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Chapter 9: No money?  Go to the brothels

"Qing'er, don't, don't hit anymore.  Hu, hu." Waking up again, the third madame weakly begged for mercy.  She had already been slapped unconscious by Qing'er twice during this hour.

"Pei, you don't want face.  How many times you've hit us, I'll return it all to you today."  Qing'er raised her right hand after saying this. With a grin, her raised hand fell down again and after dealing another hundred slaps, her hands were swollen….Too painful.

"There is a stick over there."  Ye Yu Xi had been observing the weather for half an hour and finally came back to her senses.

"The young miss is smart."  Qing'er ran over to the corner.

Hearing Ye Yu Xi's words, the third madame's swollen to a crack eyes filled with despair.  She rushed over to kneel down to Ye Yu Xi, "Young miss, spare me. As long as you spare me, I'll tell you about your mother.  Spare, spare me."

Ye Yu Xi's eyes turned cold as she grabbed the third madame's hair, "Un?  Speak clearly!"

The third madame gasped as she said in a muttered voice, "I'll tell you, but you need to let me go.  You need to let me go back."

"If you speak the truth, I won't kill you."  Ye Yu Xi eyes were deeply terrifying.

The third madame revealed a pitiful grin, "It was the seventh prince who sent people to kill your mother….."

After a full five minutes, the third madame finally told the entire story.

"There's still more!"  Ye Yu Xi tightened her fists.  The seventh prince!

"The family said there will be a family test three months from now.  Once you fail, you will be expelled from the family….." The third madame saw Ye Yu Xi's ice cold eyes and her voice became smaller.

"Very good.  Three months later, I will give you all a big present."  Ye Yu Xi slapped the back of the third madame's head, this palm was cleverly done.  It wouldn't take her life, but it would make her stupid for the rest of her life.

"Qing'er, go and wake up those old maids pretending to be dead."  With how messy it was, Ye Yu Xi certainly wouldn't clean it herself.

Pretending to be dead?  When Qing'er heard what the young miss said, she immediately jumped up.  The stick in her hand tapped against the wall as she walked over, "Get up now, still pretending to be dead."

Pa!  Pa!

The stick in her hand fell down on the backs of two old maids.

"Aiyo!"  The two old maids rolled as they kneeled down down in front of Ye Yu Xi.

"Young miss, spare us."  The old maids kneeled down as they kowtowed.

Ye Yu Xi quickly sent out two kicks which directly landed on the two old maid's lethal acupuncture point, "Clean up this yard for me and then scram!"

"Yes, yes.  This old servant will scram, will scram."  The two old maids grabbed the now stupid third madame and the corpses before running away.

Qing'er was a bit anxious, "Young miss, letting them go like this….."

Ye Yu Xi walked over to the gra.s.s hut and softly said, "They won't live more than an hour."

A touch of spiritual glow came from Ye Yu Xi's palm as several dishes appeared on the table.

Qing'er came in and her eyes popped out, "Young miss, this, these!"

Ye Yu Xi ignored Qing'er as she pulled over a wooden stool and started eating.

"Ai, young miss.  Leave a chicken leg for me."  Qing'er was hungry after beating someone for so long.  She ignored attending to her swollen palms before swallowing down food like a wolf.

Even after the two of them gorged themselves, there was still more than half of the dishes left.

"Young miss, what should we do now?"  Qing'er did not ask why the young miss became this powerful.  She felt that if the young miss wanted to talk about it, she would mention it herself.

"We're going to the brothels!"  Ye Yu Xi's response was very simple.

"Ah?"  Qing'er quickly put down the chicken bone in her hand as she walked beside Ye Yu Xi.  She put one hand on Ye Yu Xi's head and the other on her own head as she said in a small voice, "There's no fever?"


Ye Yu Xi didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she slapped away Qing'er's hand on her forehead, "You'll know when we arrive.  We'll be staying in an inn tonight.


Qing'er patted her little chest to suppress her shock.  She had thought that the young miss wanted to live in a brothel.

"But young miss, we only have two copper coins.  It's very expensive to stay in an inn….." Qing'er reported their economic situation to Ye Yu Xi in a small voice.

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