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Chapter 75: Hide them safely…

At that thought, her heart went loose and sank deeply. With a faint voice, she said, “It’s okay. Sorry to bother you. Goodbye.”

In the presence of Mu Tianye, a.s.sistant Zhou couldn’t say much so he only could bid her goodbye.

The elevator stopped and parted.

a.s.sistant Zhou followed Mu Tianye out and then swiping the room card to open his suite, he followed him into the room. His eyes pa.s.sed over Mu Tianye’s expression and he smacked his lips open.

“Chief Mu, just now, the Madam, she…”

a.s.sistant Zhou could make out the worry and concern from Ning Xiaofei’s tone which he wanted to tell him after witnessing not only anger but also disappointment from his face.

In order to make her go to work conveniently he opted to live on the top floor which he disliked most. With Ning Xiaofei’s interest at heart, he also specifically told him to prepare enough ingredients to fill the refrigerator……

Having been around Mu Tianye for so long, this was the first time a.s.sistant Zhou has seen him care so much about someone other than a client.

“In the future, I don’t want to hear anything about her again!”

After dropping that cold command, Mu Tianye went into the bedroom and slammed the door close.



Dangling the phone near her ear, Ning Xiaofei dropped weakly down on the bench, her fingers lightly plucking the corner of the phone’s case. She sighed low and then scolded herself.

“Who told you to play smart, you deserve it!”

Scolding herself with her own mouth, her heart went cold as if splashed with water in a spring night.

Being with the Ji family for the past few years and engaging with the family of three daily, the greatest skill she honed was to lie.

Before that, her mother has taught her to always tell the truth.

However, in the Ji residence, her truth would always bring her harm and disaster. To escape being hurt, she gradually learned to flatter, lie… mask her real thoughts and hide them safely….

Some things would slowly become a habit. In the face of Mu Tianye whom she couldn’t see through, she instinctively protected herself.

After a long while, Ning Xiaofei raised her head again.

His anger enough to smash his phone, that guy must have seen through her lies. This completely offended Mu Tianye so asking him to consider being on the program….

For a moment, she curled her lips in self-mockery.

Xicheng was right. You really are an idiot. You haven’t learned anything in the Ji family for so many years. You were too stupid to enter such a bet with Pei Ruoxi.

Sure enough, the rivers and mountains may change, but not one’s essential character.

Ning Xiaofei, Ning Xiaofei, you really are the same as when you were a child, you do not shed a tear until you see your own coffin!

She bent her calves on the bench and stretched out her arms around her knees. Then she rested her chin on her arms and stared blankly at the traffic in front of her.

What should I do next?

The cars on the road gradually lessened and the shadows of pedestrians were almost unnoticeable….

The wind blew over and brought the chill of the spring night. Ning Xiaofei unconsciously shivered. She lifted her face up to the sky and felt a cool droplet landing on her face.

It’s raining.

“It’s really a rainstorm!”

She laughed at herself, got up from the bench and noticed the bus coming across the road. She lifted her feet and sped up to the overpa.s.s.

“Wait a minute… Master….”

Chasing and shouting at the same time, she moved her feet to catch up with the bus on the lane, calculating if she or the bus would arrive at the bus stop first.

“There’s no mistake!”

She was so angry she lifted a foot to kick the back of the bus.

Behind her came the sound of a horn, and a light from the side of her body flashed. She turned in panic.

The headlights of the car shone brightly accompanied by a shrill sound of brakes as the car reaching her came to an abrupt stop.

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