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Ex Strongest, Talking about the Purpose of the Trip

"Well then, you probably already know the result, but yes… you have pa.s.sed the test. This mean, you guys will be regarded as adventurers starting from today. However, there is no way you can prove it for now." (Doris)

"Hmm…? I am thankful that we have pa.s.sed the test, but what do you mean by there is no way for us to prove it?" (Soma)

While tilting the head, Soma started asking about the detail told after returning to the guild branch.

He had heard once about adventurers to certain extent. Well, for this reason, there were ways on how to become adventurers. He also knew that in order to prove that they were adventurers was with something called a guild card.

However, the card only identified them as adventurers only. It was only for utilizing the guild adventurers. Therefore, it couldn't be used as a replacement for ident.i.ty card.

Well, that was normal considering that the guild wouldn't take responsibilities on the adventurers.

For that reason, even if one lived in a city as an adventurer, it was necessary to go through various procedures similar to travelers which required every day when entering or exiting a city.

Once they received a request from the guild, the written request could temporarily prove their ident.i.ty, but… for the time being, this had nothing to do with Soma's group.

"Aah, do you know about the guild card? Then, the talk will be quick. Unfortunately, I have no right to issue the card because I am just a subst.i.tute. Therefore, to be exact, you guys are temporary adventurers. I will pa.s.s my recommendation, so if you go to the branch where there is an official staff, the card will be issued soon." (Doris)

"Eh, well, what would happen if we go to a city that has no officials? There is no way we can prove that we are adventurers, right?" (Aina)

"Yeah… it is alright if there is a city nearby, but if it is further away, you will have to take the test again. I have to let you know because there is a limit of my authority." (Doris)

"Well, I guess it can't be helped then. But, it's troublesome to do the test every time… Nii-sama, what are you going to do?" (Lina)

"Hmm…" (Soma)

To be honest, the reason to become adventurers for now was only to make money.

That was why if they could earn enough money here, it wouldn't be a problem not to go through other cities as adventurers.

By the way, if strictly speaking, it wasn't because they didn't have enough traveling expenses.

Upon departure, they were given a considerable amount of money from Camilla.

However, they chose to become adventurers since they would rely on the expenses in order to keep traveling.

Generally speaking, it was unavoidable for Soma and the rest to earn income even as children.


"By the way, where is the nearest city that can issue guild cards? (Soma)

"Hmmm… You guys have to go to Lumberg, I guess. It will be one week journey from here by a horse carriage." (Doris) (TLN: The name in raw is ルンブルク)

"One week… so how?" (Aina)

"Hmm… that's sufficient for one week traveling by a carriage." (Soma)

"Of course. But, other than getting the guild card, there are plenty of things to do in that city. Anyhow, the feudal lord lives there and he directly managed the town. After all, they will get angry if I say Barony, but it is still the most prosperous town in the surrounding area. It has various information and stuff, so I think that there is no loss if you go there." (Doris) (TLN: I a.s.sume Barony is a small size area, so the word itself is kind of degrading in a sense for local people.)

"Prosperous… is it? How much is it if compared to this place?" (Lina)

"That's a difficult question if you want me to compare. Anyhow, this place is a remote region. People in this town may get angry, but perhaps it would be more difficult to find a town that is more remote than this." (Doris)

"Hmm…" (Soma)

They couldn't nod since they were not sure about it, but before long, Soma also agreed with the details.

They had go through many towns so far, but Doris was certainly right.

Although the place where the mansion of his family was considerable, but this place was probably much better.

When it came to a remote place, it was probably as much as the village that took care of Aina.

"By the way, why are you guys traveling in the first place? I have a feeling that this all depend on it." (Doris)

"I see… you are certainly right." (Soma)

"That's true, but… to be honest, I don't have that much purpose…" (Aina)

Well, that would be so.

Aina was traveling because she was in the middle of running away.

It should be no problem to go back since she could use magic now, but… she had to endure one thing.

She didn't know who she could trust.

Even muttering few words would leak a lot of things, and that itself was quite severe.

For this reason, Soma also didn't stop Aina from going on a trip.

"Purpose of the trip… is it? Actually, I don't have that much either. Aah, no, my purpose is to broaden the insight. That's right, I told that to Kaa-sama." (Lina)

What Lina said was also true.

Perhaps, Lina's purpose was to follow Soma.

That was why she had no other goals.

Then, how about Soma?

What was his purpose of traveling?

Such a reason had already been decided.

"I am traveling for the sake of magic." (Soma)

"Magic? …Are you a magician? I don't see you as a magician at all… I mean, I think that you are obviously a swordsman." (Doris)

"No, that's basically what I’ve said. It is because I can't use magic." (Soma)

"Hmm? Then, why are you traveling for magic?" (Doris)

"I have decided that. Rather than not able to use magic, I am traveling to find out a way to make magic usable even for people like me." (Soma)

"…Uh." (Sheila)

The moment those words were spoken, there was a breathtaking sign from Sheila.

At the same time, Doris also had a surprised look… and that made Soma wondered.

There should be nothing to surprised here.

In this country where skills were everything, this could be seen nothing but a foolish imitation.

But, even if they thought about it, there was really nothing to be surprised about.

However, Soma changed his mind when they were thinking until this far.

Maybe they were surprised because it was too ridiculous.

They probably didn't think that there was such a person who wanted to do it.

Well, it wasn't only that.

For example, even if he was made a fool here, or if he was told that it was pointless, Soma didn't intend to stop.

"Hmm… well, since this was the case, it is for certain that we have to go to Lumberg" (Soma)

"Is that alright? It's true we don't really have a proper destination, but isn't it too carefree to say that since we are not sure what we can do over there? Actually, we have been doing like that until now." (Aina)

"Although it was intended in that way, I also vaguely realized about the limits of searching by walking around all corners when we have traveled until this far. Therefore, I think that gathering information by going there is one of the methods." (Soma)

Somehow, Soma sounded as if he didn't have much time left.

No, it didn't mean that he was going to die soon. It was just that a year will pa.s.s again if he was too relaxed.

Yes, the year that Soma would enter the inst.i.tution would come.

Soma went out on a journey in this way, but… no, he was still worried whether he should go to the inst.i.tution or not.

He didn't expect a smooth sailing from the beginning, but he still couldn't grasp any information about magic.

That meaning was normal because when he thought about it, there was a possibility going to the inst.i.tution.

Consequently, he wanted to get information at least to the extent he could make that judgment during the journey.

It didn't matter whether there was a response or not.

And it didn't matter whether he could do it or not.

For that reason, deep inside Soma was thinking that he wanted to walk even a bit faster or even if he would overlooked some things.

"Indeed… Well, I only follow Nii-sama, so I will leave the decision to him." (Lina)

"Well… I am probably similar like Lina. So you can decide what you want to do." (Aina)

"Hmm… Well, alright." (Soma)

However, in order to make decision, he still needed information.

And the person in front of them held the information.

Therefore, in order for Soma to get the information from Doris, he had to ask for it.

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