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Ex Strongest, Discussing

If this situation had to be directly concluded, Soma and the group basically decided to go to Lumberg together with Sheila.

As they were thinking of various things, their decision was comprehensive, but the decisive factor was probably the suggestion from Sheila.

As for going to the ancient ruin together… No, to be precise, the most important thing was the purpose to go there.

And that was…

"Hmm… Anyhow, it is an ancient ruin, huh?" (Soma)

Soma muttered alone while remembering that time.

What he was looking up until now wasn't at the ceiling of the guild branch.

In this town, there were few inns, and he was looking at the ceiling of the room inside one of it.

"Sheila-san was saying that if you use something that is sleeping within the ancient ruin, people who can't use magic may be able to use it." (Lina)

"Well, indeed, I often listen to the story that the magic was advanced in the past. It won't be strange if there is such a thing as a part of the story… after all, I can't really deny it." (Aina)

When he turned to the voice, there were Aina and Lina, who were sitting on the chairs available in the room.

Of course, they were staying in a different room, but in order to finalize the decision, they were gathered in Soma's room.

In fact, they were there after leaving the guild and it was about thirty minutes had pa.s.sed.

They agreed with the plan… In other words, they were going to Lumberg, and they accepted Sheila's suggestion to go the ancient ruin which seemed to be nearby.

"Well, it is certainly a suspicious story, but if it is, I think Doris would have stopped it." (Soma)

Although they had decided, those three were discussing whether there was a proper meaning.

As time went by and by changing the place, they might be able to find problems that they had overlooked.

Of course, there were also things that they couldn't see, but it was more important to discuss it.

For the time being, Soma was the one who decide everything, but eventually, it should be their collective decisions.

At least, it was necessary to balance the extent of what they were thinking about each other.

Otherwise, there was no meaning to travel with three people.

Anyhow, Soma shrugged as he said so.

The reason why Soma accepted it was because he thought about Doris and it was better than not having any clue at all.

Even that had become a decision, they basically didn't have any other clue.

"…Well, for the time being, it is true that she doesn't mean to deceive us. Even though I feel suspicious in the story, I didn't feel that she was lying, and… In the first place, the Elves isn't suppose to lie." (Aina)

"Eh, is that so?" (Lina)

"Don't you know that? The Elves has high compatibility with magic, but that is thanks to the contract with the higher Spirits, so they can't lie… Well, that's according to the story I have heard of." (Aina)

"Hmmm… It is my first time to hear this, but even if that is true, it is somewhat doubtful whether it applies to Sheila." (Soma)

"Ah… indeed, it might be so." (Aina)

It was true that the Elves had high compatibility with magic.

Compared to other races, what was mostly heard was they had higher ratio of magic skill holders at least at Intermediate Rank, and some of them were having Advanced Rank.

If that was the characteristic of the race, it couldn't be helped but to agree to it… However, if there was an intervention from the Spirits, it was certainly more convincing.

However, in that situation where a person didn't receive the blessing, a question arose whether they would be given with compensation.

Anyhow, although the Elves excelled in magic, Sheila didn't really have talent in magic. In fact, she couldn't even learn Low Rank magic skill.

That was why even if the lineage of Elves couldn't lie, Soma was saying that Sheila might be an exception.

"Well, even if I say that much, it is also unavoidable. We will also take that matter of lying into account for the time being." (Soma)

Even so, he judged it was still better than having no clue.

However, as for Soma, he thought that she probably wouldn't lie.

"Well, I also think that she didn't lie. It felt like she was appealing from the bottom of the heart." (Lina)

"Wanting to use magic… I think I have heard that line somewhere, right?" (Aina)

Accordingly, Soma shrugged his shoulders. While he pitied her, he was aware that his judgment was also because of that.

Nonetheless, Aina didn't say anything directly because as she had said earlier, she didn't feel that Sheila was lying.

And Soma agreed with Aina also pitied her. (Redundant?)

At least Sheila was truly wishing for it, and for that reason, there was no doubt that they would go to the ancient ruins.

"…Well, even though I believe that she didn't lying. However, I have one thing that I don't really understand. Sheila-san is a better swordsman than I am, isn't that good enough for her?" (Lina)

"I feel like I understand that for a bit, but… Soma wants to use magic just because you want to use it, right?" (Aina)

"Well… you are right. I have no other reason." (Soma)

"But Sheila is probably not like you. It is just my imagination, but whether she is an excellent swordsman or not, that is another story. I think she wants to use magic because she is an Elf… or maybe because it is inconvenient." (Aina)

"Hmm…" (Soma)

Although the Elves were good with magic, on the other hand, they were not good on other things.

Hence, an Elven swordsman was a very rare existence.

However, that fact itself wasn't really a problem.

Sheila wanted to use magic even if it wasn't that much.

According to a story, the Elves were dependent on magic for their living.

a.s.suming that they could use magic even at the lowest level which was the Low Rank skills, the infrastructure of their life was already prepared.

However, since that level was only a rumor, there was also a possibility that the real situation would be different.

To begin with, the existence of the Elves themselves was unusual. Therefore, their real situation wasn't well understood.

This was related on how small their population. In addition, the Elves were originally from the forest, and they were almost never come out.

Although there were mixed races living in this country, there was also rumor that not even one of them could be found in the capital city.

Hence, there were many things related to the Elves were not well understood.

Because of that, the Elves were often targeted.

Other than that, they were also aimed because of good looks, and it was actually normal to say that.

Rather than hiding the face only, Sheila covered the whole body may be because of that reason.

Soma wasn't sure how the information about her leaked would, but if it was Sheila, they probably had to exclude her strength if she became their comrade, but it was better if it would be less troublesome.

"As for the detailed information, there will be times when we are going to talk about it when she stays with us. However, I am not sure how long we will be together." (Soma)

"Eventually, it depend on that ancient ruin or something… and we can talk about that details later." (Aina)

"It is dubious as expected, but… are we confident enough?" (Lina)

"Are you asking because you are cautious? …Well, that would be little by little." (Soma)

"Yeah… Anyhow, it will take one week to go there. There will opportunities to talk about various matters." (Aina)

"Although it is important, I would like to talk to each other and make friends with her…" (Lina)

"That is up to her, of course." (Soma)

Well, in a sense, Sheila didn't talk a lot, but these guys didn't think of it as something unpleasant.

If the situation earlier didn't happen, they wouldn't be invited to go to the ancient ruin.

Their conversation gradually became mixed at the end of it, and they wondered whether Sheila wasn't the type of shy person.

If it was so, there would be times when she could speak normally.


"So, there is no objection that we are going to the ancient ruin, right?" (Soma)

"Yeah… it's not like we are going to any other places." (Aina)

"I also have no objection." (Lina)

In that way, there was no change in their decision, and the discussion on that day was over.

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