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Kroom, krooom, tzzz!

The ascending iron cage produced loud mechanical noises that shocked the young warriors. Vian even cried in shock.

The mental pressure in this place was indescribable. The slightest of movements would frighten anyone.

"Turn around. Step back." Yang Kong skipped the chatter. Every minute during the lecture was precious and was not used for comforting or explaining.

Step back? Step back to the battlefield? Tang Ling quietly turned around, but his back was drenched in his own sweat.

The feeling of facing the horror was definitely more stimulating than watching it.

He was not afraid to die, but that did not mean he had lost all his fear instincts.

However, there was still nothing. Other than the 50-meter wide path beneath their feet, there was only the white light that shrouded the entire place.

At the end of the rather short path was a building resembling a pillar that blocked everything beyond it.

"Follow me." Yang Kong walked in front of the young warriors and headed towards the pillar-like building.

The young warriors followed him anxiously. After walking for around 200 meters, they saw a bridge despite the white light still covering everything.

"The place where we are standing now is the platform at the top of the Hope Barrier's main body. The path that we just walked past is the main war pa.s.sage. Whenever there's a great battle, all the squads and teams will head into the battlefield through this pa.s.sage. Now, this bridge is the battle bridge." Yang Kong was unusually curt with his explanation, but his words scared the young warriors. 

After walking past the main war pa.s.sage and then the battle bridge, would they be going into battle soon? 

Were they going to be involved in the onslaught so soon?

Beyond the white light, the noises from the battlefield sounded even more realistic than ever that it was horrifying. Tang Ling's clenched fists were drenched in sweat.

"Hmph." Yang Kong chuckled and moved on without showing any emotion.

The young warriors could only hold back their guesses and nerves before following the instructor.

The battle bridge was 50 meters long and 30 meters wide with warriors on duty on both sides of the bridge. The other nail-biting fact was that both sides of the bridge were equipped with explosive weapons from the old civilization—mortars.

The warriors on duty did not do anything or move. They stared into the white light in dead silence as if their gazes could penetrate the all-consuming light.

Although the mortars were not used either, the silence around was just as frightening as if they had been launched.

Anyone who understood the explosive weapons of the old civilization would be just as frightened! Tang Ling still remembered the Desert Eagle that he once wielded. Because of it, he had purposely gone through the books about explosive weapons from the old civilization back in the library.

From the world-obliterating nuclear warheads to fifth-generation fighter jets that could fly at supersonic speed and were equipped with anti-radar stealth detection capabilities to moving fortresses like a helicarrier to deep-sea killer nuclear submarines, Tang Ling read through all of them.

He did not want to think about where those terrifying weapons were at the moment. How would they fair off against the Level 2 Sector Protection Machine that Yang Kong introduced earlier?

All he cared about at that very moment was the mortars. The Hope Barrier was equipped with mortars from the old civilization! There were a total of 20 mortars installed along the 50-meter battle bridge.

Even though they were not nuclear or rockets that could annihilate the world, the explosive power that they packed was not on the same level as the Desert Eagle.

Even if he had a Desert Eagle with a fully loaded magazine... 

Tang Ling was still intoxicated by that feeling. The more he was intoxicated by the power of wielding a weapon from the old civilization, the more he felt that the battlefield would completely topple his imagination!

Wresting such emotions with him, the 50-meter bridge soon came to an end.

In front of them was the pillar-like building. Bathed in the sea of white light, it was only higher than the battle bridge by 10 meters. Other than the 8-meter tall metallic door in front of it, the other sides of the building were built with material that resembled gla.s.s but felt like metal.

Yang Kong finally stopped in front of the building and turned around to the New Moon Warriors.

"The Watchtower is the outpost situated here at the frontier of the Hope Barrier. It's also a very important place. This is also a place for surveillance, the command center, and the common station for the Purple Moon Warriors."

After the introduction, Yang Kong removed a badge from his chest. The badge was unlike the Purple Moon Warriors'.

It was faint gold in color with several stars on it and depicted an abstract image of the universe.

He put the badge on his palm and a mocking gaze flashed in his eyes. "You guys seem afraid."

Bullsh*t! Christina was holding Vian's hand tightly. Yang Kong's lousy habit made him ask questions that would make others even more nervous.

"It's fine. You'll get used to being scared, and sooner or later, you'll be numb." As he spoke, he stuck the badge on the metallic door.


The metallic door slowly opened.

The moment the gap appeared, the irritating white light that blocked everyone's sight finally disappeared.

A giant monitor appeared before them together with many other smaller ones that ran along all the walls within sight.

Whether it was the main monitor or the numerous smaller ones, they all showed the image of a single place: the ruins!

Boundless ruins were displayed across the monitors. Toppled skysc.r.a.pers, crumbled roads, abandoned and mottled metallic objects and strange plants growing wildly across the place flickered to life on the screens.

This was the world behind the Watchtower.


A group of a hundred men armed with strange weapons charged forward. Another group of wolves that were camped out in a half-fallen building charged towards them instantly too.

The alpha wolf was 20 meters long. An exoskeleton that resembled a helmet emerged from its head and its belly was filled with strange black scales. It charged forward at a terrifying speed and led the wolf pack to crash into the army of a hundred warriors. 

Blood instantly painted the giant monitor red.

On the other side, a smaller group of ten elite warriors was facing a horde of zombies that surrounded something.

In the center of the zombie horde was a huge humanoid being that looked extremely peculiar. It was 7 meters tall and its waist was 3 meters wide. Its eyes were still grayish-white, but it possessed an extraordinary sense of brutal clarity.

The more terrifying thing was it seemed to defy the law that zombies would normally rot. Many parts of its rotten body had recovered with scabs and pinkish flesh growing in some places.

It roared loudly as it locked its cold eyes onto the group of elite warriors. Then, it shook its head, seeming to command the zombies around it. Instantly, the other zombies charged towards the group of elite warriors.

The captain of the elite warriors drew his sword while two more warriors behind him carried out a heavy machine gun.

So, this was the battlefield? The young warriors were petrified. They did not even have the courage to cross the door.

The giant monitor was actually showing the battlefield located further ahead in real-time. Although only two little skirmishes were being shown, it was enough to throw them into an icy abyss of fear.

"Come in." Yang Kong was very calm as he walked straight to the giant monitor opposite the door.

All the scenes that were being shown on the monitor were, without a doubt, from the battlefield. It was the whole battlefield to be exact.

The two conflicts, which were the fight with the wolf pack and the fight with the zombie horde, were just an epitome of the whole battlefield.

In the battlefield where billowing smoke had spread for an unknown distance, countless onslaughts were going on against the wild beasts, the zombies, and more monsters that the young warriors were unfamiliar with. 

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