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"Ahhh!!! why the night was so short? It's another morning of the working day. I am so h.e.l.l tired but no it's not the time to be lazy. Get up Erica. The company needs you", a sweet, pretty girl woke up on the call of her alarm clock.

Her lazy feet walked towards the bathroom connected to her bedroom with her eyes still closed. She only opened her eyes when she stood in front of round mirror inside the bathroom. "Good morning to myself. Thank you G.o.d, for giving me such a gentle and loving Boss who is not at all bossy at work and even cares alot for her employees. Even if I got more eye bags and dark circles around my beautiful eyes, I will work hard for her. Fighting!!", she said with full determination in her eyes and a warm smile on her lips.

She hurriedly brushed her teeth and took a quick bath to get ready for work. She was in the mid of her breakfast when she received a call, "Good Morning Senior Jiang! I am on my way to the office. The schedule of our Boss is already packed for today. She will be having her breakfast with President Yang at 9:30, then a meeting on collaboration with YS Group at eleven, lunch with Mr.Gong of Super Mall and ..."

"h.e.l.lo...h.e.l.lo Senior Jiang, are you still there?" she asked when heard a engaged tone at the other end.

"Argh how can he just disconnect the call without even hearing the whole schedule of Ms.Li . She always has such busy schedule and never lazing off on her work. Only I being her personal secretary knows how hectic life she lives", she pouted while remembering her boss and suddenly an admiring smile appears on her lips, "But still she manages to look so pretty and beautiful. She is such an idol. In just 18 months and her own established company has got such reputation in fashion world that it got invitation to showcase the work in the Milan fashion week ". Her eyes were glittering in admiration.

Quickly finishing her breakfast she left her apartment.

At some Western restaurant, a tall handsome guy in grey is waiting for someone. The whole restaurant is empty for them. But still his charm didn't stop the swarm of girls away from him. Several young girls are peeking at his cold beautiful charming face from outside the restaurant. They were all mesmerized by his look.

But he paid not attention to them. It seemed like he was already used to this commotion. Ignoring them he was just going through files which were previously presented to him for signatures.

"How is everything going around Ms.Li these days? Is there someone still tailing around to get information about her?" he asked sternly.

"No, President. From the last eight months we haven't found anyone. It looks like the other part already retreated their search", a man in black dress informs him.

"Still keep a watch closely. The other party is not that easy. I don't want any kind of fuss around her. Until she doesn't want to reveal her ident.i.ty, no one will know it", he ordered.

"Yes President ", the man nodded politely.

At this time, the entrance door of the restaurant was pushed open. And in came a familiar girl dressed in white ruffle blouse tugged inside grey block checked flare pants. She walked directly to the table with a pretty smile which was highly enhancing her beauty.

"Brother Yuzhe! Good Morning. I am sorry for making you wait but you know I really love to make you wait for me", she giggled.

Yuzhe's lips curled up seeing the girl's beautiful smile and the cold aura instantly melted around him. "Ms.Li!" his subordinate greeted her and left the two to enjoy their breakfast.

"Even I love to wait for you but right now I am quite disappointed, Lifen. I didn't expected to hear this", he said squinting his eyes on her.

"Disappointed? Why? In fact you should be proud of be. We have got such a good opportunity to covet the whole world around out fashion designs. But here you are saying you are disappointed with me", Lifen pouted.

"Don't try to fool me like that. Work is important but your health should be your top priority. You haven't healed fully yet ,there are still after effects of the tough surgery lingering around you but still look at you. You are working 19 hours, don't feel tired. If you continue like this, don't blame me for being harsh", he chided.

Lifen blinked her eyes at him and said , "I am not as talented as you, Brother Yuzhe. I am just a normal girl without any supernatural power, studying along with handling fashion boutique. How do you think I will handle it without working hard for success? Do you really want me to fail?"

Yuzhe looked at her maintaining his seriousness but after few seconds he chuckled lightly, "You really know how to make me agree. But still you need to have appropriate rest. I appreciate your hard work and don't want to see you failing in your work so, I will help you appoint more reliable staff but you need to recover. Don't forget I am your doctor and you owe me too".


"No buts if you really want to work. You will take appropriate rest to recover properly or else no work at all. Do you really want to see your employees suffering. If so then test me", he said as he served some light soup in her bowl and then some Eggs Benedict with extra sauce in her plate.

Lifen can only nod in acceptance. She can't refuse him. He has always been so gentle and caring to her especially in last two years.

After getting the gunshot two years ago, she was in a temporary paralysis state for around 4 months. That time only his care and treatment helped her to come back to normal. Though she has almost recovered but still the after effects of the surgery are quite severe. It will need time to heal fully.

At this moment, she got a call from her personal secretary, "Yes, Erica".

"Mam, your meeting with YS Group is scheduled at eleven and ...", her personal secretary informed her.

Lifen looked at the man sitting opposite to her and giving her a warning glare.

"Don't worry, I will be there on time. And yeah help me in wrapping my work a little early today. I need to REST. My doctor is strictly ordered me so and I can't afford to disappoint him", she said while maintaining the eye contact with Yuzhe.

Hearing her, Yuzhe was quite satisfied. For him, her health comes first and he can't let her play with it.


Back in Country A, a group of reporters are waiting out the headquarters of w.a.n.g Corporations with there cameras ready.

"Hey, look there she came. It's true indeed, she is still someone, for whom the great CEO cares the most", someone screamed in the crowd.

"Ms.Long is here, come quickly. Hope to get few words from her", other reporter said as he ran in her direction.

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