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Noon, at the time where the sun was slightly tilted to the west.
This was the castle town of the Azolias kingdom imperial capital, inside a certain store on the alleyway called >, a shop that was dealing with foreign food.
Perhaps because its location that was located in the alleyway, or just foreign country’s food wasn’t really that popular, the shop was deserted... or not to such extent, but by any standards, the store wasn’t flourishing as the customer was sitting so spa.r.s.ely in different table.
Those customer generally were commoners.
But, sitting on the corner, on the table that was placed on the edge of the store, one customer sat as if making a distance with another customer, a young man wearing a full knight armor on his body.
His name was Zen=Helix. The eldest son of viscount household, one of the member of the Azolias kingdom’s chivalric order light weight unit. A handsome blonde young man that have second name < young="" ace="">>

For someone like him who have social status to visited the alleyway, even entering a store that’s appropriate to be called as a deserted shop, there was proper reason for that.
... Well, it wasn’t like he had some complicated reason over this matter, he just simply loved the food that this store offer.
Because of something that came from his mistake several weeks ago, he who got influenced by the Ractos household as he started to respect them, made him sometimes visited < crescent="" moon="" pavilion="">>

But, there were no food that’s being brought to his... Zen’s table.
He also didn’t giving any sign of ordering anything. Or any sign of planning to ordering something.
That was of course, the reason he here today was because he was called by someone.
That someone was the subject of his respect.
That’s why, he waited.  So that he wouldn’t do something impolite to that person like ordering first before that person arrived.
Now, he just waiting for the person that he waited for showed up as the smell of the food from the kitchen, also from other customer’s table, floated to his nose.

[ Yaah, sorry, sorry. Did I make you wait? There Are quite trouble at the magic guild , you know]

As he wait, one man suddenly called to his table.
A black hair as black as the raven’s wings, a hair that’s growing long covering it’s left eyes, a suspicious expression as if he always plotting something.
It could be seen at a glance from the clothes that person wore was a high quality one, but without excess decoration, a black suit.
That’s right, he was the Ractos household eldest son, the next head of the duke household, Jake=Ractos.

[ No, I didn’t wait for that long. Rather than that, thank you for inviting me for lunch even though Jake-sama is so busy. Being honoured by such person, I ...]- Zen
[ Aah, let’s put that aside for now, kay. Yep, let’s order food first, I heard that they have precious fish innards today, how about ordering that? Ooi, Yuugkun]- Jake

Jake called the waiter to place his order.
The waiter, called as Yuuga, who for some reason cover his face with clothes, was also one of Jake’s friend.
Looking at this, Zen once again remembering how tolerant Jake=Ractos as a person is.

... Just to be sure, let’s take a note.
It’s quite dubious whether Jake was a tolerant person just like what Zen imagined, but in the meaning of Jake’s kindness, perhaps Zen opinion was indeed on the mark.
Jake, Jake=Ractos, because of his appearance, a lot of people misunderstood and deemed him as an evil person, but actually it’s the total opposite.
Jake, wasn’t some dangerous person who planning to overthrow the country, he just your relatively good guy.

--- After that, they chatted for a moment before they enjoy the food that were brought to their table, suddenly, Jake started to change the topic with slightly serious face.

[ Aah, Zen-kun. Actually, today, I didn’t invite you just for having a meal together like this. I have some serious matter to talk with you, you know...]- Jake

Zen didn’t have any idea as for what did Jake means with serious matter, and so he made confused expression on his face.

[ Serious matter, huh? What is it, I totally have no clue about it,though...]- Zen
[ Aah, yeah. Indeed, this is a bit sudden, but...]- Jake

Jake looked like it was something hard to talk about as he couldn’t become clear with his word, but after closing his eyes for a moment, he once again raised his head with and said another word in resolve.

[Zen-kun, will you marry Erza?]- Jake

The sudden question from Jake, asking him whether he willed to marry Jake’s sister... the young n.o.ble lady from Ractos household, Azolias kingdom’s chivalric order heavy unit vice commander, Erza=Ractos, made Zen froze in surprise.
Looked slightly shaken, Zen answered to Jake’s question.

[ That’s, umm... is this some kind of joke?]- Zen
[... Well, I won’t blame you if you thought like that. But, I am serious. I seriously saying that]- Jake

By the way, the [ I won’t blame you] that Jake said, had the meaning [ Of course, it’s gonna be  a nightmare to have to be married with Erza, so it’s gonna be a joke, right?] answering the [ Is it some kind of a joke] from Zen=Helix.
Of course, the [ Is that some kind of joke] that Zen said have completely different meaning.

