely mystical.

"Ding! Repair complete!"

The System's monotone voice sounded again after just 1 second.

Bei Feng's face turned completely black. That was it? 'This is a d*mn scam! It's too obvious!'

He picked up the fishing rod and recalled it back into his body. Finally, he turned his attention to the beautiful brocade box.

A single silvery white ring lay within the brocade box. The ring had a simple design, but there were many intricate patterns on its sides. At a glance, the patterns seemed to be part of the ring in the first place, and not something added later. There wasn't any marks typical of a manually made engraving at all.

Bei Feng dripped a drop of blood from his already bleeding finger onto the ring. The blood turned into a fine red stream which ran along the patterns on the ring, forming a complete circle around the ring!

Picking it up gingerly, he slipped on the ring which fitted perfectly on the ring finger of his right hand.

Immediately after, he inserted his mental power into the ring. As soon as his mental power touched the ring, Bei Feng fell into a momentary daze. A 30-cubic-meter empty s.p.a.ce had appeared in his perception.

"What an amazing Spatial Ring! A small ring like this actually contains such a huge s.p.a.ce!"

Bei Feng mumbled with shock. The more he experienced, the more he realized how insignificant he was!

This Mt Meru and the mustard seed kind of logic was extremely strange and was akin to a divine stroke to Bei Feng! With Earth's current technology, perhaps they would not be able to engineer something like this after a few hundred or a few thousand years!

Bei Feng began to grow more excited. Wrapping his mental power around the objects three meters around himself, he suddenly willed, "Keep!" He waited, but the objects around him remained motionless.

"Eh?" Bei Feng scratched his head with puzzlement. 'That's not the effect I was hoping for...why won't it be absorbed into the ring?'

Bei Feng stooped down and touched a small stone before giving a mental command with his mind again.

In an instant, the stone disappeared and appeared within the spatial ring.

His eyes lit up. Could it be that he had to be touching the item for it to be kept inside the spatial ring?

He experimented a few more times before confirming the theory. Only objects which he was touching could be kept into the spatial ring.

Bei Feng was like a child who had just gotten his hands on a new toy. The little fox was also jumping around Bei Feng's body with excitement. Seeing the objects around Bei Feng disappearing and appearing again, it was incredibly curious too.

It ran around Bei Feng, sniffing endlessly at his clothes with puzzlement before looking up at Bei Feng as though it was asking, "Where are you hiding the stuff?!"

"Little fellow, how's the White Jade Rice you've been taking care of? Has it bloomed yet?"

Bei Feng patted the little creature's head tenderly as he asked.

"Meep, meep!"

The little fox put on an arrogant and proud expression as it stood up on two legs, put one paw behind its back, and gestured with its other paw.

Seeing the increasingly mystified expression on Bei Feng's face, the little fox began to get annoyed by the stupidity of this human. Getting back onto all fours, it shook its head exasperatedly and walked in front to lead. Bei Feng followed behind it curiously. Every step he took brought him several meters ahead. His steps were so light that from the view of any outsider, it would seem like his feet were not touching the ground. It was like he was floating along like a ghost!

Very quickly, they arrived at the place where the White Jade Rice was planted. Seeing the plant now, Bei Feng nearly shouted aloud with shock. 'Gosh, how did it become so big?'

The trunk of this rice plant was already about the same thickness as an adult's fist. The leaves and branches were extremely luxuriant, reaching over 3-4 meter tall!

The rock cliff had already been pried open at many places by the deep roots of the plant. It was unknown how deep its roots dove into the cliff.

Numerous fist-sized green fruits could be spotted within the crown of the tree. At a glance, there was at least 50-60 of them!

"Could it be that this White Jade Rice plant had mutated?" Bei Feng mumbled as he reached a hand towards the trunk. At the beginning, the White Jade Rice fruits were only as big as a chicken's egg. But for it to produce such big fruits... that was not logical!

"Ding! Grade 2 plant discovered, Mutated White Jade Rice! (A mutation of the Grade 1 White Jade Rice, its growth efficiency and quality of fruits are 10 times better than normal White Jade Rice!) Experience gained: 0!"

As expected, the moment his fingers came into contact with the plant, a System notification sounded out in his ears.

'The reason this White Jade Rice evolved should be due to the top-grade fertilizer made from the Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King's innards!' Bei Feng deduced. "I wonder if it can continue evolving to a higher grade? If so, I'll really have picked up a treasure!"

After leaving the little fox with the plant, Bei Feng returned to the old mansion and had a good sleep.

The morning air was brisk and clear. When Bei Feng woke up, his mind was invigorated and his spirit was refreshed. After a round of morning cultivation, he walked into the underground bas.e.m.e.nt. With a hand on a stack of Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King's meat, he issued a command to the spatial ring and then everything was kept into the ring.

Without much effort, the bas.e.m.e.nt was soon emptied. All the blood and flesh of the huge beast was now sitting neatly in the spatial ring.

"Whew, I finally don't have to worry about the meat!" Such a huge bunch of meat only took up about a third of the s.p.a.ce in the spatial ring. Bei Feng returned to his room and put all of his personal belongings into the spatial ring too.

Then, he started to organize the mansion and clear it of all the other miscellaneous stuff. The bones of the Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King, its spinal tendons, and the scales were all kept into the ring.

Next was the huge vat of medicinal wine brewed from the ugly toad and its equally hideous centipede friend, a piece of black dragon scale and a feminine dudou...

Everything he had ever fished up from the Myriad Worlds had been stowed safely away into the spatial ring, essentially filling up the ring.

Bei Feng was not preparing to move out immediately. The main thing was that he would not be able to fish for a period of time after moving.

Furthermore, he had not settled the new place with Mystic Four yet. Thus, Bei Feng wanted to fish one more time and advance to level 3 Fisherman first before moving.

A large piece of Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King meat disappeared into his stomach, causing a warm and fuzzy comfortable feeling to spread through his body. But almost immediately, a painful feeling rose out of his guts. Without any hesitation, he began practicing the Minor Illumination Body Tempering Technique.

Bei Feng wasn't sure if it was because the difficulty of clearing his blood vessels was getting harder the more he blood vessels he opened, or if his body was developing an immunity to the energy from the Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King's meat, but he only managed to clear about 3,000 vessels this time!

'It should be that it's harder to clear the vessels the further I go, right? The potential the human body holds is virtually limitless, after all. Even within the endless Myriad Worlds, how many people can claim that they have truly dug out the full potential of their body?'

Bei Feng ruminated silently. Currently, his distance towards breaking through to 2 stars stats was extremely close. There was only a thin barrier between the two levels; one that seemed as if it might break with a light nudge!

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