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Chapter Eighteen: Hidden Marks

Ling Qingyu slept until noon of the second morning, when she woke from starvation. Opening her eyes, she saw Ye Shiyi's worried little face, with dark circles around his eyes.

Seeing her wake up, Ye Shiyi touched his face. Not only were his eyes somewhat red, but there were also tears he was trying to hold back. Ling Qingyu felt bad and said softly, "Oh Shiyi. Is there food? Sister is hungry."

"Yes, there is. Brother Lu made some fish soup in the morning. Brother Zheng also roasted some breadfruits. They are all waiting for you to wake up. Let me go tell them."

Ling Qingyu watched as Ye Shiyi ran out and sighed. She looked at her basket. It was still covered by a piece of white cloth she had fastened on top.Not a single string had moved. Her heart started beating faster as she grabbed the basket. First, she stored all the fruits and the crystal gra.s.s. Thinking a moment, she also took out the gems, but leaving everything else.

"Miss, miss, you are finally awake." Zheng Xi rushed in with a bowl of breadfruits. Follow him, Lu Yao walked in with a bowl of fish soup. Ling Qingyu also saw a crowd gathered outside, including Yang Zhao, Gu Sui and others.

"I really am fine. Just a bit exhausted!" shouted Ling Qingyu toward the people outside. She beckoned Gu Sui and Yang Zhao to come in. Along with Shi Fang, who just rushed other, the small room was completely full. Some people laughed outside and said a few words about how everything is good now that they knew the boss is fine before everyone left.

Ling Qingyu drank a few gulps of soup without minding her image, then ate a breadfruit. After wiping her mouth, she took out each of her gains from the basket to show the people in the room.

Agarwood, qinan, duru, ginseng, ganoderma, longnao, sumu. Each time she brought one out, Shi Fang and Zheng Xi would yelled out in shock.

"There were also many things I had never seen before on the mountain. I can collect a few next time for Doctor Shi to look at." Seeing their expressions, Ling Qingyu quickly added, "But I won't be gone for so long again. I have a sense of where things are. Oh, next time, I will have to trouble one of you to come with me. I can't carry so much."

All of these were hard to find in the world. The most precious were those herbs that can save one's life. Shi Fang was already experimenting with turning them into pills for easy carry. He wanted to ask Ling Qingyu to bring him; but thinking again, he would just be a burden, so he held back.

Ling Qingyu rested in the camp for a few days. During this time, the dock's construction was completed and Huang Jing started measuring the amount of wood they need. Zhu Weili visited Ling Qingyu a few times to verify blueprints for the new Aeolus. Seeing this progress, Ling Qingyu waved her hand and told everyone to rest for a day.

The crowd cheered. They took off their clothes and jumped into the ocean.

Ling Qingyu was first smiling and watching them play around, but then felt something amiss. Most of their backs had hidden marks that disappeared the moment they face away from sunlight.

Ling Qingyu frowned. She suddenly remembered that on the mountain, she had seen a patch of grade nine ginseng. As she took the fourth piece, Xiao Bai pushed her hand away. When she looked at her hand under the sun, she had also seen the hidden marks. When she planted the fourth piece of ginseng back, the mark disappeared.

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