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"Didn't your sword maiden kill him?"

Reeva asked as everyone looked at Nathanial for his answer and Nathanial nodded his head but seeing his eyes, everyone realized that he's still furious about the ma.s.sacre that happened in the heavenly sword palace a nearly a year ago.

"I've heard she put the Naga sword through his heart" Abrian was stretching the word 'The Naga sword' and some of them sitting at the table gulped when they heard the name of the sword.

"Even a mere slash from that sword can kill anyone, no way he could have survived after getting his heart pierced through by that sword " Martha was the sect master of the most devilish sect in the divine continent so seeing even her neglecting and fearing to mention that sword's name struck fear in others hearts.

"He's dead but the matter is, that lion took his body and escaped. We need to find that lion and If we can find the lion, we can find the remaining piece of the map " 

Nathaniel tried to hide his emotion when mentioning 'Lion' but the other sect masters could see his anger deep within him.

"Don't tell me that you didn't look for that lion before coming to us?"

"I did but the more of us looking for that lion, there will be more chance to find it "

The sect masters didn't reply to Nathanial or agree with him quickly but they pondered about Nathanial's request in their mind for few moments before Martha raised another question

"How do we know all of this is not just an elaborate scheme of yours to send us in a wild goose chase?"

Surprising Nathanial smiled at Martha like he had already expected this question from her

"How about this? I will let each of you choose one item from my personal collection as a sign of good faith"

"I'm in" Abrian took no further time to think when he heard that he gets to choose one item from Nathanial's own personal collection because everyone knew about the famous vault of ancient artifacts that Nathanial owns and one item from that vault could raise their power or could be a trump card in their a.r.s.enal.

"Alright I will help you"

"Count me in"

One by one every sect masters started to raise their hands and agree to help Nathanial.

"Alright follow me" as he said Nathanial gestured at the sect masters to follow him and led everyone towards his vault.


At the moment King Harold was waiting for the Agorian amba.s.sador in his throne room with Queen Bella.

"Harold this is our daughter's life, please don't be impulsive"

"Do you want me to beg that fat dog?"

Queen Bella knew Harold better than anyone so she realized how hard it would be for him to request the Agorian king to call off the marriage between Darlene and the prince of Agoria through the amba.s.sador.

"No Harold, I just don't want you to do something that you will regret later"

"If that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Don had given me an answer about what I asked of him, I would have had something to negotiate with"

Even after his daughter said that she's in love with Don, King Harold couldn't completely accept Don as his son in law. In Harold's mind, Don couldn't even be compared to the Agorian prince since Agoria is a powerful military nation with plenty of fertile lands to support its people without any outside help, however even though Don was the king of two kingdoms, one had nothing but barren lands and other was just a fledgling kingdom with no military power or King Harold thought.

"Harold I'm sure he will agree to your request, he just needs a little more time to decide"

"He's getting Darlene, Bella. She's worth thousand times or more than his puny kingdom and that barren waste of land they call Emir"

"Even though, It's still his kingdoms Harold"

Queen Bella Bella said in a soft tone and calmed Harold down as a soldier entered the throne room and knelt 

"Your majesty, the amba.s.sador of Agoria is on his way "

"Let him come"

Taking King Harold's order, the soldier stood up and left the throne hall to bring the Agorian amba.s.sador.

After a few minutes the soldier left the hall, another person with a couple of guards in full plate and chainmail entered the hall and walked towards King Harold.

"Your majesty King Harold, Your majesty Queen Bella"

The Agorian amba.s.sador bowed his head towards King Harold and Queen Bella with a wide grin on his face as King Harold raised his hand and pointed towards the seat allocated for the amba.s.sador.

"Your majesty, have you started the arrangements for the wedding?"

