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Chapter 924: If it takes two moves, I lose (Part 1)

“Place your best, place your bets! Come and bet! Ye Yu Xi 1.5 to lose, Yuan Na 1.7 to lose! This is your last chance, plenty of points waiting for you!” Jia Hao Ren took this chance to do business again.

There were many students willing to take a risk since they would be able to do less tasks if they won!

There were also students who knew the inside story. For example, there were many people who knew that Yuan Na was taken by the Bai Hua You and would join the Hundred Flower Hall after the compet.i.tion.

Once this news spread, 70% of the people bet on Yuan Na.

The gambling station set by Jia Hao Ran created quite the stir.

In the stands, Bai Ran and the others were lazily sitting in their chairs, watching the restless crowd below. Bai Ran made a suggestion, “Beauty Yue, brothers, how about we make this interesting?”

“How so?” Bai Hua You looked up.

“Let’s make a bet. I bet that Yuan Na will win and if she loses, in the guild wars in two months, the White Alliance will only send out thirty people and we won’t strive for the top spot this year, how about that?” Bai Ran looked at everyone.

“Alright! I will also bet on Yuan Na.” Bai Hua You said. Yuan Na was someone his Hundred Flower Hall cared about, so Bai Hua You had no choice.

“Moon Heart Pavilion chooses Ye Yu Xi.” Yue Ling Shan revealed a faint smile. The situation of the Moon Heart Pavilion was the same as the Hundred Flower Hall, who they bet on was based on who they chose.

Long Wu thought for a bit before slowly saying, “Yuan Na.”

Bai Ran nodded before looking at Qi Yu Ze, “Brother Qi, who will your Together Summit Hall stand with?”

Qi Yu Ze narrowed his eyes. His heart wanted to pick Ye Yu Xi, but…..if he really picked Ye Yu Xi, some of his intentions would be revealed too early.

Qi Yu Ze looked at the field before saying, “The Together Summit Hall picks Yuan Na.”

“Four against one.” Bai Ran looked at Yue Ling Shan, “Beauty Mei, if the four of us lose, the top position of our five great guilds will belong to your Moon Heart Pavilion this year.”

“The Moon Heart Pavilion doesn’t care about rankings.” Yue Ling Shan had a smile in her eyes.

The five great guilds, although there was friction between the smaller guilds under them, the five great guilds were quite harmonious. Even the position of the top guild was arranged by discussion of the leaders to avoid an upstart guild taking advantage of a loophole to take over.

If a new guild wanted to rise, they would face the suppression of all five guilds, like the Thousand Pain Hall that broke up a year ago!

An hour pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

The students were still discussing whether Yuan Na or Ye Yu Xi was stronger when the fight began on stage.


The referee loudly said before retreating off the stage.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Yuan Na and slightly cupped her hands.

“Humph!” Yuan Na gave a cold snort and turned her palm as flames wrapped around them.

Compared to Ye Yu Xi’s calm aura, Yuan Na was overwhelming! She had a earth yellow beast flame and the scorching temperature made the nearby students reveal looks of fear.


With a burst of spiritual energy under her foot, Yuan Na was the first to attack.

Ye Yu Xi raised a brow and jumped backwards. Ye Yu Xi already knew about Yuan Na’s attack, Yuan Na’s spiritual technique was normal, she just relied on the power of the Beast Flame. Without the Beast Flame, she might not have made the finals.

Ye Yu Xi moved very quickly and dodged again and again, causing Yuan Na’s attacks to keep hitting thin air. Ye Yu Xi didn’t use much energy, but Yuan Na was already panting.

“Other than running, what else can you do! Do you dare face me head on!” Yuan Na was annoyed, deciding to use words to incite her.

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