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"A human?!"

The old lady’s gaze turned from stunned to surprise to savageness, she threw away her bag with agility despite her old age, and spread her arms open to Xiao Yuxin. If she didn’t bare her fangs at the same time, than her action would have represent ‘pa.s.sion or affection’.

Just as Xiao Yuxin hesitated whether to pull her knife to stop her, a coldness pa.s.sed beside her shoulder and pierced into the old lady's chest. The old lady slammed backwards and rolled down the stairs.

"Either she dies, or you die. Next time, I will not save your life anymore!" San Xiao’s voice strode into her ear. He walked down the stairs and lifted his feet. Turning the old lady's body upside down, he pulled out the knife stuck in the old lady's chest with one hand, and plunged it once more straight through her skull. Blood and brain matter immediately gushed out.


A few people couldn’t hold it anymore, they rushed to a corner and puked.

Xiao Yuxin had also done an anatomical internship in the hospital. Seeing a b.l.o.o.d.y corpse wasn’t much to her. But watching San Xiao ruthlessly kill someone made her eerie, "How can you kill a person so casually?"

San Xiao looked at her, and there was a hint of mockery in the corner of his mouth: "What I killed was a vampire and not a human."

He reached into the head of the dead vampire and stirred up the brain inside..


This time, except Xiao Yuxin, everyone else vomited..

A hint of joy suddenly appeared on San Xiao’s face, “Found it."

As he withdrew his hands, a bean-sized red crystal that looked quite like a blood pearl was in the midst of his fingers still dripping in blood.

"What is this?" Xiao Yuxin asked curiously.

“The vampire's blood crystal can be used to strengthen the body. This blood crystal is not available in every vampire. Getting it depends on one's luck." San Xiao said as he collected the blood crystal.

The people silently walked behind him, while Xiao Yuxin took out the kitchen knife and kept a distance from San Xiao. Several people behind her snorted and complained about how they did not thought about going to the kitchen and find a handful of knives for self defense. It was obviously too late now.

Just as they walked down the stairs, they heard a voice coming from the outside the stairwell. Everyone silently crouched close to the wall, and even San Xiao do not know what to do. Just like a gecko, he moved to the opposite side of the wall and stealthily looked outwards. Finally, he made a gesture to Xiao Yuxin: Two people, you take the left and I take right.

Am I really going to kill someone?

Xiao Yuxin was somewhat hesitant.

When San Xiao saw her unbridled hesitation, he revealed his white teeth and poorly imitated the appearance of a vampire sucking out blood.

Xiao Yuxin inwardly laughed. Right, she will only kill vampires.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer, and the sound was coming from two middle-aged women. As both women walked into the stairwell, Xiao Yuxin and San Xiao almost rushed out at the same time, and stabbed their blade straight into the hearts of the vampires.


While confirming the death of the two vampires, Xiao Yuxin also ran to the side and began to vomit. Even her emotions were not spared.

“You must adapt to this absolute truth, kill or be killed!" After talking to her, he reached out his hand in front of her. In his palm was a red bean-sized red crystal, "This is from the vampire you killed, a Blood Crystal. Not a bad harvest for your first time in partic.i.p.ating a mission.”

"What is the use of this?" Xiao Yuxin asked.

"Look at it yourself." San Xiao mysterious smiled, throwing the red crystal to Xiao Yuxin.

Xiao Yuxin subconsciously reached out and took it. When the blood crystal fell on her palm, a transparent data frame appeared in front of her eyes.

Blood Crystal: F1 Genetically Enhanced Product, Item Drop from Bloodthirsty Daybreak World.

“There is no way to use this!" Xiao Yuxin had some doubts, but she did not ask anything more. She placed it in the storage s.p.a.ce brought by the Devil Badge.

There was no other voice outside. After San Xiao confirmed that no one was there, everyone continued moving forward. Xiao Yuxin resisted the feeling of nausea and did not think about the vampire whom she had just killed, but there was always a lingering shadow in her mind. After all, she just killed a humanoid creature.

It was quiet outside, the sun was shining on the ground, and the parking lot at the entrance were decked with rows of beautiful vehicles. The group crouched down under the cover of the vehicle and crept to the entrance of a sewer.

"Quickly open the cover!" San Xiao whispered, and a young man quickly remove the manhole cover after exerting his strength..

"Everyone go inside!" San Xiao said, but the young man escaped to the side and did not budge, scared.

Xiao Yuxin slightly frowned, she moved to the front of the group and jumped in without hesitation. The sewer was narrow, but it was s.p.a.cious enough for her slim body.

Lightly standing in the sewer, Xiao Yuxin had not had time to look around the surroundings when she heard someone jumped down. When she looked back, it was the young girl and several other people who finally had the courage to jump down.

The young man was the last to jump down. There was an embarra.s.sed look on his face while everyone was icily staring at him.

"The sewers are not safe. We should be as careful as possible when moving." San Xiao said and moved forward. Everyone were obviously scared s.h.i.tless, and they couldn’t help become cautious as they nodded their heads.

Ten minutes later, Xiao Yuxin suddenly stopped her foot. Immediately, everyone behind her also stopped. She turned her head in confusion. Besides the few people, there was no one else in their backs, right?

"Sister, what's the matter?” Another young man asked happily. Since they witnessed her stabbing a vampire, her impression on their minds rose quickly and she was only second to San Xiao.

"Someone or something is currently moving." Xiao Yuxin furrowed her brows. She looked at the back, but she found nothing. No one moved. She continued, "Everyone be careful of our backs and above us. I feel that there are movements not coming from us." She still remembered the task reminder. There was a creature called Underground Stalker. Although she don't know what it was, it must be living underground.

"Sister, you can rest a.s.sured that nothing will happen behind us." The young man said with a big sigh, a careless expression on his face.

Xiao Yuxin utterly frowned and shook her head. Handing the safety of these group to unserious people like him was a total joke. Just as she turned her head, on top of the sewer about 20 meters away from her, a black shadow slowly emerged from deep within the darkness. Two blood red eyes were staring at the humans in front.


Suddenly, a mournful cry echoed in the darkness, followed by a string of blood curdling screams. The people in front of me suddenly trembled in fright. The monster was already on top of a dead body, ripping out flesh and chewing out the innards. Several people immediately scrambled to the wall and puked in fear and disgust.

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