"The wedding is not going to happen, Lord Clemo"

"Your majesty, I beg your pardon"

Clemo frowned while he said

"You heard me Lord Clemo, the wedding is not going to happen and I'm sorry for that"


Clemo almost shouted at King Harold but fortunately, he was able to lower his voice to not sound rude

"Your majesty, this is not a simple matter, your father gave his word to his majesty Casek to marry princess Darlene to Prince Jowan"

"I know that better than you, Lord Clemo"

"Then why? Your majesty"

King Harold shook his head and sighed before answering

"Princess Darlene loves someone else, Lord Clemo"

"Oh...wait WHAT?"

Seeing that Clemo's eyes almost bulged out of his eye sockets, Queen Bella started to narrate the whole story to Lord Clemo from the beginning

After hearing the story that Queen Bella told, Lord Clemo had pretty mixed up feeling within him and he was unable to decide this matter all by himself

"Your majesty, pardon me for asking but isn't it marrying Princess Darlene to our Prince Jowan seems better than marrying her to a king of barren lands and a small unknown kingdom?"

Again King Harold could only curse Darlene in his mind and sigh in regret

"My hands are tied on this matter, Lord Clemo. Even if I agree to marry Darlene to prince Jowan, she won't agree and to be honest, we can't stop her from fleeing Korrinth to the capital or even to some sects "

Lord Clemo nodded as he understood the point of King Harold but he knew that the Agorian King would not be understandable as him 

"Go tell this to your King, Lord Clemo and I will compensate your King for annulling the marriage agreement"

"As you wish, your majesty"

"Alright enough of this, you must be tired after the long journey let me show you the hospitality of Korrinth"

"Then please lead the way, your majesty"

Unlike the room where Don had his breakfast with King Harold, the dining room where lord Cleom sat was elegant and echoed the natural world outside the castle through the gla.s.s windows. The table before Lord Clemo which dominated the s.p.a.ce, an elongated oval of oak with the raw bark at the edges.

Laid on the oval oak table was an amount of food that would be expected to last several more days and on the table, there were trays of the most delicious food, drinks, and delicacies that made Clemo's mouth water without his control.

Mushroom soup, fried and boiled vegetables with tomatoes the size of peas, rare roast meat slices as thin as paper, noodles in a white sauce, cheese that melts on tongue served with sweet blue grapes. The servers and maids, all young people dressed in white tunics move wordlessly to and from the table, keeping the platters and gla.s.ses full.

" where is Princess Darlene and King Don, your majesty?"

After stuffing his belly with all the delicacies as much as he could, Clemo asked King Harold

"Darlene is probably cultivating and King Don, I don't know what's he doing"

It was certainly not the way Clemo had expected that King Harold would talk about Darlene's lover as Clemo could see King Harold's is not very acceptable towards Don from his eyes.

��You know your majesty, although Prince Jowan is not as heavenly blessed as Princess Darlene, he did reach the great master realm a while ago "

"That's very good"

King Harold hid his shock and surprise by taking a sip from his wine gla.s.s as Clemo asked another question

"What about King Don, your majesty? I've heard he's pretty good too"

"And where did you hear that?"

"Where else? Spies in Emir"

King Harold already heard Kate telling that Don is just a mid-level master and after hearing Clemo, King Harold couldn't help but roll his eyes since everyone knew the gap between the master level and the great master level is like the gap between the sky and the land.

"Everyone cannot be blessed like Darlene and Prince Jowan, Lord Clemo"

Queen Bella quickly said before Clemo noticing King Harold's obvious disappointment and frustration about Don by complimenting both Darlene and Prince Jowan which put a wide grin on Clemo's face and also forgot what he was asking about Don.

After this Lord Clemo and King Harold talked about other kingdoms and politics before sending Lord Clemo to his chamber to take rest.


At the moment in Everlight Elrond was sleeping like a baby after spending his day time training with Knight and others in the army.

However, his peaceful sleep suddenly came to an end when he heard a devilish loud voice reverberating the castle and the newly built barracks building.

"Alright b.i.t.c.hes get ready for the (k)night training!!"

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