[It’s something that my father and I thought, my mother should also have the same opinion. Zen-kun,there’s no one else more fitting to Erza than you. Zen-kun, you can also call this is the result of Ractos house’s consensus. Well, I said for you to marry her, but of course we’re gonna start with marriage interview first... As I thought, are you really against it?]- Jake

Zen who froze again hearing that the talk about marriage with Erza wasn’t a joke, furthermore Jake added that this was the result of consensus of Duke household. But, hearing Jake saying [ As I thought, are you really against it?] Zen raised his voice in return.

[ There’s no way I against it!!]- Zen

Zen denied Jake’s statement strongly. He even raised from his seat with loud bang, then in sat back to his seat in panic then apologized.

[ For, someone like I... me, to become the partner for Erzsama, someone like Erzsama, it’s just so unthinkable... Our social status, our purpose, it’s too much far apart]- Zen

Even if Zen become docile at the end of his word, he still able to express his thought.
Hearing those word, everyone who heard it, will thought of him as a crazy person.

... That’s right, he misunderstood.
He thought that the Ractos household that’s full of dark rumour, to his surprise, was an innocent people that have nothing to do with the rumour at all.
Well, in the first place, the dark rumour indeed were something that was based from misunderstanding, so his misunderstanding was not really wrong either.
But, because of that, he thought that everyone in the Ractos household as some kind of saint like people.

It wouldn’t really pose much problem if the target of this were just the present head Grid, the previous head, Diebold, and the next head, Jake.
But, the reason for his adoration for her was because of the matter that happened at the engagement party, that time when Erza was just simply made a mess, Zen ended up getting misunderstood her on the opposite direction of how the other person are.
Of all things, he even got his heart stolen by her.

And so, as if using that chance, Grid and Jake wrack their brain, then tried to push Erza to him... Zen=Helix.
Why?Because they thought that if they let Zen=Helix go right now, they wouldn’t had any more chance anymore.

[ Zen-kun. Social status, purpose, all of that are irrelevant. You love her right? You love, Erza, right? Thought I can’t really understand how, but I am right, right?] –Jake

[ As I thought... You’ve realized it, heh, that’s right... I’ll confess. I am, attracted to Erzsama. It can’t be helped that Jake-sama couldn’t understand since you’re someone from magic departement, but as a knight, her conduct... no, looking how an actual knight should act, her act, it’s was beautiful, it was charming] - Zen

Jake listen carefully over Zen’s confession that was almost sound like a repentance.

What Jake couldn’t understand wasn’t something so serious like the the way of knight or something like that, but he just simply couldn’t understand how Zen could love that girl where inside her head was... full of armour, but Jake didn’t voice that out loud and just answered Zen.

[ Then, isn’t that alright. I’m sure that the person who can think about her like that, is the most fitting person for her. And then, that’s none other than you]- Jake

[ No, but as I thought... I, is not the appropriate person for her. That’s right, I felt that myself is not enough]- Zen

If he said that Erza was not the one appropriate for him, then Jake could accept that, but being told the complete opposite of that, and seemed about to reject his offer, a little cold sweat fell on Jake’s face.

Honestly, Jake thought that the Erza’s marriage talk will be something that would be easily finished.

It was because Jake thought that  the reason that there were no sign of Erza’s fiancee or lover, was  simply because there was no one that had a feeling of love toward her.

And now, to his surprise, the only person that love Erza, was pulling himself back and tried to reject his offer, was something that totally out of Jake’s imagination.

No matter how bothersome the thing will be, Jake wanted to make Zen married with Erza no matter what happen.

Said it more simply, Jake just wanted to get rid of her.

It was because he feared that if Erza keep staying in Ractos house’ just like this without ever able to get married, she would bring bad influence to the kids that someday would be born into their house.

... Honestly, it didn’t had to be Zen, but the only one who could be married with her was only he. And then after this too, there would be no other one than him.

The victory or defeat would be determined now. There would be no second chance.

Because he understood so, Jake finally used his trump card.

[ Hear me, Zen-kun. You said that you are not someone who’s fitting to be together with my sister, but in the first place, you shouldn’t thought about something like that] -Jake

[ That’s...?]-Zen

Jake’s aura completely changes.

He didn’t use his usual ambiguous way of speaking that often would bring misunderstanding.

Said that, it wasn’t like he had this aura that showing out his true self, the aura of person that harmless to man and beast(saint), but had another kind of aura coiled around him.

