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Chapter 79: Father is from the Dragon Snake Gang (Part 1)

"Can young master Mo obtain these materials before tomorrow?"  Ye Yu Xi asked.

Mo Tian Chou shook his head and gave a bitter laugh, "Young miss doesn't know this, but a fatty had bought all the herbs from the pharmacies in Ningyuan City in the past two days, saying it was to feed a bird.  Our Primary Martial Auction Hall's pharmacies are also like this. You won't be able to find any Purple Thunder Monkey's Heart in Ningyuan City right now."

"Young master Mo can send the materials and remaining gold coins to young miss Ye's yard tomorrow.  I'll be leaving first." Ye Yu Xi brought Qing'er out of the Primary Martial Auction Hall.

On the noisy street.

"Young miss, we……"

"Don't talk, quickly leave."  Ye Yu Xi took Qing'er's hand and mysteriously pulled her forward.

Ye Yu Xi walked very fast which led to Qing'er having to jog to keep up.

"Young miss, this is road out of the city.  Our house is over there!" Qing'er saw that Ye Yu Xi was walking out of the city.

"There's someone following us, move quickly."

In the blink of an eye, Ye Yu Xi led Qing'er out of the city.

There were less and less people around them.  Ye Yu Xi walked to the foot of the mountain to the west of the city before finally slowing down.

"Miss is walking so fast, what kind of bad things did you do!"  A large man's voice came from behind them.

Hu, la!

Suddenly, there were several large men that appeared around them, surrounding Ye Yu Xi.

"Who are you guys!"  Ye Yu Xi was covered in a cloak.  She turned and asked the large man in front with a hoa.r.s.e voice.

Ga, ba, ga, ba.

The large man cracked his knuckles, making himself look like he was preparing for something.  He gave a cold snort, "Father is from the Dragon Snake Gang. There is someone who gave us ten thousand gold coins to take you with us, doesn't matter if you're dead or alive."

"Dragon Snake Gang."  Ye Yu Xi softly repeated this name as she remembered it.

When Qing'er heard the words Dragon Snake Gang, she was much more nervous, "Young miss, the Dragon Snake Gang is the largest gang in Ningyuan City!  It's said that their boss is in the sixth spiritual level!"

"You're young, but the things you know aren't little.  That's right, our boss is a sixth spiritual level expert and even those families of Ningyuan City fear us!  Since you know this, then obediently come without any trouble!" A sharp nose monkey like man had a lewd look as he looked at Ye Yu Xi and Xing'er.  With a laugh, he walked beside the large man who spoke before, "Third brother, the client said they didn't care if they were dead or alive. Us brothers have been bored for the past few days, how about letting out brothers….."


The sharp nosed monkey faced man did not finish speaking as his eyes became big and there was a knife inserted into his throat.

Ye Yu Xi's hand still maintained the posture of throwing the blade.

"Brothers, kill her!"  The large man's face turned grim.  His brother had been killed in front of him and the other side was just a girl.  This was a slap right to his face!

A group of flies!

Ye Yu Xi threw her cloak which covered the heads of several large men behind her as she suddenly jumped out.

He speed was so fast that before the several large men could react, Ye Yu Xi was already in front of the man called third brother.

"Seeking death!"  The large man's eyes opened wide with rage as a pair of iron fists flew at Ye Yu Xi's head.

Dong!  The large man's body flew out over ten meters and slammed into a tree.

When the fist came, Ye Yu Xi moved her head back, standing on one foot as she kicked her other foot into the man's stomach.  This kick only used 30% of Ye Yu Xi's strength. If she had used all her strength, the large man would have been killed immediately.

Ye Yu Xi reached out her hand and picked up her dagger from the corpse.  A beautiful body turned as Ye Yu Xi stood there with her dagger, looking at an empty patch of gra.s.s not far away.

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