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Chapter 76: Don’t dirty my car

This sudden turn of events rendered Ning Xiaofei’s mind totally blank.

It was until the sound of the car horn beeped again that she recovered from her senses. She instinctively shrank back and retreated two steps backwards then stopped. She then turned to face the car.

Under the lights, the car was blaring red….

Noticing the license plate, the number was quite familiar. She raised her face to the windshield gla.s.s and from the glaring lights, she squinted her eyes only to see that handsome face by the windshield. It was really him – Xicheng.

Beeeep —-

The car horn went off again revealing the driver’s displeasure.

Ning Xiaofei bared her teeth.

He was still displeased when he has almost run on someone?

Raising her right hand, she went and knocked against the windshield motioning him to get off.

Through the gla.s.s, her movements caught the eye of Xicheng and his eyebrows grew more and more wrinkled.

Shifting the car’s gear, he backed the car up, and then drove to get around her.

Want to run?

Ning Xiaofei rushed over at once and staggered in front of his car.

Xicheng was caught off guard and he hurriedly stepped on the brakes.

Fortunately, the car’s brake was good enough, stopping at a distance of less than 20 cm from Ning Xiaofei.

Opening the door, Xicheng stretched his legs and alighted from the car.

“If you want to kill yourself, go to other places. Don’t dirty my car!”

Ning Xiaofei opened her mouth but froze in just a moment before she calmed down.

“Your driver’s license must have been stolen, right? How could you drive?”

Anyway, this column won’t go ahead. She wasn’t expecting him to really attend her show. Now that her mood has reached bottom, this really was. .h.i.tting her gun. Well then, she’s sorry!

For so many years, he had been flattered wherever he went. This was the first time someone has dared to treat him like this!

Xicheng frowned and scolded icily, “Pedestrians taking the car lane deserve to be hit!”

Ning Xiaofei extended her hand to the lane beside her. “Are you color blind, didn’t you see the yellow line? This is the bus lane, couldn’t you read Chinese?”

“I certainly know the word and not only Chinese, but also the numbers.” Xicheng raised his chin up arrogantly, “17-19 o’clock. Do you know what time it is?”

Ning Xiaofei swept a glance at the special lane. Sure enough, there were signs of “7-9”, “17-19”. The bus lane were time-limited and they were only for these durations.

Of course, she has no plan of conceding defeat.

“So what? The traffic law stipulates that pedestrians are of utmost importantce. Drivers must take full responsibility in vehicular accidents! You’ve almost hit someone and couldn’t even squeeze out an apology. Didn’t your kindergarten teacher teach you how to say sorry, huh?”

She didn’t drive much, but she was well aware of the rules; she has got full marks on it.

“Saying sorry is for people, not to idiots!”

With a cold snort, he turned and got back into his car.

Halfway through the recording, he found out that he forgot to bring the flash drive where he has saved the audio file he has composed. He hurriedly went out wanting to pick it up.

All the staff in the studio were waiting for him and he wasn’t in the mood to waste anymore time with her.

Ning Xiaofei took a step back and leaned directly against the car.

If he has the guts, he’ll drive!

Noticing her movements again, Xicheng’s fingers which were holding the door tightened all at once.

He closed the car door and strode up to her.

“Step aside!”

Ning Xiaofei leaned on the car and lazily drummed her fingers.


“For the last time, are you not going to get off?”

Ning Xiaofei glanced at him at the corner of her eyes.

“No, yield!”

Xicheng’s face sank. He approached her with his long legs and grabbed her by the arm. He then dragged her from the side of his car to the pedestrian lane. With a shove, he left her there and returned back to his car.

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