[ This is your chance. It’s just that simple. To you who fell in love with Erza, the Ractos Household... I, that’s right, I come directly to your face to talk about your marriage...  your marriage interview. You don’t need to work hard to reach it... no, this is the reward for all of your hardwork, but it’s come without solid shape. This is your chance]- Jake

Jake was acting. He copying.

[ You, who is a knight should know this. Though he is not a knight, but this is a word that I often heard from my grandfather, Diebold ,who is veteran at war. You must think that a chance will never come again if you let it go. Zen-kun, I can talk like this because I am the one who bring out this conversation, if you let this chance go, you wouldn’t be able to get it the second time]- Zen

That’s right, the person name that just came out from his mouth, his grandfather, the < hero="" of="" the="" war="">>, also the >. Diebold=Ractos.

While that person had theatrical way of talking; it was something that could be felt directly to your heart, as if hammered right in, and make you couldn’t said no.

Jake learned from that, and now he was talking with a strong tone that make one couldn’t said no.

[Cha...chance... no, but, even if I’m accept this, Erzsama will...]- Zen

[Zen-kun, you, once again misunderstood. What are you meaning with Erza?

This is your story. This is story about you]-Jake

[The story about... me? I am? What are you mean...?]- Zen

Jake stand up from his seat, with an exaggerated movement, he continue mimicking his grandfather.

Perhaps because they were connected by blood, or perhaps since he already familiar with that act since he was a little kid and naturally learned that... Jake’s word, strangely had a persuasiveness in it.

Or perhaps, it because his opponent is Zen=Helix who respected the Ractos Household.

Before he realized, Zen were dragged in by Jake’s word. Like a bottomless well.

[It’s mean that you’re the main character. So to speak, the knight inside the legend. The heroine is Erza... the princess that you love. And then, the knight fell with the princess despite their difference in social status. Now, the sorcerer clad in black appeared in front of that knight to help him. So that the knight could confess his feeling to the princess... that’s right, I am that sorcerer]- Jake

Jake exaggeratedly opened his arm widely.

Zen who opened his eyes wide, looked like entranced by that act, he look enlightened.

[ I am, the main character]

[ Come, knight with n.o.ble heart, let’s continue this story. That’s right, this is just the prologue. Even if the knight is not fit to be together with the princess, that’s just a story for now, whether the future will the same, we wouldn’t know. If the main character won’t move, so is the story. Are you gonna close the book and not read the continuation even though the story not even started yet?]-Jake

Looking at Jake movement that had become even theatrical than before, Zen felt that this simple and neat cheap restaurant, < crescent="" moon="" pavilion="">> , seems like a gorgeous and luxurious theater.

As if Jake was really the sorcery that would help him, and he was the main character of the story.

[ I am... ! Knight...!!]- Zen

Looking at Zen who was flooded with emotion, Jake finished his act with extended his hand to him.

[ Come, take the hand of the sorcerer, o’ n.o.ble knight. Let’s begin this story. I’m sure that this story will end in happy end. Why, it’s because you have this sorcerer in your side as your ally!]- Jake

[ Kh... ! I understand, Jake-sama, this marriage talk...no, firstly the marriage interview,right. I accept that!!]- Zen

Strongly shook Jake’s hand, Zen accepting the marriage interview with Erza. Jake’s face was blooming with happiness, inside his heart he belief that he had attained victory.

What in the world did he win from was not really clear, but in any case, he raised a silence shout of triumph as he now had attained victory.

[ I believe that you will answer so! Now, let’s start opening the page toward the happy ending]- Jake

[ Yes, I will immediately inform this to my father!]- Zen

---- A little while, after Zen who still in high tension after being lead by the word by Jake, jump out from the store.

The atmosphere that similar to his grandfather that Jake wore suddenly dissipated. Looking relieved... tired, Jake lean his body to the chair.

[... Haah, I don’t really know what the heck I saying from the middle, but anyway it’s succeed]

He murmur as he sighed, was indeed the usual Jake.

The time he mimicked his grandfather and start leading Zen by his word... while in the end it ended up in success, around the time Jake bring out talk about main character, he didn’t know anymore what in the world he was talking about.

[ Somehow, I felt like I just deceiving Zen-kun. My heart is really aching... I am sorry, Zen-kun, you’re a necessary sacrifice. A precious, sacrifice]

Jake started to gulp his sake to wash away the guild inside his heart.

The time he started to leading Zen=Helix by word, was the moment Jake’s talent born.

That’s right, after this, Jake=Ractos’s talent to make other people dance on this palm were born, and in different angle as his father, Grid, he would become someone that’s stand out in diplomacy, but that’s something that would happen in the future.

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