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Chapter 2: Bizarre Travel Companions

"Wake up, G.o.d’s Chosen, wake up......"

A voice constantly reverberated in Xiao Yuxin's ear. When she opened her eyes, she saw a young girl looking down at her.

"Great, she’s awake. Now can you talk about what is going on?" The girl turned her head, and Xiao Yuxin discovered that she was not talking to herself.

"Where am I?" She found herself lying on the floor and quickly sat up; this was not her home.

What was certain was that she was within a bedroom. Counting her, there were more than a dozen men and women, from the teens to their forties. The young girl she first saw was about sixteen or seventeen years old. She should be a student, and was wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt on her upper body and a denim shorts on her lower body.

The young girl was asking a young black-haired youth wearing a denim suit and carrying a mountaineering bag behind him, seemingly ready to travel.

He glanced at the crowd, "I will explain the current situation to you now. If you don’t believe me, then don't ask questions."

“Before you woke up, you probably heard a voice awakening you. That voice called you a ‘G.o.d’s Chosen’. This is your new ident.i.ty, but our seniors prefer to call themselves ‘Devil’s Candidate’.

From the moment you became a G.o.d’s Chosen, you became a part of the 'Devil's Trial Project'. This was a s.p.a.ce created by an unknown civilization. Each trial is composed of special scenes from various movies, novels, and TV series. You must follow the tips of the Devil Badge to complete the mission and get a chance to survive. If you have more specific questions, then you must complete the first mission and return to the City of Devils where your answers are awaiting! ”


A middle-aged man in his forties was angrily yelled, "You must have kidnapped us and specifically threatened us!"

The black haired youth glanced at him with a mocking look, "Please! Uncle, what good is it to kidnap you? If you don't believe me, you can freely leave but take responsibility for your own life and death.”

"Sir, what is this Devil Badge you mention? And what is the City of Devils?" Xiao Yuxin asked.

The black haired youth raised his left palm, "If you just think the words Devil Badge, then a badge will appear in your left palm. Don't take it off. If it is separated from your body, then it will prove that you are either dead or dying."

As he spoke, a silver badge appeared on his left palm, engraved with complex patterns of demons and devils in Western myth.

"Devil Badge!"

Xiao Yuxin subconsciously repeated according to the youth, Suddenly, a hint of pain shocked through her palm and a silver badge appeared. Someone in the crowd yelled in surprise. The middle-aged man was obviously scared, but he didn’t say anything.

The black haired youth continued, "The operation of this badge is done with our thoughts, commonly known as 'thinking command’. It can provide the following options: first, Personal Information Inquiry; second, Task Information Inquiry; third, transmission to the Real World, Mission World, or City of Devils; fourth, storage s.p.a.ce. In this badge, there is a cubic meter of storage s.p.a.ce which will expand as your level rises. Currently it is empty, check it out."

"What about the City of Devils?" Asked the young girl.

"The City of Devils is a peculiar s.p.a.ce between the Real World and the Mission World. If you survive until the end of the mission, you will have the opportunity to visit it. Finally, don't reveal your ident.i.ty to the Real World or the Mission World unless they have guessed it by themselves. Otherwise, you will die!"

"What is your name? How shall I call you?" asked Xiao Yuxin.

"Is the name important? You can call me San Xiao. I am also a G.o.d’s Chosen, it’s just that I have been in a few more missions than you.” The black-haired youth’s face showed a mocking smile.

TN: San Xiao means Three Little, so it’s probably a nickname.

Xiao Yuxin did not ask another question. She ordered her thoughts into the Devil Badge.

"Personal Information Inquiry!"

A transparent screen appeared in front of her from the palms of her hand, similar to the interface of a computer screen.

Badge Number: 173

Occupation: G.o.d’s Chosen
Name: Xiao Yuxin

Life Race: Human (Dark Elf Blood)

Life Attributes: Strength 10 (10), Agility 15 (10), Const.i.tution 10 (10), Spirit 13 (10), Defense 15 (10), Charisma 10 (10)


Experience: 0/100

Level: 0

Comprehensive a.s.sessment: Rank F9

Skill List:

Dark Enchantment: Level 1

Basic Body Strengthening Method: Level 1

Basic Blade Method: Level 1

Basic Archery: Level 1

Changchun Secret Arts: Sixth Floor

Xuanyuan Acupuncture Method: 30% Proficiency

"How is this possible?" Xiao Yuxin was really surprised.

This information looked a bit like online games, but the last two were from Xiao Yuxin's life.

These two great arts were all from her grandfather, a famous Chinese medicine doctor and a martial art pract.i.tioner. Changchun Secret Arts was a kind of home-based martial art. When practiced to the fifth floor, one’s Qi can be released outwards, but this art was very difficult to practice. Before today, she had been stuck on the fourth floor. Could it really be...... She felt unbelievable. Even when her grandfather was alive, he was barely at the fifth floor. The sixth floor...could it possibly be true…..????

There was also Xuanyuan's Acupuncture Method, which was a kind of acupuncture method that originated from the Yellow Emperor. It was a secret method pa.s.sed down by the ancestors of her (maternal) grandfather. Even her mother and aunt didn’t know anything about it.  Only Yuxin knows about it in the world. Unfortunately, her martial arts cultivation was too low in the past. Perhaps now that it had stepped into the sixth floor she could really execute its techniques……..

She was currently unable to test whether everything was true or not. She calmed herself down and began to examine the mission information.

Mission Information Inquiry:

Mission World: Bloodthirsty Daybreak

Scene Introduction: In 2019, humans were infected with a weird virus and became vampires. Few surviving human beings were kept by vampires, providing them with fresh blood. However, with the imminent extinction of humans, a blood crisis tore through the world of vampires. Blood subst.i.tutes were being studied everywhere. A vampire company's blood research expert, Edward, met several surviving humans in an accidental opportunity.

Ten minutes later, the mission world opened.

"San Xiao, about this mission, can you give us some tips?” Xiao Yuxin asked.

"I can."

San Xiao answered proudly, "I didn't see this film. But from the content introduction, there should be two main points. First, being bitten by a vampire will result in becoming a vampire or death; second, being caught by the vampires will result in you becoming their blood pigs. I think these two endings are unacceptable to us."

"How do you know?" asked a young man.

San Xiao looked at him, "Don't you read novels? If you have western fantasy novels then you would know what a vampire is. They are hard to kill, feed on blood, and they are flexible and powerful."

"What should we do?" The young man swallowed hard.

"Kill them, or they kill you!!!" San Xiao replied.

Everyone looked at each other. Their faces were extremely ugly. Meanwhile, Xiao Yuxin's face was a bit strange……..her Devil Badge storage s.p.a.ce was not empty!

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