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Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room

Book 4: The Return of the King

Chapter 33

That was all he said.

He started to climb.

Another death notification appeared.

“Captain, I’m finished.”  Demo scratched his head depressedly.


Dt landed at about four-fifth up the building.  He quickly climbed up floor by
floor. He jumped up to the roof as 97 and Grunt covered him.

It was a minute later than what Ai Qing had given him.

The two youngest teammates were out while the entire opposing team was
still alive.

The moment Dt landed, he switched to a sniper rifle and shot without looking
through the scope.  The entire process took 0.2 seconds.

A death notification appeared.

Following was out.

On the roof without any cover, 97 moved in front of Dt.  When Dt shot again
at Bug’s head, 97 was also fatally wounded.

Two death notifications appeared.


It had only been ten seconds since Dt landed on the roof and three people
had died.

Slide moved up.  Dt switched to a long knife.

Two knives slammed each other with a loud clunk.

Dt’s physical strength had dropped 30% since he’d lost 30% of his health.  
He could only barely manage to keep Slide at bay with the weight of the long
knife.  Then he drew the knife back and turned sideway to avoid the short
knife aimed at his chest.

As those two fought, Inin and All approached Grunt at the same time.

“d.a.m.n.”  Grunt burst into a string of curses.

He was at roughly the same rank as Inin.

With a.s.sistance from All, Grunt was shot twice and stabbed thrice in short

Another death notification appeared.


Dt turned his hand calmly, the blade touched Slide’s arm and slid down.  
Slide’s blood gushed out, his health and physical strength fell. Before Slide
could evade, Dt had already kicked him away.

“Excellent.”  Xiao Mai knew that this match was really important to Ai Qing.  
Her boyfriend was on one side while the other side was the team she led.  
So he took the role of being the main commentator. “Dt’s performance is
even more brilliant than what he displayed in the Guangzhou preliminaries!
In two short months!  In just two short months, the difference is immense!
The best player of this year must be Dt!”

All held the b.l.o.o.d.y short knife and rushed to take Slide’s position.

Inin made for the helicopter at the same time.

Amidst the loud buzzing of the helicopter’s rotors, Dt pressed his knee on
top of All.  He had already switched the long knife in his hand to a pistol,
which was now pointed at All’s head.

The helicopter lifted off.

Dt pulled the trigger and neatly put a hole through All’s head.

One more death notification appeared.


It was quiet in the whole arena.

Though the players couldn’t hear any sound from the arena, the audience
were silent, showing their remorse for this match.

It was too unfortunate.

If it wasn’t for this mission……

On the screen, Dt stood up beside All’s body and watched at the helicopter
as it flew away.  He dropped the pistol as Slide stood up slowly behind him……

If it wasn’t for this mission……

What would the result be?

Could Slide, Inin, and All joined together to defeat Dt?

If K&K’s Demo and One were more powerful players……

What would the result have been?

The screen froze with that image.

The first national tournament of had concluded.

Slide took his hands off the keyboard and covered his face before the
camera for the first time.  As the captain of the champion team, he still
couldn’t believe the result. It wasn’t because he lacked confidence, but it
was…...just too much pressure that he had finally revealed his true self..

This championship…...all the pressure he had carried, it was tremendous.

Since he was a teenager, he had been in and out of this circle.  He was
reluctant to give it up, yet he couldn’t let it go, he still wanted to do it, he
still wanted the honor, and he still wanted the championship.  Yes, he wanted
what everybody else wanted.

He never mentioned to anybody about the unfair treatment he received in
Germany.  When he was at that computer city manning his shop, he still
envied those who played professionally.  After he returned to the professional
world, he acted as if it was easy for him. But as the captain, he bore great
expectation from all his friends, Ai Qing and Solo's trust, and the
expectation and suspicion from SP management-- --

All couldn’t really bear it, he took off his own team jacket to put over Slide’s
face and upper body.

He blocked the cameras for Slide.

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